Dancing For Him

After class, and several attempts to learn his ballet variation, frustration builds and I dance for only him. Passions and emotions heighten to new heights.

Written by: Laura G.

A Tom Hiddleston X OC Fan Fiction

Erotica | Smut | Light Romance

It was Monday morning. Why is there a Monday morning? I look at myself in my dorm room at the Royal Ballet School in London’s Covent Garden. Sighing a little. I feel so blessed that I’m here. This school is one of the most prestigious in the world. I know that. With amazing teachers, faculty and the alumni who sometimes visited were at times dizzying. But Monday morning? Ugh. I hate it.

Then again… I think to myself, Monday morning also meant Him. My favorite teacher. Yes he drove me crazy, as despite his tender voice, he could be a real bastard. Mr. Tom Hiddleston taught advanced ballet. He was strict and didn’t allow Any bullshit in his class. But, if you had a problem, if you showed your hard work, listened, he was always there to help.

My bag packed, I walked out of my room and down the hall toward breakfast. Picking up my items as I listened to music, I wasn’t the nicest person in the morning, so to avoid conversation, I listened to music.

After breakfast I headed to the changing room and dressed carefully. Peach pink tights, my royal blue leotard and darker blue dance belt. Sitting down in front of the mirror I started on my hair. My long blonde hair needed to be in the perfect bun. Mr. Hiddleston hated ponytails in his class. It needs to be right and proper. So after working it in the perfect one I added about half a can of hair spray and then with my pointe shoes in one hand and a bottle of water in the other I stepped into the studio.

It was still quiet and fresh in the class and it always gave me this feeling of awe. I was actually here. I had worked and worked, and it was showing. I was at the top of my game and class. Now if I could just stay focused and sharp I might be able to graduate this year.

Focusing had become a little more difficult when Mr. Hiddleston had joined the faculty. The man was perfection. With clear blue eyes, soft blonde hair and a voice as smooth as milk chocolate. And he had invaded my dreams on more than one occasion. Dancing together, eating together, insanely hot sex together.

Following those dreams and then seeing him, and feeling those hands on your body, was sometimes a little challenging. And the way he sometimes smiled, you knew he knew the girls dreamed of having crazy wild sex with him.

“Laura… Laura… Laura!” I startle as I’m taken out of my day dream to see my best friend standing there. Emily. I smiled, removing my mp3 player and pushing it in a bag. “Oh hey Em, sorry. What’s up?” I walk over to the chairs and place my bag on it, removing my socks and then walking back to put my pointe shoes on.

“He’s in a mood.” I look up and arch a curious eyebrow. “Who is in what kind of mood?” Emily sat down to do the same and looked at me. “Mr. Hiddleston is a terrible mood. I just ran into that foreign exchange student from Melbourne, you know Chris right? And he said that Mr. Hiddleston was in a terrible mood. Someone apparently cut him off as he was coming into work.”

I had switched to standing up to do some slow stretching to warm up my legs. My mood dampened even more. This was going to be a very long class indeed if Mr. Hiddleston was in a bad mood. He was known for them. He didn’t have them often. But when he did, you could bet it the class would be ten times harder.

“Well let’s hope the twins will behave then.” Emily looked at me with a smirk. “Do they ever?” I can’t help but chuckle. The triplets were two sisters, he constantly got each other in trouble. Sort of like Merry and Pippin from The Lord of the Rings books.

I looked up as the class was slowly filling with the other students, as I walked to the mirror to make sure my hair was perfect. Not wanting to disappoint him anyway, but if his mood was as foul as Emily claimed, I wasn’t taking Any chances. Emily having the same idea, we helped each other before walking back to the barre.

I faced it and rested my right leg up on it, to check my ribbons were tucked away before slowly stretching my muscles more. Talking in a quiet tone to Emily as I alternated to my left leg, repeating the process. The door opened and he walked in. I gulped. Shit. Emily wasn’t lying. His face on storm, he blue eyes a shade darker.

Tom walked into the room, his jazz pants snug around his legs, combined with a crisp white t-shirt. He viewed the class and did a silent head count. Two missing, but there were still a few minutes. He sat his shoulder bag on his chair and walked to the piano and cursed under his breath. As he had been running in, one of the other teachers said that Tom wouldn’t have a pianist for Monday’s morning class. His usual pianist Mr. Levi had called in sick.

Turning to the radio and CD player he slipped in his collection of class music and then turned. Clapping his hands. “Ladies! Good morning, barre please and silence from now on. First position, turned out and let’s have a clean class today.”

His tone was a little heavier as he tried to push his frustration down of this morning. Giving the girls time to put away their things and find a spot at the barre. I had taken my favorite spot at the barre and relaxed my shoulders. Rolling my head a little, before standing in perfect first position. My hips, knees and feet perfectly turned out.

“Alright we’ll start with 2 demi plié’s, followed by one grand, tendu to second position and onwards to three, four and fifth, you’ll turn with arms up in fifth and repeat with the other leg. Remember to breathe properly and remember your turn out.”

He spoke calmly as he explained the first exercise. One we could all dream. He reached over with a small remote and started the music. Waiting for the cue we began. He stood in front of the mirror his arms crossed as we began.

We had just finished the exercise in first when the door opened. Tom looking up and staring at the two giggling girls. All the other students in the class groaned inwardly. Here we go.

“Ladies! Is there a particular reason you are 10 minutes late for class?!” Tom took in a sharp breath and walked to them. He stared the twin girls down hard, as they tried hard to stop their chuckles. As one opened their mouth to give an explanation he raised his hand. “I do Not want to hear it! You know at what time this class begins and I expect Everyone to be here!”

He turned a moment, “did I tell you to stop? Keep going!” He snapped at the rest of us as we had stopped the exercise. “From the top again, start with first position again.” He turned back to the girls now quiet, staring at the floor.

“You two have 3 minutes to put your shoes on and join the others. Move!” He clapped his hands and both girls jumped a little and proceeded to tie their pointe shoes and taking the last spots at the barre. Tom shook his head and swallowed some water from his bottle to calm down again. He then slowly started his walk passed the students. Carefully adjusting hands, arms.

He stopped by me and watched me move. Rolling up en pointe to make the turn I could feel him rest one hand on my hip. “Eyes front Ms. Laura, remember to keep your shoulders level.” He gently placed his free hand on my right shoulder to press it lightly down. “That’s it. Better.” He managed a ghost of a smile and let go of my hip.

I almost feel a twinge of disappointment as he walks on. We continue the exercise and finish. Nodding he explained the next and for the first twenty minutes of class things seem to calm down again. Tom has his temper back under control and explains the other exercises calmly.

The exercises at the barre slowly continue until we’re all warm and slightly out of breath. Tom walking back to the front of the class and watches just a moment. “Alright before we continue with center work, I’d like everyone to the standup en pointe, arms up in fifth. I saw some few things I am not pleased with. All of you should know the proper way to stand.” All of us carefully stepped up on the tip of our pointe shoes. Raising our arms above our heads into a perfect oval.

Tom walked passed all students again. “It is alright to find your own balance again by moving a little, but try to avoid it. Find that perfect balance. Tuck in your stomachs, shoulders.” He spoke as he adjusted arms.

He came to me and smiled. “Laura, please come to the center. Girls pay attention to her.” I walked over calmly without ego to the center of the studio floor and stepped back up en pointe, raising my arms to fifth.

I couldn’t help but smile as little as I looked at myself in the mirror. Tom stepped over and rested a strong hand in the small of my back. “Notice how her shoulders are down to create a long line of the arms.” I took a breath as he held my hips in his hands. “Her hips perfectly pulled back, to follow the line of her arms to create the right line. From this you can do so many fun things.

I couldn’t help but let out a soft chuckle from my dirty mind. Tom smirked. “Steady now Ms. Laura.” He let go of me and allowed me to step down again. “Thank you Laura. Alright girls, find a place and we’ll continue with our adagio work that we started on Friday.”

I walked to my chair a moment to drink some water. Damn that man and his large hands. Emily did the same, the small cheat for us to quickly talk. “His hands are. Damn it…” I mutter to her, causing her to giggle. “Yeah he’s a rare specimen. Tall, gorgeous and straight.”

I smirk before walking back over and finding my place and in fifth position. We continue the work we had started last week. With an adagio exercise he had created for us. It was hard, not because of the amount of steps, but the balancing exercises he had sneaked in it.

He frowned a little as he took his time with this exercise. “Come on now girls. You should be getting this by now! I know it’s difficult to get these balances right, but they are part of it. The Rose Adagio from Sleeping Beauty will be harder with stage lights on you, and a fully packed house watching you.”

He walked passed the students aiding them in it. Before finishing. “Alright, we’ll pick this up tomorrow. Let’s continue, drink some water and we’ll go on with jumps. All of us couldn’t help but sigh in relief when this was over.

I couldn’t help but feel frustrated. It was such a lovely little variation and I wasn’t getting it. “Relax Laura, you’re doing it the best of all of us.” Emily whispered to me, but I shook my head. “It’s poor. I should have it by now. I don’t like disappointing him.”

Emily squeezed my shoulder as I sat down to switch out my pointe shoes for softer ones. Better for jumps. Changing into them, I walked back to my spot and continued the class. Tom had watched the flicker of frustration in my eyes and took a swallow of water. I’ll talk to her later. He thought to himself.

The class continued on until Tom finally clapped in his hands. “Alright ladies that’s it for today. For those of you who have advanced partner class, I will see you there. Please do not be late, it’s not only disrespectful to me, but to your partner. Make sure to keep warm until then. Thank you.”

We all smiled and curtsied before walking to our things. Pulling on a warm sweater. And fuzzy pants not to lose the warmth. The class slowly emptied. Most students in my class had a break and then moved on to their specialty classes. I sat down a moment, removing my pointe shoes and putting on socks and my indoor sneakers.

I could still feel the burn of frustration for not getting his variation right. Deciding I would take my break to blow off some steam on the treadmill. Because of my advanced status I only had morning class and then I was allowed to work on possible variations for auditions with companies.

Tom watched me a moment from a distance as I scribbled some things in a notebook. He walked over calmly. “You did well today in class Ms. Laura. Don’t try and beat yourself up too much. You’ll get it. You’re going on to do great things.”

I looked up at him and smiled soft. “Thank you sir. That means a lot. I just, I want to get this so badly.” Tom smiled soft and took my hand and gently squeezed. “You will. I know it. Now go on, off to a shower with you.” I felt my throat tighten a little, before standing up. “Yes. Yes of course. Thank you again.” Tom smiled and watched me walk out.

My day continued. After my shower I had gone to the gym of the school, to run and do Pilates. But Mr. Hiddleston’s variation was still bouncing around my head. Trying to get it out of my mind as I did my two theoretic classes. They day finished near 3 pm. Having had enough, I now walked back to the studio. Now darker and deserted.

Stepping inside, I took my copy of Mr. Hiddleston’s class music and put it in the player. Taking my position at the center of the floor. Looking at myself in the mirror before starting over again. “I’m gonna get this even if it kills me.” I mutter to myself.

This continued on for almost an hour. Frustration building and building. Having tried it a few different ways. Now standing still out of breath, tears pricking in my eyes. “God damn it!” I swearing throwing my half empty water bottle against the wall.

Tom who had been walking passed the studio on his way out paused and looked into the room. “Everything alright??” I had looked up, not seeing who it was. “What does it fuckin’ look like?!” My face freezing as Tom steps in amused. Closing the door behind him.

“Mr. Hiddelston… I’m, I’m sorry… I didn’t know it…” He raised his hand as he shook his head. “Forget about it. It’s fine. Now what’s going on? Why are you still here?” He walked over and picked up my discarded water bottle. Bringing it over.

“It’s your variation sir. I’ve been trying to get it right. And well. As you heard, it’s not going well. It’s actually getting worse.” Tom felt in awe at the determination of me trying to grasp his work. Removing his coat he walked to his chair and put it more to the center. “Alright. Drink some water and show me what you have so far.”

I felt the warmth of this as he sat down in front of me. His full attention on me. Nodding slowly I took my position and carefully first without music, I did the routine as best I could. Tom watched carefully before nodding and standing again. “Alright, it’s not bad at all, but it could do with some small improvements, come let’s take it step by step.”

He walked over to me standing next to me, and spoke out the steps one by one. “Use me when you think you’ll lose your balance.” He spoke with a kind smile, as I rolled up en pointe and carefully took it one step at a time. Tom nodded and held out his arm so I could take it if I needed it. He watched carefully.

“There we go, you can feel it when you’re doing it right.” He praised which caused my cheeks to flush happily. He smiled back before stepped back to check the height of my leg raised in arabesque behind me. “Come now Ms. Laura, surely you can raise it a little higher.” His eyes twinkled as he stepped close into my space, before holding my calf in his hand. Strong and sure, before carefully raising my leg higher.

I took a breath, which was becoming in pants. The exercise strenuous, but his own hot breath near my ear was also in effect. Feeling his hand run over my extended leg. Silently praying he would just move it up. I licked my lips as he assisted in setting my leg back on the floor. Sitting down himself, he looked up at me and smiled.

“Alright, now try the variation. Remember your breathing, you’re doing wonderful.” His eyes warm and kind. Stepping back I took my start again. Watching Tom a moment as he sat on the cold studio floor. “You’re dancing for your lover, think on that. You’re dancing for him in an intimate moment. Like the love pas de deux in Romeo & Juliet. The only two people in the world. Use that.” He spoke and I breathed deeply.

“You know the steps, trust yourself.” He continued before starting the music. I took a breath, hearing the music begin, taking my cue and then starting. It had gotten dark outside, and I could feel it working. The steps came so much easier, the balances held much straighter and longer. My eyes focused not on my work but on Tom. Feeling my throat tighten with new emotion. I could see it in his eyes as well. He could feel his passion growing. As he watched me dance. This is Madness he thought to himself. She’s my student, my younger student. He wasn’t old, only 33, but Laura was at least 19. One of the older students. The best in his class. Not only in technique but also in demeanor. Never flaunting, never arrogant. Always hungry to learn.

Oh to hell with it. He thought silently and waited for me to finish. I was panting by the end. Tired from the long exercise and the passions building up. Seeing I had finished Tom stood to his feet and applauded. “Excellent! Truly excellent. Well done darling!” His infectious smile widened and beamed.

It wasn’t hard to follow him along in smiling. I knew I had just done it perfectly. Or as near perfect as possible. I walked to him, and let out a hot breath, “wow… It… Is, is it really good?” He grinned proudly and tugged me to him by my waist for a strong hug. “You shone darling.”

I couldn’t help but flush, and tucked my face into his chest. Tom couldn’t help but hum soft as he kept his strong toned arms around me. Letting me borrow from his energy, as mine had rather depleted. I could smell his Boss Bottled cologne in his shirt and wished I could stay like this forever. “Tired…” I murmured soft before looking up in his blue eyes.

He looked down in my eyes and smiled, reaching out to wipe a drop of sweat from my forehead. It felt all so natural, as I slowly moved back on the tips of my pointe shoes he met me halfway for a kiss. His arms held me securely against his chest as his mouth brushed over mine.

“Not too tired I hope…” He breathed before deepening the kiss. My eyes shut and I followed him eagerly into the passionate kiss. His tongue easily found mine as we stood there in the middle of the studio.

I carefully broke the kiss a moment. “We… we shouldn’t. It… It’s… Too ex…exposed…” Panting soft. Tom nodded slowly, pressing another kiss to my lips, he picked up his bag. “Come…” He ordered gently. Taking my hand as I picked up my things. We stepped out of the studio which he closed quickly, leading my down to the changing rooms. And after checking to make sure we were alone, he and quickly stepped in and toward the showers.

My muscles had begun to complain with the sudden shot of cold air coming from the hallway. Tom stepped over to me and knelt before me. Looking up at me he smiled and lift my left foot to remove pointe shoe.

Smiling back at him I reached up for my hair to remove all the bobby pins, hairnet and elastics. My blonde hair fell now curlier then normal down on my shoulders and I could hear a soft moan escaping from Tom’s mouth. He stood up to his feet and ran a fingers through my hair. “God you’re beautiful….” He breathed as he found my mouth again for kiss.

His hands moved down to my shoulders and began to remove my leotard, as my own fingers slipped under his shirt. His hands helped me out of the last of his clothes, soon followed by his own shirt and trousers. Gently pushing me against my closed locker he helped me wrap my legs around his waist. Carrying me to the showers.

Turning on the hot water he kissed me more passionate, harder, his arms tightened around me. Breaking the kiss a moment to bite my neck, immediately soothing it with a kiss. He faced me again and smiled. His blue eyes dark and wild with passion.

He pushed my hair back from my face, as we both smiled. “This is so wrong…” I murmured reaching weakly for another kiss. Tom gladly obliged. “Do you want to stop? If this is going too fast.” He spoke honestly and I knew if I had wanted it he would have set me back on me feet. “No Tom… Please, I want you so much…”

He groaned soft at the sound of me begging for him. And he hummed, “alright my darling…” He held me securely in his arms. His mouth locked on mine, I could feel hard cock push against me. I tipped my face into his wet neck. Licking up the shower drops. Lightly nipping the skin near his ear.

“Oh my god darling, don’t ever stop…” His own voice thick with desire as he begged, I moaned soft against him. And kissed his shoulder. He moaned soft as I could feel his hips move and his cock pushed up inside me. I let out a hot shuddered gasp and hide my face in his neck a moment.

“I know darling, forgive me…” He whispered soft against me. Standing still and not moving. His hands strong against my back. His thumbs slowly massaging my skin in my lower back. “Look at me darling,” he murmured soft. Looking in his eyes I smile soft and his calm eyes settle my nerves. Reaching for a kiss he hums against me. Waiting patiently for me to me again. I rest my face in that perfect spot between his shoulder and neck and whisper softly, “Ohh… Tom, please… more…”

He smiled and squeezed my body in a light hug before moving his hips. He started slowly, feeling and sensing how I responded and what he could give me back. Moaning roughly as he felt my mouth and teeth on his neck and shoulder. “Don’t be marking me now, darling…”

I couldn’t help but let out a teasing chuckle. “Ohh? And what if I do…?” He grinned wickedly and nipped at my own skin. “I’d turn you over and fuck from behind my darling girl.” My throat ran dry as I looked up at him, in aroused shock. I let out a weak whimper. Which caused him to grin evilly. “Ahh so my darling girl likes that??”

I couldn’t help but moan in pleasure and nod just a little. “Well then…” He spoke in a deep voice and carefully pulled from me and helped me back on my feet. Crushing my mouth with one more kiss before turning me around facing the shower. Helping me arch my back as he squeezed my hips lightly.

He watched me a moment and groaned a little, before carefully moving back inside of me. He moaned out as he heard me keen out and whimper. “Oh yes my darling. You like that don’t you?” Tom smiled as he watched me nod. Gripping my hips securely, he began to move his hips again. Slowly, taking his time with each deep thrust. Relishing the sounds that were escaping from my mouth.

He ran his hand over my back, soothing the light aches. His hips constantly moving. I felt myself getting high almost. Drunk of the pleasure of this. “Oh god Tom… I… Oh god this is…” He moaned in agreement. “Baby you’re so good. You’re so good.”

The thrusts continued for what seemed like forever. “Oh darling… Oh my darling…” Tom moaned deliriously, his thrusts becoming a little more erratic, more shaken. I feel one of his large hands snake around my waist and down. I can’t help but gasp out loud feeling his fingers just above my clit, it driving me almost instantaneously to my orgasm. This tips him over the edge and his orgasm rocks his system. He moans in delight and holds onto me closely.

After a minute or two, Tom removes himself from me and carefully turns me back around and into his arms. “Christ darling…” he couldn’t help but chuckle a little as he held me against him. I let out a soft giggle and lean against his strong chest.

We stay like that a moment, washing the sweat off our bodies before turning off the water and lazily drying off. I walk naked back to my locker and dress. “You really need to stop doing that…” Tom growls low in his throat.

I glance casually over my shoulder as I slip into my panties, followed by a pair of jeans. “What’s that Tom?” He grinned and walked over giving my ass a spank. “Looking so seductive.” I couldn’t help but smirk as I put my bra on. “Sorry…”

Tom laughed and kissed me soundly, “no you’re not, but that’s okay.” I couldn’t help but chuckle and put my things away. Tom watched me handle my things with care and sat down. Me following suit soon after.

“So… um. What happens now? I mean… I know it’s not forbidden to date students above 18 years old. But…” Tom smiled tenderly and took my hand. “What happens is what you want. I’d love to explore further with you. To grow and become a couple. Watching you dance just now, made me fall in love with, it only cemented the fact that I was in love with you the moment I stepped into class that July Monday.”

“I felt that too…” I say softly. Tom squeezed my hand and pressed a soft kiss to my lips. “Wonderful then darling. Come let’s get out of here and have dinner. Tiny thing like you could use a good meal.” I grinned and lightly shoved him. “Hey… I’m a ballet dancer, I’m supposed to be little.”

Tom grinned and stepped out into the hallway. “Well sustenance then.” Grinning brightly I looped my arm through his and we walked toward the front door of the building. Not sure what would happen, but the beginning of it was certainly worth repeating.

End -x