Dallas Fan Expo 2021

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Dallas Fan Expo 2021 Post Report By Odogoo

Dallas Fan Expo 2019 was the first Fan Expo I attended. My sister said it would be a very large convention in comparison to other similar events I had been to. She was quiet right. However, it was well organized and not at all intimidating for its size.


It had varied, and interesting guests, as well as venders. It had so many programs, panels, and features I needed the whole weekend to get to do everything I wanted. It set a high standard, and left me with high hopes for the next year.(Continue Reading)

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The Dallas Fan Expo Preview By Sil

Each year I look forward to attending Fan Expo Dallas. This year is no exception. The organizers have lined up a fantastic panel of celebrities, voice actors, artists, and comic creators to delight my inner nerd. I know the moment I step through the doors with my badge, I will transform from proper teachers’ aide into giddy fangirl. The lights, sounds, and colors will beckon me further in and I will once again tread The Halls of Fandoms. (Continue Reading)