A Special Birthday Surprise – Chapter 7

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Tom gets a very special birthday present.  It turns out to be a big surprise for himself.  Will he be willing to let it go?

Written by: Odogoo

A Tom Hiddleston X OC Fan Fiction
Kink | Sub / Dom | Smut

For long minutes he laid there focusing on how I was stimulating his hole. I was feeling it loosen, and seeing him giving into it. It was now time to milk his pleasure spot a bit, then add a third finger to make sure his hole was ready for what was going to come next. When I was sure, I take my free hand, and take the bottle of lube squeezing it.

This was a different bottle of lube. This one a cooling one, it going over his cock. I click it shut with my finger, and set it aside. I needed his cock lubed, to get the ring to its base. If I had started when it was soft, it may be too tight on him. It was almost fully hard, slowly getting it back there. The shock of having his hole touched helped me deflate him, the little liar. I was happy to see the toy would fit him, but was still worried about getting his balls in the second ring.

I keep my fingers inside him, but still them. He makes a uh sound, why I am not really sure. Was he frustrated? Well I didn’t really care, I was in charge, and I needed his cock to calm for a moment, so I can get this part on him.

Why was I stopping? Why was I lubing his cock up? Wasn’t I wet enough for his cock? He was so confused. He wanted to ask questions, but the ball gag prevented that. He sees me pick up the toy with my free hand slipping two fingers into the first ring and spread it out. He moves his hips a bit up, he was trying to help. He also didn’t like being blue balled, and that is what I was doing. I clear my throat as a light warning giving him a stern look. This causes him to stop leaning up. I give him a small smile, him wanting to smile back, but the gag prevented pretty much everything.

I move it to his cock head, which again had stopped emitting pre cum. The under-vain was still throbbing though. He was at least a fine specimen to work on. If only I could enjoy doing it… STOP! I work the ring all the way to the base, it was snug, but once I removed my fingers, it relaxed a bit. From what I saw of him hard, when he was full at attention it will be very snug, but still fit him nicely and get the job done. I give his hole a few small thrusts as a reward for being a good boy.

He had watched me put the ring on, sliding it down his cock. It was tight, he wasn’t sure about it. But he kept reminding himself. It was new, give it a chance. The fingers he was getting used to, see it is fine. It was ok, even though he wasn’t in control.

I look at his balls. Damn they were big fuckers. Two hand job there. I had a feeling if I started to tease, and massage his prostate, that unless I let him calm down again, they were never going to get in the second ring. But, that was the plan, a rise and fall. A long tease, he made sure his balls were full, so best to play into that. I had every intent on doing just that. Even if it unwittingly, leads to both of our detriments.

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