Odogoo Beat Carlsagan42

こんなん余裕!と思うなよ!by レトルト

Level Code: 836D-0000-03C5-4BC9

This level plays off 90% RNG, and 10% skill. RNG is random number generator. What this means in this level is the Kamek will turn the invisible block into a random item in the list of item’s it could turn it into. You must clear a path using the Kamek’s magic once you hit an invisible block to destroy it, an clear a path. The blocks can be turned into various things. Some will not kill you such as mushrooms, and coins. Other’s can be used to help, an others you must avoid. You must use the magic, strategy and a bit of luck to get to the goal. But watch out for the magic as it will kill you.  Due to the randomness of his magic, even with skill it is difficult to clear.

This level has a Super Expert rating, an as of writing this has a clear rate of 0.62%. It has a course tag of gimmick, which it earns due to the nature of the level, an the way it must be cleared.  Many well known Super Mario Maker Players have played this level such as Carlsagan42, Go Seigen, Barbarian, and JsMercury.

See below Odogoo’s run where she did have the world record, an Carlsagan42 play this level.  Carl’s video is where Odogoo learned of this level.  She had a lot of fun, an frustration play int.  An was shocked when she got that world record pop up.