Sugar and Vinegar Chapter 8

By: Nova

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I awoke the next morning, very content, just before the alarm went off, with a naked Tabitha and a naked Heather snuggling into me. My cock was rigid and ached from needing to pee. I stroked Tabitha’s hair, wondering how long it had been since Tabitha had slept this well. The alarm went off and I reached over and shut it off as the girls woke up and stretched. Tabitha sat up, still impaled on my cock and looked down.

“Oh wow. It wasn’t all a dream.” Tabitha cooed, looking at Heather and me.

“Nope.” Heather giggled before snuggling into me again and giving me a soft kiss on the cheek.

“I kept thinking last night that if I went to sleep, everything would be back to the way it was in the other universe when I woke up,” Tabitha said.

“Did you sleep well?” I asked.

“I haven’t slept that well in a long time,” Tabitha said.

“Good,” Heather said sitting up. “I need a shower. Anyone want to join me?” She asked.

“Nah, I need to get some coffee,” I said.

“Me too,” Tabitha said. “I’ll grab one after you.”

I looked at Tabitha’s body up and down. Something seemed off.

“Did your tits get bigger?” Heather asked as she looked at Tabitha.

Tabitha looked down at her chest, as did I. Her tits were no longer a small a-cup but appeared to be closer to a b-cup. They weren’t quite there yet, but they were definitely growing. They were perky, and her areolas, which used to be the size of a quarter were now larger, about the size of a half dollar.

“Yeah, I think so. My areolas too… look, they’re huge!” Tabitha said.

“Maybe your hormones are trying to shift back to normal,” I suggested.

“That’s a possibility. Dr. Nitty said that our molecules had changed, could this be a part of it?” Heather asked.

“We could always ask.” Tabitha giggled.

“Alright shower time for me,” Heather said climbing over us.

She got off the bed and grabbed a towel from the dresser. She threw the towel over her shoulder before turning towards us.

“I’ll leave the door unlocked so you can both pee,” Heather said with a smirk.

She walked out of the room, and Tabitha turned her attention towards me.

“Please tell me you’re alright with this,” Tabitha said.

“You could grow a second head or even a dick and I’d be alright with it,” I said.

“You’re too sweet,” Tabitha said before leaning in and giving me a kiss. “How do you take your coffee?” She asked.

“Crème and sugar,” I said.

“Coming up.” She giggled before slowly pulling herself off my cock.

She then moved down on the bed and inhaled my cock in her mouth.

“Tabitha that might not be such a good idea. I have to pee.” I moaned as she began sucking my cock as she bobbed her head on it.

She took her mouth off it for a moment.

“Then pee then. I’ll swallow that too.” She cooed before looking up at me. “I’d do anything for you, including let you pee on me, in me, or swallow it down.” She said before she went back to cleaning my cock.

After she was done she moved up the bed again and kissed me on the lips.

“You would really let me piss in your mouth?” I asked.

“If it made you happy? Sure.” Tabitha said.

She climbed off the bed and stood there, looking at and cupping her tits, thinking it over.

“Well, I was due for a new wardrobe anyway. I guess that I can deal with having a larger cup size.” She said.

“You don’t like them?” I asked.

“Not that. It’s just a sudden change.” Tabitha said. “It’s a bit unnerving. And how come you and Heather haven’t had to deal with anything like it?” She asked.

“That’s why I said it might be your hormones reasserting themselves. Think about it without the added change we went through. What’d we do yesterday? I mean besides the running around.” I said.

“We had mind blowing sex…. Oh, that’s where you’re going. You think my body took making love with the one person I wanted the most as a sign that I was ready for my hormones to go back to normal?” She asked.

“Could be,” I said as I got up.

“Well, Mr. Stud. I’m going to make us coffee.” She said before giving me another kiss.

She headed out of the room towards the kitchen. I walked out of the room and headed to the bathroom, where Heather was bent over the toilet.

“Yep, definitely pregnant.” She said before throwing up into the toilet again.

I knelt down and held back her hair so that she could empty her guts. She threw up a few more times, before getting up and flushing.

“And that would be the baby asserting itself,” I said with a smirk as I stood up.

She walked over to the shower.

“Oh ha-ha.” She muttered as she turned on the shower. “Do you think mom… I mean Natalie got morning sick this fast when she was pregnant with us? I mean it’s only been a day since I found out.”

“And about a week since we had sex the first time. How long does it take for sperm to fertilize an egg?” I asked.

“A few days I think, but I’d have to grab a Health Textbook to know for certain,” Heather said as I lifted the toilet seat and began peeing.

“We have Health 2nd period. We can just ask the teacher.” I said.

“Is it Mr. Morgan?” Heather asked.

“Yeah, why?” I asked.

“We won’t get shit out of him. I swear the man should’ve been born a… what’s the word I’m looking for? Those people who wear all black, and live like they’re from the 1800s?” Heather asked.

“Amish?” I asked.

“Yeah!” She said as she got into the shower and began getting cleaned.

I finished peeing and flushed the toilet. I washed my hands and headed out of the bathroom.

“Josh!” I heard her call.

I turned and went back in.

“Yeah,” I asked.

“Could you come shower with me?” She asked softly.

I smiled.

“It’s just with the throwing up, I need you near me.” She said.

“Sure, Heather.” I cooed.

I closed the bathroom door and walked over to the shower. I stepped in and put my arms around her waist, most of the time, as she took the time to scrub us both off very thoroughly. She turned off the water and gave me a hug.

“Thank you.” She cooed.

“For what? Showering with the hot redhead who happens to be the mother of my unborn child?” I asked.

“You dork.” She said hugging me tighter.

She soon broke the embrace and led me out of the shower. We shared the towel to towel off, then walked out to the dining room where a red-faced Dr. Nitty was sitting. Coffee, in a black mug, was sitting and waiting in the center of the table, next to my bottle of miracle juice. Tabitha sat sipping her coffee, still naked and Mom was frying us up some eggs.

“If it will make you feel better, Tabitha, I could run a series of blood tests when you get out of school.” Dr. Nitty said.

“Morning Doc,” I said. “Sleep well?”

“After all the sex I had yesterday?” Dr. Nitty said. “I could’ve died in that bed a happy man.” He said with a smile. “I can’t believe I lost my virginity to the woman I’ve had a crush on all these years. Thank you for letting me be… intimate with your mother.” He added.

“That was up to her. I just wasn’t about to object to you. You’re too nice of a guy, Doc.” I said.

“Mom, how soon after you got pregnant did the morning sickness start?” Heather asked.

“Oh sweetie, are you getting morning sickness?” Mom asked.

Heather nodded her head.

“Don’t worry, it happens, and I had it the day after I got pregnant each time.” Mom said.

“I see you two got showered,” Tabitha said as I sat down next to her.

“Heather asked me to join her after her morning sickness,” I said.

“Awe, you’re so sweet. And yeah Doc, considering I’ll be there for the press conference anyways, that’s a good idea.” Tabitha said.

“Hey Doc, how long does it take for sperm to fertilize the egg?” I asked.

“Normally? Only 30 minutes or so at a minimum, but it can be as slow as 3 days.” Dr. Nitty said.

“So it could’ve been between yesterday and when Becky and the others left,” Heather said. “And with the drugs Josh has been on, I’d bet it was the former.” She added as I grabbed the vial and added a drop to my cup of coffee before starting to drink it.

“Ah yes, the miracle liquid.” Dr. Nitty said. “I know of it myself. Tell me, Joshua, how is it working out for you?”

“Well, yesterday I was able to pull off 7 ejaculations,” I said.

“Not too bad, and how long have you been taking the doses?” He asked.

“Today’s my fifth,” I said before taking another sip.

“Yesterday was my last.” He said with a smirk.

“How many?” I asked as Mom walked over to him and gave him a peck on the cheek.

“At least a couple dozen before I was too sore to go anymore.” Mom said.

“Really? We used that many condoms?” Dr. Nitty asked.

“Only when you were fucking my pussy, Insan, when you fucked my mouth or my ass you were not using condoms, remember? And I showered a few times in between.” Mom said.

My cock was rock hard at this. Dr. Nitty had fucked Mom so thoroughly that she was sore? Wow. Tabitha reached down and softly stroked my cock.

“Looks like you feel like I do.” She whispered in my ear.

“Yeah,” I whispered back.

Tabitha stood up, pulled out my chair a bit, and sat on my lap with her back to me, re-impaling herself on my cock. Her pussy was wet, hot and tight. I reached up and began massing her tits as she began riding my cock. We made out as Mom went back to serving out the plates for breakfast, and Dr. Nitty gave us the time to finish before speaking again. Needless to say, Tabitha and I peeked together, with me dumping a huge load inside her womb.

“I love you, Joshua.” She cooed, turning her head back to me.

“I love you too, Tabitha.” I cooed back before we shared a passionate kiss.

“Tabitha, you’re probably very lucky if your hormones are trying to reassert themselves. It could be a couple days before you have to worry about getting pregnant again.” Dr. Nitty said.

And with that, we heard Mom retch and throw up. I looked over to see her throwing up in the trashcan.

“Mom?” I asked.

“Sorry, looks like I had a bit of morning sickness left over.” She said as she stood back up.

“You too?” Heather asked.

“Oh yeah. Joshua got me pregnant yesterday while I was ovulating.” Mom said. “But just because I’m pregnant doesn’t mean just anyone can cum inside my pussy unprotected.” Mom said.

“That’s thoughtful of you.” Heather giggled.

“I just want to make sure my pussy is clean for my boyfriend.” Mom giggled. “Oh speaking of fucking my pussy. Insan, show the kids what’s going to be on the store shelves today.”

“Oh, I almost forgot.” Dr. Nitty said.

He reached down on his right side and lifted up a bag. He set it on the table after moving his plate out of the way. I began eating as he pulled out some discreet brown boxes with the words “Specialized Equipment” written in big letters across them. He passed one to each of us.

“This is the model J.T.S. Zero One.” Dr. Nitty said as the girls opened up the boxes in front of them.

I left mine closed while I ate.

“Oh wow. It’s so real.” Tabitha said as she pulled the dildo out of the box.

“Yes, that wonderful product is based off Joshua’s cock.” He said. “That’s just the general one. There are many variants, but I picked out a choice few for you each to have.” He added before pulling out more boxes and passing them around.

Tabitha opened her box and pulled out a strap on that was shaped like my cock.

“Wow, a nice looking strap-on,” Heather said.

“I’ve got a bunch of others too in this bag for you kids. But if you hear talk about the J.T.S series adult toys, they’re based on Joshua.” Dr. Nitty said as he got up. “Now if you don’t mind, I have to get dressed.”

“Me too,” Heather said as she wolfed down her food.

I finished my coffee and wolfed down my food after Tabitha excused herself for her shower. By the time I was done, Heather and Tabitha were dressed and waiting. Tabitha was wearing a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. Heather, who wanted to give me easier access to her pussy today, was wearing a skirt, and a cute top with spaghetti straps, which allowed me to spot her bra straps. Dr. Nitty and Mom walked into the dining room as I got up and went to get dressed. I got dressed in a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. We all then got our shoes on and headed out. Dr. Nitty took his car to the lab. As for Mom, she took us to school and walked us into the guidance office. She stood in front of the lady at the desk and the three of us took seats.

“Hi, how can I help you, Miss Swartz?” The lady asked.

Mom pulled paperwork out of her handbag.

“Same schedule as my son. Got it?” Mom said.

“Easily done. Wait I know this name…” She said before looking over at Tabitha. “Tabi?”

“Hey, Aunt Milly,” Tabitha said.

“How is this even possible?” Milly asked.

“That’s classified. I’m afraid. As is all research regarding the project that got her here. The government has very strict laws concerning this, and they’ve expressed enough of an interest to classify it.” Mom said.

“Do your parents know you’re back?” Milly asked as she started typing away at her computer.

“Not yet, I want it to be a surprise,” Tabitha said.

“Okay, I won’t spill the beans, but you’re going to give my sister a heart attack,” Milly said. “And done. Same schedule down to the smallest detail.”

Tabitha stood up and walked over to her Aunt and gave her a hug.

“So tell me this, if you can, was Joshua involved in getting you back?” Milly asked.

“Yes, Aunt Milly, My boyfriend was the one who got me back,” Tabitha said with a big grin.

“Good boy,” Milly said looking as if she was about to cry from joy.

“I’ll pick you three up after school. Remember, how Tabitha got here is classified. So no telling anyone, unless they can prove top secret clearance. Beyond that, it’s a need to know basis.” Mom said.

“Got it.” We said together.

Mom headed out first, in a hurried rush to get things over with and done for the business in order to set up my press conference. We soon left after Tabitha promised to call her aunt when she could in regards to what happened. We headed towards our homeroom. The teacher, Miss Silver hadn’t arrived yet when we got there, but we were soon met by some familiar faces. I was facing towards the door with Tabitha and Heather facing each other on either side of me when a petite body jumped on my back and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

“Hey, handsome!” Her voice said as I quickly realized who it was.

“Hey, Amber! Enjoy your summer break?” I asked as she hopped off my back.

Amber was a short girl, a day or two younger than Heather and I, and had hair that used to reach to the back of her knees. But over the summer she had cut it to be short and come down to just past her ears. She stood to approximately my shoulder and was very small. If she had tits, I never could tell as she always wore either extremely baggy shirts or sweatshirts to hide her figure. Today was no different either. Sure she was wearing a black skirt and showing off her legs, but she had on a sweatshirt, so I couldn’t stare at her tits. Her eyes were a nice shade of brown, and her smile seemed to light up the room. She was always very happy and very perky.

“Sure did. I was out at camp, and let me tell you, watching over the seven and eight-year-olds was a lot of work.” Amber said.

She walked around to the front of me.

“Extra credit?” Tabitha asked.

“Actually looking for experience. I want to be a mom someday and figured I could use all the help I could get.” Amber said. “I don’t think we’ve met yet, I’m Amber Primrose.”

“Tabitha Nelson,” Tabitha said.

“Are you new?” Amber asked.

“Yes, and no… it’s a long story and some of it is classified.” Tabitha said. “What about you? I know most of Joshua’s friends, and he’s never mentioned you.”

“Really?” Amber said turning towards me. “You didn’t mention me to Tabitha. I’m hurt. I mean you’ve only known me for what a year?”

“Ouch… busted.” I said.

She turned back to Tabitha.

“I have been trying to get this goofball to ask me out all of the last year, except he’s completely…” Amber said.

“Oblivious?” Heather said.

“Hopeless?” Tabitha added.

“Exactly.” Amber giggled. “So how’d he pick up a hottie like you? Or am I thinking too soon?” She asked.

“Oh no, there’s something definitely between us,” Tabitha said. “Although exactly what, I’m not sure. I want to be with him, but he’s been hesitating on actually asking me.”

She had a point, I hadn’t actually asked her to be on the web. And now they were all glaring at me. Amber turned fully towards me. She put a finger on my chest.

“Well, Mr. Stud, what’s your excuse?” Amber said.

Tabitha leaned in behind her and whispered something in her ear.

“Oh, that might work.” She said. “But wait, if I do that, how would it work out?” Amber asked.

Tabitha whispered a little more in her ear.

“Really?” Amber said as Tabitha kept whispering in her ear.

Amber’s eyes went wide as she looked over at Heather. Heather watched her for a moment then nodded.

“That is…” She said before turning back to me.

She poked me in the chest again.

“So wait, you can pull that off? But you can’t ask Tabitha, who you obviously have had feelings for all this time to be in the web? And you’re too oblivious to see how I feel?” She added.

She grabbed me by the hand, then Tabitha by the hand. She looked at Heather.

“Wait here. We’ll be right back.” Amber said.

“Okay,” Heather said with a giggle.

Amber began walking, pulling us behind her as she walked us down the west hall, leading us to the room at the end. She opened the door and flipped on the lights. She pulled us both inside before shutting the door and flipping the locks.

“You.” She said to me. “Lay on the floor.” She told me.

Not sure of what she was up to, I laid down, on the carpet, with my feet towards the door.

“Good. Now, you know what we want to hear.” She said as she reached under her skirt and took off her panties. “And one way or another I’m sure I can get you to say it.” She said, walking closer to me so that I could actually see under her skirt.

Her pussy was red and swollen. She turned her tight ass towards me and stepped over me with one leg before kneeling down into a doggy position on top of me. I felt a cool air hit my cock. By looking around her, I could see my cock was out of my pants and in her hand.

“Now,” She said as she wiggled her semi-exposed pussy in front of me.

She flipped up her skirt to fully expose herself to me.

“If you want to taste, you can have a small one, but if you want more from me, or from Tabitha, you’d better ask us what we want you to ask us.” She said before I felt my cock enter something hot, wet and very enjoyable.

She started bobbing her head as she sucked on my cock, stroking it enthusiastically with one hand while massaging my balls with her other. I let out a groan.

“I think he’s getting ready to cave, Amber, keep it up,” Tabitha said.

I leaned forward taking her hips in my hands and began licking and sucking at her pussy. She stopped sucking only for a moment or two. She let out a moan.

“Oh god, he really knows how to do that.” She moaned.

“Sorry, should’ve warned you. He’s pretty good at eating pussy.” Tabitha said.

“Just makes me want him to say it even more,” Amber said before resuming her work on my cock.

My cock was getting hard and fast. I wasn’t sure what was next, but she pulled her ass away from me.

“Oh, no, that’s all you get, Josh-y.” She teased. “Hold him down, Tabitha.” She instructed.

I quickly found my shoulders pinned under Tabitha’s knees. I looked up and Tabitha just grinned down at me. Amber got up, spun around and knelt back down, positioning herself so her opening was mashed against the underside of my cock. She lifted up her skirt to reveal her bald pussy as she began slowly sliding back and forth against my cock. I could feel her hot juices leaking all over it, and it was driving me nuts. My cock was throbbing and I tried what I could to get a release. I tried humping and flexing my cock against her opening as she moved. She giggled at my attempts to cheat.

“FINE!” I said. “I’LL TELL YOU!” I agreed.

“Looks like he’s ready,” Amber said lifting herself up and taking my cock in her hand.

She guided it to her entrance and just held it there.

“Go ahead.” She said.

“Tabitha, you know how I feel. I’ve loved you for who knows how long, and when we were separated, I wanted to die. I thought my feelings were clear when we got back together, but I love you, and I want you to be in the relationship, and not just as some piece of ass. I want you to be an equal part of it.” I said.

“I love you too.” She cooed, letting go of my shoulders.

We shared a brief but passionate kiss.

“Now, Amber. I can safely say, no girl has ever driven me nuts like this before. When you would walk in the room, even on my darkest days, everything seemed to be lit up like Christmas. It would be my honor to call you one of my girlfriends and show you the love and affection you crave so much. Please join us in the relationship.” I asked.

“Good enough?” Tabitha asked.

“Not quite yet,” Amber said.

She slammed herself down on my cock, burying it to the hilt inside her. It was enough to push me over the edge, and I exploded inside her. This orgasm was intense, and I knew I would quickly be filling her womb as I let out a loud moan.

“Holy fuck. I didn’t expect this much.” She moaned.

I leaned up, lifted her sweatshirt, then her t-shirt, revealing her naked A-Cup tits. They were small, round and very cute with tiny areolas and nipples. I began licking and sucking at them as my cock continued to release my seed inside her.

“I’m Cumming!” She cried out before grabbing my head and pulling me to her face.

She forced me into a passionate kiss. The kiss was long and our tongues were both very tired from wrestling after.

“You have no idea how long I’ve waited for this. I love you, Joshua Timothy Swartz.” She cooed.

“I can’t believe I’ve been so blind to everyone’s affections.” I cooed back. “I love you too Amber Primrose.”

“You know, with you still cumming, you’re probably going to knock me up,” Amber said as she leaned back to look at our joining. “Just like your mom and Heather.”

Tabitha walked over and knelt down. She pinched off my cock and motioned for Amber to get up. Amber slowly got up, with her pussy leaving a red stain on my cock and slightly leaking our combined juices. Tabitha then whispered something in her ear. Amber bent down, took my whole cock into her mouth, letting it slip into the back of her small throat before Tabitha released her hold on me. My cock exploded down her throat. She kept swallowing, as I kept releasing my cum. When my cock was sufficiently drained to her liking, she licked my cock completely clean, licking off even the blood she had left, then licked the juices off my stomach where she had dripped them.

“Wow,” I said.

“You still probably knocked me up… I wasn’t on protection.” Amber said as she grabbed her panties off the floor and stood up.

She fixed her shirts, then put on her panties as I stuffed my cock back in my pants.

“Neither was anyone else that I know of.” I sighed. “Except Rachel.”

She just beamed a smile at me.

“It’s not a bad thing. I’d love to have lots of babies with you, Josh.” She cooed.

She leaned down and gave me a soft kiss on the lips.

“Now that I’m actually in a relationship with you, that is.” She said with a smirk.

“HEY!” Tabitha said.

Amber turned to her. Tabitha grabbed her and pulled her into a passionate kiss.

“Wow,” Amber said after Tabitha broke the kiss.

“It’s not just him. You’re in one with all of us. Hope you’re ready.” Tabitha said seductively.

“I’ll be honest,” Amber said while blushing. “I never thought of that side of things.” She added. “How’s that going to work? I mean I’ve never eaten pussy and none of you have dicks.”

“I can’t wait to start exploring your body. And oh, we do have strap-ons.” Tabitha cooed.

“Really? That could work.” Amber said.

“Molded from Joshua’s dick,” Tabitha added.

“Even better,” Amber said.

“And you can enjoy that and learning to eat pussy at the same time” Tabitha added.

“Okay. Sounds like I could handle this.” Amber said.

“And we’ll vacation on his island,” Tabitha said.

“Island?” Amber asked.

“Oh yeah. Our boyfriend here is the new Owner and CEO of Jump Jet.” Tabitha said.

“Holy shit, he’s loaded?” Amber said in disbelief.

“And he’s also the owner of a small nudist island where open sex and incest are legal,” Tabitha said.

“I may be in over my head.” Amber giggled. “But Josh, there’s a stipulation on who you can sleep within this relationship I have to add.” Amber said, turning back to me. “There are three people I don’t want you to have sex with for now.”

“Okay?” I said.

“They’re complete bitches and need an attitude adjustment. Holly Sanders, Lauren Smith, and Sarah Salisbury. The three head cheerleaders.” Amber said.

I started laughing my ass off. The two of them looked at me confused.

“I wouldn’t fuck the three of them with a stolen dick with the way they act.” I laughed.

“You’re not telling us the whole story, are you?” Tabitha asked.

“Okay okay, I’ll tell,” I said standing up. “The first day after Heather and I fucked, she asked who I wanted to fuck. I named Sarah.” I said.

“Okay, why?” Amber asked.

“Probably because her body is like yours is, and how mine was before my hormones started to kick in again,” Tabitha said. “The smaller body types have always made Joshua horny.”

“How do you know that?” Amber asked.

“I’m in his head,” Tabitha explained.

She was right though, I could feel Tabitha reading my thoughts at that very moment. It felt weird. Not exactly painful, but like my brain was too big for my skull.

“So anyway, we get to my room, and she sucks my cock, and it’s terrible.” I started.

“How bad?” Amber asked.

“She put it in her mouth and thought keeping it there doing nothing was a blowjob,” I said.

“Ouch,” Tabitha said.

“So I tell her to suck on it, and after 2 minutes, she pulled my cock out of her mouth complaining that she’s tired,” I explained.

“Were you even hard?” Amber asked.

“No,” I said. “Then she expected me to fuck her right away. She got on my bed, got naked and was like ‘are you going to put it in me now?’ and I was like ‘uh no.’ “I laughed.

“Oh god. Tell me you gave her a nice brush off.” Amber said.

“I told her I couldn’t be with her romantically and I wasn’t up for using her as a cum dumpster. She ran out.” I explained.

“Speaking of running out. We should get back to Heather.” Amber laughed.

The three of us straightened ourselves up, then headed out of the room and down the hall to where Heather was waiting.

“So, how’d it go?” Heather asked.

“Well, take a good guess,” Tabitha said before Amber jumped on my back again, putting her arms around my neck.

“Wow, so both of you are in?” Heather said with a smirk.

“Yep,” Amber said. “And Tabitha said she wants me to learn to eat pussy.” She giggled.

“Well, you can practice all you want with my pregnant pussy. Honestly, I wish I had gone with you three. I’m fucking horny.” Heather said as she hugged Tabitha.

Heather almost immediately started moaning lightly. She was trying to stifle her moans as Tabitha teased her pussy thru her panties.

“You want to get off?” Tabitha asked.

“Yes.” Heather squeaked.

“Would you rather get Joshua’s dick or my hand?” Tabitha asked.

“I want both.” Heather moaned.

“What if it was Amber eating you?” Tabitha teased.

“Oh god, please.” Heather moaned.

“What’s going on?” Amber whispered in my ear.

“Heather gets off on Tabitha and me dominating her.” I softly whispered back.

“You want Amber to put on a strap-on? Or me?” Tabitha asked.

“Oh god yes.” Heather moaned softly. “I want Josh in my ass, you in my pussy and Amber in my mouth.” She said.

Tabitha abruptly pulled her hand away from Heather.

“Go the whole day without touching yourself, without masturbating, and you can have it from all three of us after school.” She said softly.

“Promise?” Heather asked.

“Do you doubt me?” Tabitha asked.

“Shouldn’t she be calling you mistress?” Amber asked.

“Hmmm…. I’m not sure.” Tabitha said. “What do you think, sweetie? Would you like to be my little submissive slut?” She cooed.

Heather made an affirmative noise as she nodded her head. Amber hopped off my back.

“I’ll think it over then. In the meantime, do as I ask, okay?” Tabitha said.

“Okay,” Heather said softly.

The two shared a passionate kiss.

“Let’s go grab a quick drink from the Lunchroom while we wait. They should be open now.” I said.

The four of us headed to the lunch room. The halls were bare, empty, and somewhat lonely. We headed down the east hall, to the north/south hall, to the lunch area. We headed into the furthest lunch room and entered. It was lit up, with a couple of young ladies behind the counter. We paid them no mind as we found one of those long lunch tables, which was grey in color and sat down. Tabitha sat next to Heather and Amber was going to sit across from Tabitha sitting next to me but she stopped herself before sitting down.

“I’ll get everyone something to drink!” Amber said.

She skipped away from us, heading up to the lunch line.

“I think you made that girl very happy.” Heather giggled.

“Oh, he made me happy too.” Tabitha cooed. “But tell me, you could’ve gotten up when I was holding you down, why didn’t you?”

“Because you were having fun watching her control me,” I said slyly.

“Oh, I was. And she was having fun teasing you.” Tabitha said.

Amber came skipping back to us with four cartons of orange juice. She handed each of us one before sitting down next to me and opening hers.

“Have either of you felt the same hunger we did last night?” Heather asked.

“No, but I think that may be because of the stuff we did… And considering how much we ate…” Tabitha said.

“What did you do?” Amber asked.

“Sorry, classified for now,” Tabitha explained.

“Oh poo,” Amber said.

She set down her carton as I opened mine, and then rested her head against my arm.


Amber and I turned our heads back towards the yelling as the owner of the voice entered the cafeteria. It was the head cheerleader Sarah with her two co-head cheerleaders in tow.

“Think about what you’re saying! Alright, I get that you want to be with him! That’s cool! But losing your virginity to him? Dropping the squad?” Holly asked as she blushed brightly.

Holly, Lauren, and Sarah were all the same height and had the same body types. Holly had blonde hair, while Lauren had jet black hair in contrast to Sarah’s hair which was Auburn and pulled into a ponytail. The other two girls had their hair down and were wearing their cheerleading uniforms, more than likely so they didn’t have to change for the Ninth grade pep rally this morning. Sarah was wearing a white t-shirt with a band logo on it, and a pair of black shorts. She had on black sneakers and had glasses on as well.

“Yes, I’m dropping the squad, and I’ll give him my virginity if he wants it.” She sighed. “I thought this all over. I’m going to focus this year and not just get graded on the fact that I’m a cheerleader. I’m going to do something with my life. I’m going to a trade school once we graduate, and I’m going to become a nurse.”

“What? Come on, Sarah! You know it’s tradition for the senior cheerleaders to fuck the Varsity football team every year after the homecoming game! And you’re going to give up everything that’s been handed to you just for that small timer’s cock?” Lauren asked.

“I take back what I said about Sarah… She’s actually acting pretty cool.” Amber whispered.

“Small timer? First off, he’s built. I’ve seen it. He was thinking about swim team this year. Secondly, his cock is huge. Thirdly, I don’t want to be some cum dumpster for the football team!” Sarah said as I stood up.

“Oh, I bet you’ve seen that too!” Lauren said as I walked up to them.

“Actually she has,” I said walking up behind her.

I gave her a kiss on the top of the head.

“Oh and now he comes up to save his slut!” Lauren said.

Sarah spun around to look at me and blushed brightly.

“She’s anything but a slut,” I said. “You should know that if you’re arguing about her virginity.”

“Listen Small timer, this doesn’t involve someone who’s going nowhere in his life! We cheerleaders have always had awesome lives after high school and we’re not going let you ruin it for Sarah!” Lauren said.

“Oh really? What are you going to do? Go to college? Start working? Trade school? I’m listening. Tell me.” I said.

“We’re going to go work at Jump Jet, we’ve got an in for jobs that’ll start us at thirty kay a year!” Lauren said.

“HEY HEATHER! MAKE A NOTE FOR ME!” I hollered back at my twin.

“YEAH?” She called.


“GOT IT!” Heather called back.

“What? Who do you think you are?” Lauren asked.

“Oh, let me introduce myself. My name is Joshua. Joshua Timothy Swartz. I am the son of Paul Swartz, the former head of Jump Jet. I’m Jump Jet’s new and current C.E.O., meaning I own the place.” I said with a flair and a little bow.

“Wait, what?” Sarah whispered.

“For that to be true, you’d have to be rich! That’s not possible!” Lauren protested as Tabitha walked up behind me.

“Oh, it’s entirely possible. Josh-y here is not only a hunk with a huge cock, but he’s recently inherited his father’s company and island.” Tabitha said.

All three of the girls standing in front of me went white as ghosts as they saw Tabitha.

“Ta…Tab… Tabitha Nelson?” Sarah managed to stutter out.

“Yes, it’s me,” Tabitha said.

“Talk about impossible!” Holly said. “How is that possible? We were all at your funeral!” She added while blushing again.

I started to get an idea of what was going on.

“Sorry, Girls, that’s classified. I am back though.” Tabitha said. “And I know how you’ve been treating my real friends. I have to say, I’m disgusted. Anyone who thinks that they were my friend and would treat Josh-y and Heather like that is no friend of mine.”

“YOU BITCH!” Lauren yelled.

“Hey, it’s not her fault that you’re treating people like trash. I hope you have fun at your little midyear orgy.” I snickered. “Sarah, you’re more than welcome to hang with us considering your alternative,” I said before turning away.

I turned to look back at her and saw Tabitha holding Lauren’s balled up fist that had been aimed at the back of my head.

“Oh yeah… should’ve mentioned. Black Belt in Martial Arts while I was gone.” Tabitha said with a smirk before tossing Lauren back against the lunch line. “Come near any of us again, and try something like that, and I’ll break you.” Tabitha snarled.

“Holy fuck,” Sarah said in shock as I turned and walked back to the lunch table.


She stormed to the doorway.

“No,” Holly said as Lauren passed her.

“What?” Lauren said.



“So?” Tabitha said.

“And?” Heather added.

“Do you think anyone really cares?” I asked.

“What she does with her body and who she decides to share it with is her choice,” Amber said.

Lauren, with a look of utter shock, stormed off.

I sat down and Sarah with Holly were standing behind me momentarily after Tabitha sat down.

“Thank you,” Sarah said. “After the other day, I never expected you to…” She said to Heather.

“To what? To make sure I was backing up my twin? Believe it or not, it was his idea to invite you over that day. Before what happened in the living room, he had decided that he wanted to have sex with you.” Heather said.

“Wait, you did? What changed your mind?” Sarah asked, sitting down next to Amber.

Holly sat next to Sarah as we sipped our Juice.

“Your attitude,” I said.

“Wow. I’m sorry I had that much of a negative effect on you, and Heather, about before. I’ve taken the past week to think things over. I’ve been toxic and hateful. Can you ever find it in your heart to forgive me?” Sarah asked.

“That depends? You ever eat a pussy before?” Heather asked.

Sarah and Holly blushed.

“I… I have.” Holly stuttered.

Holly didn’t wait for an invitation. She climbed under the table. And almost immediately, Heather was grabbing the side of the table and letting out soft moans. Holly’s ass was right in front of me, and her skirt slid up, letting me see her purple panties. I moved her panties to the side and ran my finger up her wet slit, collecting some of her juices before putting it in my mouth to taste. I looked over at Heather as I felt my cock freed from my pants. I looked down to see Amber rubbing my cock head against Holly’s slit. Before Holly or I could say a word to stop her, Amber guided it inside Holly’s womb. My cock quickly hardened up to its maximum size again as Holly thrusted her hips back against mine, burying me to the hilt inside her. Her pussy was hot, incredibly tight, and very wet. She began riding my cock as she ate my twin under the table. I tried to keep my composure as to not alert the staff in the kitchen. I looked over to Amber who had now stuck her hand down Sarah’s pants and was playing with her pussy. I looked over to where Tabitha had been sitting, only to realize she was under the table, licking Amber’s pussy.

“Holy fuck,” I whispered. “I’m going to cum.” I tried to warn Holly, but she was too engrossed in enjoying my sister’s juices.

I let out a groan as my cock began spraying inside her womb. I watched as she reached back and stroked my balls for a moment, then pinched my cock off. She turned around and plunged my cock into her mouth before releasing the pinch. She massaged and stroked my balls as they continued to empty down her throat. When my balls had emptied enough, she licked me clean before looking up at me and blushing brightly.

“Wow.” She said as she fixed herself under the table.

She climbed out of the table as the other girls finished up and sat in Heather’s lap.

“I can’t believe I just did that,” Holly said blushing brightly.

“What? I thought you liked girls.” Heather said as she put her arms around Holly’s waist.

“Not that. I’ve been dreaming of eating you for a while.” Holly cooed. “But I not only just let your twin brother take my virginity, but he dumped a load of cum inside me, and I drank his cum and licked him clean without gagging. I actually enjoyed it.” Holly cooed.

“I enjoyed watching you do it.” Heather cooed. “Are you protected?”

“Yeah, thankfully I’m on birth control.” Holly cooed.

Heather whispered something in her ear and Holly’s eyes went wide.

“Who?” Holly asked as Heather gave a gentle nod towards me. “Really?”

“Really,” Heather said as Tabitha got out from under the table and I put my cock away.

“So I’m guessing things changed a lot for you all in the past week,” Sarah said after giving Amber another quick kiss. “Can you let us in on it? Or is that classified too?”

We all began speaking in hushed tones as other kids started entering the lunch room and grabbing their breakfast.

“Depends on how in on it you want to be.” Amber giggled softly.

“Well considering you just teased my clit until I came, I want it all now,” Sarah said in a hushed tone.

“Yeah, that was a first for me. I’ve never gotten off another girl, especially not one that had been someone whose attitude had me so angry.” Amber cooed softly.

“I’m sorry about that too,” Sarah said in a hushed tone.

“You’re forgiven,” Amber said loudly before forcing her into a passionate kiss.

“I want it all too,” Holly said softly as she looked back at Heather.

“Even if it means more creampies from Joshua?” Heather snickered softly.

“ESPECIALLY if it means more creampies from your brother,” Holly said softly with a sigh.

“Well, that settles it. We’re all in a web relationship. It’s an open relationship, but it’s a web. Joshua here can make love to any of us that he wants to, and vice versa.” Tabitha said quietly.

“Really? Even you, Heather? Have you had him?” Sarah asked softly.

“I was Joshua’s first… the night before you came over.” Heather explained to her softly.

“Wow,” Sarah said softly. “I never thought… I mean, I heard the stories that twins can be close, but wow.”

“And I’m carrying his child,” Heather added softly.

“Okay, now I’m jealous,” Sarah said softly. “So what do we have to do to join this relationship?”

“I’m pretty sure I just accepted your application.” Amber giggled.

“No complaints from me,” Heather said. “Especially for you.” She cooed at Holly.

The two shared a kiss.

“I’m fine with it if you are Josh,” Tabitha said.

“Well, I guess you’re in. The girls will go over the rules with you when they have free time.” I said.

“Well, how about you? How are you going to explain about all these girls hanging all over you?” Sarah asked.

“Oh, I’ll just tell people I have a harem. Let them figure it out from there.” I laughed.

“Lots of firsts for some of us today,” Holly said. “First time with a guy and a girl, first time with a guy, first creampie…” She said softly.

“First time being played with to an orgasm,” Sarah said softly. “First kiss from a girl,” she added softly.

“First time drinking cum from the dick that just may have knocked me up on our first time together and then licking my own virginity blood off it.” Amber giggled.

Sarah looked at her wide-eyed.

“Hey, it’s my first day in the relationship too,” Amber added.

“Wow. Three girls in one day.” Holly giggled.

“We should be getting to homeroom soon,” I said.

“Who do you have for homeroom?” Sarah asked.

“Miss Silver,” I said.

“Same.” Heather, Tabitha, and Amber said.

“We’ll see you four there then,” Sarah said before pulling Amber into a passionate kiss.

“I think I’m going to enjoy this relationship,” Holly said before receiving a passionate kiss from Heather.

The four of us got up and walked out of the lunchroom.

“I think that should count against you,” Tabitha said.

“What? Why?” Heather protested.

“The idea was to keep you all pent up until we could all fuck you,” Tabitha explained.

“But I didn’t get off. She got me close, but then stopped when he filled her with his cream.” Heather said. “I was soooo close too.”

“Josh-y is going have his hands full today!” Amber said grabbing onto my arm and snuggling into it.

“How are you feeling after all that?” Heather asked me.

“Fine. I mean that was only the third time. I didn’t start feeling winded until after the 6th time yesterday.” I said.

“6 times having sex?” Amber asked looking at me in disbelief.

“No, cumming,” I said.

“Holy fuck. You’re a machine.” Amber said.

“Just wait until he finishes that bottle.” Tabitha giggled as we walked up to the classroom for our homeroom.

The door was shut, but the light was on. We heard a muffled moan as we opened the door, and the room reeked of wet pussy. Sitting behind her desk was Miss Silver. Her desk was one of those grey metal ones where you couldn’t see the teacher’s legs. She was about Amber’s height with long brown hair and glasses. She had a kind look in her eye as we entered. She cleared her throat, causing another teacher to pop up from the floor. He was the drama and the English teacher that we all called Mr. Tom. Mr. Tom wasn’t his real name, his real name was a bit of a mystery because he told everyone to call him that. His door even said “Mr. Tom” on it. Mr. Tom was my height, with a very athletic build. He had brown short hair and a goatee. He wore a light blue button-down shirt, and a pair of black slacks, with nice shiny black shoes.

“I’m sorry Miss Silver, I’m afraid I could not locate your writing utensil down there.” He said without looking at us.

The girls all giggled, knowing what had gone on.

“That’s quite alright, you did your best, Mr. Tom. I’ll see you at the department meeting later.” Miss Silver said.

Mr. Tom turned and walked towards us.

“Hey, kids.” Mr. Tom said as he walked over to us since we were still at the door.

I noticed something.

“Mr. Tom, you seem to have a bit of liquid stuck in your goatee,” I said.

Mr. Tom pulled out a handkerchief and wiped his mouth.

“Ah yes, a bit of coffee I’m afraid.” He said before slipping by us and walking out the door.

The girls broke out laughing.

“Coffee…. Surrrrrre.” I said with a smirk.

“Ah, the Swartz’s. And Miss Primrose. Ah and a new student! Welcome!” She said. “Now I trust you won’t go spreading any nasty…” She started.

“Tabi, Heather, Amber, go open those windows,” I said shutting the door.

The girls leapt into action as I turned and walked up to Miss Silver’s desk.

“Miss Silver. You should know that my girls and I are happy for you and Mr. Tom, but please, we know what we saw, don’t bullshit us. We’ll keep this between us and help cover for you.” I said as I sat on her desk.

“Thank you.” She said softly.

“Only doing what we would ask in return. A little discretion and a helping hand.” I said. “Deal?”

“Deal. Happily, we have a deal, Mr. Swartz.” Miss Silver said with a big smile.

Honestly, I was happy for them. Miss Silver never had a boyfriend that I had known, and Mr. Tom was a hopeless romantic. I looked at Miss Silver. She was dressed in a dark blue blouse and a long black skirt. She had on a nice pair of glasses and her hair was in a bun. She had larger breasts which I’m sure Mr. Tom thoroughly enjoyed.

“So when you say your girls?” Miss Silver asked.

“Girlfriends,” I said.

“All three of them?” She raised an eyebrow.

I counted silently using my fingers. Mom. Becky. Rachel. Heather. Tabitha. Amber. Switched hands. Sarah. Holly. Miss Silver’s eyes went wide as I counted with my fingers.

“Seven, including your own… Wow.” She said quietly. “How do you keep up with them all?”

“Well to be fair, it was four until this morning. And I take this medicine. It gives me more virility and makes me more potent.” I said as the girls joined me.

“Do me a favor. Let Mr. Tom know about this medicine as soon as you have the name.” She said with a smirk.

“Oh, I’ll make sure he gets the name,” Heather said with a giggle.

“Thank you, kids. The next thing I have to ask is are you all happy with the way you’ve got it arranged?” She asked.

“Very,” Amber said. “I only joined the open web relationship this morning, but let me say, I have never been happier,” Amber said with a big grin.

“Good.” Miss Silver said. “Well, young man, you seem to be a regular Casanova.”

“Well, he was known for his many lovers.” Tabitha giggled. “And that is Joshua without a doubt.”

We took our seats, chit-chatting amongst ourselves until Sarah and Holly joined us before the rest of the classroom filled in. Before anything was done, a small framed girl stepped up in front of the class. She had long hair tied back into a ponytail. She looked familiar and was wearing a white blouse and blue skirt that puffed out with a pair of sneakers. She cleared her throat before speaking.

“Hi everyone. I may not look the same as last year but believe it or not, you all know me… for the most part.” She said. “Over the summer, a good friend of mine brought me to the realization that I should embrace who I am.” She added. “So I did.”

She took a deep breath before continuing.

“Last year, you all knew me as Nate. Well, the fact of the matter is, I’m a hermaphrodite, and I’ve been hiding what’s actually my dominate half. My dominant hormones and body type are female. I hid this from everyone since I was a little kid, and it’s been killing me.” She explained. “So I can’t do it anymore. I’m both a male and female. My female half is dominant. I can’t get women pregnant, but I can get pregnant. So, this is who I am. Call me Nat.” She said. “Questions?”

“Does it feel weird? I mean having both sexes?” One girl asked.

“No, not at all. I’ve had both all my life.” Nat said.

“Any chance you need a boyfriend?” One of the football players asked at the front of the room.

“I have a boyfriend at the moment, but you’ll have to get in line because that friend I spoke of is probably the first in line after him,” Nat said with a giggle.

Nat was really blossoming. No longer a wallflower, but a hottie with guys falling over themselves to try and catch her eye. I was happy for her.

“Thank you, Nat, you can take your seat now.” Miss Silver said. “Next, we have a new student with us.” She said as Nat took her seat in front of me.

“So, how do I look?” Nat asked turning back to me.

“Honestly, you look beautiful Nat. But how’d you get your hair to grow so fast?” I asked.

“Extensions. Mom took me to a beauty parlor yesterday. It was pretty life-changing, all of it.” Nat said. “The morning was filled with testing and blood work, all done by a specialist at Jump Jet. Then the afternoon was about pampering me and buying me a new wardrobe.” She said. “The specialist said that my hair should grow out normally again, all I have to do is stop cutting it.”

“Tabitha, will you come up here?” Miss Silver asked.

Tabitha got up from her seat and walked to the front of the room.

“Hi.” She said shyly before clearing her throat. “A lot of you may remember me as the girl who died. My name is Tabitha Nelson. Yes, I’m alive. Yes, I was, and I guess I am still dead. I can’t go into a lot of detail, but I am back.” She said.

The entire room minus our group was a bit in shock.

“Any questions? Oh wait, let me rephrase that. ANY Questions regarding anything but the circumstances of my return, or my death?” She asked. “Cause that’s classified by the government.”

Heather raised her hand.

“Why are you so pale?” She asked.

“Skin issues. I burn easily in the sun. I can’t keep a tan. Doc will answer that all tonight, sweetie?” Tabitha said.

“Do you have a boyfriend?” The football player asked.

“Yes, and I’ve loved him for as long as I can remember,” Tabitha said with a smirk.

We got our locker assignments, our combinations and then went on to the first period. Tabitha, Heather, and Sarah stayed with me for the first period. Amber and Holly headed off to Home Economics. In gym, we got our locker assignments and combinations and chilled out. The teacher let us know that the first few weeks would be swimming classes. Okay, so days one three and five (how our schedule worked) would be swimming the first period, then on days two four and six it was home economics. Fun times indeed. After class, Heather, Tabitha and I headed for Health, while Sarah joined the other girls for science. Health was boring. We got textbooks that looked like they were from the thirties, but talked about free love with hippies as a bad thing… so sixties, maybe seventies era. Onto the next class after, science. Miss Silver was our science teacher. She gave us our science textbooks and let us leave with a big smile. The fourth period was lunch. The six of us sat together for lunch, and we ate crappy pizza. Most of it ended up on the walls from the footballers. During lunch the quarterback, Christopher Jones walked up to our table. Christopher was a big guy. And by big, I mean six foot six and built like a bodybuilder. His skin was dark, and his eyes were a dark brown. He had a bit of hair on his head but not enough to even be considered a brush cut. He was wearing a plain blue t-shirt with a pocket and a pair of black shorts along with some sneakers.

“Listen, Joshua, can I talk to you, privately?” Chris asked.

“Sure,” I said.

“Are you sure, Josh-y?” Tabitha asked.

“It’s cool Tabi,” I said as I spotted Jesse and Caitlin enter and start looking around.

Chris pulled me aside.

“Bro, I got to know. What’s your secret? I mean you get two cheerleaders in a day, a hot little thing that’s been so shy, your own sister, and some chick that I think was dead… what the fuck is going on? Did you even hear the rumors?” Chris said softly.

“What’s the rumors?” I asked rolling my eyes.

“Your twin sister is pregnant,” Chris said.

“That’s true,” I said.

“With your kid,” Chris said.

“Says who?” I asked.

“Lauren. She’s the one spreading around that you have a harem that you’re fucking all of them and that includes your sister, who apparently is pregnant.” Chris said. “Listen, bro, I’ve known you since we were 10. I know that we’ve hung with different crowds, but is there validity to any of this?”

“Chris, you’re a standup guy. I remember you dating Kelsey Charming, and Susan Smith… I knew how you lost it when Kelsey passed on in ninth grade.” I said. “I also know that when you and Susan broke up it was because you had started banging her Mom,” I added.

Chris blushed.

“Yeah, I know. I’ve heard it, I’ve done my research. And in all that time, has Lauren ever given you a first place piece of news that wasn’t made up?” I asked.

“Then who’s the father of Heather’s baby?” Chris asked. “And who exactly are you dating at that table.”

“All of it,” I said, looking down.

“All of what?” He asked.

“All of it is none of your or anyone else’s damn business,” I said looking up at him with a ferocity in my eyes. “And listen up,” I said grabbing him by the shirt, swinging him around, slamming him against the wall, and lifting him 2 feet off the ground thanks to my new abilities. “I’m going to make this absolutely clear to you, or any other asshole who asks. It’s their lives. It’s their choice who they date. Who they fuck. Who they love. Who they live with.” I said loudly. “IF SARAH WANTS TO PLAN FOR HER FUTURE, INSTEAD OF BEING A CUM DUMPSTER THAT’S HER FUCKING CHOICE. IF HOLLY WANTS TO DATE WOMEN, THAT’S HER FUCKING CHOICE. DO… I… MAKE…MYSELF…CLEAR?” I made sure that I said nice and loud so my voice boomed throughout the lunch room.

“Crystal,” Chris said.

I lowered him.

“Holy shit, when did you get that strong?” He added.

“Yesterday,” I said as I fixed his shirt, brushed him off and gave him a slap on the shoulder. “And I would appreciate it if you got these nasty rumors dispelled.”

“What about the one that says you’re now a billionaire playboy with his own company and island?” Chris asked.

“Oh, that one’s completely true. Jump Jet.” I said.

“Shit, really?” He asked.

“Yeah,” I said.

“They’re giving me a college scholarship to go into architecture,” Chris said.

“Cool, make sure these rumors are dispelled and not only will you have that but a good spot at the company when you graduate,” I said.

“Sure thing, boss,” Chris said with a smile.

He walked away to the center of the lunch room as I sat down, and called everyone’s attention as Jesse and Caitlin walked over to the table, with a look of disbelief. They just stared at me. They were both wearing grey sweat suits for whatever reason, with the school logo on them. I would find out the reason why later.

“How the fuck did you do that?” Caitlin asked.

“I eat my Wheaties.” I laughed.

“Sorry, girls, it’s classified,” Tabitha said.

They looked over at her and turned completely white.

“How… how…” Caitlin said.

“Oh my god, Tabitha?” Jesse said. “It can’t be.”

“It is,” Tabitha said with a smile.

As Chris worked to dispel the rumors, the girls ran up to her and hugged her as they cried. We all let them have their moment to get out all those compressed emotions. Caitlin and Jesse sat down, grabbing the only open seats at our table.

“So how are you back?” Caitlin asked.

“Classified. I’m back. That’s all that matters.” Tabitha said.

“So is it permanent?” Jesse asked.

“As permanent as it gets,” Tabitha said.

“Joshua, I heard a rumor. Are you rich now?” Caitlin asked.

“He owns Jump Jet and his own island,” Sarah said before she sipped her chocolate milk.

Caitlin and Jesse looked at our new table attendees.

“Sarah, and Holly,” Jesse said.

I looked over at them, Holly had since changed into a pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt that she had bought at the school store. The sweat suit was grey with the school logo on it.

“Yep,” I said.

“2 cheerleaders?” Jesse said.

“Former,” Holly said. “We quit today, to get in the relationship.” She added with a big smile.

“Wow, Joshua, just wow,” Caitlin said.

Heather began filling Sarah, Amber, and Holly in on what happened with me and Jesse first, and how apparently Jesse had refused to join the web relationship until after graduation.

“Actually now, I’m not so sure,” Jesse said blushing.

“Why’s that?” Heather asked.

“Well, I’m sort of… I don’t know if I can say this.” Jesse said.

“Tell him. He needs to know.” Caitlin said.

“But… I don’t know… I mean we care for him and this might shatter his world.” Jesse said.

“You’re dating Caitlin,” I said nonchalantly before drinking my milk.

“Half right, Josh-y,” Caitlin said. “Not sure how you knew that, but half right.”

“What’d I miss?” I asked.

“The fact that Jesse and I got knocked up by you,” Caitlin added.

I struggled to keep my milk from being spat out across the room.

“What?” I said as I choked.

Amber patted me on the back as I tried to regain my composure.

“Well, we’re pregnant,” Caitlin said. “And well… you can kind of guess how we got together. You know my mom won’t let me date any guys because she was fearful that I might get knocked up. So I get knocked up by a random guy, she finds out yesterday, gets pissed off right as Jesse shows up. My mom is going off like no tomorrow, and Jesse just slugs her. Lays her out in one hit. I was shocked. She walked over to me and told me I didn’t deserve it. We made love right there in the kitchen. When my Mother woke up, we were both naked, sweaty and covered in each other’s juices. Mom stood there for a moment, mind fucked, and then she realized that Jesse and I wanted to be together. She had a nice sit down with us, finding out we were both pregnant, and well it wasn’t hard to figure out who the dad was. The one guy we both loved most. You. She said that you were a good guy and that whoever I wanted to date was fine by her. Jesse asked me out on the spot. Naked in my kitchen, with my pussy juices all over her face. She asked me out. In front of my Mom. I said yes. Mom made us dinner and that was that. We spent last night in each other’s arms. We love each other.” She explained.

“Wow,” I said. “I didn’t expect for your mom to be swayed so easily.”

“Blame my kick-ass girlfriend.” Caitlin giggled. “Oh don’t get me wrong, you’re welcome in our bed anytime you need a lay, but with your harem, I doubt you’re going to want us often.”

“Oh, only every chance I get,” I said with a smirk.

Caitlin and Jesse shared a passionate kiss.

“See, told you J.T. would be cool with it,” Jesse said seductively.

“Why wouldn’t I be?” I asked. “Holly has a thing for my sister,” I said.

“And Tabitha, and Sarah, and Amber,” Holly admitted.

The whole group busted out laughing.

“And you, of course. The first guy, I’ve ever… and I mean ever… gotten a crush on.” She said.

“Before or after he filled you with his cum?” Amber asked.

“Before. The cum was a bonus.” Holly said blushing brightly.

We all had a laugh at this.

Soon, lunch was over, and the eight of us were on to a study hall. We opted to head to the lounge where we could chill out privately. Caitlin and Jesse immediately took a seat on the couch, with Caitlin sitting on Jesse’s lap. The two kissed as the rest of us sat down. Amber sat next to me on another couch with Sarah at my feet on the floor. Heather and Tabitha took the last couch, with Holly sitting on Tabitha’s lap. The two of them shared a passionate kiss.

“So I got to ask. Everyone, what’s with the sweat suits?” I asked.

“Well I didn’t have a change of clothing and considering I had to turn in my cheerleading outfit anyways, I just bought mine,” Holly said.

“As for us, we were sort of in the bathroom, and Jesse was eating me out while I was on the toilet… because apparently, my girlfriend is super kinky. Any who, I leaned back to give her a better angle, hit the flush lever, and the toilet overflowed on us. Needless to say, it killed the mood. Jesse bought us these while I used the gym shower… speaking of, something odd happened in the shower when I was in there cleaning the yuck off. The Football coach, Coach Smalls came in and just stood there for a moment watching me clean myself. He apologized and left, but what was he doing in the girl’s showers?” Caitlin said.

Tabitha shot me a look and I knew what she was thinking. If he had walked in on Caitlin, what else has he done? He was caught in her universe with Heather… there’s no telling what he’s been up to. We would have to look into it. I agreed with her too. Holly, however, had another thought and had her hand up Tabitha’s shirt as she started kissing her neck. Tabitha let out a small moan before letting her hand head down Holly’s sweatpants. My cock jumped at the sight, and before I could notice, it was immersed in a hot mouth. I looked down to see Sarah who was now sucking my cock. My pants were around my ankles and she looked ready for instruction.

“Don’t just hold it there,” Amber said. “Bob your head on it as you suck.”

Sarah was happy to follow the instructions.

“Now, stroke his shaft too,” Amber said.

Sarah happily complied.

“Okay, massage his balls with your free hand.” She added as she leaned back and began massaging her tits.

Sarah complied, eliciting a moan of approval from me. She seemed to be really enjoying herself this time. Before I could warn her, my cock convulsed, and a number of ropes of thick cum went straight into her mouth. She happily swallowed it down, then licked me clean. I helped her up into my lap and we shared a passionate kiss.

“Nice. Very nice.” I cooed at her. “Wish you had shown that much effort the first time.”

“Me too.” She cooed back.

We shared another passionate kiss, this time with me reaching down to her shorts and tugging them aside enough for my penis to go up the leg of her shorts and brush against her panty covered pussy. I reached up to her hips and began having her grind against my cock as we made out. She let out a moan.

“God!” She exclaimed. “This feels so good! So right! But…” She stopped, pulling away from me a little. “We can’t. It’s not that I don’t want to, and it’s not that I don’t want you to, Josh…” She cooed.

“What is it then?” I asked softly.

“I want it to be special. I only get one first time. I want you to knock my socks off. I want you to make me yours in every way, but…” She said. “What if you knock me up?”

“Okay, so what if I don’t?” I asked.

“If you don’t I can walk away at any time.” She said.

“And if I do, you’ll be loved, cared for and provided for. And it’s not just me. We’ll all love you.” I said.

“Even you?” Sarah asked looking back at Heather who had one hand down her panties watching us and the other up her shirt.

She removed her hands and walked over to us.

“I forgave you for how you acted, Sarah,” Heather said.

“So, you’re not mad? But this morning…” Sarah started.

“It was a joke. Would you feel better if you did eat my pussy?” Heather asked. “I know Josh-y forgave you, or his cock wouldn’t be ready to go inside you.”

“Maybe a little better,” Sarah said as she blushed.

“Wait, what?” Heather said a bit shocked.

“You asked if it would make me feel better if I did eat your pussy. I’ve never eaten one before, so maybe it would make me feel better to do something to earn your forgiveness.” She said.

“Would that count?” Heather asked looking towards Tabitha.

“All bets are off in here, besides if I counted you getting off to her now, I’d have to count you playing with yourself a few minutes ago,” Tabitha said as Holly got down on the floor, and started tugging off Tabitha’s jeans.

Amber got up and locked the door so no one would walk in on us as Heather turned back to Sarah. She took her by the hand and pulled her off my lap. I watched as Holly went to work on Tabitha’s pussy as Sarah laid down and Heather got her pussy in her face. I didn’t want to feel left out, so with Sarah on the floor on her hands and knees, I got into position on my back, underneath Sarah. She didn’t move much over me before I tugged down her shorts.

“Wait. What are you doing back…?” She started to say before I pulled her down on my face and began licking and sucking at her bald pussy.

She let out a loud moan.

“Now, do what Joshua’s doing to you but to me,” Heather instructed.

Within moments Heather was moaning. I made sure to keep my mind focused on Sarah’s virgin snatch as Heather’s light moans started mixing with Tabitha’s.

“Oh god, Holly, I’m about to cum!” Tabitha moaned.

“Oh, wow, me too!” Heather said before letting out a long satisfied moan.

Sarah pushed her pussy harder into my face, making me redouble my efforts for a moment until I heard her cry out from her orgasm and felt her hot liquid squirting into my mouth. I would’ve never pegged her for a squirter, but I still greedily swallowed down her juices like a man in a desert. When she came down from her orgasm, I licked her pussy clean before she got up.

“Holy fuck.” She panted. “I’ve never felt anything like that.”

“Hey, you’re pretty good yourself. I’d even say you’re better than Josh-y at eating pussy, and that’s saying a lot.” Heather laughed. “So, feel better?” She asked.

Sarah crawled over to Heather and kissed her passionately. Heather returned the kiss.

“Your pussy tasted so good and having Josh eat me was wonderful.” She cooed.

Sarah looked back at me, still laying on my back, with my cock out and fully erect.

“And as for you.” She said before crawling over to me.

She gave me a passionate kiss as she turned her body around to be in alignment with mine. Her shorts were on a single leg now, and only at her knee.

“I don’t know how you can forgive me, but I’m going to stop looking a gift horse in the mouth here.” She said as she climbed on top of me.

She bit her lower lip as she looked into my eyes.

“STOP!” Amber said as she sat down on the couch again. “Heather hold his arms down!” She instructed.

Oh god! Not again!

This time, Heather, Tabitha, Holly, Caitlin, and Jesse all held me down, giggling as they did.

“Now, Sarah, don’t insert him right way. Sit on your knees and grind your pussy against his penis.” Amber said.

Sarah giggled as she did what she was told, letting her pussy grind on my cock and her juices began to coat it. Back and forth, back and forth. She let out a moan. She was definitely enjoying this, and my cock was getting soaked. I wanted to be inside her. I wanted to fuck her brains out. A small thrust when I thought I was in a good position. I was, but I didn’t hit what I was hoping to hit. Slip, rock, impaled completely. But not in her pussy. Her eyes shot open.

“HOLY FUCKING HELL!” She said loudly, no longer moving.

“Wow, to the hilt in your ass on the first try,” Heather said after Sarah raised herself up a bit.

“It feels weird,” Sarah said, a bit less panicked. “I wasn’t hoping for this part.” She said looking at me.

“Sorry, I was hoping that me humping against you would get you wanting me inside, not for this,” I said as she gently pulled me out of her ass as she lifted herself up.

“You should’ve just said so then, you silly boy.” She said as she repositioned me correctly.

Another moment was all it took, and I was fully seated inside her pussy. Hot, wet, tight, and perfect. It didn’t take much, just another moment before my seed was being sprayed deep in her womb, and she was squirting all over me. The girls let go of my arms and Sarah leaned in and kissed me softly.

“I need to say it right this time.” She cooed. “Joshua, I’ve had a crush on you for a while. I want you to be my boyfriend. I want us to do everything that entails. I don’t care what it takes, I want you to know how I feel. Can I be part of this relationship?” She softly asked.

“You already know the answer to that,” I said.

My cock throbbed in agreement, not tapering off at all. She sat back up on my cock.

“Oh yeah.” She cooed. “I haven’t stopped cuming since you started, and I’ve never gotten off like this. It’s never been this intense.”

“You must be loving this then,” Heather said as I leaned up, and lifted up Sarah’s shirt and began licking at her nipples.

“Oh yeah. It’s been intense.” Sarah cooed. “But we’re going to need to stop soon.” She said. “Caitlin can you go to my locker and get my purse. It’s locker 78 in the west hall.”

“West hall? But that’s…” Caitlin said.

“Freshmen, I know. Best they could do to keep me away from Lauren.” Sarah said before rambling off the combination.

“I’m on it,” Caitlin said.

She and Jesse headed out of the room before Sarah reached down and pinched me off. She lifted herself up, and reseated me in her ass and let go, letting my cock continue convulsing in her last clean hole.

“I’ve got to say, I’m not a fan of anal, but if it’s you, I think I can get to liking it.” Sarah cooed.

Our orgasms started to subside as the girls came back with Nat in tow. I laid back as they entered.

“Holy fuck. You’re a machine.” Nat said as Caitlin handed Sarah her purse.

“NAT!” Heather said as she rushed over and gave her a hug.

“Hi, Heather,” Nat said blushing.

“So how’s everything with Scott?” Heather said.

“Not good, ever since he heard the news that I can get pregnant, he won’t touch me.” Nat sighed. “No hugging, no kissing, and certainly no sex. Anal or otherwise.”

Heather reached under Nat’s skirt and pulled out her cock. It was semi-erect from what she was seeing. Sarah fixed her shirt then started rifling through her purse. She pulled out a pad and applied it to her panties. She then very carefully pulled me out of her, and stood up, before getting her shorts back on. Heather started to softly stroke Nat’s cock.

“You know if you want him. You can have him.” She cooed in Nat’s ear.

“But I don’t want to cheat on Scott,” Nat said.

“It’s not cheating. Scott’s already okayed you having Josh-y.” Heather cooed.

Nat sighed.

“You’re right, Heather. He did. And now that he’s found out that he can knock me up, he’s gone to not wanting any part of me.” Nat said.

Nat looked back at the door making sure it was locked before stripping completely. She tossed her clothing to the ground next to me.

“Holy shit, look at those beautiful tits,” Holly said as she and the others took seats on the couches.

“Tits, I’m keeping my eyes on her wonderful cock,” Amber said.

Nat blushed brightly her chest reddening from the blush.

“Thank you all for the compliments…” She said shyly before taking a 69 position over me and inhaling my cock.

Right away, I leaned up and began licking her, swapping between her pussy and her cock. From the smell and the taste of her pussy, I could tell she already wanted it bad, and as I took her whole cock into my mouth, she let out a soft moan and then redoubled her efforts to clean my cock and balls thoroughly. Next, I started to suck her cock as I stuck a finger in her pussy and another in her ass.

“OH GOD! CUMMING!” She cried out.

I swallowed down her juices then licked her clean. Her cum was very sweet and slightly salty. I’d have to say it tasted more like her pussy than anything, but that’s aside from the point. By the time I was done, she was flaccid.

“Anyone have a condom?” She asked. “Fuck it.” She could say before anyone could respond.

Her movement was certainly fast. I couldn’t even blink before she was impaled on my cock. Her pussy was hot and wet. A bit looser than the virgin ones I had, but still hot and wet.

“Holy moly. That was fast.” Tabitha said.

“Oh wow, I think I might’ve hurt myself with that one,” Nat said as she winced from the pain.

“Are you okay?” I asked as she wiped a tear from her eye.

“Yeah.” She said. “Just feels like I lost my virginity twice.”

The other girls giggled.

“Yeah, he is a big one.” Sarah sighed.

“You can say that again.” Amber giggled.

Nat sighed before she started bouncing on my cock, her phallus slowly getting harder with each bounce. Now, I didn’t quite explain in chapter six, but Nat’s body was beautiful. Nice tits, very similar to Heather’s. B-Cup with larger areolas that were puffy and smaller nipples. She had a flat stomach and a belly button that wasn’t quite an innie but not an outie either. Her phallus, which is probably what I’m going to call it now, wasn’t actually a cock. It was about an inch or two fully deflated at most. It didn’t have a pronounced head like mine, but it had a small slit at the end where her juices would come out. When it was fully erect it got to about 3 or 4 inches and got about twice as wide. She didn’t have any balls, but super puffy front pussy lips. Her ass was nice and round. So all in all, dressed properly, or naked, she was pretty hot. Her hair bounced in time with her tits. I reached up and cupped them as she bounced.

“I’m glad…” She panted. “We finally crossed this line.”

“Me too.” I moaned. “I’m glad you finally came out of your shell too.”

“A lot of guys have been hitting on me. Girls too.” Nat giggled.

“Would you ever date a girl?” I asked.

“Only your sister.” Nat moaned.

Her pussy got tighter. Her phallus got erect.

“What do you think about that, Heather? Do you think you’d let Nat fuck you?” I asked.

“Well, we don’t need to worry about condoms with her.” Heather cooed.

“You mean I could?” Nat moaned. “Oh god, I’m about to…” She moaned loudly.

Heather jumped off the couch, and rushed to Nat, bending over and taking her phallus in her mouth as Nat began cuming. I felt a hot liquid envelope my cock as Nat let out a moan even louder than her last. I watched Heather swallowing down and it was too much. My cock exploded inside my best friend. The…, well I guess she was a girl officially at this point, girl who had been my best friend most of my life was now taking a giant load that could easily knock her up deep in her womb. We were both panting heavily. Nat’s breasts heaved as she looked down at me. She started to lean down, forcing Heather off her cock and kissed me full on the lips as her phallus gave off a few shots of cum as I continued to spray inside her.

“I can’t believe…” Nat cooed. “I finally did it. Joshua…” She started.

“It was a long time coming.” I cooed back.

“Joshua, you know how I feel. But…” She said.

“But?” I asked.

“I can’t join the relationship. Not until I’m certain about Scott.” She sighed.

“It’s alright,” I said putting my right hand on her left cheek. “I know there’ll be a spot when you’re ready.” I cooed.

She gave me a soft kiss on the lips.

“You’re too fucking sweet you know that?” She asked.

“You want me to be more forceful?” I asked.

“Yes.” She cooed. “Please.” She whispered.

Her pussy had relaxed a bit. If she wanted it hard and rough, I’d be happy to give it to her. I rolled us over so I was on top, my cock had stopped but that wouldn’t last long. I pulled my cock mostly out of her and slammed it hard into her. She let out a whimper. Again. Another whimper. Again. Another. Again. Another.

“You like this cock?” I asked harshly.

Her pussy tightened.

“Yes.” She whimpered.

“What, bitch?” I asked her as I slammed my cock inside her hard again.

“YES!” She yelped.

“Say it,” I commanded.

I slammed into her hard and fast now.

“YES! I LOVE YOUR COCK!” She moaned.

“Tell me how much.” I sneered into her ear.


Her pussy was milking my cock and was nearly as tight as Jesse’s had been now.

“Tell me where you want it,” I said to her face.

“Fill me.” She begged.

“Oh, I will. But where should I fill you?” I sneered at her. “Tell me.”

“FILL ME UP, GIVE MY WOMB EVERY DROP OF YOUR CUM!” She howled before wrapping her legs around me.

I stopped.

“No,” I said with a smirk.

She just laid there under me and blinked.

“Tell me,” I said.

She grabbed the back of my head and pulled me into the most passionate kiss she had ever given me. Her pussy tightened as she broke the kiss. My cock throbbed.

“Fill me up. I want to cum as you knock me up.” She cooed.

Slam. The last slam I needed. My cock exploded inside her again as she started cuming again, this time spraying her cum up her own stomach and onto her boobs. It didn’t last as long as I did, but there was a lot of cum on her after. The cum itself was more watery then I had seen before. She released her grip on me, only for Heather to push me back a bit so that she could lick all of Nat’s cum off of her body.

“Too bad we don’t have more time. I think Heather wants you to take her next.” I cooed.

“Oh yeah. Just thinking about it has my pussy all wet.” Heather cooed.

“Don’t worry. I’ll get to fuck you yet.” Nat cooed. “But I am sore.”

She gave Heather a passionate kiss. When she broke the kiss, she looked back up at me.

“Alright, you’ve convinced me, I want in,” Nat said.

“You’re in then,” I said with a smile. “Unless we have objections,” I added.

“Yeah!” Sarah said. “How come Heather is the first one who’s going to take Nat’s dick! I want to have Nat fuck me!”

Amber giggled.

“How about I fuck you with a strap-on, while Nat fucks Heather?” Amber giggled.

“Oh, now you’re making me wet again,” Holly said.

“Hey, I haven’t agreed to fuck any of you yet.” Nat giggled as I slowly pulled out of her. “Besides Joshua and Heather.”

I got off of her, allowing her to sit up. I reached out for my clothing.

“Oh come on Nat, don’t be mean!” Heather said.

Nat giggled at this before getting up and getting dressed again. I fixed my clothing after standing up, only for Nat to grab me by the shirt, and pull me into a deep passionate kiss.

“I love you, Joshua Swartz.” She cooed.

“I love you too, Nat,” I said.

“Now, what am I going to tell Scott when I break up with him today?” She asked.

“You could tell him the truth… that he wouldn’t touch you and that Joshua poured so much cum in you that it’s running down your legs.” Amber giggled.

Nat looked down at the same time I did after taking a step back.

“Holy fuck,” Nat said as Sarah offered her a wipe.

Nat took the wipe and began cleaning herself up.

“Never thought you’d cum that much,” Nat said with a giggle.

“Never imagined that we’d have sex,” I said with a smirk.

“Well, I’m glad we did,” Nat said.

The bell rang right before Nat gave me another kiss. I looked around as the girls had gotten covered back up and headed towards the door. We made our way down the halls dodging the other students as we walked and most of the girls broke off from my group until only Heather, Amber and Tabitha remained by me as we made our way to the front office. Mom was waiting for the three of us, well now the four of us, ready to pull us out.

“Oh? And who’s this?” Mom asked with a smirk. “Wait, I know, you’re little Amber, the girl who had a crush on my son for the past year!”

“Hi, Ms. Swartz… Why’re you pulling them out so early?” Amber asked.

“Well, Joshua has a press conference soon, and he has to get ready. If you give your parents a call and get them to okay it…” Mom started to say.

“Well, I live with my caretaker, remember?” Amber pointed out.

“Oh right.” Mom said thinking for a moment.

She turned to the secretary.

“I’ll be taking Amber Primrose with me as well. You’ll find me on her list of approved adults.” Mom said.

“Sure. That’ll be just fine. I’ll add her to your list.” The secretary said.

Amber let off a giggle as we all headed out the door and towards the parking lot.

“So, Amber, Joshua’s become a bit more open with himself…” Mom said.

“Oh yes, I learned about all of that today Ms. Swartz. Congratulations on your pregnancy by the way. I hope I can say the same soon.” Amber giggled as we walked up to the car.

“Thank you.” Mom said as we got into the car with Heather taking the front seat, and me sandwiched between the girls in the back.

Amber and Tabitha both snuggled into me for the short ride home. There we all got out of the car and headed inside. Mom stopped us at the door.

“Joshua and Heather, while you were in school, we’ve had a couple of guests arrive. You both need to know, they don’t know that they’re actually your half brother and sister.” Mom explained.

“Kimmy and Donny are here?” Heather asked, blushing brightly.

“Yes, but regardless of what you may have experienced with them in the other universe, they have no memory of ever meeting you.” Mom sighed.

Me, being the jackass I was, just shrugged it off, pushed past her and headed inside. I walked right up to Kimmy, completely full of myself, and convinced that she’d be head-over-heels like she had been in the alternate dimension. I grabbed her, bent her over backward and gave her a passionate kiss. When I was finished kissing her, I brought her up only to be slapped across the face.

“Who the fuck do you think you are?” Kimmy shouted at me.

“Sorry about that. He’s Joshua.” Mom said as she walked up to us.

“Listen, Just because your family doesn’t mean you can kiss me like that you jackass!” Kimmy said.

She was blushing brightly as she yelled at me. Obviously pissed off and embarrassed but the way she was smiling when she yelled was like she was loving it. I looked her up and down. She was wearing a tight little spaghetti strap t-shirt and a pair of shorts. She had her hair in pigtails.

“I’m sorry,” I said as I turned around.

In a fantasy world, she would’ve thrown herself at me after one kiss. I really thought that her past in the other universe would instantly sync up with one kiss, but that’s not how reality works.

“Well, what the fuck were you thinking?” Kimmy asked.

“It’s complicated,” Heather said softly as she walked up to Kimmy.

“Joshua why don’t you go get dressed while we explain it all to Kimmy.” Mom sighed.

I walked off to my room where I found a suit and tie hung to my closet door. Amber was right behind me the whole way.

“Wow. What happened?” Amber asked.

“Well, silly me, I thought that experiences and feelings would be similar across universes. When I met Kimmy in the other universe, she couldn’t wait to have me fuck her.” I said as Amber closed the door and I began getting undressed.

“Obviously not the case,” Amber said.

“Yeah, she’s more reserved here, and more shy about how she feels,” I said.

“What? Where’d you get that from?” Amber asked.

“She was enjoying when she was scolding me.” I pointed out.

“Oh?” Amber said with a smirk. “So you think she likes being in control?”

“No, she’s not a little dominatrix… I think she was just caught off guard by my actions and didn’t know what to do.” I said.

At this point, I was completely naked and was gathering my clothing to go on top of my dresser to get changed again later. Amber’s eyes were glued to my cock. She walked over to me and took my cock into her hand. She jerked it a few times before pulling me into a very passionate kiss which started to get me hard. My cock throbbed in her hand. She broke the kiss smiling.

“You know, you’re too good to be true, and as much as I don’t want to share you, you need help with this,” Amber said. “Stay there and don’t get dressed.”

She rushed out of the room and came back, pulling Kimmy with her. She shut the door behind them and locked it. Kimmy was red-faced as soon as she saw me naked. She checked me out, and then pretty much glued her eyes to my cock.

“Listen you two, I know it’s not easy, but we’re gonna lay our cards on the table now and talk about our feelings and thoughts. I can’t stand to see a family fight, and you two are… wait, what are you?” Amber said as she took a seat on my bed.

“Half brother and sister,” I said.

Kimmy moved her eyes up to my face with a look of shock.

“Really?” Amber asked. “Wow.”

“Yeah. Her dad is my dad. Her mom is my aunt.” I explained.

“So that’s why you agreed to go looking for him in that other world,” Kimmy said.

“Yeah, Dr. Nitty needed a close genetic match… one of his offspring. He intended to use me alone so as to not worry everyone.” I explained.

“So you didn’t know he was your brother?” Amber asked.

“No, I thought he was just my cousin,” Kimmy said as her eyes drifted back down to my cock.

“You keep looking at his cock. Nothing that you say or do here will leave this room, and you both need to get everything out.” Amber explained.

“It’s just so big,” Kimmy said as she walked over to me.

She took it in her hand and began to softly stroke it.

“Kimmy, you’re now a few steps further than just a kiss. Tell me though, how did the kiss make you feel?” Amber asked.

“At first, I was shocked, then when I realized how much passion and love he was putting into it, I was flattered and aroused,” Kimmy said.

“Aroused? How so? How did you know?” Amber asked.

“By the end of the kiss, I was close to cumming. If he had bent me over the table next and taken me, I don’t think I would’ve protested like I did.” Kimmy explained.

“And why didn’t you do just that, Joshua? If you were so sure it was fireworks as it was in the other universe, why not just fuck her right there?” Amber asked.

“I would have if I had known my kiss did that much to her,” I said. “I’m sorry for being a complete cock tease. In the other universe, you were a virgin, and you were so wet when we had sex, you didn’t feel it when you finally took your virginity with my cock.”

“I’m still a virgin, and yes, I would’ve loved for you to take it out there.” She said as she looked up into my eyes.

“And I would’ve loved to take it. You’ve got the kind of body that drives me wild.” I said my cock quickly becoming its full size.

“Kimmy, did you know Joshua’s in a relationship?” Amber asked.

Kimmy let go of my cock and took a step back, making Amber giggle.

“I’m so sorry, I thought, based on how you kissed me…” Kimmy said.

“It’s an open web relationship. The web means everyone in it is dating everyone else in it. Open meaning we can all fuck who and when we want.” I said.

“Really? How does that even work?” Kimmy asked.

“Well at the moment, Josh is technically dating his mom, Heather, Tabitha, Myself, A girl named Sarah, and a Girl named Holly,” Amber explained. “That means while I can make love to other guys, I really don’t want to. I’ve got a stable cock that I can fuck anytime I want. Since my guardian is so close with his mom, I can visit anytime, spend the night and have my pussy pounded as much or as little as I need. If I’m not up for sex with him, I can cuddle with him, or Heather easily. I can even get my pussy eaten by Heather or his mom or vice versa.” Amber continued.

“So if I wanted in? I’d just have to ask?” Kimmy asked.

“Pretty much. Do you want in?” Amber asked.

“No, this is just a lot to take in. For now, I want to get to know you. But…” Kimmy said looking back up to my face. “I’d like it if we could start over. We didn’t start off on the right foot here in this universe, and seeing that we’re siblings, I’d rather not have us fighting.”

“Sure,” I said.

“And I’m sorry for leaving you so hard.” She said looking back down at my cock. “That has to be one of the biggest I’ve seen.” She added.

“Don’t worry, I’ll get him calmed back down. You go get changed for the Press thing.” Amber said standing up.

Kimmy turned towards Amber and walked over to her. The two shared a hug, and Kimmy kissed her on the cheek.

“Thank you, you’ve been a real friend,” Kimmy said softly.

“Hey, I’m dating your older brother, so you could consider me your sister at this point,” Amber said as the two broke the hug.

“You do realize what that means in my family, right?” Kimmy laughed.

“Yeah, misunderstandings abound and fucking hardcore apparently.” Amber giggled.

Kimmy let herself out of the room and Amber relocked the door.

“Are you gonna be alright?” Amber sighed as she turned back towards me.

“I’ll be fine,” I said.

“She probably would’ve let you fuck her if I hadn’t opened my mouth about the relationship,” Amber said.

“Yeah, but I don’t want to trick her into having sex. I made the mistake of not saying anything with both Tabitha and Jesse. It didn’t feel right.” I said.

“You want to fuck me so you can calm down?” Amber asked as she blushed brightly.

“No, it’ll calm down if I don’t do anything,” I said. “Besides, if I started fucking you right now, we wouldn’t be done in time for the press conference,” I said.

She giggled at this.

“Oh? My body type turns you on that much?” Amber giggled.

“Yep. Your tight little body turns me on immensely.” I said as I turned and started going thru my drawers for a pair of boxers.

“Well, that’s good, I’ll have to dress in a little bit more revealing clothing to show off for you.” She said with a smirk.

I looked over my shoulder at her. She was taking off her sweatshirt and smiling like she was the happiest girl in the world. She puffed out her tight little chest.

“I honestly didn’t know I was your type.” Amber cooed as I went back to looking for my boxers. “If I had known, I would’ve worn sexier clothing and drove you nuts until you asked me out.” She giggled.

“Oh boy,” I said sarcastically. “However would I have survived?” I laughed.

She laughed at this as I pulled on my boxers.

“Well, while you’re out at the press conference, I’m gonna clean up in here.” She said.

“Really?” I asked as I took the button up shirt off the hanger and began to pull it on.

“Well yeah, I don’t want the room smelling like stale cum and old pussy when I’m sleeping with you.” She giggled as I began buttoning up my shirt.

She got off the bed, walked over to me and helped me get all dressed up, fixing my buttons, helping me with my slacks, and then the tie before I put on the suit jacket.

“Very nice.” She cooed.

“Thanks,” I said before she gave me a quick kiss.

“Now go to the dining room and wait for everyone else. I’ll start cleaning up.” She said.

“You’re really okay with this?” I asked.

“Yes! Josh, you know how long I’ve waited to do something like this?” She asked.

With that, she pushed me out of my own bedroom and locked the door behind me. I turned around and looked at the door, scratching my head as I did. I had no idea what she was up to. I mean, until a few hours ago, she was just some lovesick woman who had fallen for me, and I couldn’t see the signs. Now she was one of the girls in a relationship with me, who had commandeered my own bedroom to get it ready for tonight. I turned and walked towards the dining room. Mom was sitting there alone. I took a seat across from her.

“Nervous?” She asked.

“For the press conference? Or for what Amber is doing to my room?” I asked.

Mom laughed.

“The press conference will be straightforward. We have your speech on index cards. All you have to do is read them to the press.” Mom explained as Donny joined us.

He was also wearing a suit.

“There’s something I don’t get. Why would dad leave the company to you instead of me, his own son?” Donny asked as he sat down.

“He did leave it to his son. His eldest son.” I said.

“What? That means you’re actually?” Donny asked.

“Your half-brother. We have the same father. I was born just a month earlier than you, I think.” I said.

“So that’s why Kimmy seemed a bit upset,” Donny said.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“You’re just her type. Athletic and older.” Donny laughed. “I’ve never seen her this worked up, especially over a guy.”

“How come you never hooked up with her?” I asked.

“She’s not my type, I’m not hers. I mean we tried when we were younger, but it didn’t pan out. We almost ended up hating each other.” Donny explained.

“So what is your type?” I asked.

“Well…” Donny said as he sat back.

“Well, what?” I asked.

“I’m into being dominated.” Donny sighed.

“Oh!” I said realizing that he was a submissive. “Heather’s that way too.”

“Really? Heather’s a subby?” Donny asked.

“Yeah. Tabitha’s doing her best playing the Dominant, but neither of us has much experience.” I explained.

“Don’t worry, if you’re dominant, you’ll get it, it’ll click into place and you and your subbies will enjoy the experience. If not, you’ll know.” Donny explained.

A moment later, all three girls in dresses walked out of Heather’s room. Heather was in a red dress. Tabitha wore blue. Kimmy was in white and blushed heavily when she saw me looking at her. I gave her a smile. All three of their dresses were about the same. The dresses had frilly shoulder straps. Each of their dresses cut off right above the knee and seemed to be tight on them. Heather and Tabitha showed off a bit of cleavage with their dresses, and Kimmy looked amazing with how her dress hugged her body. Each of the girls wore complimentary makeup.

“Alright girls, ready to go?” Mom asked as we all stood up.

“Yes, Mom,” Kimmy said, not looking away from me.

“Good, the limo should be outside waiting.” Mom said.

Donny walked up to Tabitha and Heather.

“Ladies, May I escort you to the limo?” He asked.

The girls giggled as he offered his elbows to them. I walked over to Kimmy as the four others headed out.

“You look amazing,” I said softly.

“You look great too.” She cooed back.

“Listen, about earlier,” I said.

She grabbed my tie and adjusted it.

“I had a talk with Heather and Tabitha, so I understand the relationship you’re in now. It’s alright. I’m sorry I pulled away so abruptly when I should’ve believed Amber.” Kimmy said. “I know that in the other universe I was open and quite frankly all over your dick when you showed up on the island, and to be honest, I’m trying to not jump on your cock right away because I do want to get to know you a bit better. You know, we’ll be living with you over the next few months here on the mainland… I’m not sure if Mom told you but over Christmas break, we’ll all be moving back to the island.” Kimmy said.

“No, she didn’t tell us,” I said.

“Okay, well there’s that.” She sighed. “And I know you are majorly turned on by my body, and I’m turned on by yours,” Kimmy added.

“Yeah, Donny let that one slip,” I said.

“Okay, well, we know that much about each other already. And I want to find out more about you before I hop into bed with you, but I’ll admit…” She started.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“I’m not good at keeping myself restrained to this extent.” She said.

“Fine. I like working out, gardening, running, swimming and watching TV or movies.” I said.

“I like cooking, being naked, and watching guys work out. I loved it when you took me like that and gave me that passionate kiss right out of nowhere. It was nice and surprising. I love getting flowers, and other little gifts just to remind me that you’re around. I like video games when I’m not cooking or stuck doing other things. Mostly action games like River City Ransom on the NES but I’ll play any sort of beat ’em up.” She said.

“Okay, now we’re getting somewhere with this,” I said as she adjusted my tie for me.

“We’ll get there, and who knows, we may end up together, or we may find we can’t stand each other. So, is Amber not coming with us?” Kimmy asked.

“Staying here to clean my room, apparently,” I said.

“Oh, well when we get home, I wanna talk to her before she fucks your brains out.” Kimmy laughed. “I want to get to know this girl who’s head over heels for my older brother too.”

She let go of my tie and took my elbow before we turned and walked out of the house. We walked out to the waiting limo and climbed in. We sat down on the left-hand side, opposite our siblings.

“Everything alright?” Mom asked.

“It’s fine. We were just talking.” Kimmy said.

“Alright.” Mom said as she shut the door, cueing the driver to start driving.

“So tell me, who’s your best friend, outside of the family, and how did you meet them?” Kimmy asked.

“Ah…” I sighed as I sat back. “That is an interesting story and a long one. I don’t know if we have time for it all.”

“Well, you can start telling it and put it on to be continued until you can start again when we get there.” Kimmy cooed.

“Alright, alright. The story takes place when I was in kindergarten. Back then, Heather was a little hellcat, chasing after the guys, climbing on their backs and attacking them.” I laughed.

“Hey! That only happened once!” Heather said.

“On the first day. Tommy Davis was not happy after facing off with Heather.” I laughed.

“He got mud on my dress and tights!” Heather pouted.

“So any who, while Heather was beating up Tommy for fucking up her clothing, I was sitting at a table in the kindergarten room. In our kindergarten class, we had an area for tables and an area for naps. Oh and an area for sitting in a circle for the teacher to tell a story. Our kindergarten teacher was Miss Young. She was a tall brunette who always seemed rather sad.” I explained…

To be honest, I remembered like it was yesterday, the air was kind of chilly and the sounds of the class were mainly ruled by Heather screaming as she tried to rip that kid’s head off. The poor teacher was doing her best to get Heather away from him, but it was Miss Young’s first teaching assignment or at least her first time with a situation like with Heather. I hadn’t noticed it yet, but Nathan, or Nat as I call her now, had separated from the group and had sat down opposite from me at the table and had joined me in coloring. We both reached for the green crayon at the same time. We both looked up and Nathan blushed at me. I just grinned like an idiot.

“I’m… I’m sorry…” Nathan said.

“It’s alright, you use it,” I said. “I’ll take the blue. I gotta color the lake too.” I said. “I’m Joshua.”

“I’m… I’m Nathan.” Nathan said. “I’m new in town.”

“Nice to meet you,” I said.

“Nice to meet you too.” Nathan shyly said.

“How come you seem so shy?” I asked. “Don’t you want to play with the others?”

“I can’t help it, it’s all too much. I want to hide, to be honest.” Nathan said.

“Don’t hide. Just stay near me. I’ll keep everyone else from bugging you.” I said.

“Really? You’d do that?” Nathan asked.

“Sure! We’re friends now, right? What are friends for beyond being helpful to each other?” I laughed.

Of course, Nathan would eventually become Nat, but while she wore the persona of Nathan, she was shy and reserved, hoping no one would find out her secret. She would stick near me, letting me fend off anyone who would bother her. And I would go on to protect her until I learned the truth…

The limo pulled up to the building and we got out to a flood of reporters. All of them were trying to get a moment of our time and ask us questions.

“All your questions will be addressed in a few moments,” Mom announced before we made a beeline to the building.

As we walked our pictures were being taken left and right. Mom led us down the hall to a small conference room.

“Great.” She said as we all took seats. “Now we just have to wait for them to sit down and we’ll get this started.” Mom laughed. “The press room is right through that door over there.” Mom said.

There was an assortment of snacks and drinks on the tables around us. I took a bottle of water.

“So tell us more while we wait,” Kimmy said. “Nathan is Nat?”

“Yeah, She’s a hermaphrodite,” Heather said.

“So she has a dick and balls?” Donny asked.

“She has a dick, but it’s more like a giant clit than a dick. No balls.” Heather said. “She can’t get anyone pregnant if she’s fucking them with it. But she can cum from it. It’s about 4, maybe 5 inches hard.”

“So how’d you find out that Nathan was one?” Kimmy asked.

“Oh, Josh told me a few days ago,” Heather said.

“How about you?” Kimmy asked me.

“I found out a few years after we met. It was summer, and Nathan had just had his 10th birthday a few months before. We were walking down one of the side streets, and I was intent on heading to the beach. Nathan had never been there before. Too many people and it made him nervous…” I started.

Nathan and I had been walking down the road in flip-flops. We wore backpacks with towels, food, and any other essentials we may need. As we walked something caught my eye. It was blood running down Nathan’s leg.

“Nathan, you’re bleeding!” I said, quite alarmed.

“What? Where?” He asked as he checked his arms.

“On your leg,” I said.

He looked down, checking each of his legs, and when he realized where it was coming from, tears began to well up in his eyes.

“Mom said this may happen, but she said it probably wouldn’t happen for a couple years,” Nathan said.

“What?” I asked.

Nathan took me by the hand and led me into the wooded area to our left. When we were in a ways, he stopped and turned to me.

“Have you had the birds and bees talk with your mom yet?” Nathan asked.

“Yeah. We had it last week when Mom separated Heather and me from sleeping in the same room. She explained the changes our bodies would go through, and how we would be self-conscious and how we may want to talk about it with each other.” I said.

“Well, in my case, my parents couldn’t tell me what changes might occur, because…” Nathan started. “Joshua, you’ve been my best friend since kindergarten. And you’re the closest thing I’ve had to someone special to me, so I need to tell you, but it’s not something you can blab about. You can’t tell other people. They might hate me.”

“Nathan, I’ll keep whatever you have to say a secret. I give you my word on my life.” I said.

“You’re so sweet. Thank you.” Nathan said. “Joshua, I was born a Hermaphrodite. That means I’m both a boy and a girl.” Nathan explained.

“So the blood…” I said thinking for a moment. “Is period blood?” I asked.

“Probably,” Nathan said before taking off his backpack and setting it down.

He opened it up and pulled out a pad.

“This is a pad. This or a tampon can be used to block the blood from leaking everywhere but during a period, I can’t swim.” Nathan said, holding up the pad for me to see.

“Yeah, Mom explained those to Heather and me,” I said.

“Good, then the next part goes without saying,” Nathan said standing up.

“You sure you want me here when you put it on?” I asked.

“Yes. Like I said, you’re my best friend. And I can’t think of someone I’d rather have see me like this.” Nathan said before pulling down his shorts and underwear.

He affixed the pad to his underwear. He pulled up his undies then his shorts.

“So you really won’t tell anyone?” He asked.

“Why would I? What business would it be of theirs?” I asked.

“Thank you!” Nathan said loudly before lunging into hugging me.

Nathan and I would continue to the beach, and play in the sand until it started to get late.

“So you and Nathan, did you two hook up? And you said this was before he became his female persona.” Kimmy asked.

“Yeah, just today Nathan reemerged as Nat and was a big hit with the students. Guys want her, girls want her, and she is very happy with the relationship she’s in.” I said.

“Really? What relationship is that?” Kimmy asked.

“Ours,” Heather said with a giggle.

“Oh wow,” Kimmy said as Mom headed to the door and checked the room.

“They’re ready for us.” Mom said looking back.

I took a swig of the water and we all got up and headed into the press room. We sat in the chairs on either side of the podium. The girls and Donny sat to the right of the podium while Mom, Dr. Nitty and I sat to the left as the press sat down and gave us silence. Nitty was the first to the podium.

“Greetings members of the press. My name is Dr. Insan Nitty. I am the new head of research and development here at Jump Jet and I’d like to welcome you all to this press conference. A few days ago, during one of my own experiments, the head of Jump Jet, Paul Swartz was lost to us. His lawyer and sister, Natalie Swartz will now address you. Natalie?” Dr. Nitty said before turning to her.

Mom stood up and walked to the podium. Dr. Nitty took his seat.

“Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press. My name is Natalie Swartz, Esquire. Due to the terms of the living will of my brother, the company is now in his eldest son’s hands, along will all of his assets and ownership. Now, Joshua Swartz.” Mom said.

I stood up and took my place at the podium. The cards were right in front of me. Mom sat down before I cleared my throat and began.

“My name is Joshua Timothy Swartz. This year has been a lot of firsts for me.” I said reading from the cards. “First car, First Girlfriend, and now… My first time owning a lot of stuff.” I said. “Good thing he left me an island to go with it, or I’d have no place to put it all.”

The last part made the press chuckle.

“Listen, I’m not here to answer to the rumors…” I sighed going off of what the cards said. “Cause knowing dad, they’re probably true,” I added.

Another chuckle.

“But what I am here to say is that he did convey his final wishes for the company. And though I’m still in high school and have to finish to actually be heading up the company…” I said. “Which is probably a good thing because what teenager can balance a checkbook none the less have a life with a company, a private island, and a social life?”

Again, chuckles.

“I’ve decided to keep with his final wishes and convey them to the two people I trust the most to do as I wish. Natalie Swartz, and Dr. Insan Nitty. They understand what needs to be done, and have proven so with our latest line of products.” I said.

I looked down at the cards and couldn’t believe what I was reading next. I looked over at mom, who looked to me and nodded. I looked back to the index cards.

“In December, during my winter break, I, along with several companions will be heading to the island to allow me to acclimate to the life on the island before taking over the company officially after graduation. I will be finishing out the school year there, following the curriculum there and will be graduating there as well. While it’s a big step to leave behind the home I’ve known so well and for so long, and the home where I share so many memories. But I’ll be off to new adventure, with friends and family joining me.” I said.

I took a deep breath and looked up from the final card.

“Questions?” I asked.

The questions came in one by one, asking about my relationship with my father. What I thought of the incest rumors regarding him, and what I felt about the island life I had heard of. If only they had known how much I actually knew about the island, or if they knew the rumors were true. Apparently, the official story that the press knew was that all of my father’s children were from anonymous egg donors and that either my mom or my aunt carried them and raised them to ensure that my father had offspring to pass his company and assets to. Finally, after the questions, we had a bit of a meet and greet with food and mingling. Kimmy stuck close to me as her protector for a while but vanished into the crowd to find Donny right before I was approached by a young lady in a lab coat. Her hair was long, brown and pulled into a ponytail. She had big framed glasses and wore a button up white shirt with a black skirt and tights as well as high heels.

“Hello, Mr. Swartz.” She said to me.

“Please, call me Joshua,” I said as she offered me her hand. “And you are?” I asked as I took it.

“Debora Mercier.” She said.

“Well, Ms. Mercier, what can I do for you?” I asked.

“It’s Miss Mercier, I’m only 20, never married.” She said. “Not that I can get a guy to date me.” She muttered. “But call me Deb.” She said.

“Okay, Deb, And I can’t believe that for a second. You’re quite stunning.” I said.

“Wow, the new boss is hitting on me.” She said as she blushed. “The looks aren’t the problem. It’s when I start talking, I start to ramble, and guys don’t seem to like that. It’s like I was out with this guy for coffee and I kept going on and on about my research project and how it was going, and how the molecules weren’t acting the way they were supposed to after going through the artificial gateway…” She started.

She stopped and blushed again.

“I’m sorry, I do that.” She explained.

“Think nothing of it. So what’s the issue, besides your social life?” I asked.

“Well, I need to talk about it in private with you, it’s regarding one of our products,” Deb said.

“Okay, let’s find a private spot,” I said.

She blushed again and led me out of the room and down the hall into a lab. There were various machines around the room, computers, and a table in the center. The floor was tiled, and there were no windows. She turned back to me again and blushed.

“The issue is regarding the JTS line of dildos we just released. I found under some extreme testing…” She started before she turned to the table which had several of the products.

She picked up one and held it out. She held it in both hands and bent it slightly showing rips almost through the entire dildo.

“Wow. What kind of stress did that?” I asked.

“Well, it took about 12 hours straight in the hurricane machine. That means it was subject to 12 hours of an artificial hurricane. I mean, surviving all of that is impressive, but we have stronger but slightly cheaper materials we could use. They would feel better overall and last longer while saving our company money. The only downside is that there’s a limit on the colors we can produce.” Deb explained.

“Okay, I don’t see an issue with that. Did you draw up a proposal and submit it up the lines?” I asked.

“Yes, and it’s been approved, however, there’s another issue,” Deb said.

“What is it?” I asked.

“We need a new mold for the model, and there’s no information on the model of the JTS,” Deb stated.

I started laughing.

“I don’t see what’s so funny about it,” Deb said.

“Do you have the model stuff ready?” I asked.

“Well yes, but, it won’t help unless we know the model,” Deb said.

“The answer is in the name. Didn’t you figure it out?” I asked.

“The name?” She asked.

“JTS. J.T.S. Joshua Timothy Swartz.” I said. “I’m the model,” I said laughing.

Deb blushed brightly and began stuttering.

“What’s the matter?” I asked.

Deb just blushed brighter and scurried off to find something, she returned with the mold kit. Her blushing was adorable, and I wasn’t sure why she kept blushing and stuttering when trying to talk.

“Deb, relax. Take a deep breath and tell me what’s up. You can trust me. I’m not your boss officially yet.” I said.

“IT’S NOT THAT!” She shouted before covering her mouth and apologizing profusely.

“Then what is it?” I asked calmly.

She blushed brightly and looked at the floor.

“I lost my virginity this morning…” She started.

“Okay, that’s not bad…” I said.

“To the JTS model one.” She said as she moved intimately close to me. “And now I’m about to ask you to drop your pants so I can get a new mold for it.” She cooed at me.

“Oh,” I said.

“Is it considered sexual harassment if I told you I wondered whose cock it was, and how he would make love to me?” She cooed.

“That’s a better question for my mom than me. But I wouldn’t consider it sexual harassment.” I whispered softly at her as she got my pants open and pulled my cock out over my boxers.

She looked down at my partially erect cock.

“I need to get you hard.” She cooed.

“You could suck me off,” I suggested.

“I’ve never done that before.” She said before kneeling down and beginning to suck and lick at my cock like a pro.

I let out a moan as my cock began getting harder. She was great at it. Not as good as Heather, but considering she claimed to never have done it, she was definitely a natural. My cock was fully erect within a few minutes and she was going at it still.

“Deb, if you keep going, I’m going to end up cumming before you can get the cast,” I said.

Deb looked up at me and slowly pulled my cock from her mouth.

“I’m sorry. It’s just, yours is the first cock I’ve really sucked on… I’ve sucked dildos before, but never the real thing.” She said as she stood up, keeping my cock in her hand.

She took the tube out, popped it open and put it over my cock to set the mold. She looked into my eyes for a moment then leaned in and kissed me softly at first, then passionately. I, of course, returned her kiss. As we made out, the door behind her opened and I heard Mom gasp.

“What do you think you’re doing young lady?” Mom asked.

Deb broke the kiss. She spun around, letting go of the mold on my cock, thankfully my cock supported the extra weight of the mold as it took my form.

“Natalie!” Deb gasped.

“I asked you a question, Miss Mercier.” Mom said.

“Well, I needed a recast of the JTS, and Mr. Swartz was… and I… I’m so sorry…” Deb began to stutter.

She then stood up firmly.

“No, you know what? No. Fuck that. I was kissing Joshua! Yes, I was kissing him. Before that, I was sucking his cock to get it hard, and frankly, after doing that, I wanted a kiss.” She said sternly. “I don’t care if you fire me for it, I got so wet from sucking the cock of the model that I felt I had to do something or I’d throw him up on a table and fuck myself with his dick.” She took a deep breath. “And who knows! MAYBE I’D TRY TO MARRY HIM AND HAVE HIM KNOCK ME UP!” She yelled.

“Not what I meant.” Mom said.

“W…what?” Deb said.

“The… uh… mold… has been on his dick too long.” Dr. Nitty snickered.

“You need to pay attention to the time when doing a cock mold.” Mom sighed.

Deb looked down at the mold. She pulled it off me, only for the mold to be pulled out of the tube and fall to the floor and shatter. She turned back around to face me.

“I could give a fuck less that you were making out with my son. Who he’s with is his own business.” Mom sighed. “Unless you’re trying to get in on the relationship that is.” Mom added.

“What?” Deb asked.

“I’m in a webbed open relationship. Meaning if you want in, you’re gonna be in a relationship with everyone else in it.” I said.

“Oh, I um…” Deb stammered.

I gave her a soft kiss on the lips.

“It’s okay, I know you were just trying to assert yourself,” I said softly to her.

“Natalie, can you get me another J-twenty six mold please?” Deb asked calmly.

Mom went back to the supply cabinet and got the mold she came back to me as Deb leaned in and began making out with me again. Mom, meanwhile got the mold ready and began molding my cock again. After a moment or two, I felt the cold air back on my cock right before I felt Deb’s warm hand on it. She broke the kiss, looked down at my cock then looked back up at me.

“Josh, I’ll go all in on this… you’re the first guy… the first one that hasn’t blown me off after a simple kiss goodnight.” Deb cooed. “Even after I admitted to fucking myself silly with a dildo made from your cock. I came so hard after just a few minutes of it… I just have to have the real thing.” Deb said. “And not as a one-time thing.” She cooed.

I took the back of her head and pulled her back into another kiss. After we made out again for a minute, I broke the kiss.

“I could fuck you right here and now if you’d like, or you can wait till we’re done here, and be properly joined into the relationship,” I said softly.

“Mmm… tempting…. So tempting to have you fuck my brains out right here in the lab…” She cooed. “Especially since I was the one who gave you the idea.” She added. “But I’ll wait until we get back to your place.”

She pulled back from me a bit to turn to Dr. Nitty and Mom.

“I hope my relationship won’t hurt my job here.” She said.

Mom grabbed her by the lab coat and pulled her into a passionate kiss which she seemed to melt into as I put my cock back into my pants and began fixing my outfit. Mom broke the kiss shortly after.

“Wow…” Deb said.

“You gotta remember. An open web relationship means you can fuck who you want, but you’re dating all of us.” Mom cooed.

“Wow… again.” Deb cooed. “I think… I’m gonna like this.”

“Good. Wouldn’t want you unsatisfied.” Mom cooed back. “And if you can’t get enough from my son, trust me, you’ll get plenty of action from the rest of us.”

“Ahem.” Dr. Nitty said, falsely clearing his throat. “Ladies, if you don’t mind, the others are awaiting us to head to my lab.”

“Oh right.” Mom giggled.

Mom placed the tube on the table before leading us out to the limo. We got in where the others were waiting. Tabitha and Heather sat on one side of the car. Donny sat at Tabitha’s feet.

“Oh, good, you’re here. I’ve taken Donny as my submissive on a trial basis.” Tabitha said.

“Okay,” I said. “This is Deb,” I said motioning to her. “She wanted in after finding out I’m the model for the JTS, considering she lost her virginity to it.”

“Mmm… she’s a cute one with those glasses.” Tabitha cooed as I sat down next to Kimmy.

“If she likes the JTS so much, I’ll be happy to satisfy her with a strap-on version.” Heather cooed.

Deb blushed as she sat down on my lap.

“So do you work for the company?” Kimmy asked.

“Yeah, I’m on the junior development team. I do extreme product testing.” Deb said.

“Not anymore.” Mom said. “I think we can find a place better suited to you.”

“Indeed. I need an assistant that can help me with my research if you’re up for it. It comes with a pay raise, company car, and full benefits.” Dr. Nitty said.

“Really?” Deb asked looking over at him.

“Really. Besides, think of it as a perk of being on the web with us.” Dr. Nitty said.

“You joined up?” Heather asked.

“This morning, shortly after you all went to school. Natalie thought it would be a good idea.” Dr. Nitty said. “Natalie counter offered with it when I asked her to leave the web and date me exclusively. Now to be fair, I won’t fool around with any of you that don’t want to, and I’m strictly into pussy, Joshua, so no worries about me trying to get in your ass.” Dr. Nitty laughed as they got situated and closed the door.

The limo began driving.

“So are you all in the web?” Deb asked.

“Everyone but me,” Kimmy said.

“Why not you?” Deb asked.

“I wanted to get to know Joshua a bit better before hopping into bed. But at this point and hearing some of his stories from when he was younger, I’m not sure if I’m going to.” She said. “Besides he shares his bed with so many women now.” Kimmy teased. “So are you gonna tell us more? I mean you had just stopped at getting Nathan situated.”

“Oh right,” I said. “Well, like I said, Nathan and I were playing in the sand which for the most part, we did until sunset, but along the way, we weren’t left alone…” I said.

It had been about noon when we showed up at the beach.

“So you’re really okay with just playing in the sand?” Nathan asked.

“Sure. We’ll build a sand castle. I’m not great at it, but we might as well try and have fun today!” I exclaimed.

“Okay.” Nathan giggled.

Even now, knowing what it took for Nate to become Nat, I could see his girly side back then, and I have to say, she should’ve switched sooner. She was cute when she was happy. Nate and I got out our towels, set them out and began playing in the sand. It was at the point that I went for water with the bucket that trouble arose. When I came back, three older boys were trying to pick a fight with Nate. They had already crushed our work.

“What ya gonna do about it punk?” The biggest of the three named Chuck said. “Ya gonna cry?”

Now, Chuck, he was classic trailer trash. I knew him from school. His father was a drunk. His mother was labeled as a crack whore. And he had been held back several times.

“No? Don’t wanna cry? Then I’ll make ya!” Chuck said.

I moved as fast as I could and got my reward as a knuckle sandwich in the face for blocking him from hurting Nate.

“Come on!” I yelled. “You wanna pick on someone! Pick on me!” I yelled at him.

I spat out the blood from my busted lip.

“You give it to me, and I’ll give it right back!” I yelled.

I balled up my fists, ready to fight back.

“Yo, dude, that’s Rachel Swartz’s brother…” One of his goons said.

“No way am I about to fight that kid, if he’s anything like Rachel or Becky, he’ll kick our asses.” The other goon said.

Chuck, being the scared trash he was, looked at his goons who were backing off.

“You got lucky today, twerp!” Chuck said.

“Oh did I? Because I’m ready. Bring it now.” I said as I took a swing.

One punch was all it took. An uppercut to his stomach. He doubled over in pain. Within moments he was the one crying. His goons ran off, and he just dropped to his knees. I grabbed him by the back of the head and lifted it up to face me.

“You feel this pain?” I said in a raspy voice. “You remember it anytime you think about going near Nate. Because next time, I’ll make sure this pain is like a pillow fight in comparison to what I do to you.”

Chuck ran off. It was the last time we saw him… ever. He vanished sometime after that. We never did figure out what happened to him. His parents sobered the hell up too. His dad became mayor. His mom became the head of the community center. Not sure if it was him disappearing or something else that changed them. But word got out and no one crossed Nate again. They steered clear.

“Wow… you kicked his ass even though he was older?” Kimmy asked.

“I remember that day. You came home, and I cleaned up your lip that had broken back open.” Mom said.

“Yeah. I keep thinking, if I could go back, I could find out what actually happened to him. I mean I was the last kid to see him. I faced off with a bully, stood up to him, and he vanished.” I said.

“I have a feeling you’ll find out, you always find a way,” Tabitha said. “I’m living proof of that.” She said with a smile as we pulled up to the lab.

“Alright, let’s start this.” Dr. Nitty said as he opened the limo door and we exited.

We entered the building, then headed down to the lab.

“Let’s start with you, Joshua.” Dr. Nitty said. “I’ll need you to strip and lay down on the scanning table.” He said.

“Sure,” I said.

I got undressed fully, noticing Kimmy and Deb watching me closely as I did. This would be Deb’s first time seeing me fully naked. I laid down on the table after I was completely naked. Dr. Nitty scanned me with a strange blue light.

“Alright, you can get up now.” Dr. Nitty said. “Next, Tabitha if you’d please.”

“Mistress, may I undress you?” Donny asked.

“You may, my pet,” Tabitha said.

Donny was very careful as he undressed her. He pulled aside her shoulder straps, and gently tugged her dress down over her breasts, making sure it wouldn’t hit the floor. He brought the dress down low so she could step out of it. She stepped out of the dress and he carefully folded it over his arm, before helping her with her high heels then her panties. He held her clothing carefully as I grabbed my stuff and walked over to a table to get dressed. Tabitha hopped onto the table and was scanned by Dr. Nitty.

“Alright, you’re finished. Heather, you’re last up.” Dr. Nitty said.

Tabitha got up and walked over to me. I had my boxers on by this point.

“Uh, don’t get dressed.” Dr. Nitty said as Tabitha began to reach for her clothing.

“Okay,” Tabitha said.

“What about me, Doc?” I asked.

“You’re fine too. Just not Tabitha, yet.” Dr. Nitty said.

Heather stripped down and got on the table as Kimmy walked over to Tabitha and me.

“Why is he scanning the three of you?” Kimmy asked.

Mom and Deb had vanished into a side room nearby. I could see them through a window. Mom was having Deb do various paperwork. Probably to do with the promotion.

“He’s checking our molecules from traveling across universes. I think.” I said.

Heather got off the table when Dr. Nitty was done.

“Heather, your baby is healthy, and according to my calculations, you two conceived it yesterday morning.” Dr. Nitty said. “Your molecules, like your brother’s have calmed normally. Tabitha, yours have not. However, I foresaw this.” He said turning away from his computer and pulling out a small vial of liquid.

He tossed it to Tabitha, who caught it.

“Drink that down and hop back on the scanner.” Dr. Nitty said.

Tabitha opened the vial. She drank down the liquid. She got a disgusted look on her face then headed back to the scanner and hopped on as Heather walked back over to us. Dr. Nitty scanned Tabitha again.

“Yes. The formula is working as I suspected. Your hormones should calm down quite nicely now. The changes the molecules made should revert by morning.” Dr. Nitty said as Tabitha sat back up.

“So, my breasts?” Tabitha asked.

“Should be what they were before you met Joshua.” Dr. Nitty explained. “Unless you want me to augment your body to have larger ones?”

“No. No. None of that.” Tabitha giggled as she got off the table.

“Really? I think you look good with the larger breasts.” Heather said.

“I’ll second that.” Dr. Nitty said.

“Well, you all know how I feel about Josh, and he likes the tighter bodies,” Tabitha said with a giggle.

She skipped over to me and gave me a quick peck on the lips as Mom emerged with Deb from the office room.

“Okay, everyone, it’s official. Deb is part of the team, the relationship and is in on the secrets.” Mom announced.

“That’s great!” Tabitha said as she began pulling on her clothes.

“Yep, now she can get in on all the fun.” I laughed as I began pulling back on my clothing.

Heather began getting dressed again as well.

“Awe, I miss the nudity,” Kimmy said as the girls got back on their shoes.

“Well, can’t be nude in public here, but the time should fly to Christmas break,” Heather said.

“Yeah, regarding that… how come no one told me?” I asked.

“Sorry, slipped my mind sweetie.” Mom said.

We all gathered up.

“Now, let’s all head back to the house and relax. It’s been a long day.” Dr. Nitty said.

“Agreed,” Tabitha said.

“Actually, there’s something else we need to do, Tabi,” I said.

“What?” Tabitha asked.

I just smirked, and lead us all back to the limo. We all got in and it drove back to the house. We headed inside.

“Go get changed,” I said to Tabitha as the others dispersed to various areas.

Tabitha seemed excited before heading to Heather’s room to get changed. She came back in new clothing that Mom had gotten her when she got the dresses.

“Ready!” She said.

“Good,” I said. “Tabitha, it’s great having you back in my life. But I’m not the only reason you came here. It’s time we reintroduced you to your parents.” I said.

“Really?” Tabitha said as she blushed. “What if they don’t like what I’ve become or what if…?” She trailed off.

“Listen, anything goes wrong, anything at all, you can come right back here. We’re all here for you.” I said.

She gave me a hug, and I returned it. We headed out to her folk’s house. It was just a half a block away and we got there pretty fast. Tabitha leaned up against the wall next to the door as I rang the bell. Her parents came to the door, with her Father opening it.

“Well, there he is! I was wondering when the new CEO would visit!” Mr. Nelson said.

“So you two watched the press conference?” I asked.

“We caught your speech.” Mrs. Nelson said. “You’re very handsome in a suit.” She added blushing.

“Oh, then you missed the best part,” I said with a big shit-eating grin.

“What’s that?” Mr. Nelson asked.

“Your daughter in a dress on television,” I said softly as I took a step back.

“Our daughter?” Mrs. Nelson asked before Tabitha moved over to standing next to me.

“Hi… Mommy. Hi… Daddy.” Tabitha said.

“Tabitha? Is it really? How is this possible?” Her mom said before bursting into tears and stepping forward and giving her daughter a hug.

“The other day, I traveled to a universe like ours. Tabitha’s universe. In that universe, she didn’t die. Instead, that was both of you, her siblings and me.” I said. “When I found out all of this, asking her to come to ours just seemed natural.”

“I have to say, Joshua… this… wow… just wow…” Mr. Nelson said.

He stepped forward and gave me a hug.

“I don’t know how we can ever thank you for this.” He said.

“Probably the best time to tell you that I’m also dating her,” I said with a snicker.

“Well, I would hope so!” Mrs. Nelson blurted out. “Wait until your brother and your sisters see you, young lady!” She said and then pulled back. “Oh wow! You have tits!”

“Side effect of the gateway. I’ll be normal again by morning.” Tabitha giggled.

“I’m sorry I didn’t bring her over yesterday, but we had to get her legally situated,” I said as Mr. Nelson broke the hug he gave me.

“Mom, Dad, what’s going on?” A voice came from behind them.

Mr. Nelson moved aside to reveal Tabitha’s four siblings. A younger brother, two younger sisters and an older sister. Mrs. Nelson moved aside.

“Hey everyone.” Tabitha softly said.

“Tabi?” Her older sister said before tackling her to the ground.

Her other siblings followed suit, jumping on the pile.

“We’re gonna have a lot of catching up to do,” Tabitha said, looking up at me.

I knelt down and gave her a soft kiss on the lips.

“You know where to find me,” I said after I broke the kiss.

“Thanks again,” Tabitha said. “Now Sally, Raul, Teresa! Get off of Rose and me so we can get off the ground!”

The three younger siblings got up. I got hugs from Sally and Teresa as their mom explained I was responsible for bringing Tabitha home. Rose and Tabitha stood up.

“So he brought you home?” Rose asked her.

“Yep,” Tabitha said.

“And you two are dating?” Rose asked.

“Yeah, that’s the gist of it,” Tabitha said.

“Then don’t get jealous,” Rose said as she grabbed me by the tie and gave me a passionate kiss.

She broke the kiss leaving me and the others a bit speechless.

“If you were single, you wouldn’t be now,” Rose whispered before leaning into my ear. “Cause I’d happily take you to my room and fuck your brains out for bringing my little sister home.”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” I said with a smirk.

She slapped my arm.

“I’ll see you all later,” I said before turning and walking away with thoughts of a threesome in my mind.

I made it back home, with a half erect cock and headed into my room to find two very beautiful ladies waiting for me. Amber and Deb were in baby doll nighties that were different colors and see thru for the most part. Deb’s was blue and Amber’s was red. From the look of things, Deb had a similar build to Amber, except she was my height.

“Welcome home.” They said in unison.

The two of them made quick work of getting me undressed. They did so while switching off making out with me, and then got me onto the bed. Amber went right to work sucking my cock as Deb lowered her panty covered pussy into my mouth, moving the rest of her body so she was lying down and able to help lick and suck my shaft. I moved Deb’s panties aside as the two girls began licking and sucking my cock, trying to get it to its full length. I began licking at Deb’s pussy only to find that she was insanely wet already.

“No fair, you’re already so wet.” I pouted.

“We both are.” Amber giggled. “Just enjoy the blowjob.” She said.

I laid back, getting Deb’s pussy out of my mouth and tried to relax as the girls enjoyed me. Too bad I didn’t realize I was exhausted and fell asleep. Amber woke me not too long after I fell asleep with a kiss on the lips.

“Hey handsome, you fell asleep before we could have any fun.” She cooed.

“Sorry,” I said.

I looked around, Deb was missing.

“Where’s Deb?” I asked.

“Pounding Heather’s pussy with a strap-on. I’m going to go join them. You should get some sleep. You’ve had a long day.” Amber cooed at me.

The back of my head was throbbing. I wasn’t sure why at the time, but it was definitely there.

“Tell her I’m sorry,” I said softly.

She kissed me again, turned out the light and left the room.

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