No Shit Sherlock

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A Sherlock X Molly Adult Fan Fiction

I couldn’t quite wrap my head around the situation as I stood there and watched my longtime friend as he bent over the table. Determined, as ever, to understand the case, The Belgian Baker, Sherlock Holmes spread his ass cheeks in front of Molly Hooper. Molly Hooper, the one woman who would do anything for him, stood there, strap on attached to her over her clothing, but under her lab coat, with a 25 cm dildo connected to it. She seemed as stunned as I was. He turned his head to look at Molly.

“Well just don’t stand there, I need that thing put up my ass immediately.” Sherlock said, insisting on some form of haste.

Molly, wanting to object, seemingly opened her mouth, but the words wouldn’t or rather couldn’t come out. After realizing that she didn’t have the mental capacity to question him, or at least make objections, I realized that I was in the same situation. I watched as Molly instead closed her mouth, stepped forwards and pressed the phallic object to his anus.

“Shouldn’t we use lube or something?” Molly asked.

“We have lube.” Sherlock retorted. “I filled myself with enough to satisfy the experiment before you arrived. Hence the lack of need to get undressed.”

Molly after a giving a slight nod, and blushing furiously, pushed forwards, penetrating Sherlock’s asshole with the strap on. Sherlock let out a grunt once Molly bottomed out within his ass.

“I’m sorry, did it hurt?” Molly asked.

“That doesn’t matter.” Sherlock grunted. “Just start with slow even strokes, then after one minute and thirty seconds start picking up the pace. Increase by an increment of two every thirty seconds. Like I said.”

Molly nodded before slowly withdrawing the phallus almost all the way from his anal cavity, before pushing it back in slowly. Watching this from the sidelines was a bit confusing for me. How did this tie into our case? Why must Sherlock take a dildo that was exactly 25 cm in his ass, and why did it have to be Molly doing it? I found myself, if anything, more disturbed by this final thought than anything else. Sherlock wanted to portray feelings as nothing more than a distraction, yet he asked the woman who cared for him more than anyone else in this world to fuck him ass. As the time clicked over, Molly began thrusting harder, and I became more uncomfortable than I should. This was like something out of one of my porn videos. I was more than sure that Sherlock had seen them and was trying to make some additional not so subtle point to everyone, including myself.

“That’s it Molly! I’m getting close!” Sherlock said, snapping me from my thought process.

He was clearly erect at this point. He grabbed his shaft and pointed it towards the floor. Sherlock was quite impressive in size, and I would estimate, medically speaking of course, that his 18 cm was better than average. Sherlock was uncircumcised, and had shaven clean for ‘the experiment’ as he called it. I felt the odd musk of not only Sherlock’s arousal but Molly’s as well at this point, and telling from the look on her face she was extremely in need of release.

“Pick up the pace now, Molly, as fast and as hard as you can!” he ordered.

“But you said.” Molly protested.

“I know what I said, Do as I say!” Sherlock spat.

Molly began thrusting like her life depended on it. What next escaped Sherlock’s lips was a low rumbling moan that slowly turned louder and louder until I saw his ass cheeks clench, and him yell loudly. Now as a doctor I know that the most semen the average male can release is about a tablespoon, but in Sherlock’s case, in that apartment, it was like a carton of milk had been spilled on the floor when Sherlock came. It seemed to be shooting out of him like a long awaited piss would shoot out of a drunk man who had yet to find a bathroom. This certainly seemed better than any of the pornos that I had on my laptop, and I found myself fixated on watching his cock release his long built up spend all over the floor.

Once over, he motioned for Molly to pull out and step back. He stayed bent over for a moment, panting for breath as if he had run a long marathon. Once he stood up, it seemed as if he had regained his composure. Molly dropped to her knees in front of him, ready to clean him with her mouth, to take what they had to a whole other level.

“What are you doing?” Sherlock asked.

“I’m… we’re…” Molly said.

“No time for that. I have to clean up and we need to get going.” Sherlock said. “Now, I’m off to take a shower.”

With that he turned and stepping over his puddle, headed towards the bathroom.

“Sherlock!” I scolded as he reached the bathroom door.

He stopped, and turned around. Had I finally gotten through to him. He walked to the kitchen.

“Molly?” He said.

She picked her head up and looked at him with hopeful eyes.

“Clean up?” He asked.

“Yes! Of course!” She squeaked in excitement.

“Great, bottle of bleach is under the sink, mop is in the cupboard.” He said before turning around and walking back to the bathroom again.

“My word, it smells like a brothel in here.” Mrs. Hudson said as she ascended the stairs.

It did indeed smell that way. I excused myself to my flat room because after that, I, like Miss Hooper, would need some release.

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