Super Mario Maker #TeamLoki Event

Team AONN, in connection with our #TeamLoki event on Facebook and Twitter, has concocted a contest for the Super Mario Maker faction of our community to help celebrate the release of Thor: Ragnarok around the world.

The rules are simple. Make a Super Mario Maker level inspired in some way by Thor: Ragnarok. It can be anything – a theme music level, a tricky Loki puzzle or Troll level, pixel art versions of the heroes or villains — Your imagination is your only limitation… minus soft locks… seriously no soft locks.

We have gathered a number of streamers who will be playing the levels submitted, and scoring them based on Playability, Creativity, and Overall Enjoyment. The entry with the highest score will win an Amiibo.

Put in the level name #TeamLoki or the level will be disqualified.

Streamers Involved: Kerley Studios Gaming, Noob Kingdom, Roman Tate, TeamAONN
Makers Already Signed On: Noob Kingdom, Roman Tate, Mario (Leo), Kerley Studios Gaming, TeamAONN, KevinCoxaj

Entries must be received by November 3rd, 2017.  (Updated)

Sign up below as a reply, or contact Odogoo via a direct message on our Discord.

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