Tom Hiddleston Fan Fiction Has Moved

Dear visitors, patreons, and enjoyers of and;

Firstly, we want to thank you for your continued support, whether it be thru visiting our livestreams, donating thru patreon or reading our stories. As of today, you may have noticed a site change. Due to the need of pooling our resources, we have restructured, and combined into All of the fanfiction written is now there, with the website leading you right to the proper landing page.

Many of you may be wondering why we’ve done such a thing. While Patreon helps with the bills of the websites, it doesn’t outright fund them. We do pay for most of it out of pocket, with patreon only covering less than a third of our costs at the very most each month. Also, the patreon doesn’t go just towards the website, it gets spread out to keeping the lights on as well as manning the new minecraft server that we’re building. So that money is stretched beyond the breaking point for what it can help with.

As for the websites alone, Unfortunately, keeping up multiple websites, with hosting and SSL encryption is a costly price. Though we enjoy the site, and having a place to write, the way it was was also very confusing and hard to navigate at the very best. So, thankfully, we can say this was more than just a cost cutting measure but also one of nessessity as it allowed us to properly reorganize under one umbrella.

So what does this change? Well, in the long run, not much. The stories will keep coming, reaching our patreons first as always, just everything is kept under one roof now, instead of two. It’s sort of like when you move in with your future significant other. You move under one roof, combine bills, but your stuff is still there, and after some unpacking, everything is as it should be and you can relax and enjoy the hot ass british guys that you enjoy and your significant other puts up with… unless he’s into hot ass british guys too, and then you might have some talking to do….

But I digress, this doesn’t change a whole lot in reality, just how things will flow going forwards, and it should flow much better now.

Well that’s all for now.

Enjoy your fandom


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