Super Mario Maker #TeamLoki Event

We asked all of you to submit your Thor: Ragnarok levels to us.  The best one will be the winner of an Amiibo.  You brought us a mix of interesting levels and now we are going to play them!  Below are the days in which the levels will be played, by who, and of course the level codes with links to the Super Mario bookmark page.

The Judges will be grading on a 1 to 5 scale on each of the following catagories:  Play-ability, Creativity, and Overall Enjoyment

1 point will be deducted for not having #TeamLoki in the title, and for a soft lock where they have to run out the timer, and can’t die.

The Judges

Sunday:  Noob Kingdom

Monday:  Roman Tate

Tuesday:  TeamAONN

Wednesday:  Kerley Studios Gaming

Thursday: Hate Layer Productions


The Levels

 Now You Know How It Feels #loki: 31A6-0000-036C-8116
Loki Lethal Lava Lair #TeamLoki: F677-0000-036C-7EB6
#TeamThor #TeamHulk or #TeamLoki: B60A-0000-036C-2CAF
The Castle #teamloki: 6C5A-0000-036A-B60C
Temple of Thor: FE24-0000-036C-7302
#TeamLoki Throg’s Castle Puzzle!: 9C4B-0000-036D-927C
dont lose your head. #TeamLoki: 3B73-0000-036C-A94E
#Loki Event THOR’S HAMMER: B5C4-0000-036B-9579
#TeamLoki Loki’s Doughnut Castle: 1D87-0000-036D-EEBD

All Streamers go live at different times so please subscribe to them, and hit the bell so you won’t miss the event.  Thank you to all Makers, and Streamers for helping this event be a success, and good luck to all!