A Hot Bath

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A Sherlock X OC Fan Fiction By Odogoo 

Description:  It was life after John, and after another daring return.  Sherlock has a new flatmate, and he is definitely acting more than a bit off about them.

Sherlock knew there was cameras in his place.  He found them from time to time.  While he could remove them, it would be more fun to move something slightly so it partially or fully covers it’s view.  He knew his brother put them there.  Maybe it was a sign he cared, maybe he just need to feel he had more control of him.  It was probably the later Sherlock thought looking across seeing his brother sitting there in his flat.

“What do you want Mycroft,” Sherlock said.  He didn’t have the time, nor the patience to play games with his brother.  At least, not this time in the day.  He should have come earlier, he always found the worst times for visits.  Maybe that was his intention.  Course it was.  Why else would he not get to the point.

“Just a friendly visit.” Mycroft said smiling.  Yes something had to be up.

“You don’t just stop by, do I look a fool to you?”

“Well I have always been the smart one, but no.” He said putting down the tea, and getting up to walk around.  “I see you have been redecorating.”  He said, Sherlock eyeing him.  Watching him move about.  Slight moves, he noticed some of the items he picked up to look at, and how he put them back.  Yes, some definitely were the ones obstructing some of the camera’s.

“You know I am not the only one that lives here now Mycroft.  And unlike you, I know how to share.”  He said getting up.  To put the tea on the kitchen counter.

“Ah yes, your new flatmate.  Wonder how long this one will last you.  They currently have the record don’t they.”  Mycroft said coming into the kitchen himself.

“They actually have more than two brain cells.  It has been enjoyable.”

“I bet it has,” noticing his brother do something he would never do.  Washing the tea pot, the cups, and putting things to dry.

“What are you playing at Mycroft,” Sherlock said annoyed as he put the kettle back on the stove.

“Oh nothing,” he said with a bit of whimsy.  “If you don’t mind, I must excuse myself to the loo.”  Mycroft knowing exactly what he was doing.

“You can’t right now.”

“Oh? Why not.” Mycroft said innocently.

“It’s in use.”  Sherlock said simply.  “Go downstairs I am sure Mrs. Hudson, wouldn’t mind.”

“Well as I have seen no one else enter it while I have been here, and I have been here for…” Taking an extended break pulling up his suit sleeve to look at his watch.  “The better part of almost 2 hours.  I doubt anyone is in there.”

“Well you can’t go in.”

“Is that where you stashed it?” Mycroft said.

Sherlock scoffed.  “Stashed what.”

“You know what.”

“I have been clean.  I don’t even have a smoke stash right now.” Sherlock said trying to hide the fact he was getting annoyed and that his brother really needed to go.

“Then you shouldn’t mind if I go in then and have a look,” Mycroft said walking to the bathroom door.  

Sherlock moved quickly getting in front of him.  “I said no.”  He said firm.

“Well the only person I seen go in, is you.  So out with it, why not, before I have the whole place turned over.” Mycroft warned.

“She is in there taking a bath.” He said lower.

“Your flatmate has been taking a bath.”  Mycroft actually knew this, but he wanted Sherlock to say it.

“Yes, let her relax, she had a long stressful day.”

“I am sure she is fine with others using the bathroom.”  Mycroft said.  “I mean you went while I have been here.”

“She doesn’t want me peeing in the sink.  It’s our agreement.”  Sherlock said.  I had gotten so mad at him for it when I caught him.  He shut down like a scared child, when I did.  I saw it.  I calmed.  It took a bit to get out why he was doing it.  We worked it out, so we both could see to our needs.  It was one of the reasons he liked me.  I listened, and gave constructive feedback, and listened to his.

“How long have you two… you know,” Mycroft asked.

Sherlock eyed him,”Know what?”

“Been in the familiar way.”  

“Mycroft, don’t be ridiculous.  She is my flatmate and my friend.  Get your mind out of the gutter.”

“You can’t hide things.”  Mycroft didn’t want to play his hand just yet.  His brother was being stubborn.

“You can’t find things, there is a difference.”  Sherlock smirked.

Mycroft gave him a hard look before leaving.  Sherlock smiled, he always enjoyed getting the better of his older brother.  He was also happy he left before I got out of the bath.  He went to the door, closing it.  After going to sit casually in his chair, clear line of sight for when I would inevitably step out of the bath wrapped in towels.

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