A Special Birthday Surprise – Chapter 13

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Tom gets a very special birthday present.  It turns out to be a big surprise for himself.  Will he be willing to let it go?

Written by: Odogoo

A Tom Hiddleston X OC Fan Fiction
Kink | Sub / Dom | Smut

– Morning Feb. 10th –

Tom woke up to an empty, and cold bed.  He thought to himself… what just happened, what did he do?  What was done to him?  Did it really happen?  Was I truly real, and where did I go?  He had requested I stay till morning, and share a breakfast with him. A cloud of things buzzed around his head behind his eyelids while he tried to wake.

He reached down to pull down his balls that hurt like hell.  Finding, and feeling something on his half flaccid cock.  It is a dried condom, Tom pulling it off.  Maybe I had to pee or something, because I definitely would not leave with him still in this state.  That would be completely unprofessional, and again he had stated he wanted breakfast.

He sat up to look around, the room looking completely unchanged.  He didn’t find a trash can, and he had to pee so best find his birthday gift.  He found the bathroom easily, but frowned when he went in not seeing me, it looked completely clean, but did notice the shower was still wet, and the room was slightly hotter than the bedroom.  

He sighed, maybe I was getting breakfast to serve him in bed.  That would be sexy, maybe a little Maids outfit.  He let his mind wander a bit as he got in the shower.  His cock too hard to try and pee into the toilet, especially after thinking of me in a sexy Maids outfit.

He called down to the private line to request the bed be changed while he was in the shower.  It was nice of me to let him rest, but still wished his arms weren’t empty.  The breakfast could have waited, he liked morning snuggles.  I miscommunication, they do happen

After Tom figured out what turned on the overhead rainfall shower head, he stood under it.  He sighed in pleasure.  He really should have one of these installed in his house.  The heat wasn’t helping his erection, and he had no intention of turning the temp to cold.  So he bent his dick down and peed, at least the shower would wash something away.  He just stood there for long moments enjoying the heat on him.  Enjoying how it relaxed his muscles.

Tom did start cleaning himself, not knowing how long I would take to bring up breakfast for them both, and would prefer to be clean, and ready for it, and my return.  It was mostly a quick wash, but he did let his hand go to his hole.  He could barely believe that it had something deep inside it not even hours ago.  His jaw locking a bit, he still wasn’t sold on doing it again.  But he felt fine now, and maybe with the right woman, and situation could be something to look into  again.

For now he turned off the water, and toweled off.  Noting the heated floor, and towels.  Using one to dry himself, wrapping it around his waist.  He took a brief look at himself in the mirror, he smiled to himself.  He looked relaxed and happy.  It was a good Birthday gift, but it wasn’t over.

He used his fingers to comb his hair a bit, making sure he was semi in order before leaving the bathroom.  He looked around and frowned.  He had hoped he had just not heard the door.  He sighed, but looked around.  The place was not touched from last night.  He looked at the bed, the restraints that had bound him just hours before.

He goes over touching them, biting his lip.  He wanted to talk to me.  Maybe I could help him sort out his head.  I had to know a lot about this, I had taken such good care of him.  Maybe I could help him work out what he felt, and why.  He sat on the bed, but after about 15 minutes he picked up the phone and called the desk to see what was taking so long for breakfast.

What he was met with shocked him.  First he was called by a name that wasn’t his own.  After correcting them, there was a pause.  Tom being asked his name.  He then heard typing first slow, then a bit faster.  Then an apology, of the wait, and it would be just a moment longer while it was looked into.  Then more frantic typing, and being asked the room number.

“Sir, I will be looking for her right now.  I will call this number back as soon as possible.”  While Tom agreed he felt a pit in his stomach, it felt like something was up.

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