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Falling Star Chapter 1

4 min read

Doctor Stephen Strange looked out the window of his Sanctum Sanctorum.  Looking the destroyed world.  The one he destroyed.  All because he was lonely.  He couldn’t help, but have a self disgusted chuckle at himself at that.  He had no idea what real lonely… was the fool.

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A Special Birthday Surprise – Chapter 12

6 min read

Tom gets a very special birthday present. It turns out to be a big surprise for himself. Will he be willing to let it go?

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Taylor Swift: The Music Industry

2 min read

You know who she is. It’s impossible not too. Taylor Swift has been a force to reckon with in the music industry since her debut in 2006. Over a decade later she has amassed an army of fans and haters alike, and is a household name. So of course we had to talk about her! This episode kinda got away from us, and didn’t turn out the way we expected, we we still think you’ll enjoy it. We discuss what we think are catalysts to her success, Kayne West, and our journeys as fans. We also reached out to fan groups and heard some amazing fan stories, and shared our top 3 favorites!