Top 10 Toby Keith Songs

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Toby Keith, the country star died on Monday. He was 62. This is according to his official X account on Tuesday from Stomach Cancer.

He made it big in the 90’s and his star shot even higher up in the 2000’s with his patriotic songs like “Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue,” right after 911. I first heard him in the 90’s, and had the pleasure of seeing him in the early 2000’s. He was fantastic live, and had a mix of different songs where there was something for everyone. Below are my top 10 favorite Toby Keith songs in celebration of his life and music.

#10 Wish I Didn’t Know Now

#9 I Wanna Talk About Me

#8 Whiskey Girl

#7 My List

#6 Courtesy Of The Red, White And Blue (The Angry American)

#5 Who’s Your Daddy?

#4 Dream Walkin’

#3 Should’ve Been A Cowboy

#2 How Do You Like Me Now?!

#1 Beer For My Horses ft. Willie Nelson

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