To Being Single – Chapter 1

Sarah goes for a run after her boyfriend stood her up on Valentines Day.  After she runs into a new life, and start.

Written by: Odogoo

A Tom Hiddleston X OC Fan Fiction
Fluff | Cheating | Abusive Relationship

She couldn’t believe it.  No this really couldn’t be possible.  No guy was this heartless.  Sarah thought to herself as she looked at her phone, and reread the text message she gotten, not ten minutes ago from her boyfriend.  It felt like she had read it a hundred times.  Maybe she had?

Sorry baby, not making it for dinner tonight. The guys are coming over for some Call of Duty.  So don’t come over, it is kinda embarrassing, me being the only one with a girlfriend and all.  Don’t want to make the poor sods too jealous.  Save me left overs. ~ Dustin

He couldn’t have.  Not today.  Not on Valentine’s day!  She always let it slide, him putting his friends over her.  But he at least would not do it on the special days.  Maybe he just didn’t have his coffee, and will realize when he gets on his computer and sees what day it is.  Or maybe it is one of his not funny pranks he does when he tries to be romantic.  Either way it hurt.  She was happy she didn’t go for her run yet.  She could run off how crummy she was feeling.

Sarah ties her laces extra tight, knowing she would be doing a hard run.  With no surprise, it was raining.  What would England be like without the stuff.  She pulled up her hoodie, looking both ways as she got to the side walk.  She was still new to the neighborhood, and was using her runs to get a better idea of her surroundings.

She put on her music, and started her run.  She had to admit with some pride, that she liked where she lived.  It was a lot of work, pain, and tears to get to it.  But she was proud of the upper class house she got on her own.  It did beg the question of why she was with Dustin.  He was still living with his parents.  Always the mother’s boy.  Yes he was a few years younger than her, but neither of them where that young any more.

She was so lost in her self-reflection she didn’t see the tall man in front of her  also running, but coming to a stop for a car.  Her slamming into him, and them both falling to the grown.  A light shout from him.  “What the! Hey!” He proclaimed.  “Easy now.” He said as she was dizzy and disoriented.  If it wasn’t for this man, she would have fan into the car.  “Are you alright?” He said.  Himself not feeling much pain, maybe a scrap or two.  After what his body was feeling from just finishing shooting, and the travel back home, to completely redo his entire house, it really was nothing.

She looks up at him, as he helps her get to her feet.  “Yeah, sorry.  I didn’t see you.  Please tell me I did not hurt you.”  She was mentally kicking herself.  This guy could be sue crazy, that is just what she needed a lawsuit, and more guy issues.

He chuckled, and smoothly said,” It would take a lot more to keep this ol’ boy down. E-heh.”  Taking the moment to try and catch his breath.  Already three miles into his six mile run.

“Good, I really do not know where my head was.”  Sarah admitted.

“Oh it is quiet alright, neither of us are hurt.  I do have to say though I do not recognize you from around here.  Are you new?”  He asked, Sarah could tell while he was sweet, his guard was up.  What she didn’t know was that it was because he had crazy women stalker issues.

“Yes I moved in recently.  The third house on Cherryblossum.  The one next to the nice one with the white fence in the front,” she said proudly.  Although she frowned when she saw the shocked look on his face.

“Oh… thanks, most people hate my fence.  Even gotten a letter, or two requesting I remove the eyesore.” He said jokingly chuckling.

“Well I think it is beautiful, accents the house well, and a bit fairytalish.  And if they don’t like it… well you don’t need negative people in your life like that.”

“Thank you, that is very true.  I must be going though.  I have about another three miles to run.  You can join me if you like, if your end destination is the same.”

“Well one house over, but yeah sure. “ Sarah said as they run together.

He was a bit surprised that for her small size she could easily keep up with his long strides.  She followed him, as if he did this regularly then he knew the area, and probably the best running spots.  She had to admit the route he took was a lot more practical, both for the view, and for training.  Although Sarah almost ran into traffic again, if it wasn’t for Tom graphing her and pulling her back.  He couldn’t help but think there was something wrong with his new neighbor.  “Look out!”  He said pulling her back onto the side walk.

He looked to see what could have gotten her attention to the point of causing bodily harm.  He didn’t see much just some people.  But to Sarah… it was Dustin, and not with this guy friends, with a woman!  “Hello, can you hear me?!”  Tom said, as she shrugged him off, marching across the street.

“So this is a day with the boys then Dustin.”  Him jumping regonizing Sarah’s voice.  Tom looking on, and understanding why she was distracting, and he as well as the better part of the street could hear what was going on.

“Listen baby I can explain,” Dustin said to Sarah.  “She is just hotter then you.”

Tom recoiled feeling it himself, not the point, but the hard slap Sarah gave him.  She looked at the girl next to him.  “Hope you enjoy this mum’s boy, with all his hang ups as we are done you limp dick pansy.  Sarah said crossing the street again.

“I am s…” but she cut him off.

“Save it, let us continue the run it is too nice of a day not to.”  She said running when the cross signal came on.

Tom didn’t give the man a second glance, as he followed her lead all the way back to their road.  He was still cautious, honestly not wanting to go into his house, until he saw that she indeed lived in the house she said she did.  His ears perking up a bit when he heard,” Coffee?”

Well it would prove she had keys at least to this place, and he knew it was for sale recently.  “Sure,” he said following her up the path, and watched as she indeed grabbed, the post, and opened the door.  This was a relief to him.

“Sorry the place is a bit of a mess still unpacking,” Sarah said as she moves to the kitchen.  “I am sorry you had to see that.  Dustin is just a complete arse!”  She grumbles and starts to make two cups of coffee.

“Eh, at least I am not the only person with relationship problems today.”

“Girl cheat on you too?”  She asks as she pulls out some coffee cake.

“Yeah..don’t have one… ehe.  Been traveling, and working, and well… that doesn’t translate well to a relationship.”  He said looking as she gives him a plate.  “This is really too kind of you.”

“This is really isn’t, better than me fuming alone.”   Sarah said putting the coffee pot also on the table when it was gone.  Making them both a cup.

Tom holds his up, ”To being single.”

“To being single,” Sarah said in agreement.

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