Top 10 Tom Hiddleston As Loki Funko Pops

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Funko has come out with a lot of different Loki pops. Some from the comics, others from the Marvel Movies. There have been plenty of Tom Hiddleston as Loki pops that have come out. Some are super rare, and expensive, others for the moment are reasonably priced. Most Loki ones do eventually go up in price, and they keep releasing new ones regularly. This list ranks my 10 favorites, along with my thoughts on them.

10. Marvel: Loki – Loki 895

This pop, I must admit I passed on for quiet some time. Maybe it was how casual it felt, or because I was waiting to see what other ones came out. It is one that a lot of people picked up due to how accessible it is to pick up, as well as the price, at the moment. It made the list due to the fact it did look so different than the standard Loki ones we have seen the past, but that is attributed to how different Loki looked himself during the show.

8. Thor The Dark World Black & White Loki Action Figure Exclusive

Back in the day it was quiet different, and is still very different, even though it is also simple. It was one of the cheaper exclusive variants back in the day that you could get.

8. Marvel: Thor Ragnarok – Loki Sakaarian

Thor Ragnarok was around the time that higher detailed Loki Funko Pops first started coming out. This version of Loki shows it, as well as a different outfit and look.

7. Funko Pop – Marvel: What If? – Frost Giant Loki

This one I had really hoped they would release. One, because it would be so different than the others, but also I have always been a fan of Frost Giant Loki. I was also curious how it would be different from the original as the newer Funko Pops have come out with a look more polish, and detail. It did not disappoint. From Season 1, Episode 7 of What If… Thor Were an Only Child? The only complaint I have, is it doesn’t make sense why this was not released as a oversized Pop, where instead the Zombie Tony Stark was for the series. If it was, it would be higher on this list.

6. Frost Giant Loki #36 Glow in The Dark Fugitive Toys Exclusive

The OG Frost Giant Loki. It glows in the dark, and even though there have come others, including a new version of the First Giant Loki, this one still has a specialness about it. It like the black, and white one earlier is still different, that it holds it’s uniqueness among the different Loki Pops, even ones that are from the same build.

5. Moment, Marvel #1065 Loki and Sylvie 2-Pack

This was one of the biggest moments of the Loki TV show. I was not surprised when this one was announced. It, unlike one that is further down on the list, at the time was easier to get if you got it from Target, at least their Online store. It is a very nice piece if you are a fan of the show.

4. Loki with Scepter Glow in the Dark Special Edition Exclusive

I was honestly surprised it took them this long to release him with his full outfit like this. It was a good sign to me though that they would go back, and release some with looks they had missed the first go around. Plus it is glow in the dark, so not only is it a look, but he is positively glowing! Okay, I will see myself out…

3. Loki: President Loki 1066 Winter Convention 2022 Exclusive

This moment was hilarious as all heck. One of the highlights of the show. While I was a bit surprised they selected this, I was more so surprised I was able to semi-easily get my hands on it. It is one of my top pics for Pops that have come out for the Loki TV Show.

2. Movie Moments Marvel Studios: Hulk Smashing Loki #362

This one we all had to have, and it was a royal pain for most to find. At my locals they either didn’t have it, and never heard of it, or sold out. I remember a lot of people looking for more than one, and picking it up due to their friends having this trouble. It was a awesome moment, and a non standard size Loki Pop.

1. Marvel: Avengers Endgame – Loki with Glow-in-The-Dark Tesseract

Endgame Loki with Glow in the Dark Tesseract completely blindsided me. It sold out super quick, and after that has been expensive to pick up. As I said before, I am a big fan of glow in the dark, and while for most that is just a cool gimmick, it fits this one very well due to the fact the Tesseract actually glows. This is one that if you were able to get it before it’s quick sell out is fantastic, but one your writer here unfortunately has missed out on.

You have seen my favorites, now check out our Tik Tok talking about the 2 Loki Funko Pops that should be made!

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