Change Within Him – Chapter 1

Adam has an encounter with a mysterious person who claims to be another version of himself and suddenly, Adam suddenly goes into a transformation that would not only change how he is and his life but will change his relationship with Loki, the love of his life.

Written by: Kuro Bakura
Originally posted on AO3

A Loki X Adam Lambert Fan Fiction
Slash | Dark Magic | Homosexuality

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2

Chapter 1: Going Through The Process

Adam stood in the middle of the stage, microphone in his hand. He was the only one there and in the room itself.

“Is someone trying to play a trick on me or something?.” Adam asked out loud, hoping someone could here him.

“And here you will begin again.” A deep voice said. Adam looked around the room but no one was in sight.

“Who are you and begin what?” Adam asked.

“You will begin a new life.” The voice replied. Adam started to worry and feel curious at the same time.

“But this is my life and I love it the way it is. You still have not told me who you are.” Adam replied.

“You can see me.” The voice replied. Adam was now puzzled.

“See who? I am the only one on the stage.” Adam said.

“Exactly. Who I am is not someone you can see but someone who you will become. Adam, have you ever wanted more in life?” The voice asked.

“I have every thing I have ever wanted? An amazing career, friends and a boyfriend who I am madly in love with. So, not really.” Adam replied.

“Ah, yes. Your lover, Loki, the Trickster God of Asgard. But…you can have even more lovers at your feet and at your beckoning call if you wanted to. You can have a harem of either gender if you wish..if you wanted.” The voice said.

“No, I am not like that at all.” Adam said.

“Well, duh. That is obvious nor I am saying that you are going to. I am talking about as the new you or I should say, the new me, to be more accurate.” The voice said. Adam began to get pissed off at this “new him”.

“Look, I have no time for this stupid bullshit. I got a show to do and Loki is going to be here to see it for the first time. I want him to have a great time.” Adam said. Suddenly, the room went pit dark and. A spotlight lit up over Adam.

“What the hell?! Okay, who ever is doing this, the trick is starting to become too much.” Adam asked, feeling a bit of fear take over him. Suddenly, he felt his hands cover his face and he was not in control of his mind and body any more. The “new him” was ready to began the transformation, whether Adam agreed to it or not.

“Let it consume you, let me consume you. You will no longer be you but a whole brand new version of yourself. More powerful, have more talents and every thing you could even want. And you will have more than just a love life with Loki. The world will become your greatest show that have ever performed.” The voice asked he began.

“Loki…” Adam said right before he felt a sharp pain all over his body. He fell to his knees in pain, screaming in agony.

“HELP! SOMEONE HELP ME!” Adam thought though he felt like he was actually screaming it but no one was coming to help nor most likely could hear him.

“No one can help you now, Adam. The transformation is almost complete. Everything you, have, around you every one you know will change.” The voice said. Adam then felt a stabbing pain all of sudden and was “pushed” to the ground. He felt like he was not bleeding on the ground but bleeding internally every where in his body. A minute later, it was done. The voice disappeared and the room was now lit up again. Adam slowly and careful to stood up, eye closed and slowly opened them. Adam looked around the stage and room and then forward again but now…all the equipment was set up but still no one in sight or now, any voices that could be heard.

“Well….it’s showtime.” Adam said then his eyes began to glow, grinning. He laughed a for a few seconds and then calm down so he can go get ready for the show, as his eyes still were glowing a bit.

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