Change Within Him – Chapter 2

Adam has an encounter with a mysterious person who claims to be another version of himself and suddenly, Adam suddenly goes into a transformation that would not only change how he is and his life but will change his relationship with Loki, the love of his life.

Written by: Kuro Bakura
Originally posted on AO3

A Loki X Adam Lambert Fan Fiction
Slash | Dark Magic | Homosexuality

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Not Gonna Lose You

Backstage, Tommy saw Adam walk towards him. Tommy did not notice any thing different about him.

“Hey, Adam!” Tommy said. Adam walked past him as if he did not notice nor hear him.

“Huh? Maybe he is in a rush or something.” Tommy said then went to go tune his guitar. Adam got ready for the concert in his dressing room. Loki arrived about 45 minutes before it started so he can see his lover before the show (as well as make out a bit, too). A person came in to give a 5 minute heads-up and caught them making out. When the guy closed the door and both men got off of the couch in the room and Loki grabbed his satchel.

“I’ll see you in a bit, honey.” Loki said and left the dressing room to go find his spot out in the crowd.

During the concert, Adam was singing “Another Lonely Night” as Loki stood in the front of crowd, in disguise, watching his boyfriend perform and having such an amazing time. When Adam looked over at Loki, he smiled and Loki smiled back. As Adam sang a verse, Loki noticed something different about Adam.

“Wait…something does not feel right here. Maybe I am just worrying about something that doesn’t exist but my gut is telling me otherwise.” Loki thought himself. When he caught a glimpse of Adam again, he noticed his eyes were glowing at certain times. And it was not as if was from the lighting on stage….this glow was a bit unworldly.

“WHAT THE?! His eyes have NEVER done that before. Must be new contacts are something but how would contacts do that?” Loki thought. After the concert and the meet and greet, Loki went to Adam’s dressing room and knocked on the door.

“Who is it?” Adam said.

“Loki.” Loki replied. Adam walked to the door and opened it, telling him to come on in. When Loki came in to the room and closed the door, Adam was in nothing but a black, silk robe that Loki bought him when he was in Midgard with Adam a couple of months ago.

“Um…uh…should I wait outside while you get dressed? Though…I have seen you naked before.” Loki asked. Adam giggled.

“Nah. You can stay in here. I am not afraid to be naked in front of you. I’ll be read in a couple of minutes and then we can go get a bite to eat.” Adam said to himself. As Adam grabbed his shirt, Loki could not keep what he was thinking to himself any more.

“Adam, I have a question for you.” Loki piped up.

“Yes?” Adam said back.

“When you were doing the concert, why did your eyes were glow when you sang “Another Lonely Night?” Loki asked. Adam suddenly stopped pulling his shirt down over his stomach. It was like the question struck a nerve. The new Adam was beginning to suspect that Loki knew that this Adam was not the same one that he knows.

“I mean, like are they contacts that glow with body heat or something?” Loki asked, adding to his previous question. He knew that body heat couldn’t change the color but he did not want to cause a fight between them.

“Ummm, yes. They are contacts.” Adam said.

“Oh okay.” Loki said. Adam silently sighed and finished getting dressed. Loki got up from the couch and walked over to Adam. He put his arms around Adam and kissed him.

“Can I see the contacts?” Loki asked. Adam had to refuse but one, he was lying about the contacts. Second, he did not want Loki to know that the old Adam was gone.

“Um, I already put them a way before you got here and I am a bit exhausted. Plus, I am really hungry.” Adam replied. Loki let go and walked over to the bag.

“Loki!” Adam said but Loki was looking through the bag already. He could not find any contacts.

Loki looked over at Adam.

“Why did you lie to me?” Loki asked. Adam could not get a word out.

“Adam Mitchel Lambert, why are you lying to me? I am always honest with you and you are the same with me. So, why are you not honest with me this time?” Loki said, actually feeling hurt by this.

“Because they are just contacts, Loki. It could have been the lighting of the stage, too. I did not know what to say so I said I used contacts. I should have been truthful from the beginning. I am sorry.” Adam said. Adam felt like he was internally getting his ass kicked by this new side of him. Loki calmed down and smiled.

“True and you’re right. They are just contacts after all. I apologize for going through your bag and such.” Loki said. Adam walked over and kissed Loki’s cheek.

“It’s alright, honey. …You hungry because I still am. I really would like to join me. Are staying in the hotel with me tonight?” Adam asked, grabbing his jacket.

“I would love to and only if you want me to. Your band mates nor fans do not know of or about me so they might get curious or something.” Loki replied.

“Of course I want you to, Loki. And if they do find out, I am not afraid to show that I am in love with you or with someone. I have a life of my own, regardless if I am famous or not.” Adam told him.

“Same here, my dear.” Loki said, blushing. Loki and Adam held hands and left the dressing room and went down to a local diner down the street from the hotel.

Later that night in the hotel room, Adam and Loki were in bed, naked. Loki was already fast asleep but Adam was wide awake. His new voice apparently had a voice inside him that was very chatty. They were arguing back and forth through thoughts. Suddenly, Adam yelled “shut up” and it startled Loki, waking him up in panic.

“Adam?! Are you okay? Am I snoring too loud?” Loki asked, worried he did something wrong. Adam looked at him.

“You did not do anything wrong. I apologize for waking you up and scaring you, babe. I just had a lot of my mind and I suddenly shouted. Just go back to sleep. Everything is okay. I promise.” Adam replied and then kissed Loki. Loki nodded and then laid back down and closed his eyes. Adam got comfy and held Loki close to him. As he was falling asleep the voice began to talk again.

“This is not going to last forever, Adam.” The voice said. Adam flicked the side of his head and the voice disappeared.

“I am NOT going lose Loki. No matter what you tell me.” Adam said silently to himself. He looked at his lover and smiled.

“Good night, sweetheart.” Adam said and then fell asleep himself, cuddling Loki.

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