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FanExpo Dallas: A Feast for This FanGirl’s Eyes

5 min read

Most everyone agrees, Bacon makes everything better. So much so, a parlor game emerged “Six Degrees of Bacon,” as in Kevin Bacon. We feel FanExpo Dallas would be exponentially greater with Bacon, too.  We give you Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon with the guest stars of this year’s Fan Expo Dallas.

Advent Calendar 2017 Benedict Cumberbatch Manips Memes Tom Hiddleston

Holiday Manips & Memes

1 min read

We have the good, the bad, and the WHY DID YOU MAKE THIS?! In 2017 we had a advent calendar of meme’s and manips. In case you missed it here is the whole collection!

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Happy Holidays Series: A Spooky 7 Months Later – Chapter 3

11 min read

7 Months after Loki’s rabbit game he pulled. It is Halloween night, and it is time for a bit more Trickster fun. But will Loki’s Lover find it just as amusing?

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She – Chapter Three

He was chained and forced to kneel before Lord Thanos. A boy with black disheveled hair, his garments were torn and dirty after his encounter with the shapeshifting species. The Chitauri wanted nothing more than to eat him, but Thanos wanted to know just why the boy was found on the Chitauri spawning grounds. Thanos would likely play with him before inventing a new way to take a life.