The Sobering Morning After Chapter 1

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Benedict Cumberbatch, and his semi new girlfriend Sophie Hunter get drunk, have unprotected sex, and have to deal with the consequences after waking up from that night.

Written by: Odogoo

Benedict Cumberbatch X Sophie Hunter Fan Fiction
Drinking | NC-17 | Smut

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2

The morning light started to shine through the blinds that weren’t fully closed. It creeped through the room until it hit the bed first. Then the eyes of one Benedict Cumberbatch. He tried to close his eyes tighter as if that would will the light away, when it woke him. But it did no good, and only served to indicate he had a slight headache. A few other things came as the fog of sleep slowly lifted.

One, that he was spooning his girlfriend Sophie Hunter. Long standing crush. The woman that he was utterly in love with, and definitely smitten since she returned his interest. Two that they were both definitely naked. Always a pleasant feeling, one that he grew to love more, and more as they had slowly become closer, and she graciously allowed him to share with her. He tried his best not to hum in pleasure, and happiness of waking up in this state with her. His morning erection nicely sandwiched between them, but something felt off.

It wasn’t the same dirty feeling after sex. That sweaty feeling one would get due to the excursion of the act, but instead a light stickiness. He pulled back a little trying not to wake up Sophie, and reached down to touch his cock. Yes it definitely had some kind of residue on it, and not the regular kind from condom use. He was well aware of what the feeling was. The feeling of having raw sex, but that couldn’t be right.

Sophie got sick on the pill, so it was agreed they would use protection until the point both were comfortable with the result of possible children that came with raw sex. While he was ready, lord he had been ready for a long while, even before Sophie, feeling like his biological clock of sorts, was ticking, and wanting to have kids before he felt he was too old to. But their relationship was too fresh, while he was ready to go already, he didn’t want to scare her with that instant intensity.

Given his feelings for her, long standing, he had time to process, understand, and acclimate to them. Coming to the point when it actually happened, if it did, he was more than willing, and ready. She returned his interest by some miracle when he did finally go for it during a mutual friend get together, and he was already emotionally invested by then.

He tried his best to keep his breathing level as he tried to register the fact that he had raw sex with Sophie. How did that even happen, he thought as he ran through the night in his head, but if he was being honest, he couldn’t remember it clearly. It was all a bit of a blur, not good. He really needed to wake his brain up so he could pull together what happened, but the bed was so comfortable. As well as Sophie’s body against him so warm, and comforting.

But, for how long would that be the case? When she wakes up from a night of drinking, and dancing to find he took advantage of her? He was digging himself a mental hole minute by minute. He needed to focus, needed to see how deep he had dug it, reaching down between her legs, his fingers brushing against her sex. It definitely wet, but that was normal. Him bringing his fingers to her hole, it feeling slightly open, a sign that something was inside her not too long ago. Him taking a breath, pressing his fingers in to see if he could feel any sign of his release, but found none.

He didn’t know if that was a good sign or not, given he had no idea what to expect. All he knew is he had to keep control of himself, if he freaked out. Any hope he had of recovering, and saving their relationship would be gone. He couldn’t let himself do that. He closed his eyes, taking another breath before removing his fingers, hearing a whimpering, and feeling Sophie move her legs to hug his wrist.

He knew this next part may wake her, and possibly anger her, but he had to know. Waiting for her legs to relax he went lower to check her back hole. She had been beyond adamant, absolutely no anal sex. So he never pushed the issue, but in his heart he knew, even before he checked he had a feeling that he would feel it would be open.

To no shock to himself, minus the harsh terrifying implications of it. He did indeed have anal sex last night with Sophie. His Sophie, love of his life. Woman he wanted so badly to tell all the ways he already worshiped her. It had been the best few months of his life, and he utterly fucked it up due to a bit too much to drink.

Oh god, and what the hell could he have told her? Did he tell her anything? Did he just get her just as drunk to take what he wanted? He was completely blindsided from his thoughts, to the point of having whiplash when he heard her voice,” You going to come in, or just ring the doorbell.”

He didn’t know how to react, completely freezing. She wiggled a little, him feeling his index, and middle finger wiggle with her against her back hole. In tandem with that, her back was rubbing against his slightly softer erection, causing it to wake back up. Ben, having lost it, almost completely due to his worrying panic attack.

He opened his mouth to say something, but the words just wouldn’t come. He felt her soft hand reach down touching his, the feeling causing his cock to throb. A sound of pleasure coming from his lips. “Come now, don’t tease.” Sophie gasped as she pressed her fingers to him, causing his to press into her back hold.

The sound of her gasping mirrored his. But Ben’s came from a different place. She never let him touch her there, why now? Did she remember the previous night? Did she want this? The sound she made, and her actions said yes. “Darling,” he forced out, and she was ever his lovely darling. He nuzzled the back of her head, trying to remember to breath as his fingers were hugged tightly.

She hummed, and rocked gently helping his fingers in and out of her back hole. The rocking, and brushing causing pre cum to start coming out of his cock. “Sophie,” Ben let out in a shuttered breath. It felt so good, he wanted more. It pulled him from any other thoughts, any other worries. He was glad she was such a strong woman, and she could take the lead at times, while at others times allowing him to lead. At the moment he needed a bit of hand holding.

That she did, reaching around her fingers brushing his cock. “Mmmm Ben,” she said pleased as she heard his shuttered breath. He always made her feel both so desired, and powerful. When he would just let go was always such a rush to her. “Looks like someone is up this morning,” she purrs.

He bits his lip trying not to groan too loud, but she feels him nod his head. “Very much so,” he presses out, his breath hot on her skin. Him leaning down a bit to kiss her neck. “Missed you,” he said. His hips starting to move.

She gave that laugh that he had grown to love so much, “Well I didn’t miss you.” She said this, while giving his cock a bit of a harder tug, getting a whimper finally out of him.

“Sophie…,” he whined, it taking all his concentration to keep his fingers moving inside her. “Don’t be mean,” he said playfully biting her neck.

She moaned in return to this, and moves her hand from his leaking cock to his hair. His body missing her touch when she does. Ben pulled her to him, this allowing his fingers to go deeper. “Oh!” She gasped out,” Wasn’t, you were in my dreams all night.”

“Oh reallyI?” Ben said as he moves his hips, and fingers more.

Sophie knots her fingers the best she can into his hair. Enjoying the feel of his hardness rubbing against her. “Oh yes, and I was hoping that we could continue where my dream left off.”

This had Ben curious. “Oh? Where did your dream leave off then?” He was a bit shocked she dreamed of him. That indicated a deeper connection. A subconscious connection.

“Me riding that big cock of yours, before someone decided to have frisky fingers, and wake me up.”

“I was… curious, um…, exploring.” He tried to explain, but his mind now focused on what she admitted. She was dreaming, or riding him. Had she ridden him last night? His head was still a fuzzy mess, but he had wanted her to ride him for some time. Their relationship had only turned physical semi-recently. At least to the point of penetration, and she was slow moving. He could wait for her.

She was consenting…, he couldn’t help but wince at the thought of that word given what could have happened last night. But it had been missionary, besides exploring hands, and mouths. Ben pressed a kiss to her neck, “If you want to ride me, I would love it. Let me just get some protection for us.”

It was a bit of a test, to see her reaction, and response. To try and get him more information, which at this point he really needed. “Alright Ben.”

He slowly removed his fingers from her back hole. Surprised by the whimper that she gave out from it. “Be back soon,” he promises, as he whispers it into her ear. Letting her go, as she let go of his hair. He slowly pulled back, her turning to look at him. Her soft smiling face is lit by the still rising sun.

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