Happy Holidays Series: Easter Fools – Chapter 1

The start of our Happy Holiday series. Tom visits his family for Easter, but weird things are going on.

Written by: Odogoo

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~ Easter Morning 2018 ~

Tom had gotten out of bed bright and early on this Easter Sunday. His ears tickling as he heard the rain smacking on his window. Another day in London, he thought as Bobby snuggled up to him. He yawned and stretched before getting out of bed. He took a quick morning shower to wake up. He would skip the run today, having to leave quiet early to drive up to meet family for Easter.

He looked around his house as he got ready. He made himself a cup of tea drinking it as he moved about to make sure he wasn’t forgetting anything. The house quiet minus that rapping from the rain, and the light sound of Bobby following him. Why should he be surprised at that he thought? After tea he went to his living room where on the coffee table he had left the presents he had gotten and wrapped to give to his nieces and nephews.

He first brings them out to put in the trunk of his car, before going back in. He then picks up the box that is holding the flowers he got for his Mum, and sisters before bringing that out to the car. By this point he was already soaked, and wondered if he should have waited to get dressed in the cloths he was going out with.

Once ready he put Bobby in the car, and he drove up to meet his family, and a few friends of the family. It was quiet nice seeing them. He had been doing a lot of visiting lately, but special occasions where different. It was all warm and friendly, despite the freezing weather, but he couldn’t help but think he was forgetting something.

The drive was long, but so beautiful. Just him, Bobby, and some nice music as he travels north. While he was sure he remembered everything, in the back of his head, he still felt he was forgetting something. He shook it off though as he sure he didn’t. By the time he got up there, the rain had stopped for a bit, and his cloths had dried.

When he got there the first to greet him of course were the kids. He loved kids, and well kids loved him. While he was not ready for the day to day of them, seeing his nieces, and nephews always put a smile on his face. His nephews wanting to talk sports with him, and nieces showing him their Easter dresses.

“I have someone for you all to meet,” Tom said before opening the back door and Bobby popping out. At that point they were lost, and Bobby was doomed. Them showing affecting, and attention on him, and Bobby basking in it. Tom asking them to make sure Bobby made it inside before he found a nice mud puddle. Them laughing, and helping Uncle Tom.

He smiled at how happy seeing Bobby made them, and how happy Bobby was to get attention. While they were distracted that also allowed him to take in their presents without them being too noisy to be handed out later. Along with the flowers for the best women in his life.

The first person to greet him when he did get in was his mum, with a big hug, and kisses. She helped him find a place for the presents where the children wouldn’t easily find them. She also thanked him for the flowers, and of course gave the whole you didn’t have to.

It all seemed so perfect, and Tom was happy. But there was still that itch in the back of his head. He shook it off though. After seeing his sisters, and other family members he excused himself as it had been a long trip and he really needed the bathroom.

That is when weird things started to happen, he really didn’t put much stock into it at first. Going to the bathroom, and as he was washing his hands finding a decorative egg on the sink. He shrugged it off, probably one of the kids having left it there.

This kept happening throughout the visit. He would sit on the couch and next to him there would be and egg. Bobby had something in his mouth, it was an egg. He went to go sit at the dinner table for Sunday roast… and he sat on an egg. Of course each of the children promised they were not playing tricks on him. They did sound at least that they meaned it, even if he didn’t believe it.

All, and all minus the weirdness of the random eggs he had an amazing time. Hugging his mum, and family before getting into his car with Bobby for the ride home. He heard Bobby barking in the back seat when he got in. He looks behind him seeing a pile of those eggs, except one they weren’t there when he opened the door for Bobby, and two no one had keys to his car except him, and his keys had been on him the whole time.

He reached out to grab one in his hand. “Damn it,” he mutters then a bit louder he says, “Have you been here the whole time?!” To which he gets no answer. He looks around, before pulling one of the eggs out of Bobby’s mouth, and moving them to the front seat.

After he drives home there are tons of the eggs in his front, and back yard. He mutters to himself something along the lines of you weren’t there when I woke up. He opens the front door to his house. When he does he finds his first floor is covered with tail over grown grass. “What the bloody hell! Show yourself this isn’t funny what did you do to the house!” Again he was greeted with no answer.

While he was downright pissed at this point, Bobby’s tail was waging a mile a minute as he plunged into the tail grass yapping with happiness as he bounded in it. Tom had a harder time traversing through it all. How the hell was he going to get through this to his upstairs, and where was the person responsible for this. He didn’t know, he didn’t bloody care at this point. He was tired, it was a long drive, and he would deal with all of it tomorrow.