Mystery of the Scottish Shores – Chapter 2

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Tom has more then a few secrets.  Ones in which he doesn’t believe anyone could love him.  She shouldn’t have gotten this far, this close.  The other shoe will drop, the question is when, and how far?  These rocky shores hiding many secrets.

Tom X OC – Smut in future chapters

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2

I walk back down without my bag. I look at the tavern keeper rubbing the back of my messy dark ginger hair and hold up two fingers, one having the key looped on it. He shook his head and laughed as I walked over. I hand it to him, hearing something about knowing better. A moment later he hands me a different key. I thank him, and as I walk away I hear a warning about breaking his good bed. I don’t say anything about the comment as I re-ascend the stairs to the room she are in.

I open the door to see her sitting on the bed. I see her eyes look up to me, and smile when they see a similar key in my hands. “Come lass.” I say to her as I pick up the bags. I give her a light look when she tries to help me, I understood why, but I was used to heavy lifting. I hand her the key so she feels she is helping as we head out the room, she closing the door to it. Then we go a bit further to our new room.

It looked like much of the same. It had bit more room, and of course, a larger bed. We would still have to snuggle close, but we both will like that warmth. I put our things to the side. We weren’t staying long so no need to unpack really. I feel her warms wrapping around me from behind. Her head on the middle of my back. I feel her nuzzling my back. “Thank you for staying,” I hear her sweet voice say.

I don’t verbally acknowledge it, instead I turn around and look down at her. I look into her sweet blue eyes. They are like the ocean, and I may yet drown in them. I still keep thinking what have I got myself into. I was always quick, and sharp, easy to avoid the sirens, or so I thought until I met her. I fear tomorrow, but at least I will have tonight to hold onto, I think as I lean down and kiss her.

Her lips are warm and receptive to my affections. A bright contrast to the harsh cold weather around us, even in the room. I feel her part her lips before I even begin to deepen the kiss. Ready for me to take her further. I want it, I want it so badly to just take her here, and now, but I pull back. I hear a light whimper from her. As I pull back I see her lightly glazed eyes, them having one question in them, why?

I smile gently at her, “Not here. When we are home, when we are in our own bed.” I say soft to her. I know she will be scared off long before then, but by some chance she isn’t. I want that to be where I take her. Where I feel her warmth completely envelop me. I couldn’t help the little shutter at the thought of it.

“Tom?” I hear her say up to me. She still so close to me. It pulls me back from that thought. “Can we have no affection tonight?”

I roll it over in my brain. It was temptation. I know I couldn’t really hold back once that ball started to roll. But I felt her need for it. I also knew that just her being in my arms, her warmth against me, that was temptation enough. But I had to be strong for the both of us. “Come to bed lass.” I say, and I can see she sees it as a no, so I add, “That bed is more comfortable for affection.”

I swear I hear a sound of delight from her. I make myself more comfortable, or as much as I can. I enjoy sleeping naked, and I know I can’t do that tonight. But I can at least have my shirt off. I go to aquire her nightgown and hand it to her. “Affection doesn’t mean sex lass, at least not always. But don’t you worry my angel you will not be deprived.”

I slowly undress her giving her kisses along the way. While I would love to mouth, kiss, touch certain areas, it isn’t about that right now. I want her to know I need her for far more then sex. I need a companion. I need that light to brighten my darkness. That I am worth something, as I worship her in every way that I can. I feel her mews of pleasure as I give her simple ghosting touches. I hear her whimper, “More Tom.”

“Shh my little lamb.” I say it more because if I hear her beg enough I will lose my standing. I will lose my nerve and give into the temptation. I am on my knees as I slowly help her out of her knickers my fingers looping into the elastic, and pulling down so my full hands are caressing her less all the way down. I can smell her want from down her, see the starting of it as she presses her thighs together to get some kind of stimulations. I kiss her outer thighs, before I run my hands all the way back up the sides of her body.

I see as I move up her lip quivering, I lean in to kiss her. I pull back to get her nightgown. It also allows me when my back is turned to her to adjust myself. I was already so hard, and in my jeans it was very painful. I couldn’t wait to get my kilt on again. I didn’t know how the rest had to deal with this on a constant bases. I grab the garment, but still as I feel her behind me. Her arms moving to my front. One half around my body the other, its hand going for what she knew must be causing me pain.

I feel her hand cup me, and give me a light squeeze. It causes me to grunt as I try and stifle the moan that is wanting to escape me. I feel her doing the motion over, and over stroking me through my pants. I hear her say, “This bothering you Tom? “ How could such a wee lass have this much power over me? She will definitely be the end of me. I lightly move my hips forward and back. I am sure it pleases her, as she puts her lips agienst my back kissing. My head goes back, and I let out a long moan as she takes her tongue and drags is along it, giving my need a particularly hard squeeze, and tug through my pants. I still, I can’t, I close my eyes trying to regain my footing, I must remain firm. But what she is doing to me… I want more, I need it.

I don’t know how I found the strength, the control, but I put my hand over hers. I gentle pull it away, even when my body, is cursing me. It taking my hips a moment to stop their movement, their seeking for that hand to return. I mean the hand up to my lips, them quivering as I kiss the palm of her hand. Thanking it for the attention, and pleasure. If my pants where uncomfortable to begin with, they are a torture chamber now. She always got me to engorge further than anything else ever had. It wasn’t even fully to the max that I knew she could get it. It was so painful as I kept her hand in mine. My lips still pressing firmly to her palm. I think she saw my pain, the pain she unintentionally caused by trying to show her love, and help my need. I hear her quietly say, “Sorry.” It breaks my heart at the defeat I hear. Defeat not because she would not receive pleasure back, but because her actions caused me to be in a worse situation.

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