SWMS 9 – Elixirs – Chapter 1

By: Nova Disclaimer: All characters in this story are fictitious and are at least the age of consent in what ever area you are reading it in even if other wise stated. Please note that we take no responsibility of you reading this story or visiting this site. If it is illegal in your country please close out.   My name is Joshua Tellus. How do I start this story? Well, I guess I’ll tell you about myself. At the start of this story, I was 18, kind of average. I worked out, but I don’t gain muscle mass. I didn’t do much with sports. I was on the “Third String” as my coach called it for baseball. You know, I helped get the pitchers warmed up with some mild batting, I helped with water bottles and towels. I felt more like a water boy than anything, but the jocks loved having me around. They called me their mascot. I didn’t mind it. The cheerleaders all thought I was adorable. I was about 5’10”, and I didn’t weigh much. I think most of the jocks could’ve bench pressed me if they wanted to.  I wouldn’t say I was popular… but I was well known. I could sit with either the jocks or the cheerleaders. I preferred the jocks though. With them, I could talk about sports or girls without getting embarrassed. The Cheerleaders liked to ask me about who I was crushing on if I thought I loved them and give me lots of ‘AWWWs’., think of the scrawny guy who isn’t as smart as a nerd, but isn’t good enough to get any girls… you know, the forgettable kind. Yeah, that’s what you would’ve called me… the forgotten kid at school. Look at a yearbook “Yeah I remember that kid.” that was me.   So yeah, that was me in a nutshell. I lived in a rural town, we had a mall two towns over, but beyond that, an average town. I was walking up to the steps of my house when this started. I fished my key out of my pocket, dropping a scrap of paper. I bent down and picked it up, and that’s when I noticed a package on the front porch. I raised an eyebrow and walked up to the porch and looked down at the box. There was no sign on where it was from or who it was for. I picked it up and went into the house. The house was quiet as it always was. Dad and Mom worked in a law firm and often worked late. I took the box into my room, figuring what the hell, and sat on my bed. I used my house key to cut the tape, and opened the box, expecting it to be for Mom or for Dad. Their anniversary was coming up and I wouldn’t expect anything less than dad ordering some expensive jewelry from overseas for her.   Inside the box, I found three vials of strange liquid and a note.   The note read:   Young Mr. Tellus. Thank you for agreeing to be a willing participant in this experiment. The three vials within contain special elixirs. The red one will boost your confidence and charisma. The blue one will boost your mental capacity and acuity. The Orange one will boost your luck. Be warned that each is only temporary unless you drink the entire bottle. Once the bottle is complete, there will be no way to revert to your normal self. Thank you again for agreeing to be a participant in this experiment. We will watch and monitoring you.   Confidence, Luck and Brains? What the fuck was I waiting for? I had nothing to lose!   I downed all three bottles. The red one tasted like Kool-Aid.  The blue one tasted like blue Gatorade. The orange one tasted like ‘Oh my god, I’m gonna die.’ And downing the final one, I dropped the bottle and fell backward on my bed and passed out. it felt like someone had set my stomach on fire, and I had a fever and my body just couldn’t handle all of that.   I awoke hours later, with my room dark. I sat up, dizzy and looked at the clock. It was 8:15 pm. I got to my feet and stumbled to my door. I made my way to the dining room, where my mother and sister were sitting and chatting, holding the wall to keep me up.   My mom was a brunette, with long hair, tied into a bun. She wore a suit with a skirt that was black. She had brown eyes, a round face and a medium build. She was as tall as me and my sister. My sister was a red haired blue eyed beauty. She had b-cup tits and an ovular face. My sister was wearing a spaghetti strap t-shirt and a pair of shorts.  My sister had a skinny build, with freckles across her shoulders, upper chest and tiny ones across her face. She was just about a year older than me, with her birthday coming up before my own. Hers was 2 weeks away and mine was a month and a half.   “But MOM!” My sister whined.   “No butts, Jade!” Mom told her. “I told you, when you get a job, you can buy anything you want, but your father and I are not spending one-hundred dollars on a pair of shoes for you!”   “You ruin my life!” Jade yelled as Mom looked at me and her eyes went wide.   “Honey, are you all right?” Mom asked.   Jade looked over then rushed by my side. I found it odd, my sister never did this before. She grabbed onto me and guided me to a chair at the table.   “Yeah, light-headed,” I said. “What were you two arguing about?” I asked.   “Don’t you worry about that, little brother! You need to worry about yourself!” Jade said.   This even stunned my mother.   “Why are you being so nice to Joshua suddenly? You’re at each other’s throats.” Mom pointed out.   “Because, he’s my little brother, and I learned today he might not always be around,” Jade said, blushing.   Okayyyyy, this was odd. Odd.   Dad came out of the kitchen carrying plates, and then he looked at me. He was wearing a yellow apron. He looked like me, with a clean haircut that was always combed and moussed. His hair was red, but with all the mousse, it looked black. He stood about 6 foot tall, had green eyes, and wore a suit, though at the moment he was in Khakis and a polo shirt. He set down plates of spaghetti in front of my mother and Jade, and Jade passed hers. Dad looked at her like she had two heads but got two more plates. We sat down and ate and eating made me feel better a little. When I finished, I got up, and Jade jumped to my side and helped me get up and walk to my room. She helped me into my room where she helped me to sit on my bed, grabbed my shirt and pulled it off in one swipe.   “Why are you being nice?” I asked.   “Because I love you.” She whispered. “And I couldn’t handle it if anything happened to you.” She said.   She helped me lay down. She then went to my pants and unbuttoned them and as she removed them, my cock rose. She tossed my pants aside and then sat on the side of the bed next to me. She ran her hand down my chest.   “You know, little brother, you’re not so bad looking. You’ve got a good tone to your muscle. I know you’ve been trying to put on more muscle, but a lot of girls, myself included don’t like the burly type. I think this suits you more.” She breathed.   As she ran her hand up and down my chest, my cock grew harder. She caught this out of the corner of her eye and looked at it. She looked back at me and smiled. She leaned in and kissed my cheek.   “Try to get rest. We’ll talk more tomorrow.” She whispered.   I still didn’t understand why she was being so nice. Was it the elixirs? I mulled this over in my mind as I fell asleep.   That night, I dreamt that Jade came into my room in a bra and panties. She pulled back my covers as to not wake me. She then reached into my boxers and pulled out my cock.   “Oh little brother, you’ve grown up.” She whispered as she jerked my cock until it was hard.   Her hand slipped down between her legs, but I couldn’t see what she was doing as she continued jerking my cock off. Her breathing became ragged and then she shuddered. She then jerked me off a little faster without trying to wake me. When that didn’t seem to go far, she climbed on the bed. I could make out her body in the soft light from the street lamps leaking through my window. She tugged down my boxers a little and then straddled my waist. She moved aside her panties, revealing her hairy little pussy and lowered herself, pinning my erection between us. I could feel the heat and dampness from her pussy as she used her body to jerk me off. It was a whole different world as she did it. I could hear her giving out muffled squeaks with each motion, and before long my cock was throbbing for release. A few more rotations of her hips and my cock spasmed, shooting out my seed onto my stomach. She leaned down and licked it off me. When she was done, she got a wicked smile on her face.   “And you taste wonderful.” She whispered.   She then pulled up my shorts, pulled herself off the bed, and straightened her panties. After she covered me back up and gave me a peck on the cheek before excusing herself from my room.   The next morning I felt loads better. The dream had been so vivid and real, I felt like I could remember every detail. I got dressed and got my stuff together for school. After gathering up my gear, I walked out to the living room where Jade was waiting for me with a smile.   “There’s my cutie of a little brother!” She said, before walking up and giving me a hug. “Are you feeling better?” She asked.   “Yes,” I said, stunned that I was still being treated so well.   “Good!” She said. “Mom and dad already left, and I figured we could walk together to school.” She said.   We left the house, locking up.   “You know, you are cute.” She said while we walked.   “Hey, don’t forget to give yourself a compliment. You’re one of the hottest girls I know.” I said with a smile.   “You think I’m hot?” She asked, giving me a look of disbelief.   “Oh yeah, you’re the girl that guys have wet dreams about,” I said with a smile.   That stunned her a little.   “You think? I mean, I know guys like me, but…’ She said.   “What? You think it’s all about tits and ass?” I asked.   “Well yeah.” She said.   “Well, it’s not. And some of these guys may take a while to get their heads out of their asses, but sometimes slim and small is better.” I said. “If I can be honest for a moment without you taking this the wrong way, I’d like to say something you should know,” I added.   “Sure. Anything for my cute little brother.” She said.   “On Saturdays, when you’re sitting around, with your hair a mess, in just a t-shirt and panties…” I said.   “Yeah?” She asked.   “You’re breathtaking,” I said. “, if you weren’t my sister, I would’ve asked you out long ago.”   “AWE!” She said, stopping and pulling me into a hug and then showering me with kisses. “You are just the sweetest guy ever.”   As she showered me with kisses, I shifted and our lips met. Instead of it being a short kiss, we stood there and enjoyed a long, unwavering, taboo act. After a few moments, we broke the kiss, and she blushed. She grabbed me by the hand and pulled me until we made our way into the woods behind the school. She found a spot far from the beaten path, set down her purse and turned towards me.   “Do that again.” She ordered.   “What?” I asked.   “Kiss me. Pretend I’m not your sister, but instead think of someone you’re super attracted to, pretend I’m them and kiss me like you wanted to show them how you feel.” She instructed.   I didn’t need to pretend she wasn’t my sister. I was being honest when I said she was breathtaking. I was being honest when I said I would’ve asked her out.   So, I stepped forward and our lips met again, and we made out, right there, behind the school, hoping no one would find us. As we kissed, my hand went up her t-shirt to her bra and I massaged her right tit through the padded cloth. She took a hold of my hand and moved it under her bra so I could play with her nipple as we made out. Then I felt her hand go down my pants and take my dick into her hand. She tried to jerk it, but waistbands are a bitch sometimes, and she couldn’t get a good rhythm. we broke the kiss, with my hand still up her shirt, and her hand still down my pants. Her face was completely flushed now, and she was standing there dumbfounded.   “Holy shit.” She said.   “That bad?” I asked, kind of embarrassed.   That had been my first real kiss. I had imagined it for so long and now I had fucked it up.   “NO! That good!” She exclaimed.   She leaned in and gave me a peck on the lips.   “You got me so wet.” She breathed. “Fuck trying to hook up my little brother with my friends now, I’d be jealous.” She giggled.   “Wait, are you saying what I think you’re saying?” I asked.   “That I was gonna try to hook you up with one of my friends? Yeah.” Jade said.   “No, not that, the part of being jealous. Do you… want me?” I asked.   “At the moment, it’s taking everything I have to keep this from going further.” She said.   “Now I know you’re fucking with me,” I stated.   She pulled her hand from my pants, grabbed my hand from her tit, and shoved it down hers to her pussy. I could feel the pubic hair, then the wetness. My eyes went wide. She wasn’t pulling my leg.   “YOU did that.” She breathed as she made me pull out my hand.   I put my fingers in my mouth to taste her juices.   Oh god, they tasted so good. I wanted to go down on her right there. My cock went erect just from tasting her. Was this the world of the red elixir? It said it would enhance my charisma. Could I have seduced my sister with it?   “You are a little hunk, aren’t you?” She breathed. “We’ll talk more about this later.” She whispered.   With that, she picked up her backpack, and we headed into school. Most of the school day, I would say was uneventful, but it seemed like my peers paid more attention and at lunch, though the cheerleaders wanted me to sit with them, Jade pulled me aside to sit alone with her. She had been working in the library since she had graduated, but something was definitely up here. I almost never saw her in the lunch room.   “What’s up?” I asked.   “You told no one, did you?” She asked, almost tearing up.   “No…? Why would I tell anyone?” I asked.   “It’s already around the school about what we did in the woods this morning.” She said. “My coworkers are distancing themselves from me… and…” She sniffled. “Anyway, I’m heading home early.” She added.   “When?” I asked.   “After lunch… just promise me you’ll come home safe?” She asked.   “Sure,” I said.   She got up and rushed out of the lunchroom and one cheerleader came over to the table. Her name was Nancy. She had long blonde hair and brown eyes. I swore she was a bleach blonde. She had to be at least a d-cup and stood about as tall as me. She always wore her cheerleading uniform and flirted with every jock.   “Was that your sister?” She asked.   “Yeah,” I said.   “Is it true you two were making out?” She asked.   “NO!” I said loudly and getting angry. “I DIDN’T MAKE OUT WITH MY SISTER! HOW SICK ARE YOU FUCKS? AND EVEN IF I HAD THAT WOULD’VE BEEN A PRIVATE MOMENT BETWEEN TWO CONSENTING PEOPLE WHO CARED ABOUT EACH OTHER. NO WONDER I REFUSE TO DATE ANYONE, I HAVE TO KEEP REMINDING MYSELF THAT ALL OF YOU ARE SICK AND TWISTED PSYCHOS WHO DELIGHT IN TORMENTING OTHERS AND HAVE TO BE UP IN EVERYBODY’S PERSONAL LIFE! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU ALL?” I yelled.   I stood up pounding on the table.   “Whoa, dude! Calm down!” One jock called at me.   “HOW THE FUCK CAN I CALM THE FUCK DOWN WHEN YOU ALL WANT TO DESTROY MY SISTER’S GOOD NAME? IF I WASN’T HER BROTHER, I’D BE FUCKING LUCKY IF SHE LOOKED AT ME TWICE! I JUST GOT HER TO STOP CALLING ME A TWERP THIS MORNING! THIS FUCKING MORNING SHE FINALLY Treated ME AS HER SWEET LITTLE BROTHER, BUT NOW YOU FUCKING RETARDS COME ALONG AND FUCK IT ALL UP FOR ME! SHE THINKS I STARTED THESE RUMORS AND TOLD ME SHE’D RATHER ME DIE RIGHT NOW! SO FUCK YOU! FUCK ALL OF YOU! FUCK YOU STRAIGHT TO HELL!” I yelled before a teacher grabbed me by the arm.   The teacher yanked me out of the lunchroom, with everyone whispering about what I had just done.   “Listen, I know you’re angry.” The teacher started. “And I know you want to protect your family, but there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. That wasn’t the right way.” The teacher said.   “Oh? How do you suggest I deal with a bunch of babbling baboons?” I asked. “Those students have more interest in throwing fecal matter at each other than treating each other with respect. The jocks are all about sexual conquest. I’ve heard the stories they tell, even though they’re blatant lies. The cheerleaders are all about who can come up with the next most expensive item! I’ve heard them all first-hand! And the rest are thriving on rumors and lies.” I said, realizing that I was speaking more like an adult than a kid.   Maybe this was the blue elixir. It said it would increase my mental capabilities.   “I can’t say for sure, but loud outbursts aren’t the way to do it.” The teacher said.   The teacher led me to the principal’s office, and after a brief word, I was called in with the teacher nowhere in sight. Mr. Filagree sat behind his desk going over paperwork. He looked up at me and smiled.   “Mr. Tellus, I’m told you cursed out the entire student body attending lunch.” Mr. Filagree said as I took a seat.   “Yes, sir, I did,” I said, not trying to hide my guilt.   “Wanna tell me why?” He asked.   “Rumors that started drama with my family.” I pointed out.   He sat back and rubbed his chin.   “Ah rumors, I know how those can be, my boy.” He said. “Back when I was a kid, and dinosaurs roamed the Earth, a rumor spread I was having a relationship with my sister.”   “Were you?” I asked.   “Were you?” He asked giving me a knowing stare.   He knew too. Great.   “Listen, what you and your partners do is your own business. Your speech out there to those kids entailed that. I’ll do my best to quash the rumors on this one. But it’s best you headed home. I would suggest taking a long way.” Mr. Filagree said. “The air might do you some good.”   “Okay.” I sighed.   Well, luck didn’t seem to be on my side. Maybe the elixirs were bullshit.   I got up and headed out of his office and out of the school, still pissed off at the world, and took his advice to take a long way home. As I walked, I slipped on some gravel on the sidewalk, only to find an instant lottery ticket in front of me. I had seen this one load of times, and this one all the time. It was a dollar scratch off and boasted a huge prize. Someone scratched this one and revealed a winner. It was worth a hundred bucks.   Well, maybe I was wrong about the elixirs. They seemed to do the trick so far. Charisma, Intelligence, and luck.   Putting the scratch-off in my pocket, I raced home to find Jade already in my favorite outfit… a pair of panties and a t-shirt, on the couch. Her eyes were red from crying. I tossed my bag on the floor, went over to the couch and consoled her for about 1/2 an hour. At which time, she wiped her eyes and asked why I was home so soon. I explained to her what I did in the lunchroom and my discussion with the principal. Something stuck her in the lunchroom scene.   “You, you stood up for me?” She asked.   “Yeah,” I said.   Jade tackled me and forced me into a passionate kiss. When she tackled me, my hands went right on her tits. When she broke the kiss, she sat up, straddling my waist and pulled her t-shirt off. Her breasts were b-cups, which made her look flat most of the time, but I didn’t mind. Her waist was small. Her bellybutton was a deep innie. Her areolas were bigger than her nipples, which were the size of a pencil eraser, and about twice as long. They were already erect as she tossed down her shirt. She leaned in and kissed me more as she reached down, unbuttoning my jeans, and trying to pull them down. We stopped as I pulled off my shirt and then helped her with my jeans.   “I love you, little brother.” She cooed at me. “More than you realize.” She added as she lowered herself back down.   Just two thin pieces of fabric kept us from being naked as she leaned in and got us going again in making out. As we made out this time, I felt her hips rocking against mine. She broke the kiss, only to suck on my neck, where the neck and the shoulder meet. This overwhelmed me and her constant rocking, and my cock rose. Her rocking became more of a heavy grinding as she nipped and nibbled at my neck, and I knew she could feel it when my cock popped free of my boxers and she rocked back on it only to feel the head poking at her cloth-covered hole. She picked herself up, turning her attention away from her focus, and to my now erect penis.   “Wow.” She breathed.   She didn’t say another word as she got up. I thought to myself.   Was she done? Had she had enough? Had I already fucked this up?   I was soon answered by her taking me by the hand, grabbing our clothing and leading us into my bedroom. She tossed our clothing onto the floor by my bed. Closed the bedroom door and made me turn towards her.   “Ground rules: One: We do this and you tell no one. Not your friends, not your jock buddies, not the cheerleaders, not a soul. You don’t even write it down.” She said.   “Agreed,” I said.   “Two: You can date other girls, but you take it slow. I don’t wanna hear you fucked other girl on day one.” She said.   Fucked another girl on day one? Interesting phrasing.   “Agreed,” I said.   “Three: You make love to me as often as you can.” She said. “I’m on the pill, so we don’t have to worry as much, but I’ve never and I mean NEVER have done this before, but I heard it’s wonderful. So take your time.” She said with a smile.   Her smile set my heart aflutter, and as I agreed she bent down and took off her panties. Seeing her hairy bush, my cock throbbed, and I took off my boxers. She led me over to the bed. She kissed me before bending down and taking my shorts off.   Was this happening? Were we about to have sex? No. It couldn’t be that. Right! She said making love, right? So that just meant she wanted heavy petting and nothing more.   Turns out, I was wrong, I was super fucking wrong. She then got on the bed, laying on her back. I got on top of her, knowing only what to do from stories I read on Literotica and then more and videos I found on Xnxx. I nibbled and sucked on her neck for a while, this got the mood back to where she needed it. As I moved down her chest with a trail of soft kisses, she let out a moan. I moved to her left breast, and slobbered all over it, licking, kissing, sucking and biting on her nipple. I don’t know why I slobbered on her, I didn’t think to control the flow of my saliva. But this got to her, and with a final suck on her nipple, she let out a gasp and grabbed the back of my head, keeping me right there. I felt her buck her hips under me and I reached down and stroked her pussy. She seemed to love this as she grabbed my hand and forced me to stick a finger inside her. Which made her moan even louder. This went on for a few minutes, with shorter moans escaping her all the while, replacing the old ones. She then grabbed my head with both hands and forced me to kiss her and passionately. This made my cock throb and I could smell her aroma filling my room. I found that I loved her smell, it was beautiful and invigorating at the same time.   “That was better than I have ever felt.” She whispered after we broke the kiss.   “More than?” I asked.   “Oh god yes.” She said.   Keeping my finger in her pussy, I worked on her other breast and nipple, pumping my hand as I went and before long, she had the same reaction; grabbing my head, thrusting her hips, and moaning. After she didn’t pull me into a kiss, and I made my way down her stomach to her beautiful pussy. I removed my finger, to her dissatisfaction, and spread her outer labia. Between her legs, there was much less hair than the front of her pussy and spreading it, I could make out her inner labia, clitoral hood, clitoris, and her hymen. I could also see her urethral opening and her entrance to her vagina. From the porn I had read and watched, I knew what to do in this case. I already knew I liked tasting her juices so that was a plus. I started by slobbering all over her outer lips, again, because I wasn’t controlling my saliva. I then moved onto her inner lips, nipping on them as I licked. She moaned again, so I moved onto the main event, her clitoris. I teased her clitoral hood with my thumb as I licked and sucked at her clit and it wasn’t long before she grabbed my head for the third time and bucked her hips against my face. This time I felt her shuddering hard as she orgasmed. She screamed out as she came, letting me know what was going on. After her orgasm subsided, she pulled me up to face her and showering me with kisses.   “You are the best little brother a girl could want.” She said in between kisses.   She then planted a hard kiss on my lips.   Mission accomplished, right? I made her orgasm. I made her feel wonderful. I made love to her, right?   “Are you ready, little brother?” She cooed at me.   She reached down and grabbed a hold of my cock and put the tip at her entrance.   WRONG! Shit! She wanted me to put my cock inside her! She wanted us to have sex!   “Are you sure about this?” I asked.   “Listen, I already said I love you. I have for a long time. Being like this with you seemed impossible, and it upset me. I tried to distance myself from you by picking on you for so long, but I’ve wanted this for as long as I can remember.” She explained. “The other day, when I got all gushy over you, it’s because my best friend’s cousin went missing, and they were close… as close as we are about to get. It made me realize that I couldn’t live without you. So, yes, Joshua Tellus. My baby brother, and love of my life. I am sure.” She said.   Well, that settles that.   Being the normal 18-year-old horn dog I was, I couldn’t resist her. I carefully pushed inside her vagina until I was bottomed out. Now I’m not gonna say I’m some Casanova who lasts through ten positions or five hours of sex. I will not pretend that for an instant. I’m not gonna tell you my cock was huge and pushed up against her cervix. What I will tell you, is that as soon as it pressed together our pubic hair, and I felt her warm cocoon wrapped around my cock, pulsing, and teasing. I lost it. I came inside my sister within seconds of putting my cock in her pussy. She let out a moan as she felt the spurts of my cum entering her. It wasn’t too much, maybe four or five spirts, and when I thought about it, that it could be a lot based on how much I came during masturbation, the thought scared me.   If she wasn’t on birth control, I would’ve been freaking out. I know.   “Oh god.” She moaned. “That feels even better than rubbing against you last night.” She breathed before kissing me again.   “Wait… that wasn’t a dream?” I asked.   “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you for that. I couldn’t help myself. I had been masturbating since I put you to bed and just couldn’t get off without touching you. After I got off, I didn’t want to leave you without relieving you, so I had a little more fun.” She confessed.   “Well, I wish you had woken me up. I would’ve enjoyed that.” I mumbled.   “You wouldn’t have minded?” She asked.   “Never!” I exclaimed as I felt renewed and started to thrust in and out of her vagina. “I would’ve been elated! My beautiful sexy sister wanted me all this time? I’ve gotta be the luckiest guy in the universe!” I said.   Elated? Damn. That blue elixir was working.   She kissed me again as I continued. I learned something as I thrust in and out of her. If you try to cum right after you cum, you last longer. This time, I’d say it was five minutes, and this time what set me off was her orgasm. She bucked her hips against mine a couple minutes in, and after another couple of minutes, I felt her hot juices surrounding my cock. My cock spasmed, and I released another, much smaller load inside her vagina. She let out a sigh of relief.   “That was wonderful.” She said with a yawn at the end.   My cock was rigid again, with the thought of her joining me in the night. She reached down and pulled my cock out of her and then had me get up. She gathered our undies, and shirts, and had us put them on. She then got back into the bed and laid on her side. She had me lay snuggled up to her back and pulled my cock out of my boxers and I felt it as it went back inside her vagina before she covered us up with my heavy blanket.   “I heard the first time hurts, it didn’t hurt?” I asked.   “Not at all. You were super gentle.” She said. “And it felt so easy to put you back in me, little brother.” She added. “Now let’s get sleep.”   With my arm around her stomach and her arm around my arm, we fell asleep. I didn’t wake until a few hours later when my room door opened.   OH SHIT. We’re caught! I am so fucked! And not in a good way! How will we ever explain this?   “Shhhh… let them sleep.” My dad whispered. “They’ve had a hard day.”   “I know, the principal called me too. He said the rumors were vicious, and he stood up and exploded at everyone. I think it’s wonderful that they’re getting closer as they get older. Maybe it’ll make it easier to stay in touch with them both when they go off to college.” My mom whispered.   “With them going through so much, I think it might be wise if we called them in sick tomorrow. You know, let them have a 3-day weekend.” My dad whispered.   “And besides, with them in here, we can go have fun without worrying.” My mom whispered.   “Oh, Sarah.” My dad said with an inflection to make you think it instantly aroused him.   “Let’s go make them a little brother or sister.” My mom told him.   They closed my door, and my sister turned her head.   “You awake?” She whispered.   “Yeah,” I whispered.   “Do you think they know?” She whispered.   “OH JOHNNY!!” We heard mom yell.   We both had to giggle at this. Mom was as loud as Jade.   “If they do, they either don’t care or want to put off any talks until later,” I whispered. “And as long as I can keep loving you, I don’t care.”   “I love you too,” Jade said.   We both fell back asleep, not being woken again by our parents’ antics.