The Living Doll – Chapter 2

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Tom Hiddleston Fan Fiction by Nova

This can’t be real. She spoke, but it had to be all in my head. It was apparent to me that I had spent way too much time on the road doing these conventions. Especially if I was hearing things like this.

I got up off the couch and headed for the bathroom. I needed a shower and a good rest in my own bed. I grabbed a towel from my linen closet and headed into the bathroom. I closed the bathroom door behind me, not that I needed to, and began stripping down. Taking off my shirt first, Then I took off my pants, and finally my boxers. I reached into the shower and turned the handle for the water. It was a single handle to set the temperature, and the shower doors slid closed so that I wouldn’t exactly get the floor too wet. I set the water to warm, then shut the glass shower door. I grabbed my razor and shaving cream, taking my time to shave a little, to trim the parts of my beard that I didn’t like before cleaning it, and then going into the shower. For the next ten minutes, my poof was my most intimate lovers, with the poof touching every last inch of my body, and smearing the body wash that it held all over my body, like the juices of a lover.

After I was fully soaped and scrubbed, I rinsed off and took care of my hair next, making sure to thoroughly clean my scalp. After making sure that I was fully cleaned up, including my hair, I rinsed again, and shut off the water. I opened the shower door, and grabbed my towel.

After taking a moment to towel myself off, I headed out of the bathroom. I had convinced myself at this point that not only had I been overworked and overtired; I was lonely. That was something that just being near anyone could fix. I could reach out to an old fling, or maybe hang out with some friends, but first I needed some sleep.

I headed to my bedroom, still naked, and got dressed in some night clothing. After getting dressed, I finished toweling off, and then slipped into bed. Slumber soon took me and I found myself dreaming. In the dream I was out with friends. We were in a pub at a table. As we laughed and joked, the doll walked up to the table and spoke, as plain as day.

“I can’t believe you left me alone, Tom. I thought we had something special.” The doll said.

“Dude, you shouldn’t leave your girl like that.” One of my faceless friends said.

“Yeah, man. Go spend some time with your girl.” Another said.

“Don’t worry, Tom. I’ll always be here for you.” The doll said to me.

The world around me blacked out, as her face got larger and larger, taking over my vision, until I suddenly awoke.

I woke snapping to a sitting position, breathing heavily. What the hell was that? It was dark out now. I decided it might be time to get up. Maybe I should watch some tv. It would calm my nerves.

I got out of bed, putting my feet on the carpeted floor. I grabbed the towel, and headed to the hamper. I threw the towel into it, then headed back to the Livingroom. I turned on the lights before heading towards the kitchen, I made myself a turkey sandwich. Rye bread, turkey, Swiss cheese and some mustard, if you’re wondering.

Then I, and my sandwich made our way back to the Livingroom. I sat down next to the doll. I grabbed the television remote and turned it on. I flipped through the channels until I landed on something mindless and then sat back. I ate my sandwich while watching, not aware of anything in my surroundings.

“You should’ve grabbed a napkin. You’ve got crumbs in your beard.” The doll said.

I set the plate on my end table.

“Yeah, you’re probably right.” I said to the doll.

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