Sugar and Vinegar Chapter 11


By: Nova

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I awoke the next morning, to find Rachel on top of me, nude, with my cock buried deep inside her hot, wet, tight pussy. She stared into my eyes as I opened them.


“Good morning lover.” She cooed at me.


“Rachel? What the fuck is going on?” I asked, alarmed that I was inside her.


“Insan asked me to keep you hard while the girls ate. He’s got the devices ready, but he wanted you to be awake before he put yours on you.” She whispered.


“Well mission accomplished on that.” I laughed.


She dragged herself off of my cock and then got off the bed. She offered a hand to help me get up. I took her hand and got out of bed. She led me out to the dining room where Aisha and Holly were still naked eating. Sitting at the table was Ji, who was chit chatting with Becky, Mom, Heather and Insan.


“Oh good, you’re up. You missed Amber, Nat, Kimmy and Donnie head out to the mall.” Mom said.


“Mall huh? Mom, I mean, Natalie, I think I need a bigger bed.” I said.


Mom giggled at this as Insan got up with a box in his hands. He walked over and opened it. He pulled out the first of its contents, a band that looked as if someone made it of rubber, about an inch long, and slipped it on to the base of my cock. It had 3 little lights on it. Next, another band, which he put on my neck. he took off my manacle and slipped a new one on me. This one had additional buttons.


“There ya go, Josh.” He said with a smile as he pressed a couple buttons on the manacle.


I felt sharp pains in my neck first, then my cock, which soon subsided.


“With those bands on, you can move freely from the girls you’re bonded with. The one on your cock will allow you to control who you bond with as well as who you can and cannot knock up.” Insan explained. “Your cock band is controlled from your new manacle, and the final piece is that you won’t have to drink the liquid anymore. The manacle will dose you daily.” He said.


Dr. Nitty had given me some real options.


“Thanks!” I said as Becky walked off to get me some coffee. “But I’m betting you girls had a good night with Ji last night.” I laughed.


“Not for long… after Ji came on Natalie, not in, he was done for the night.” Heather said.


“Sorry.” Ji squeaked.


“Don’t fret, you’ll get to lasting longer with those rings.” Heather breathed.


“Rings?” I asked.


“Yeah, I sort of borrowed your cock rings for Ji. I want the next fuck to last longer. Hope that’s okay.” Heather said.


“As long as they get cleaned after.” I said.


“That, my boy, will not be necessary. That band will not only act in a manner to stop the virus from spreading if you should wish it, but a condom, and a cock ring. The condom mode will be far more effective than normal birth control, and the cock ring mode will allow you to not only resist cumming but stay hard for hours at a time without stimulation. The controls are here on your manacle.” He explained pointing out each button which had been labeled.


He pressed the one that was labeled virus and it lit up green. He then pressed condom which lit up red, and then ring which lit up orange. He then pressed condom and ring again to disengage them, leaving the virus on.


“Your collars will allow you three to be up to a mile apart without being satisfied, and function much like the adapters before, with the exception they will last as long as you need them to. It’s all waterproof, so you won’t have to take any of them off.” Dr. Nitty explained.


I sat back down with Becky bringing me a cup of coffee and I looked over at my two bond mates. They were giggling and whispering to each other, and wore similar bands to mine around their necks. Each of the lights on their neck was like the ones on my cock, with the green one being lit.


“So what are their lights? What do they do?” I asked.


“Well as you can guess, the green is to keep the virus from transferring.” Dr. Nitty explained. “The red one, like yours, will act as birth control. The Orange one, again, like yours will keep them aroused and ready for sex. Unlike yours though, theirs is adjusted by buttons on their collars which respond to their touch. No one else can change their settings.”


I thought about this as I sipped my coffee. It was a positive thing. This way they could sleep around, and we wouldn’t have to worry about pregnancy. I didn’t want to infringe on their freedoms at all, and that’s when I felt something. I looked down at my cock to see Becky giving it the adoration she had been waiting to.


“You drink your coffee.” She mumbled, “Then we’ll all go have fun.” She added before going back to what she was doing.


“I don’t think I’ve ever seen her that engrossed with you in my universe.” Aisha pointed out.


As I felt my cock twitch, I reached for my manacle and activated ring mode allowing Becky to continue teasing me and enjoying the taste of my cock. As I gulped down my coffee, she enjoyed my balls, while stroking my shaft. I looked over to my bond mates only to see them activate the same lights on their collars. Aisha shot me a look that told me to finish my coffee. I swallowed it down.


“Good, now you’re finished, let’s have fun.” Becky said with a smirk.


“Hold on a moment. I need your brother before you two go off to have fun.” Dr. Nitty said.


“Oh?” I asked.


“Yes. I sent a probe through to the next universe, and though the atmosphere read fine, I got odd readings coming back…, a rare element exists there in large quantities, and I’m in need of it.” Dr. Nitty said.


“So you want me to get it?” I asked.


“If you wouldn’t mind.” Dr. Nitty said.


“You okay with putting this off until a little later?” I asked Becky.


She gave me a look, then sighed.


“Yeah, I guess. But you’d better make it up with that amazing tongue of yours later.” She said with a smirk.


I smiled at her before getting up.


“Go get dressed, I have new clothing at the lab for you.” Dr. Nitty said with a smile.


I headed to my room and got dressed in some clothing. Just an athletic shirt and my workout shorts and rejoined Dr. Nitty. I got geared the rest of the way up and we headed out the door. When we entered the lab, Deb was sitting on a table, nude and using one of my dildos to pound her pussy. She was covered in sweat and looked like she had already cum a few times. She let out soft moans as she pounded away, not noticing us. Dr. Nitty excused himself while I walked over to Deb, and pulled out my still hard cock. I grabbed her dildo from her, and replaced it with my cock. She let out a loud moan as I bottomed out in her. She looked up into my eyes.


“About fucking time.” She whispered.


I pounded away at her pussy at the same speed she had been using the dildo and her moans became more audible. I reached down to my wrist and disabled ring mode before reaching up her body and playing with her tits as I pumped. It wasn’t long before I felt my orgasm rising.


“Here it comes!” I said just before my cock erupted inside her.


She let out her loudest moan yet as I filled her up with my seed. She pulled me into a passionate kiss, and we made out until my cock stopped emptying the contents of my balls inside her.


“That was great.” She said after we broke the kiss.


“I’m glad you enjoyed it.” I said.


“Getting your cock inside me, having the first guy I’m with fill me up with so much spunk it’s not funny? Or getting off the effects of the drug I was testing?” She giggled.


I pulled out of her.


“Drug?” I asked.


“Well it’s kind of like the one you’re on, except it works for women. Problem is the side effects. I must adjust the mixture.” She said with a smirk.


“How long were you masturbating for?” I asked.


She looked up at the clock.


“Oh about ten hours.” She said with a smile as she looked back.


She got off the table and knelt down in front of me.


“Now let me get you all cleaned up.” She cooed before licking my cock until it was void of any juices but her saliva.


She again, smiled at me, before putting my cock away. Dr. Nitty reentered the room with a smirk on his face.


“Now, if you two kids are done…” He started.


He held out clothing and a new earpiece.


I got dressed in it, removing my normal clothing and then put in the ear piece. Deb gave me a passionate kiss, and then Dr. Nitty led me to the Gateway Chamber. He activated it.


“Remember the element is abundant. It’s very rare here. It’ll show up as a purple rock. When you get as much as you can carry, come back.” Dr. Nitty said.


“Right.” I said before hopping into the gateway.


Everything seemed to go black, and I woke later on the other side of the Gateway laying on the ground.


“Doc? What happened?” I asked.


“I’m not sure. The gateway exploded when you went through. It’ll take a good month to get it back online. You might wanna come back with your manacle.” Dr. Nitty said.


I looked down at my manacle which looked like it was normal except for the smoking part, and smelled like burning electronics.


“Um… it’s smoking.” I said.


“That’s not good. It’s a good thing your body doesn’t acclimate to different Universes, because you will be stuck there unless you can find me.” Dr. Nitty said.


I looked around, and noticed I was in front of the storefront diner, except it was a pile of rubble.


“That may be hard.” I said.


“Why?” He asked.


“The storefront that’s your lab is a pile of rubble here. I’ll ask around, maybe I’ll get lucky like I did in Tabitha’s Universe.” I said as I got up and dusted myself off.


“Keep me updated.” Dr. Nitty said.


I walked, not sure of where I’d ask, until I ended up in front of my house in this universe. A faded red Camaro pulled up to the sidewalk in front of the house and Heather stepped out wearing a cheerleading uniform.


“Hey Nerd.” She said as she looked at me. “I didn’t think you’d be back so soon. Did you stop part way and realize that she was a fat slut?” Heather asked.


“What?” I asked.


She couldn’t tell the difference between me and her actual brother, so I played along.


“Oh, no. Um… I decided she wasn’t worth the effort.” I said.


Heather turned back to the car.


“I’ll see you later, Tommy.” She cooed at him.


She closed the car door and the Camaro sped off. She then turned and led me inside.


“So nerd, what happened to your glasses? I know you can’t live without them.” She said as she stepped away and stripped down to nothing.


“They, uh, broke.” I said.


“Sucks for you.” She said. “You know you’ll never get laid now either. Not that you can see a pussy now.” She said.


“What makes you say that?” I asked as she bent over.


Oh, if she only knew.


“Because you’re a nerd. You know, if you learned to eat pussy, I might just pimp you out to my fellow cheerleaders.” She laughed.


“Really?” I said acting like I was in disbelief.


“Yep.” She said. “Now I’ve had a long morning of practice. I’m gonna go take a nap. Try not to wake me up with your masturbating.” She laughed before walking off, still not realizing that I could see her.


I sat down on the couch and flipped through the channels of the TV, only to hear some soft moaning. I lowered the volume to verify what I was hearing. Heather was masturbating. I sat back and waited until the moaning stopped, which was only a minute or two. She had either gotten off fast or had passed out. I waited about five to ten minutes, grabbing a drink from the fridge, then did a light workout. Push-ups, sit ups, and stretching, before getting up and ready. If I was gonna be stuck here, fixing my other-self’s life, then I was gonna keep to my routine. I took off the manacle, and found the release for the head and dick collars and headed to my room. There was no point in wearing them if I couldn’t even use them. I put them in a shoebox under my bed, took off my boots, earpiece, and hoodie and found a t-shirt with a Dr. Who logo on it that would fit me. I headed out of the bedroom and to Heather’s bedroom. I opened the door and looked in. She was laying naked, splayed out with her legs hanging over the bed, and legs wide apart, and passed out. I let myself in. The room wreaked of pussy. This version of Heather had a small landing strip of hair above her pussy but was pretty much identical to my Heather. I closed her door and moved over to the bed.


“Time for an audition.” I said under my breath and knelt down.


Even though I didn’t have to, I started by teasing her inner thighs with licks, sucks and kisses. After a few minutes, I moved onto her outer pussy lips, giving them the same treatment. She moaned in her sleep, and I could smell the arousal coming from her pussy again. I moved my way towards her inner lips and clit, making sure I was gentle at first. I worked on her clit for ten minutes when I felt her grab my hair. She let out a soft moan then let go as her juices squirted into my mouth. I licked her clean after checking to see if she was awake, then got up and headed to the shower. As I showered, I thought to myself on how easy it would’ve been to have my way with her. She was so vulnerable because she didn’t see her own brother as a threat. I finished up and got dried and redressed. I headed out of the bathroom, and heard Heather awake and talking on the phone. I overheard what she was saying.


“No, I’m serious, Mandy. In the dream, he was so good at it. I swear, if I knew he was that good in real life, you wouldn’t see me dating Tommy.” Heather said.


I chuckled to myself before realizing a harsh truth… I wasn’t linked to the others anymore, but I wasn’t feeling the withdrawal symptoms like I had before. I headed into my counterpart’s bedroom and sat down at his desk. As I did I heard a slight beeping, and looked for the source, which was a small ear piece that looked similar to mine. I put it into my ear and pressed the button on it.


“Are you serious? He’s your brother!” I could hear the girl on the other end say to Heather.


Heather sighed.


“Yes, I’m serious. If he can eat pussy like that in real life, and this dream was more than a dream…I… no, he deserves a chance.” Heather said.


“And what if he turns you down?” The girl said.


“Are you kidding? He’s been trying to lose his virginity for a long time. He even planned that trip to japan to go get married to some idiot just to get some, and look where that got him.” Heather laughed.


Even if she was talking about my counterpart, this was just wrong. She had no regard for anyone else’s feelings or state of mind.


“Well if you’re sure. But what if he blabs about it?” The girl asked.


“Like anyone would believe my nerdy brother. He wouldn’t be able to prove it anyhow” Heather said. “Not to mention, I’d out him as some kind of perv for thinking about his sister like that.”


I looked in the drawer to find several objects as the two laughed about my counterpart, seeing he was prepared for that likely hood. Someone wired his desk up to link up to several hidden cameras, all running to a VCR for each, and when I checked the closet, I found the televisions someone wired them to. There were several small television sets, each wired to a different camera in his room. I closed off the closet and prepped the recording functions as I continued listening in. I then went through some other drawers and found out he had been doing research. The story about the girlfriend in Tokyo had been a front. He didn’t want the family to know he was going to Japan as part of a research project on the strange stones found in plentiful amounts around the world. He surmised that without them, the world would fall victim to viruses and bacteria that lived within the world that could cause grave effects. He predicted that if left unchecked, they could see a plague that ravaged the world as bad as the Spanish flu in ours.


I sat back and thought about this in awe. My counterpart was a scientist. I disengaged the listening device and went for my headset. I put it on, and turned it on.


“Doc.” I said.


“Yes?” Dr. Nitty responded.


“This universe is an oddball. If I’m reading my counterpart’s notes correctly, it all has to do with a strange purple stone that didn’t show until around 1970.” I said.


“How did it arrive?” He asked.


“There was a large meteor, destroyed by allied nations, which peppered the planet with them.” I pointed out.


“That sounds like our element.” Dr. Nitty said. “The one we’re looking for is supposed to help the health and well-being of those who are within proximity of its radiation.”


“Well, if I’m reading this stuff right, those rocks are everywhere, and easy to find, and they’ll help the island…” I said as Heather entered the room. “I’ll call ya back.” I said before I clicked off my ear piece.


I turned to look at her and leaned back in my chair. She had put on a long t-shirt, which came down to the underside of her butt.


“Something I can help you with?” I asked.


“Maybe, if you’re up to it.” She said.


I gave her a quizzical look, already knowing what she wanted. She turned back around and closed my door, bending over, trying to give me a show, but then laughed, realizing that my counterpart wasn’t able to see without his glasses.


“So what is it?” I asked.


She walked over to the desk as I took out my ear piece and got in close to my face. She reached down and grabbed the hem of her shirt and lifted it up.


“I had a dream earlier that you ate me to an orgasm, and I can’t get it out of my head.” She whispered. “I want you to eat me out.”


I feigned a shocked look.


“I think I’m hearing things. Can you say again? Louder?” I asked.


“Why?” She asked.


“Yeah, hearing things.” I said, turning back to the desk.


“Joshua! I want you to eat me out!” She said louder.


I smirked. I knew the cameras picked that up. A little blackmail would go a long way in this situation. I turned to see her red faced, still holding her shirt up.


“What do I get out of this?” I asked.


“My offer still stands. If you’re decent, I’ll pimp you out to all my friends.” She said.


“And what if I blow your mind?” I asked.


She faked a laugh at this as it was what she wanted.


“Whatever you want.” She said blushing even brighter.


Okay, time to play the game.


“Deal.” I said as I motioned towards the bed.


She backed up and got onto the bed, and hiked up her shirt to just underneath her breasts. She took a deep breath.


“Ready.” She whispered.


I got up from my chair and walked over to the bed. I climbed onto it, and lined up my face with her pussy and inhaled the smell of her arousal. She was already wet again, just from thinking about me doing this. I looked up her body.


“You need to relax, Heather.” I whispered.


“What?” She asked.


I sat up.


“Roll over.” I said to her.


“What?” She asked.


“Roll over.” I repeated.


“You wanna look at my butt.” She protested.


“I can see your butt just fine like this.” I pointed out. “No, what I want to do is give you a massage to relax you first.” I said.


“R…really?” She asked.


“Can’t get you off if you’re so wound up you can reach an orgasm.” I said.


“Oh.” She said as she rolled over.


She pulled off her shirt and tossed it to the ground as I got up and rummaged through the drawers to find lotion. As I did, I tossed the earpieces into one of the drawers. I found a small bottle that read: Blueberry Body oil. Read page 173 in notebook 10 for details. It seemed straight forward so I grabbed the notebook in question and turned to the page that started with a synopsis of what I should know. What was in it, how long it would last, that it was edible and then a warning.


Warning: This lotion is not untested, the few subjects I have used it on showed increased arousal.


It listed how the arousal was unlocked, which was via absorption through the skin, and slight arousal through smell alone. It warned me not to get any on my clothing as it would not wash out. I thought about this for a moment; my counterpart being a decent scientist.


I walked back over to the bed and pulled off my clothing too, tossing it to the ground before getting on the bed, and using the oil to rub it into her back.


She let out a soft moan as I massaged her.


“What’s that smell?” She asked as she relaxed.


“Blueberries.” I said. “It’s a special massage oil I’ve invented.”


“So that explains why you’re so good at this.” She said. “Or am I the first test subject?”


“Not so much. I’ve already figured out a side effect or two.” I said, noticing my erection growing.


Noticing was not a bad thing, but I covered her body in various areas with the oil, massaging each as I went.


“It’s also edible, so putting it on you won’t be a problem.” I said as I put some on her pussy.


“Oh, that’s a good idea.” She moaned.


After covering her pussy and playing with her outer lips, I returned to massaging her back, and shoulders.


“Why’d you stop?” She asked.


“Stop what?” I asked, knowing full well what she was complaining about.


“Never mind.” She said, frustrated.


“Roll over.” I told her.


She seemed to perk up when I said and rolled over under me, only to see I was naked and erect. Her eyes went wide as she stared at my erect cock. She reached out and took it into her hand. She licked her lips as she held it, wanting it, longing for it. As enamored as she was with it, I continued my work, taking the oil and spreading it across her upper body, massaging as I went, then her stomach, and back to her pussy. I then leaned in and licked and sucking at her nipples and breasts trying to clean off the oil as much as I could, and when I started on her left nipple, she let out a moan, and grabbed the back of my head. I felt her juices spray onto my cock, and I knew what was happening. She was having her second orgasm of the day. It would be so easy to slip my cock inside her waiting pussy and fuck her brains out, but this wasn’t about that. This was about redeeming my counterpart’s name. After she let go of my head, I cleaned up the center of her chest.


“God, Josh that was amazing. I need more. Please.” She panted.


“You’ll get more, I promise.” I breathed.


“I need it inside me.” She begged. “Please!”


“This isn’t about that.” I explained. “This is about you wanting to see if I could live up to your dream and eat you out.” I said as I continued down, past her navel and to her waiting flower.


I began my work on her pussy, only for her to grab the back of my head and force it in place as she had another orgasm.


“Oh god.” She panted as she let go of my head.


I went back to work, licking and sucking on her pussy, enjoying my work. I noted to myself that I’d love to get more of this oil for home. If I could find my counterpart, I’d have to get it marketed. He was an absolute genius. As I ate, Heather ended up grabbing my head twice more, enjoying two more giant orgasms, before she forced me to stop.


“Josh, this was better than wonderful.” She said as she motioned for me to get up.


I stood up before her waiting for her to get up and leave.


“But if you go any longer without me being at least able to reciprocate a little, I will end up raping you.” She admonished. “And that leaves us with two options, and I’ll let you take your pick. I can either suck you off, or you can fuck my brains out right here and now.”


I thought about this for a minute. I wanted to tease her in the same way I could my Heather. Like it or not, she would want it more and more now. And if not from me or my counterpart, then she would probably turn into a whore, like in Tabi’s universe. I had to control the situation, but in a way that made it seem like she still had total control.


“Heather, you don’t mean that.” I said.


“What?” She asked.


“It’s the oil, it’s putting our libidos into overdrive, and I understand how you feel. Trust me when I say, it has taken every ounce of moral strength not to pin you down and have my way with you until we’re both sweaty, exhausted, out of juice and you’re pregnant.” I said.


“I’d be willing for that too.” She said, blushing.


She pulled herself up on her elbows.


“Point is, I don’t want you to make bad decisions based on what my invention did to you. You wanted to see if I could get you off like that, and yes the oil has helped me some with that. Next, I’d like to get you off in a way that the oil won’t last through.” I said.


“Sex?” She asked.


“Sixty Nine. You can suck my cock all you want, while I eat you out for the as long as I deem fit. Deal?” I asked.


“Deal!” She said.


She to up, and I laid down in her spot. She got on the bed, positioned herself over me, in the opposite direction, and made sure she was lined up with my mouth, before plunging my erect cock down her throat. I let out a slight moan before going to work on her pussy. We enjoyed this for a few hours and as I came in her mouth for the second time, she had another orgasm. She had at least 30 before I lost count. She swallowed down my cum again and then pulled her mouth off my still erect cock.


“It’s still hard. You are an animal.” She looking back at me.


“We need a break before we even think about going further.” I said as I moved her off me.


“What? No!” She protested.


“I’m serious, Heather. You need to go take a shower, and cool down. I need one too. Then we can analyze everything.” I said.


“Fine.” She said before getting up and storming out of the room.


The room itself wreaked of sex, so I opened a window, before returning to the notebook and read up on the oil. I got to the end of the information I had read before. I read again.


/Be warned, that usage of this oil, though tested, can cause long term effects that may be uncharted. I found that during the testing on specific unsuspecting subjects, the two subjects in question would confuse love with lust, and go into a relationship, only to break up a few days later when the effects had worn off./


A few days? Oh boy. That wasn’t good. I’m guessing he used a controlled amount on each person, maybe a drop or two and I used a lot on Heather… What was this going to mean for us? An interesting side experiment for sure. I also had her go clean up after. I wrote this all down in a clean section behind it all, noting our interactions, so that my counterpart could have this all data. After that, I went back to reading his notes.


/Though this chemical effects are plain in each subject for a limited amount of time, they seem to work. There are no lasting side effects after the chemical compound has worn off. My next step is to find two willing subjects willing to be monitored during the process to see how each are effected./


Well, my counterpart got his wish on that, and he would continue to. I’d make sure I was cataloguing everything. As I closed the book, I heard Heather’s door shut. I got up myself, grabbed another towel, and headed into the bathroom. I went to the bathroom, got cleaned up, used mouth wash and brushed my teeth and returned to my room to find a toweled Heather sitting on the bed.


“Hi, Mr. Hunk.” She said with a smirk.


“Uh, Hi.” I said.


“Listen, I know you used special oil to add to our arousal, but it still counts. You got me off… I don’t know how many times. So I’ll hold up my end of the bargain. I’ll give you some time to think it over…” She said before standing up, removing her towel and walking over.


She pulled off my towel and took my cock in her hand. She looked into my eyes.


“I know what I’m hoping you choose.” She before letting go of me and leaving the room.


That’s when I heard the beeping from the drawer. I sat down at the desk and pulled back out the headset. I put it on.


“Okay I took care of a thing, and I’m back.” Heather said.


“So, give me the scoop. How was it? Tell me it was good. I mean you didn’t call me back for hours!” The girl on the other end said.


“Define good, Mandy.” Heather said.


“So, bad?” Mandy asked.


“No, Good doesn’t do it justice. Great either. My brother is the ultimate lover.” Heather said.


“No fucking way.” Mandy said.


“Way. He started with a back massage, and I had a small orgasm from that, then he flipped me over and made love to my body before eating me.” Heather explained.


“He fucked you?” Mandy asked.


“Noooooo.” Heather laughed. “He didn’t want to. He made love to every part of my body like he knew it, like it was second nature, and then he ate me out. I had another orgasm before he ate me out, and then I think four more when he ate me out.” Heather explained.


“Holy shit.” Mandy said.


“Oh, and then I stopped him and Begged him to fuck my brains out.” Heather said.


“And?” Mandy said.


“He refused.” Heather said.


“What? Is he insane?” Mandy asked.


“No. He said it was taking all his will power not to fuck me until I was pregnant.” Heather sighed. “But he didn’t want his special invention to have caused that.”


“Special invention?” Mandy asked.


“My brother invented blueberry oil that was edible, but it caused my sexual desires to go into overdrive.” Heather explained.


“Oh, so it wasn’t fair.” Mandy explained.


“No, it was. I didn’t specify if he could use other things on me, so it was fair.” Heather said.


“So he refused to fuck you, what happened next?” Mandy asked.


“69.” Heather said.


“No!?! Get out of town. You went down on each other? How big was he?” Mandy asked.


“Huge.” Heather said. “Bigger than Tommy, and I’ve blown Tommy enough to be used to his size.” Heather said.


“I bet he came fast at least.” Mandy said.


“Nope. I took at least an hour and a half each time he got off. After the second time, He stopped us, and told me to go shower, to get off the rest of the oil. I’m sure he wanted us to have clear heads before I really ended up pregnant.” Heather explained.


“Well that’s smart.” Mandy said.


“No, I still want him. I’ve felt nothing like that. Tommy has never gotten close to getting me off with his groping, and my brother did it in minutes.” Heather said.


“You know, once this gets around, he won’t be single for long.” Mandy said.


“That’s the thing. If we spread it around, it’ll get out what I did…” Heather said.


“So what? Leave it alone?” Mandy asked. “And then what? You look like a loser because you’re staying home with him?”


“Not what I was thinking Mandy.” Heather said.


“Oh?” Mandy said. “OHHHHHHHH.” Mandy said again, understanding what Heather was getting at. “Ten minutes.”


“See you then.” Heather said.


I took off the earpiece and put it back in the drawer as Heather reentered my room.


“Well, Mr. Hunk.” She said as she walked over.


She took me by the hand and guided me over to the bed. She had me lay down and then climbed on the bed next to me.


“What am I going to do about you?” She asked. “I never thought my nerdy twin brother would be THAT good in bed. And you didn’t even try to fuck me.”


“Had I, it might have been something we both regretted.” I pointed out as she ran her finger up and down my chest.


“I don’t think I would’ve regretted it.” She said looking down at my cock.


It was still erect and she took it into her hand. She looked into my eyes.


“And if you still want to hold me down and fuck me like you said, until I’m sweaty, worn out and pregnant…” She breathed. “I’d enjoy every second.”


My cock throbbed at that.


“Really?” I asked raising an eyebrow.


“Experiment or not, the way you made love was unbelievable. It was like you care about how I feel.” Heather said.


“You’re my sister. But we can’t have sex.” I said.


“Why not?” She asked.


“Because you have a boyfriend.” I pointed out.


“So? What’re you saying?” She asked.


“If you want my cock, I want to hear you break up with him.” I said.


She got off the bed, letting go of my cock, grabbed me by the hand and led me to the kitchen. She picked up the phone, hit the speaker button and dialed a number.


“Hello?” A voice said on the other end.


“Hi Tommy.” Heather reproached.


“Hi babe! What’s up?” Tommy said.


“We’re through.” Heather said.


“What?” Tommy asked as Heather rolled her eyes and made a jerky jerky motion with her hand.


“I’m breaking up with you.” Heather said.


“Why?” Tommy asked.


“Because you want your cock sucked more than you want to remember our anniversary.” Heather said.


“Wait…” He said. “Oh shit babe, it’s the anniversary of our first date. Tell me I can make this up to you.”


“No, this is the third time. You know my rule.” Heather said.


“But…” He said.


“Goodbye Tommy.” She said before hanging up and dropping to her knees in front of me.


“Anniversary?” I asked.


“Three weeks since our first date. He knows not to forget.” Heather said before she licked at my cock shaft.


I let out a low moan, which she took as a cue to take my cock into her mouth and begin deep throating it until I was nice and hard. She then pulled it out, looked up at me with pleading eyes.


“Please? Finish what you started with me?” She asked.


I reached out and took her hand, knowing her friend would be here soon, and guided her to stand up. I scooped her up into my arms and carried her to her bedroom where I laid her on her bed. I climbed onto the bed on top of her. I positioned myself over her.


“Are you ready?” I asked.


She grabbed the back of my head and pulled me into a passionate kiss. As we made out, I positioned myself and slid inside her hot, wet, and tight pussy. My Heather had only been this tight when she was a virgin. Then it hit me, Heather, this Heather was a virgin. I had just taken her virginity. I broke the kiss. I had been slow and careful and she looked into my eyes with a mix of lust and love.


“It feels so perfect inside me.” She breathed. “Who knew having my twin inside me would feel so right?” She said.


“I didn’t hurt you?” I asked.


“Not at all. And I heard the first time was supposed to be really painful.” She cooed. “But you made it feel so good.”


“Only because I care for you so much, and I figured you might be still a virgin.” I said.


“How do you know all this?  Let me in on your secrets.” Heather said.


“Later. For now, let’s enjoy this.” I whispered before I moved in and out of her.


She let out small moans with each thrust and after a minute her eyes went wide.


“Josh, I have to warn you.” She said only for us both to hear a voice from behind us.


“Holy shit.” Mandy said. “I knew you had it bad but wow.”


I looked back to see Mandy, who was a dark skinned girl. She stood around 5′ 2″ with c-cup breasts and a tight little body. She had long black hair, and brown eyes. She was wearing her cheerleading uniform still. Heather looked around me and laughed.


“Sorry, Mandy, I couldn’t wait any longer.” Heather said laughing.


“Don’t stop on account of me.” Mandy laughed as she walked over to the head of the bed. “So how is it so far?” She asked.


“He’s been so good.” Heather said.


“Okay, why’s Mandy here?” I asked.


“Verification.” Mandy said.


“For what?” I asked.


“You, super hunk.” Mandy said.


I acted puzzled.


“Pull out for a second and I’ll explain.” Heather said.


I did as she asked, slowly pulling out and sitting back. Heather pulled herself up on her elbows.


“We feel kind of bad for how we’ve been treating you all these years, only for you to be this epic lover.” Heather said.


“Okayyyyy.” I said acting confused.


“And well, we want it to get out what an awesome lover you are. So…” Mandy said.


“We’re gonna have you make love to both of us…” Heather said.


“Okay…” I said still confused on where they wanted to go with this all.


“Listen, you know Mandy has always been my closest friend. I tell her everything.” Heather said.


“And?” I asked.


“You’re gonna be dating her, and making love to both of us.” Heather said.


“If you can impress me that is.” Mandy said with a smirk.


“Okay.” I said.


I felt in over my head. I had engaged in sex with Heather, and now Mandy was telling me to make love to her too.


“So how do we make this work?” I asked.


Both girls looked perplexed at this.


“What do you mean?” Heather asked.


“Here and now? I mean you both want me to make love to you, but it’s not like there are two of me.” I said.


Both girls giggled at each other. Heather pulled herself off the bed as Mandy walked over to the bed and forced me to get on my back. Heather repositioned herself over my cock and slid herself down on it. After Heather was seated on my cock, Mandy forced me into a kiss, and we made out. As we did, she forced my hands onto her tits, under her shirt and bra. I massaged her breasts, which were so soft, and then played with her nipples. She, as we made out, lifted her top and bra, and broke the kiss to pull it off. Her breasts were beautiful, with medium areolas and larger nipples. I pulled her closer and enjoyed them. Sucking on one nipple, while massaging her other tit.


“Wow, he IS good at this.” Mandy moaned.


“We have to let this get around.” Heather panted as she shuddered on top of me.


I switched my attention to the other breast and Mandy let out another moan. I used my free hand to reach under her skirt and into her panties. I caressed her pussy. She leaned into it. She let out a long moan. I could feel the heat coming off her pussy.


I only got to play for another moment before I felt Heather pull herself off me, then Mandy pulled away.


“Okay, he’s experienced.” Mandy said.


The two sat on the bed together, ignoring that I was there, as if nothing just happened.


“So how are we gonna run this?” Heather asked.


“Well I could use him as a boyfriend, up his status, and it would hide the fact of my orientation.” Mandy said.


“Orientation?” I asked.


They ignored me.


“That’s a good idea, and we wouldn’t have to worry about anyone finding out about me and him. We could explain away me staying home as guiding the relationship.” Heather said.


I sat up.


“Yeah, fuck all of that.” I said.


I pulled myself off the bed, and walked out of the room, with the two girls stunned. I went to my room, closed the door and locked it. I went to the closet. I grabbed a towel and cleaned myself off. I then got redressed and sat down at the desk. I would not be some puppet for these girls. They could figure things out without involving me.


I opened one notebook I hadn’t read, and as I read through my counterpart’s notes, I realized something. I had a way home. The other manacle was with Dr. Nitty. He could open a gate and send it through, no issues. That’s when I heard a knock at my door.


“Josh, we need to talk.” Mandy said through the door.


“Why?” I asked with a laugh.


“Because, I need to apologize.” Mandy said. “Please just open the door.”


I got up and walked over to the door, unlocked it, and laid down on the bed. Mandy opened the door. She came into the room, in the same state she had been in when I stormed out of Heather’s room.


“Listen. I’m sorry. We didn’t consider your thoughts or feelings on any of this. We were treating you like a puppet or a piece of meat we could just use to our advantage in all of this.” Mandy said.


“Okay, bye.” I said.


“Listen you asshole!” She exclaimed.


“Still here.” I said.


“Good. Now, I know you’ve had a crush on me, and Tanya for a long time, and I mean a LONG time. And we’ve been mean. I mean really mean.” Mandy said. “And that’s okay. If you want what you and I did in that room to be a one-time thing, then fine.” She said, as she choked up. “I understand. I’ve never been good with guys anyways, and as you can guess, I think they’re all pigs.”


“No argument there.” I said under my breath, thinking back to the football team issue in my universe.


“But, you’re different, and I will give that a shot. Okay?” Mandy said.


“Are you even attracted to me? In any way? I mean without the lust? If we weren’t to be sexual? Could you handle that kind of relationship with me?” I asked.


She stopped and thought about it.


“That’s what I thought.” I said, pointing out her hesitation.


“No, it’s not that I couldn’t be like that with you, I was just thinking about the long term…” She said.


“Long term?” I asked.


“Getting married, buying a house, having kids…” She breathed.


I caught her looking at me in a way I don’t think I had seen from anyone. Heather and I had sex out of lust. Sarah was the same. Caitlin and Jesse ended up with each other. Rachel and Becky were lust. Mom was because she hadn’t had a decent dick in years. Nat was lust, and trying to get hir brother jealous. Deb was lust, Tabitha was like I was a lost toy she found again. Holly was in love with Heather, even if Heather couldn’t see it. Lauren was in love with my money and status. Amber wanted lots of kids, that was it, and she decided that I’d be the man to give them to her. Aisha was in love with Holly. Heather was in love with Ji. And Kimmy was just turned on by the act of incest. Here I was analyzing the situation and I was realizing that though all of the people in my life cared about me, in all of the cases the situation was about lust, and lust alone.


Now here I sat with Mandy, and yeah, she was in love… but it wasn’t with me… it was with him, my counterpart and I couldn’t take that from him.


I sat up.


“You’re in love.” I said.


She blushed and looked at me, as I looked down. I couldn’t look at her. He was so lucky. Lucky to have what I didn’t. I imagined his child hood, growing up with her, much like I had with Tabitha, my Tabitha, only to lose her. This other Tabitha, back in my universe… it wasn’t the same… but if my counterpart could be this smart, then there had to be something out there that could help me get her back.


“Yeah.” She said. “I’m in love… I can’t believe I’m saying it.”


“Figured as much. You’re lucky.” I said.


“Wait, why do you look so depressed?” She asked.


I started to tear up.


“Because you and him are so lucky.” I said.


“Him?” She asked.


“You’d better go get Heather so I can explain.” I said.


Mandy headed out of the room and returned with Heather. I had them sit down and explained EVERYTHING to them. My travels, the harem, everything. Crying along the way as I explained my life, seeing Tabitha dead. Heather hugged me, and Mandy sat in shock. At the end, I couldn’t fight the tears anymore.


“So, you’re not our Josh? You have charisma I have never seen before, and that explains a lot.” Mandy said.


“Are you gonna be all right?” Heather asked as I pulled back and collected myself.


“Yeah. Thanks.” I said.


“So what happened to our Josh?” Mandy asked.


“He went to Japan, but not for what you think.” I explained.


“So he didn’t meet a girl over the web?” Heather asked.


I shook my head.


“He didn’t want to get the family involved, but he’s predicted a viral pandemic hitting. Those purple stones around the world have been keeping people healthy, but with them, it’s making it so your immune systems aren’t learning to fight diseases, according to his notes, within the next 15 years, a pandemic will hit, and kill everyone it can.” I said.


“Holy fucking shit.” Mandy said.


“He’s gone to Japan to be involved with a think tank, to prepare and maybe even solve the issue. But he’s not confident.” I said.


“Wow.” Mandy said.


“I always knew my brother was smart, but holy shit. He’s trying to save the world?” Heather said.


I nodded.


“Listen… thank you for all you did here today… I know it’s not saying much… but you made me feel better than I ever have, and I needed to end things with Tommy.” Heather told me.


I looked up at Mandy.


“You need to tell him how you feel, even if it means you have to travel to Japan.” I said.


Mandy leaped at me, giving me a hug.


“You don’t even know me, and you’re willing to help this much.” She said.


“Even if we’re apart, I consider both of you friends.” I said as she pulled back.


I got up and walked over to the desk.


“You should know he knows how you feel.” I said pulling out his listening devices and his camera remotes.


I turned around and handed them to Heather.


“What’re these?” Heather asked.


“That is a phone tap.” I said pointing to the ear piece. “Every time it connects a call on the house phone, that beeps and he can listen in. I knew you girls were gonna play at something because of that.” I explained. “The other device controls his hidden cameras… which record everything.


“What.” Heather said.


“You heard me.” I said.


“That little shit.” Heather said.


“What?” Mandy asked.


“Remember when we were about 14 and had that pool party?” Heather said.


“Yeah?” Mandy said and then her face went white. “He let us all use his room to change. He saw the entire cheerleading team nude.”


“Yeah.” Heather laughed.


“What’s so funny?” Mandy said.


“This! Think about it!” Heather said.


“I don’t get it.” Mandy said.


“He could’ve used those videos and the phone calls as black mail. But he never did.” Heather pointed out.


“You think it was because… he cared?” Mandy asked.


“No, I think it was because he was trying to be a decent guy, he got his eyeful and then moved on.” Heather said as I walked over to the closet to the recording tapes.


“Yeah he uses standard tapes. They record a standard 8 hours at minimum quality and then erase and start over. He doesn’t have spare tapes.” I said looking over the equipment.


“So those videos he had of us are gone.” Heather said.


“So what do we do about this Josh?” Mandy asked as I headed back to the bed and stripped.


Mandy took the time to look over my body as I got naked and then pulled on my universal clothing.


“Have to say, if you were my Josh, I would’ve hit the jackpot.” She pointed out.


“It feels different, knowing I’m not him, right?” I said.


“Yeah… so that’s why you feel something is off with the Tabitha you have now.” Mandy asked.


“Yeah.” I said as I walked back over to the desk. “But if you want your Josh to have a nice body, have him eat super healthy and working out. If you want him to last longer, like me, have him use cock rings.” I pointed out.


“Oh, I will.” Heather said with a smile. “Sorry about how I treated you at first.”


“It’s cool.” I said as I picked up the ear piece. “Doc, I’m gonna need my old Manacle so I can get home.” I said into the ear piece.


“That’s Brilliant, my boy. I hadn’t thought of that option.” Dr. Nitty said.


“Yeah.” I said before a gateway opened and my manacle dropped on the desk in front of me.


The gateway closed and I stared at my ticket back.


“So what now? You go home?” Heather asked.


“I need to find my path. Maybe I’ll get Doc to let me jump around… I wanna find a way…. A way to bring Tabitha back.” I said, before looking at them.


I picked up and put on the old manacle. I turned and headed back over to the bed. I grabbed the broken ones, and put them in my hoodie pocket. Mandy grabbed one of Josh’s shirts, and Heather threw on some of his clothing before I lead them out into the back yard. I picked up a few of the purple rocks.


“You could stay.” Mandy said as she blushed.


“I couldn’t take away, or interfere with what you two have. I need to get my head back on straight.” I said before looking at the two.


“We could help though.” Heather said.


I shook my head.


“No. But do me a favor.” I said.


“Anything.” Mandy said.


“Cherish what you have. Follow your hearts and find that love you’re after.” I said. “And thank you both.” I said before activating the manacle and returning to the lab.


I stepped out of the gateway to find Deb and Dr. Nitty waiting for me. I handed Nitty the broken parts, and handed Deb most of the rocks, keeping a small one with me.


“I’m holding onto this one until I’m back with Aisha and Holly.” I said.


“So the rocks suppress the bond?” Dr. Nitty asked.


“Yeah. With the broken collar, the rocks were the only thing keeping me going.” I whispered.


“You look troubled, is something the matter?” Deb asked.


“I need to get everyone in the web together. I think I need to talk this out.” I said.


I looked over to Nitty.


“How soon before I can have another collar?” I asked.


“A lone prototype still exists, it should be able to keep you going, but it doesn’t have the added functions to stop pregnancy or the virus.” Dr. Nitty said.


“Give it and I won’t have to worry about the rock.” I pointed out.


Nitty walked over to a cabinet, and opened it. He pulled out a collar and brought it to me. He helped me get it on and then the three of us headed back to the house. Everyone seemed to be there, and they greeted me with a shower of hugs and kisses from everyone in the web.


“Everyone…” I said. “We need to talk.”


We all entered the dining room where I explained everything I had realized in the other world, and everything I had experienced. When I was done, I let out a sigh.


“So that’s what’s eating at you?” Becky asked.


“Yeah, I care about you all, and the sex… the sex is mind blowing…” I said.


“But you feel it too, even with me… something is off.” Tabitha said.


“Yeah.” I said. “I feel like I need to find someone, or something out there. It’s pulling at me, gnawing at me, and I can’t tell what it is.” I said.


“All right, well that explains a lot.” Dr. Nitty said. “So where are you off to then?” Dr. Nitty asked.


“Well, can the manacle direct me to various dimensions? Or is that only in the new version?” I asked.


“Jumping beyond home or to a world that isn’t preprogramed hasn’t been tested. It could take you anywhere. You may not get back.” Dr. Nitty said.


“Well then, that settles that.” I said standing up.


And that was the last time I saw them during my journey. At the start. At 3 P.M. I opened a gateway to an unknown location and jumped in, hoping to find what I was looking for, what I had felt I was missing. And I was in for quite the trip.


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