A Night Manager

A naughty Fan Fiction set in the Night Manager Universe.

Written by: Volume
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A Night Manager Fan Fiction
Smut | NSFW

My shift begins in the same manner each night. It’s a ritual to not only announce my arrival to the staff but to get myself into the mindset of being “The Boss”. I place my purse on the shared desk, hang up my coat and log into the system while the water boils for my tea. About the time the tea kettle starts screeching is when I have had a look at the check-ins and ensure that the employees scheduled to work are in fact on their shifts.

“Janice is here, isn’t she?” I asked Bruce, I already knew the answer.

“Yes, mam, she arrived on time but she must have forgot to clock in.” He did not look near retirement age, but his tired and dry voice gave him away.

Bruce had worked in this hotel for longer than she had walked this earth. At first, managing a man who had more experience in the hotel industry than I had at life made me feel insecure. Once I became more comfortable in my new role, I found Bruce to be the most trusted and favorite employee, though I dare not tell staff members such drivel.

“I thought I saw her belongings; I’ll edit her time clock but we must get her in the habit of doing it herself,” I told Bruce. He was nodding before I finished her sentence.

“Mam, did you see the Royal Suite was booked?” Bruce asked, undeniably I would be excited to hear. I didn’t speak right away, but the blush rising to my cheeks gave me away.

“Mr. Alder has come for another visit,” I mumbled.

Bruce smiled and said something about chores before slowly making his way around the long desk and towards the waiting rooms.

Mr. Alder was a gorgeous man who frequented the hotel several times a year. He always arrived during the night shift and had certain expectations on arrival. He always wanted the best, the Royal Suite, and he insisted on carrying his own luggage. One year, a very determined bellhop was reduced to tears when he received a polite, yet, firm talking to by Mr. Alder.


That was the first time Karina actually spoke to the man. His blonde curly hair was cropped short and styled neatly and his well-tailored suit was brown. He must be the type who wears a suit on a regular basis she thought, as he strolled confidently to her desk and began apologizing for upsetting the bellhop.

“…So you see, I often hold confidential paperwork that must remain in my possession. Not that I distrust any member of your staff, but…” His voice was rich and low; his British accent was crisp but informal. He was looking at her with an almost pleading expression now, and she had no idea what he was talking about.

“It’s no problem what so ever, Mr. Alder,” She hoped that was the correct answer, but he was so mesmerizing. He stared at her so intently, it shorted the wire that went from her brain to her mouth. There was more talking and smiling, he had a beautiful smile. He also inquired about a specific gin he had requested for his room ahead of his booking along with a few other items. She promised they would be brought up to him herself. Janice pretended she wasn’t watching, but she heard the entire thing, and once Mr. Alder left she feigned death over her computer keyboard as Karina tried to fan herself with a hotel brochure.

With as much composure as she could muster, Karina made her way to the Royal Suite with 90 feet of nylon rope, men’s disposable razors and an expensive bottle of Gin. It was not unusual for guests to have strange requests, typically for business, but this assortment of items was receiving some odd looks from the other guests. What is wrong with me? Not only was she tripping on her two-inch heels but pushed the wrong button on the lift twice. It was like she was drunk. Karina could imagine security was mocking her ungainliness as she staggered her way to the Royal Suite, to Mr. Alder.

She gave a knock on the door, a quiet knock followed by a few louder raps to alert but not alarm him of her presence. There was a shout of “Be right there!” followed by some rustling and the sound of the deadbolt unlocking. Mr. Alder was standing rather confidently with a towel draped around low around his hips. Karina was too surprised to turn away or even look away. He laughed knowingly and she felt herself die a little inside.

“I’m so sorry…” He began, but Karina managed to tear her eyes away, apologize, and deliver the items requested. She took a few steps back, not willing to look away just yet while Mr. Alder still stood in the doorway casually talking about the gin he requested. He continued telling her the story of his travel to some foreign country to discover this prize alcohol with the same intent stare, pausing to lick his lips absentmindedly. If anyone felt exposed, it was somehow Karina. She had no idea whether he just wanted conversation or if he was on the verge of inviting her into his room, but she couldn’t give him the allowance to ask. If he did invite her inside, she knew she would be unable to decline. Politely she excused herself and walked away.

Since that incident, Mr. Alder has visited two other times. Both times he requests the Gin and once he requested a box of matches, but nothing else. Still just as blindingly handsome, and the same level of affability that he greeted Karina with. It made her question whether or not he was even interested in her or if it was just her imagination.


Just then, Mr. Alder walked purposefully through the entryway, glided up to my desk and locked his eyes on mine before breaking into a full, but weary smile.

“Hello Karina, checking in.” I was taken back by the use of my name. Did I tell him at some point? For a moment I just smiled at him stupidly. I was only able to break away when Janice came up behind me and whispered in my ear, “Karina, can you update my timesheet?”

“I’m one step ahead of you Janice,” I snapped back into reality and focused on the computer to get Mr. Alder checked in. “Mr. Alder, your check-in was short-notice this time, we didn’t order the gin you usually request, is there any additional items we can provide?”

“Yes, I’ll have a bottle of Jameson this time. I’ll need the upgraded internet connection, some tablets of paper, pens and…” he waited until Janice was entirely out of earshot and leaned in, lowering his voice, “I may need one other request, but it is a little more sensitive in nature.”
I nodded in understanding and assured him that I would do whatever I could to assist him. Pens, paper, and Jameson in hand, I made my way to Mr. Alder’s room. I had been managing this hotel for well over seven years, I know when a guest has a dilemma, it sometimes calls for bending the rules.

Frequently it was using a spouse credit card or needing to split their bill among several cards and cash. Other times, it was the arrival of an additional guest needing a key to the room or even requesting a key be given to another guest staying at the hotel. There were multiple undercurrents that ran throughout the hotel at any given point in time. Hundreds of dissimilar lives but similar stories all intermingled within the hotel. I’m was rarely shocked by what scenarios the guests present me with. Tonight suspected that Mr. Alder’s story was about to unfold.

This time, he had clothes on, but my sense of authority wavered at the sight of him. He invited me in and I felt my knees knock when I heard the deadbolt lock.
“Would you have a seat?” Mr. Adler motioned to the chair.
I complied without a word.
I shook my head, “On the clock.”

“I apologize for the mystery, but that is the describing word for my occupation.” He shrugged and sat opposite to her in the most over-the-top suite this side of town.

“You’re a spy?” My eyebrows raised as I questioned his insinuation. I had heard some strange things but this was indeed new, even to me.

He chuckled and looked down sheepishly. “That’s not exactly correct, but I do work for the government and in intelligence.” Straightening his suit, he placed his hands on his thighs and continued his story.
“I routinely gather information from a set of specific locations, about certain people of interest. It seems that a certain person of interest is aware and is looking to end my inquiry.”

He didn’t seem to be lying, but this was a far-fetched story. Sometimes guests make up elaborate stories to make their plight seem more convincing. Perhaps he was a spy who forgot his checkbook at home. “So what can I do to help, Mr. Alder?” I asked in my managerial tone.

“That’s just it, I need to be someone else. I know hotel records are confidential, but this person of interest has ways of getting around that.” He stood up and went to his luggage and produced a well-crafted leather wallet. From the wallet, he produced several hundred dollar notes and gave them to me. “Mr. Alder checked out, and someone else checked in with cash.”

I was somewhat disappointed, this was a situation I could easily remedy and it actually gave credibility to his story. I stood up and promised that it wouldn’t be a problem and headed towards the door. Mr. Alder escorted me out with the promise of more funds on request.

“How long do you plan on staying?” I asked as he unbolted the door.

“For the time being.” His eyes met mine and the tone suggested this meeting reached its finality. “Also, if all ongoing contact could remain between you and I? I wish to limit the staff’s familiarity with me as much as possible.”

“Of course, if you need anything I will see to it personally.”

A small grin moved across his face and it looked as though he was restraining a reply. Mr. Alder thanked me and closed the door.

When I returned to the front desk, I checked out “Mr. Alder” and entered a new guest, Mr. Cottonwood. The rest of the night went mostly uneventful. The residential insomniac was having trouble with the vending machine and much to the staff’s chagrin came to the lobby in his bathrobe. In the hours that passed my mind was mostly occupied by Mr. Alder. I was never able to banish the image of a towel-clad man with a bottle of gin standing in the doorway. He seemed like a wholly different person tonight, the dashing man who threatened to seduce me was gone. He was replaced with someone who behaved as though I were a total stranger. He wasn’t wrong, I am a total stranger, but the formality left a disconcerted notion in my mind.

“Excuse me, miss?” My train of thought came to an abrupt halt. I looked up to see an older gentleman, about in his sixties, with kind eyes and a soft voice.

“How can I assist you, sir?” I managed a smile as I spoke.

“I’m looking for an old friend of mine; he stays here quite often so perhaps you know him? Mr. Adler.” The man smiled warmly.

“Let me check for you, just one moment.” I was buying time by looking at the computer, but really I was trying to figure out what to do. This old man couldn’t possibly be of any harm, but I thought back to my last conversation with Mr. Alder…

“I’m sorry sir, he canceled his stay with us,” I replied.

“Did he leave a forwarding address?”

After more pretend inquiry on the computer before I responded with a “No, I’m sorry he did not.”

“Perhaps there are records of his phone number, eh, or former forwarding address?”

“I’m afraid releasing that information is against hotel policy.” My voice was firm and resolute since it was not a lie.

The definiteness in my voice was enough to let the man know that nothing else would come of this conversation. His last question was where the bar was located. Bruce offered to escort the man since he was on his way, the two men instantly fell into a conversation. Another hour passed and my thoughts once again turned to Mr. Alder. When my shift ended, I intended on notifying him of the man asking for him. I told myself that it was the only reason, but in my heart, I knew I would have used any excuse to see him.

After clocking out, I quietly headed towards the Royal Suite. It was early morning now, so the hotel was bustling with guests wandering around the corridors.  Some looking for their rooms, others were leaving their rooms, and I saw one guest leave a room that wasn’t their own. With so much going on I didn’t realize I had arrived at Mr. Alder’s room. I was also was not aware that I had been followed. How could I be so totally unaware of his presence until he was right beside me?

“I’m sorry, my dear, but I suspected you were lying to me.” It was the man from earlier, and I was suddenly afraid.

“Bruce gave me the confirmation I needed about your sweetheart, come, we are going to pay him a visit.” He had a firm grip around my waist and I felt cold metal prodding my ribcage. It was a gun I realized, the man was holding a gun to me. I looked at him and realized I was in great danger; he was smiling as warmly as a grandfather towards their grandchild. I had no choice but be guided to the door of the Royal Suite, and when I knocked, Mr. Alder opened the door to me. He saw both of us standing there, and for a moment, I was terrified that he would just shut the door and leave me for dead. His stoicism gave way for the briefest moment he made eye-contact with her and I knew he wouldn’t abandon me.

“Ms. Karina, Mr. Fletcher.” He greeted the two of them.

“Mr. Adler or Mr. Cottonwood, is it? Whatever your current alias is.” The man teased knowingly. He must have had access to their computer database. Without another word Mr. Adler let them in the room and when Mr. Fletcher motioned for both of them to sit, they complied.

“I look into my client’s backgrounds very carefully you see, you checked out on paper, however, I have a friend in Edinburgh who was very familiar with the work you claimed as your own.” Mr. Fletcher circled Mr. Adler while he spoke.

“When I mentioned what a tall young fellow you were; he was quite certain that you did not match the description of Mr. Nathan Davis. From there your entire cover unraveled. With a little prodding into the hotel’s records and a few other discrepancies.” He smiled at me, and the hairs on my neck stood.

Mr. Fletcher stood in front of the two of them, his back facing two doors, one of those doors was the bathroom door which was wide open, and the other door was their only means of escape. I made a career of controlling and resolving problems but I was powerless in this situation. It seems he wasn’t lying after all; he was indeed some sort of spy. This would have made Adler even more enticing if I wasn’t sitting in a chair held at gunpoint. I looked to Adler, he was pensive and staring at Mr. Fletcher with a silent rage.

“So what I need to know, is who you work for. You can decline to answer; however, this unfortunate woman here will be the one to suffer.” It was then, that I felt Mr. Fletchers fingers touching the skin on my cheek, and I saw Adler grip the arms of his chair as if it was the only way to stay in that seat. Mr. Fletcher returned to his preferred spot in front of the exit and once more posed the question.

“So who is your employer, Mr. Adler?” I kept my eyes on my shoes, I was starting to cry and didn’t want either man to notice.

“You can ask her yourself.” I heard Adler reply. It took a few moments to register what he said, it didn’t make sense. The sound of struggle jerked my attention from my shoes to Adler’s seat; it was empty. I looked up to see a brunette woman in her forties grappling Mr. Fletcher for the gun. Adler was trying to pull the old man from the woman. Mr. Fletcher seemed to be gaining on the woman and almost had the gun within range of her. I sat in awe of the struggle, how could a man his age still be so strong? Once I came to my senses, I took action. Grabbing the tall ceramic ivory lamp, I shouted a warning to Adler. He ducked and I hit the old man with the bottom corner of the lamp. It broke over his head and stunned him enough to drop the gun.

The next half hour I sat quietly with Adler’s bottle of Jameson and contemplated more on my shoes while Mr. Adler and his employer settled Mr. Fletcher into custody. Mostly, the two exchanged information while two other men and an EMT removed the unconscious criminal. No one asked me any questions, except Adler who periodically asked if I felt okay if I needed anything and that this was almost over. Eventually, the brunette woman left, thanking me for the handy work with the lamp, she was British too but had a rougher accent. She sounded like a no-nonsense British mother, and I decided I liked her.

When everyone was gone, Adler noticed the contents of the bottle were quickly diminishing. Carefully, and with a bit of a chuckle, he removed the bottle from my hand and poured a drink for himself. I wasn’t sure if it was the drink, the quiet or the decision to splurge on a new pair of shoes, but I suddenly found myself more collected, and the incident that brought me here seemed long gone. Leaning up against the dresser sipping his drink, Adler was watching me intently.

“You’re quite surprising, you know.”


“Well, one moment you looked paralyzed with fear, and the next, you undoubtedly saved us.”

“It’s my job to assist my guests, even in unconventional ways. You will be charged for that lamp by the way.” I stood up, making sure I did not seem as drunk as I probably was. Adler was laughing and it seemed as though it was the first laugh he had in months, it was infectious as I too started laughing.

“Well, I should be going now, I am not on the clock, but if there is anything else I could do for you?” His laughter subsided and he looked at me thoughtfully. Setting his glass down, he walked towards me slowly.

 He didn’t take his eyes from mine when he wrapped his arms around me and guided me towards him. “I have one more request,” Adler said as his hands slid up my back gently.

Nuzzling my face with his own, his lips searching for mine, “I want you to get into bed.”

His voice was hoarse with arousal. As his mouth found mine, his tongue explored my mouth for what seemed to be a painfully long time. His hands were working on my blouse, sliding it out from the neatly tucked skirt. I tried to break free for a moment to undress, but his hand slipped into my hair and he gripped firmly to hold me in place so he could once again claim my mouth. Just when my knees felt like they were about to give way, I felt my skirt drop to my feet. It was only then I realized my blouse was entirely open and falling off.

With his free hand, he expertly removed my bra and panties. Deftly collected me in his arms, he carried me to the bed. Gently laying me on the pillow, he stood before me and undressed. He was lean but well-built, with a small trail of hair and deep creases between his hips that pointed towards his groin. He was not shy by any means, and looking at his endowment, he had no reason to be.

Instead of lying beside or even on top of me, he pulled one of her legs away so he could kneel between my legs. From that angle, he could see me on full display and made no attempt to conceal his approval. With one hand holding me at the knee, the other hand caressed my inner thigh as he watched my expression all the while. The intensity in his eyes made it difficult to speak as I watched him explore. His hands made their way to my breasts, fondling and occasionally rolling my nipples between his fingers before his mouth enveloped one and began to suck, letting his teeth graze the sensitive skin every now and again.

The heat that started between my thighs had turned into a full-blown fire that ached as he played with me. When I tried to bring him closer, encourage him to fill me, he would delicately but intently take my hand away. His tongue was tasted my neck before thrusting into my mouth, and it made me buck and writhe in spite of myself. Alder finally obliged by pressing his weight against me, fully pinning me to the bed. He kissed me with a such a full passion that left me panting and his confidant firm touches made me want to scream at him to put it in already!

It was as if he read her mind, he suddenly pulled back to look at her swollen breasts and flushed cheeks. The way he looked at me, so profoundly, I couldn’t help but tremble a little. Giving him the confirmation he needed, his lips trailed downwards and I found myself clinging to his neck and hair. He was kissing the lower part of my belly, inducing spasms. For a moment, I was afraid of him going down on me, but he pulled my hands away and escaped what little resistance I gave. Kissing the skin that bridged the thigh to my labia, sucking and pulling at my lips was an unbearable taunt. I let out a yelp in frustration he spread my thighs further apart, leaving me fully exposed to him.


With one full lick to her mound, she let out an even louder yelp followed by more panting. He was pleased with the reaction enough to move upwards, his fingertips threatened to penetrate her opening. Alder continued licking, slowly and deliberately, occasionally gaining a slight amount of suction around the little nub, engorged and visible. She squirmed at the friction and thrust her hips toward his hand encouraging him to enter. When his mouth broke away she cried out. His response was another long firm lick and more pressure at her opening before once more locking on to her clit. This time, she began murmuring, begging him to not stop, all pride was lost.

“Mm, come on, baby, come on” He mimicked while nursing on her mound.

She wanted to be angry but when he reiterated her plea. Her only response was a frustrated moan and with that, he put more pressure than ever and pressed his fingers deeply inside. Her whole body rocked as her orgasm took over. He wasted no time mounting her. When he pushed himself inside of her, a soft growl came from his throat. She was still so sensitive from the orgasm that when he forced himself inside of her, all she could do was shudder. Alder rode her relentlessly only pausing to grab a fist of hair to guide her mouth to his once more. With his tongue invading her mouth and his cock ramming in her very center, Karina had fully surrendered to him. His arms went under her and his hands were firmly planted on her shoulders. Breaking free from her mouth his pace quickened and he began panting.

He used her body with abandon as he thrust recklessly into her. She welcomed him with equal excitement and came again when he climaxed. Even after he came he continued to pump into her, moaning with each push. Collapsing on top of her, he refused to let go for a time. It felt primal and even possessive the way he held her, but she didn’t seem to mind.

It was mid-morning before she woke up and helped herself to the shower. He was fast asleep; it was a wonder that she was able to get out from underneath me. It wasn’t until she was putting her shoes on that he woke.

“Hm, where are you going?” He asked still half asleep.

“I’ve got some errands to run, I’ll be working tonight.” She replied while hopping around the suite putting on her shoes.

“I don’t know if I will still be here, my work is done it would seem.” He rolled over on his back and rested his neck in his hands.

“Ok, well,” Karina took one of his notepads and pens and wrote out her name and number. “Here, call me some time.” With that, she left.
“The changing of the guard,” he whispered to himself in the empty room.

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