Taylor Swift: The Music Industry

You know who she is. It’s impossible not too. Taylor Swift has been a force to reckon with in the music industry since her debut in 2006. Over a decade later she has amassed an army of fans and haters alike, and is a household name. So of course we had to talk about her! This episode kinda got away from us, and didn’t turn out the way we expected, we we still think you’ll enjoy it. We discuss what we think are catalysts to her success, Kayne West, and our journeys as fans. We also reached out to fan groups and heard some amazing fan stories, and shared our top 3 favorites!

Below are Odogoo’s top 5 Taylor Swift picks based on both the song, and the video itself.

#5 Love Story

This was the first song, and music video I ever saw Taylor in back in the day when she was first making waves in Country Music.

#4 Wildest Dreams

Not only a beautiful song, but also has stunning visuals.

#3 Style

The song, and video suggested to me by a close friend when I had started to look into different Swift songs. Was told it was one I had to check out, and due to the topic, and visuals.

#2 Anti-Hero

A self reflection on one’s self, and how others view them. Not only a fantastic song, but also the cut away dig with the children, and the will sets this music video as one of the funniest music videos.

#1 Blank Space

Blank Space I put at number 1 as this is the song, and video that sucked me into exploring her as a artist, and checking out all her other work.