Top 10 Loki Gifs From Thor 2011


10. If You’ll Excuse Me

He says it so naturally, and a great way to excuse one’s self.

9. DAMN!

While Ron Simmons does it the best, Loki gives it a try, when he knows his brother left them SOL.

8. Pwn’D Like A Boss

A very under-appreciated moment where Loki shows us how much of a bad ass he is as he puts the guardian of the Bi-Frost on ice.

7. The Facepalm

One to rival even the legendary Picard facepalm!

6. All The Feels

Sometimes BTS (Behind the Scenes) bring us the best things.  Including a way to express our feels!

5. Kneel For Your King

The Avengers may have the most recognizable kneel moment, but this is the OG view.

4. Tell Me

One of the most emotional parts in the Thor movie, has also given us a way to also demand the answers we seek.

3. I’m In Love With A Stripper

The moment that inspired so many pole dancing Loki fan arts!

2. Two Mjolnirs

Some fun BTS (Behind The Scenes) action, let us see why they had to do some “edits” due to Mjolnir also being in his pants.

1. Thunderous Orgasm

This gif has been affectionately titled “Thunderous Orgasm” by the fandom thanks to where our dirty minds go when we see him make that face.

What gifs did we miss?  Comment down below, and let us know!

Honorable Mentions

Loki your Tom is showing!

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