A Special Birthday Surprise – Chapter 12

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Tom gets a very special birthday present.  It turns out to be a big surprise for himself.  Will he be willing to let it go?

Written by: Odogoo

A Tom Hiddleston X OC Fan Fiction
Kink | Sub / Dom | Smut

– Very Early Morning Feb. 10th –

I was on top of this man.  A man who just, for the first time in my life… gave me a release while I was on the job.  My hands on his chest, a look now of utter shock.  My brain is trying to register it, as my pussy still pulsates around his throbbing member.  It felt like while it had nothing left to give, it was still trying to.

I close my eyes, and open them slowly.  Trying to recover.  Sure I had given myself orgasms, and had them, but not with a client.  The type of clients I saw were not focused on my pleasure, but their own.  I was trying to catch my breath, and clear my head.

Tom for his part, was making whimpers, every time his cock had a harder throb.  His balls were still drawn tightly to him.  I moved myself up a bit so that I could look at him.  I see his mouth open, but his eyes closed.  At least his deep blue eyes were no longer trying to look into mine as if this meant anything.

I still couldn’t believe it.  Of all the clients, this jack ass was the one who did the impossible.  If the other girls knew… no… no one will ever know.  I could hear and see he was still breathing hard, but definitely completely knocked out.  That definitely was for the best, as I straightened up.  My breathing was now back, closer to normal.

But my mind was screaming to get off of him as quickly as possible before he woke up, my body saying remain, his file may have said make him cum and leave.  But damn the file was any of it right at this point.  It took a few minutes for my body to agree to move.  I slowly moved to get off him. Even with his cock feeling as good going out, as it did coming in, I continued to push myself to move.  But my pussy then objected, when it didn’t return to fullness.

Frankly I didn’t care what my pussy wanted, but then… no… no, no, no, no, please no… anything, but that.  I could accept everything else he made my body do, the annoyance of his lies, but… I reach down between my legs an feel not only my juices from release but something thicker as I see that on his member, just at the tip… this fucker.  He had cum so hard it ripped the top of the condom, the cum all over the tip both inside, as well as… out… and… and.  I close my eyes, this isn’t happening, this isn’t… it can’t.  Never inside me.  I practically fall out of the bed trying to get away from this reality.  It was in me… I… I had to get it out!

I ran frantically to the bathroom, and into the large almost small room sized rainfall shower that had water abilities to come forth from a number of places. Right now I only needed one, the one that would get it out.  I NEEDED IT OUT!  I take the removable water wand and turn the head until it was set to jet.  I turn on the shower to as hot as it would go.

It was going to hurt like a bitch, but at this point I wasn’t thinking straight.  I was in full panic mode, I was already part of the way there with how I had just released, but with the condom.  That utterly broke me.  Another man, while it would have sent me down the same path, it would not feel like I was running from the devil himself.

It was the lies, it was the aspects of not being in control.  That I was mentally prepared for one thing, and the man had given me whiplash so many times.  Then his eyes, I still felt them on me.  I prayed he wouldn’t wake up before I was done.  I couldn’t face them again.

It burned, it hurt as the water came to full temp, but my mind was racing far too much to notice as I pointed the nozzle at my hole, keeping it there until the heat got to me.  When it did, I moved it away for a moment, but only so I could turn down the heat, and then returning to it for long moments.

I focused on it, it allowed my mind to calm a bit.  To have something so intense, that it commanded my attention more than the anxiety, and panic that was trying to eat me whole.  I focused on it, and turned on one of the floor jets, to stand over, while I did.  I took a fast shower to clean myself.  I needed to get a hold of myself.  I needed to think.

The first step would be to wash myself, which I was doing, he was already set, and no longer needed my attention.  At least that was one positive, he couldn’t change his mind from – after I cum, leave.  I don’t want to see you after, leave me in my mess. –  I mocked, in my head.  I wouldn’t argue with that, give the customer what he wanted.  But that meant I should get out of the shower, and leave the room before he could wake and change his mind.

I turn off the shower, drying quickly.  I left fresh towels, and put mine down the laundry shoot.  Getting some clothes, I leave the closet.  I use my will power, resisting the urge to look tords the bed and back, or else I turn into a pillar of salt.  Like Lot’s wife as they fled the sinful cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.  No, I never wanted my eyes to be upon the sight of him in that bed, or his blue eyes.  Leaving the room down my private lift.

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