Dancing Fool Chapter 1

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You are dragged to a dance club only to meet a nice Cambridge boy who likes dancing. You didn’t know how much one dance would change your life.

Written by: Sil and Odogoo

A Tom Hiddleston X Reader Fan Fiction

Pure and Utter Smut | ​Adult Themes

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You kept asking yourself, how did you get roped into this.  How did you get roped into coming to a loud obnoxious club?  Every time, usually at the end of yet another song as you drank your lemon water, because you owed your roommate.

This was the mantra which you hoped would get you through this night.  They had pulled your butt out of the fire, when you had a project due for your collage class, and you were too sick to ever be able to finish it properly.  They wanted a night out where they could drink and party with a trusted designated driver, and thus you were here when you could be at the apartment elbows deep into a good book.

Part of you hoped Lisa would come back after a song with a guy to tell you, that you could go home, as she would be having a after party at said guy’s house.  To your shock, and pleasure it seemed your subconscious prayer was answered as she came pulling a floofy, tall, blonde haired man to the table.  She looked all smiles as well.

“Heeeeeyyy.” Lisa said loud enough for you to hear over the music that was blaring.

“Hey, Love. Who’s your friend?” Maybe, just maybe he’d be her fling for the weekend and you’d have the rest of the night to yourself. You loved music and dancing, just not in a crowd of drunken collegiates.

“This is Tom, he is one of those Cambridge boys.” Lisa said with a giggle, as the tall lanky blonde chuckled.

“Hello, Tom. Does A Cambridge Boy know how to move on the dance floor?”  What had possessed you to ask that? It almost sounded like flirting. This was Lisa’s conquest, not yours!

You hear a light chuckle, before hearing his smooth as warm butter voice.  “Well I was hoping I could show you.” Wait what?  Was he asking to dance with you?  That was so rude of him!  How dare he.

“I wouldn’t want to intrude on you, and Lisa. Nice of you to ask, thank you, but I’ll just sip my soda and, um, people watch.” Surely was just trying to be nice to you. It was rude to do in front of Lisa, but, you had to admit to yourself, the attention was flattering, even if he hadn’t really meant it.  It was a pity, too, this was your favorite song to dance to… in your underwear, in private, without anybody else around.

“Come oooooon missy I even got them to play that horrible song for you both.” Lisa said to you pulling you out of your seat.  “Come on Tom go show her a good time!”

You smile tightly at Lisa as you are pulled to the dance floor.  “I don’t know what Lisa has told you,” you start, but then Tom’s hands are on my hips, encouraging you to sway to the music with him.

“She told me, you are just the kind of girl that I like.” He said making sure there was little distance physically between you both, you feeling his hand go a little lower.

“Am I, Mr. Cambridge?” You move his hand up to your waist, and begin to move with the beat. “What kind would that be?”

“Well your friend sold you to me.  I hope I wasn’t being humbugged.” He chuckles giving you a light spin before bringing you back to be flush against him.  You feeling the start of the hard on he must be sporting.

“I have no idea what she might have told you, but I do love this song,” you say trying to play anything that may or may not have been said off.

He leans in you feeling his breath hot on your ear. “That you are a nice smart girl that needs some trouble.”

You can’t repress the shiver that goes through you. Despite the press of bodies in the club, his own scent, musk, leather, and exotic wood, fills your senses. A stab of desire rocks you on your heels.  You feel his hand go down again to first cup, then squeeze your ass, and press you even more tords him.  His cock fully erect at this point.  But that couldn’t be his cock it felt huge, this causing another rush of arousal.

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were happy to see me.”  You lips are against his ear. You don’t know what comes over you, but you are finding myself teasing his earlobe with the tip of your tongue.  The hiss of indrawn breath is worth it, though…. and was that a growl from him?

“Very happy.” He said in a bit of a harsher voice.  Less in control.  “You do not know how trying it is to have a woman with no inner substance.”

“Is that all this is then?  You’re trying to have a woman who knows more than the syllables ‘ooh, ahh,’ and ‘mmm’?”  You know your teasing him and, baiting him. You also know that you don’t want just a one-night-stand.  Lisa may be okay with them, but you fall in love too easily.

You hear him say with confidence. “I know already my cock could make any woman say more than that.  But what of after? What about the moments that aren’t me burred within you?”

Oh, this one was cocky, and in more than one way. Would it really be so bad to give in to temptation just this once? If he truly was Cambridge educated, perhaps he had more to him. “Will you be?  Buried within me?” You brazenly allow your hand on his hip to travel between you both to brush the hardened bulge in his too tight jeans.

You feel him give the hand a buck. “I would like to be if you allow it.  I won’t take what isn’t freely given.”

“The dance floor isn’t the best place to have such an intimate, in-depth discussion.  Wouldn’t you agree?”

“MMM yes, my mate has taken your roommate back to our hotel.  You think I can crash your place?” He said still grinding against your hand just the right amount so he doesn’t shoot his load in his pants.

“My car is out back.”

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