A Dog Eat Dog Business – Chapter 1

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By Odogoo
Summary: Sarah losses a dog on the day she was going to see a lecture of the man she idolizes, Charles Xavier.  Only to have a run in where her world, and his would be the same.  Charles, and Sarah confronted with demon’s from both their pasts.
Charles Xavier X OC  |  James Mcavoy | ​Adult Themes

Dedicated To Mcavoyed4Life

Special Thanks to Betas for Chapter 1:   Christina, Laura, Nova

This was unbelievable.  What a horrible day.  Not only could Sarah not get the day off, because too many people called in, but now Sarah lost a client’s dog.  Well Sarah didn’t lose it, it ran off.  She needed to calm her mind if she was going to track it properly.  But all she could think about was him.  She knew he was giving a lecture today, and wanted so badly to be there and listen to it about mutation.  But no, her colleagues knew how much she wanted to, and called in, in spite of her.

Maybe if she could track this dog, she may be able to catch the end of it.  Maybe even shake his hand.  Sarah wondered what his hands would feel like.  Would they be soft?  They looked soft from what she could tell.  She needed to push him out of her head right now if she was going to track this dog.  She stopped closing her eyes, trying to will away the erotic thoughts she had of herself on top of him, and focusing.  The dog was near; she felt it.

When she finally found her center, she opened her eyes, and returned to her pursuit, growling internally as she was so close.  She heard the bell ding, signaling not only the end of the lecture, but also classes would be letting out, and the client would be returning for their dog.

Sarah finally caught sight of the mutt, letting out a light growl that no one else heard, as the halls where slowly letting out.  Going from walking to chasing it, she had almost caught it, when she noticed not only was she not moving forward, but she was falling, and had hit something hard, taking all the wind out of her. “What the…, look out where you are going, you…” She said as she tried to right herself, and the man she ran into trying to help her up.  First she caught sight of the wheelchair, stopping her from moving, but then the wind was re-sucked out of her, seeing who was in it.  “Pro… Pro… Professor Xavier, I am so, so, sorry.  A dog got away from me, and I am really sorry.  Are you alright?”

As Sarah babbled on he sat there quietly smiling at her.  He could sense she was having a bad day.  “That is a question I should be asking you.

Sarah blushed looking away, his voice already heating her up.  “Oh I am fine; I just need to find this dog before its parent comes back looking for it.”

“I see.” Charles said, looking her up and down.  While he didn’t misuse his powers anymore, he didn’t need them to read body language.  She was attracted, she did little to hide it, even if she attempted to.  It had been a while, so he though why not.  “I could help you; it’s the least I could do.”

“Are you sure?” Sarah said, but in her mind it yelled why are you even asking him this?  You would kill just to be in the room with him as he gave a lecture, and now you will be close to him.  Shut up and take the help, even if you don’t need it.

He smiled at her, “Absolutely.  I am a telepath; it does come in handy, even if it is to find a lost dog.”  He was trying not to lay it on too thick.

“I know; I follow you.” She said all too quickly to please, and outing herself.  Him smiling, already having located the dog, but he did like the stroke to his ego.

“Oh you have?” he said innocently.  Sure it was fishing, but it is better than giving some cheesy pick up line.  He wasn’t some collage kid.

“Well of course, you give such interesting discussions on human mutant relations, as well as basic genetics.  I was hoping to sit in during today’s, but I couldn’t get off, and then this dog.” Sarah said in frustration.  Charles could see she had passion in her.

“Well after we have returned the dog, I could give you a recap, let us say, over coffee? “ Charles said seeing her eyes light up a bit.  The dog completely forgotten as she just tried to registered that Professor Xavier, The Charles Francis Xavier, not only was taking the time out to talk to her, but had just invited her to coffee.  She must be dreaming.  This couldn’t be real.  “Unless you already had plans?”

This part seemed to have shaken her out of it.  “Oh, no. No. No.  I have no plans, I would, it is just such a generous offer. Do you really have time to spare?”

‘I do when a pretty woman is involved,’ he thought, but instead said, “I am sure I can find some time for anyone interested in my work.”

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