Getting Everything You Want – Chapter 3

If you could get everything you ever wanted, would you? What price would you pay for it?

Written by: Nova

Loki Fan Fiction

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The next day, I awoke feeling like a new man, for a moment or two at least. My new concubine had fallen asleep, with me still inside her, on top of me. I looked over at my alarm clock. I had to get up. I shook her a little to wake her up.

“Hey, get up, I have to go to work.” I said.

She slowly opened her eyes and yawned. She sat up and stretched.

“Sorry, it’s just been way to long since I’ve had any sex.” She said.

She pulled me out of her and got up.

“Well, I’m glad that’s come to an end. I plan on making sure that you get plenty.” I said with a smirk as I sat up.

“Oh, well that’s a good idea.” She said before leaning down and giving me a peck on the lips. “But if you do that too much, you might just knock me up. Not that I’d mind.”

“Well, then, I think we have an agreement.” I said with a smile as I stood up.

I walked over to my clothing and began getting dressed for work. I walked back over to her, and smacked her ass, grabbing it after, eliciting a squeak from her.

“I’ll see you tonight.” I said.

I turned to leave before turning back towards her.

“I think I should live at your place too. Gather my junk and move it there, alright.” I said.

She blushed furiously and gave me eyes like she couldn’t believe it.

“Of course!” She said.

It was as Loki promised. She was mine now. I turned and walked out of the door. The trip to work was uneventful, but I was a little late.

Being late has… or rather, had its drawbacks. My boss got in my face, and started to yell as I rubbed the ring. The world turned into a black and white representation as Loki appeared next to me.

“Hello, Midgardian. I’m guessing you have someone you want to change?” Loki said with a smile.

“Oh yeah.” I said with a grin. “This asshole.” I said pointing at the boss.

“Interesting. A blustering fool. What would you like me to do with him?” Loki asked.

“I want him to think I’m the next coming of Christ. I want him to think that I’m better than him, and treat me accordingly. I want him to do anything I ask, just for the hope of making me happy.” I said.

“You wish to be his master?” Loki asked.

“Yes.” I said.

Loki touched the boss’s head. Loki vanished and the world went back to normal.

My spineless boss sputtered and coughed as if he had something caught in his throat.

“Something you need, Mr. Douchebag?” I said, obviously not his last name, but I still called him it.

“Joshua!” He said. “I’m so glad you could get here! I keep telling everyone that the transit system is horrible. Are you alright?” He asked.

“I’m fine.” I said as I made my way to my desk, only for him to follow.

“Is there anything I can get for you? Coffee? Donut?” He asked.

“Coffee is fine.” I said with a smirk.

He quickly turned and ran off, and I grinned to myself as my coworkers looked stunned at what had just happened.

“Did… did Mr. Jacobs just kiss your ass?” Marty, the worker next to me asked.

“Oh yeah.” I said as I began to input figures into our software.

“Why?” Marty asked.

“Magic.” I said. “And the blessing of a god.”

At the end of the day, Mr. Jacobs, or rather Mr. Douchebag as I called him was bending over backwards to make everyone happy, simply because I had suggested it. I headed out of the building to head home to the hot piece of ass I had waiting for me, when the world turned black and white again and Loki appeared before me.

“You have one more change that I can make Midgardian.” Loki pointed out.

“Yeah, I don’t think I’ll be needing it.” I said. “The boss is kissing everyone’s ass, and I’ve got a hot piece of ass waiting for me to fuck her brains out at home.”

“Actually, I have a suggestion.” Loki said with a smile. “Why not change yourself?”

“Myself?” I asked. “I didn’t know I could do that.”

“Yes.” He said “I said I could change anyone. You can make yourself the most charismatic person on Midgard, and rule the world if you want. Everyone would bow to your whim.” Loki pointed out.

“Do It.” I said.

He touched my head.

I woke up to find myself in a ditch. Loki must have knocked me out, but why? I headed back to the apartment to find I didn’t even have my keys. The landlady, who was now eight months pregnant, didn’t recognize me. I tried to go to my boss to get a place to stay, but he didn’t recognize me either.

I raced around the city to find out what happened, being treated the opposite of what Loki had promised me. When I got to one of those buildings with the reflective windows, I found out why. I was someone different. My body wasn’t the one I had lived in for my entire life. No instead I looked like that Old guy from Eminem’s Venom video. A few days later, I saw the other me, up on stage. He was running for president. The landlady that I had fucked before, she was now his wife.

The world was insane. I may have attacked him as he was leaving.

Next thing I knew, I was in this place, this institution.

“So that’s it.” I said. “That’s my story.”

“Mr. Jones. Sit down.” A worker said.

“No! I’m not Mr. Jones! I’m Joshua Alpeter!” I yelled at the worker.

This got everyone laughing, and as I lashed out, I got forced to the floor and sedated, again. This was now my life. Loki had kept his promise. He had given me what I had wanted. But I knew he got what he wanted as well. He had taken my world. My life. After, of course, making it better for himself. He was now banging the woman who should’ve been my wife, had my old boss at his beck and call, and was sitting on the thrown as as new leader of the free world. And me? Well… I guess there’s a reason that you shouldn’t get everything that you want…

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