Happy Holidays Series: A Spooky 7 Months Later – Chapter 3

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7 Months after Loki’s rabbit game he pulled. It is Halloween night, and it is time for a bit more Trickster fun. But will Loki’s Lover find it just as amusing?

Written by: Odogoo

A Tom Hiddleston X Loki Fan Fiction
Warnings – Loki is Kinky – Read At Your Own Risk

Chapter 1: Easter Fools | Chapter 2: Rabbit Games Part 1 | Chapter 2: Rabbit Games Part 2 | Chapter 2: Rabbit Games Part 3 | Chapter 3: A Spooky 7 Months Later

~ October 31srt ~

Tom was getting ready for a party at one of his best mates’ houses. Sure there would be kids, but he liked kids. Better yet he was very hopeful that his lover may actually show up, and come with him to a get together for once. It had been hard, living two lives. Sworn to secrecy of their relationship.  While his lover was worth it, it still hurt feeling alone, even if his partner made it quite clear that he was with him in spirit.

The few showings of light magic a time or two at such events made that very clear to Tom, and then the Easter Egg incident.  That would forever be ingrained in his mind, although now he looks back on it and laughs, well laughs then gets very horny.  Bloody after effects of the spell.  At least that is what he still insists it is.

He sat down, he had been doing that a lot today.  Just feeling utterly winded, he didn’t feel like he was coming down with something, but just felt off.  He swore if this was some bull shit stunt to keep him home, he would be pissed.  But he felt bloated, and thought it was probably closer to what they had last night not agreeing with him fully.

On a dare, and a promise of great rewards from his lover, he was dressed as a bunny.  The god of mischief’s rewards were almost always worth the work.  It was one of those full body ones, that doubled as a type of pajama outfit onesie.  He was applying some light face makeup while calling for his partner to get ready, as he didn’t want to be late.  “There is a big difference between fashionably, and unfashionably late!”  He shouted, in a half growl.  “You better not be standing me up, you promised, I am even in this outfit!”

He jumped a little as a firm hand went against his ass, and squeezed it.  “Oh yes, and what a delicious snack you are, in it.”  He heard his lover purr into his ear from behind him.

Tom looks at him from the mirror.  “Loki, there is nothing sexy about this thing.”  He rolled his eyes as he painted on whiskers, adding the final touches.

Loki’s hand didn’t leave Tom’s ass.  “I beg to differ.  I know what I like” At this point he started to rub Tom’s ass.  “And this, oh only I know what is under it, besides … it will fit everything tonight.”  He trailed off.  WIth a wave of his hand shifting, and dressing into a suit with Pumpkins all over it.  “How do I look?”  He said finally letting go of Tom’s ass, so Tom can turn around and look at him.

He watches as Tom looks him up and down, even turning a bit.  It was simple, but this wasn’t one of those harvist orgies of yesteryear.  He sighed, while he missed those days at times, he knew he could never, would never share his Midgardian pet.  “A bit bland for you, but…” he trailed up enjoying how his lover looked.  “You in a suit is to die for.”

“Very well… let’s mingle.  But reminder my rules mortal”  His voice completely lost his playfulness.  It was a tone of complete seriousness, and forewarning.

Tom gulped.  Whatever arousal he had completely dropped.  Him nodding, “I remember the rules.”  

The drive to his friend’s house was quiet.  Tom had to admit he was nervous.  He had agreed not to introduce Loki as his partner yet.  Just as a plus one, and close friend.  He didn’t like the lying, but Loki explained it in a way that he couldn’t exactly argue with.  Was he his friend, yes.  Was he a close friend, well far more than that, but close would, and could be a word to describe them.  But Tom felt it didn’t describe his feelings, and gave them a disservice.

He would let it slide… for now.  This was a step, this was progress.  That is what he needed to focus on.  The positive.  Soon enough they got to his friend’s house.  “Alright, let’s meet these mortals you are so found on, and their spawns.”  Loki said disinterestedly. 

“I see through you sometimes Loki.”  Tom said, feeling for some reason a bit winded all of a sudden.  He looked over to his partner, “do remember that.”

“I will darling,” Loki said, giving an innocent smile.

They walk up the drive, Loki looking at the outside decorations.  He did love this holiday.  Although it lacked the mischief making of yore.  “Breath Tom, I am not poofing on you this time.”

Tom nodded, how could this man always read his mind.  Maybe he was that transparent.  But he shook it off.  Ringing the doorbell and waiting patiently for the door to be answered.  When it was, he tried his best to say the next words without laughing.  “Trick or treat!”  He said smiling.  

“Tom you old dog, or should I say old bunny!  How are you mate?” taking him into a big hug.

“Great Ben, Great.”

“Come in, come in the both of you.”  Ben said, stepping back inside, and holding the door open for Tom, and Loki walking inside.  Ben smiled at both of them.  “And who is your friend?”

“Isn’t it obvious?”  Loki said, Tom trying to do his best to not to grimace.

“Oh?”  Ben tilted his head.

Loki held out his arms wide grinning.  Tom looking at him with a oh fuck, please no, anything, just not… “I’M DAVID PUMPKINS!”  Loki said in a way too accurate voice, and weird facial expression.

Ben laughed at that.  “Oh, the wife is just going to love you.  Benedict Cumberbatch, but people call me Ben.”

“A pleasure,” Loki said, shaking his hand.  

“Well come on in, most people are here, Sophie is taking the kids Trick or Treating and won’t be back for a bit.  So best to get the adult stuff in while the getting is good.

Tom made the rounds, saying hello to everyone, introducing Loki.  It seems his light trick, and joke seemed to get people over well.  That made Tom relate a lot more.  But when Loki, and himself had a light moment alone Loki leaned over and whispered,” So what kind of adult stuff was your friend talking on.”

“Not the kind you would hope for I am sure.”  Tom said, making a drink.  Trying his best to not feel so tired, and heavy as he did.  He didn’t know what was up with him.  He felt 20 pounds heavier at least.

“I won’t share you, even if these little mortals seem fine enough.”

“Good because I am not sharing you.”  Tom sneaking a kiss after he looked around to make sure no one would see them.

“Tom you bulking up for a role, or just letting yourself go,” one of his friends said jokingly.

“I don’t know what you are talking about.  I am as fit as ever.”  Tom said confused.

“He is talking about Tom, this tummy you got going.”  Ben lightly tapping it.

Tom looked down in shock.  Oh he was going to fucking kill Loki.  Just completely, and utterly kill the bastard.  It did look like he had a beer gut going.  Loki put his arm around Tom, answering before Tom could. “No, he is just pregnant.”  Yep… Tom was definitely going to kill him.

“Well then, maybe you should’ve dressed up as Arnold Schwarzenegger instead”  This caused everyone to laugh, minus Tom.  Who was scallowing.  

This caused his friends to stop laughing.  “Hey we are sorry, didn’t mean anything by it.”

“I am sorry to have upset you Tom, they are right.”  It was a mix of a truth and a lie.  He meant something by it, but he didn’t intend to hurt, or upset Tom.  Annoy, well yes, frustrate, always, but not actually hurt him physically or emotionally.

Tom sighed, “I am going to go outside and get some fresh air.”  He said going out.

Loki looked down.  “I didn’t mean to upset him.”  That was one hundred percent the truth.

“No, no, it was rude of me to even bring it up.”  The friend who originally started it said.

“I am going to go out and talk to him, pardon me.”  Loki said, as he went in the direction that Tom had gone hoping he was out the front door, as that was the only door he recalled that lead outside.

Tom was sitting in a private area trying his best not to cry.  Overcome with emotions, something he understood, others he wasn’t sure why he would feel them.  He looked up when he heard the sounds of someone walking towards him.  “Go away Loki, I am not in the mood.”

“I told you I shouldn’t have come.”  Loki said not sure where to really start.

“So that was your plot?  Cause such a stir up I never wanted you with me in public again.”  Tom trying hard to keep his voice down.

“No, I was hoping to try my best to have fun with the man I love, and not let any cats out of bags as you mortals put it.”  Tom just rolled his eyes, not believing him.  “Tom…”  Loki came over sitting next to him.  “Tom, look at me, before I make you.”

Tom does, but doesn’t say anything.  Loki gently cupping his cheek.  “Heed thee well mortal… Thomas… Tom… I love thee more than anything, and any one.  I may seem uncaring at times, or even careless with actions.  But know you are important to me, you are mine.  You, and our child.”

Tom had fallen for it again… he actually believed him, and yet another joke.  “Ha, ha Loki.  Very funny.”

“I am not joking.”

“About loving me, or the baby, oh wait it is both isn’t it.”  Looking utterly betrayed.

Loki sighed letting his hand fall from Tom’s cheek.  “I had hopped to tell you on better terms, tonight, when we got home, but… I was serious when I said I wanted to breed you.  I was hoping that you would catch the hint by now, but well… we are going to be parents, the spell on Easter was successful.”

Tom was in complete shock.  “You are joking, I am a man and I can’t get pregnant.”  

“Magic does beautiful and wondrous things.”  Putting his hand on Tom’s stomach.

“I hate you.” Tom said, but Loki could tell by his tone he didn’t mean it.

“Hate you too mortal.”  Loki said, kissing him.  “This is going to be an interesting next few months, but I will be by your side the whole way, and help and explain as we go okay?  Just trust my magic, and power.”
“Do I ever have a choice with that?”  Tom knew he did, but was trying to be funny.

“Always, you choose me, like I am choosing you.”

~ To Be Continued ~

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