She Is Mine – Chapter 1

She is his, and his alone. Loki wants to lay claim to a woman, but will his brother Thor allow it?
Written by: Sil and Odogoo
Special Thanks To Beta: Sil

A Loki X OC Fan Fiction
NC-17 | Adult Themes | Smut

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Loki stormed through the grand halls furious. How dare he?! Did his ego have no end, or was it his ever enduring need to one up and mock him that drove his brother Thor to these transgressions.

Either way it would not stand. He would not, and could not allow it. She was his, and his alone. How dare Thor attempt to lay claim to what was to be his till Ragnarok.

The guards kept their distance in the wide halls, as the young prince stalked them looking for his elder brother. He knew challenging him was not the wisest set of actions, but this was a matter of not only pride, but of the heart.

Loki’s eyes narrowed as he saw Thor in the dining hall, some concubine on his lap feeding him. It made him sick. Is this how he would teach his beloved? Claim her with no love, force her to bear his young, and then discard her for whores. “Why brother you are up early this morning. Have you changed your mind on joining me on the hunt today?” Thor said his hands roaming over the girl as he ate from her fingers. Loki stopped in front of him, his tall frame looking down at him.

“I would suggest you allow your,” he paused trying to force out the word, “woman, to leave so we may discuss something.”

Thor looked up seeing the serious look on his brother’s face, more so than usual. He pushed her off. “Go to my chambers. You will relieve me, and then dress me, when I arrive.” Looking back at his brother, patting the clear area for him to sit down, he said “Come sit; we will talk of the hunt.”

“I do not want to sit, nor talk of hunts. You are already after prey which is not yours to win,” Loki stated looking down at Thor unblinking.

“I do not like your tone, Brother,” Thor said, seeing the almost challenging way Loki was standing over him.

“I don’t like you pulling girls aside that I have earmarked for my amusement.” He didn’t like phrasing it that way, but it best not to show an attachment. Attachment would show weakness, and he wouldn’t allow Thor to use it against him. It made him feel heartless, but it was the only way to properly protect himself and her.

“There are plenty of other women to have your fill with. Besides, she is the best one with her mouth.”

Loki had to think quick, while still holding back his fury. He pushed aside all thoughts of Thor forcing her on her knees, making her take his seed in such a way, when it finally came to him. “I have been training her.” He said. He knew it wasn’t the best, but he could get Thor to bend to it.

“Training her, Brother?” He asked, confused as to what that had to do with anything.

Loki relaxed a bit, finally sitting next to his brother to lull him into a false sense of security. “Yes training her. You know, just between us,” yes that was very good. “I am a man with strange tastes, tastes that other Asgardians would find unappealing,” he said, pleased seeing Thor nodding his understanding. He could fairly hear Thor contemplating which tastes those would be.

“Go on, Brother,” Thor said, taking in what Loki had to say.

“So, you can understand how that may ruin her for other men, and how other men may ruin her for me. I know you have taken the most careful of measures to not do that, or at least would, but you understand where I am coming from don’t you brother?” Loki queried, trying to seal the deal.

“What type of tastes? Perhaps I would enjoy them, too.” Thor asked, trying to imagine Loki’s perversions.

Loki sighed. He would have to pull his secret weapon. “I am a shapeshifter, Thor. I am sure you can work out what I have trained her for,” Loki said calmly, inwardly smiling in glee at seeing a small look of disgust from Thor. There you go brother. Now that you have that thought in your head, you are sure not to want her.

“I see your point, Brother, especially with some of the guards. Have you sent word?” Thor said, still trying to push the unnatural images from his head.

“Yes, that is where I went when I did not find her in my chambers. Promise me, Thor, you will leave her to me, and my peculiarities.”

“As you will have it, Brother. Now, what about that Hunt?!” Thor challenged, eager to change the subject. He reached for a cup of ale to wash even the mental taste that image evoked from his thoughts.

“Yes, Thor, I think a hunt will do nicely. I will have to change, and select a good weapon for it,” Loki said, standing to return to his chambers. Loki hoped that his beloved had made her way there. He had already put the fear into the guards that may seek to stop her for her services, and now had eliminated Thor as a threat, or so he thought.

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