She Is Mine – Chapter 2

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She is his, and his alone. Loki wants to lay claim to a woman, but will his brother Thor allow it?
Written by: Sil and Odogoo
Special Thanks To Beta: Sil

A Loki X OC Fan Fiction
NC-17 | Adult Themes | Smut

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He walked with confidence through the halls, opening the door. He had a mixture of emotions. He was pleased to see Ase on her knees facing straight ahead looking at the empty chamber, but prepared by her bed. What he didn’t like was that, while it looked like she tried to fix it, her hair was a mess, and not the normal way. This was the way in which someone who didn’t know how to handle her hair would do it. There was also the light smell of another, how rigid she looked, and yet the slight shaking of her frame, as if she was forcing herself to stay together. He wanted to find out who dared, and have them drawn and quartered for this trespass on her, on him.

Loki walked as calmly as he could to stand in front of Ase. He saw her lower her gaze. “Hello Ase,” he says warmly smiling down at her, but his back tightened as he heard the trained words.

“I am here to serve you prince of Asgard in all things,” she said holding out her arms and offering herself to him.

Loki could see her arms lightly tremble, as if it was a strain to hold her arms this way. He caught one of her hands in his, curling his long fingers against hers. When she didn’t get up from the light pull, when he saw her wince, he knelt down. She was the only woman he would ever kneel for.

Loki took her hand and brought it to his lips kissing it. “Look up at me Ase.” He used her name, it helping her come out of her daze from the morning. At best, she had been called girl, at worst whore.

She slowly raised her gaze to meet his. Loki could see the redness in her eyes. He let out a light growl of, “Whom?”

She again looked down, “I am sorry my king; I cannot say,” she stated. One of his first commands to her, when he first had her, was to call him king. Over time, it turned to just Loki.

“Alright, you don’t have to tell me for now.” Loki said, gently tipping her face up, and kissing her lips. “Your body is sore isn’t it?”

He reads me like a book, Ase thought; her insides hurt with how rough Thor had been with her. She nodded her agreement, not wanting to anger Loki with silence from both body and voice. Her hand went to his pants to rub him to hardness. He knew what she was doing, blocking, going straight to her training to help her deal with whatever had been done to her. Loki let out a sigh. He would play along for now, show her gentleness and loving where he could. “Open your mouth dear.”

Loki could see the thanks in her eyes as she opened her mouth, prepared for him to use it for his pleasure. He gently cupped her cheek. Loki knew she needed it, but he didn’t like his Ase feeling like an object. He caressed her cheek with his thumb while she worked to get his cock hard, rubbing her palm over it through his pants, then finally pulling it free of its confines, and getting to the real work. She was encouraged as she heard a sound of pleasure escape his lips, his member coming to life in her hand.

Loki smiled at her. “Now that is enough,” he said as he nipped the bottom lip of her open mouth. Ase was ready to take his member inside her mouth. “I love you,” he whispered pulling back and finally releasing his hand on her face as he rose to stand over her, his tall frame towering her. Her eye’s looked distant; that hurt. Whoever caused this would pay dearly, he thought, as he gently pressed his throbbing cock down her throat.

Loki had remarkable stamina, but he would not use it now. This wasn’t an act of loving, even if it did feel good. She was sucking him quickly to make him cum. She was quite good at it, and his release would not take long.

He rocked his hips to aid her, but she did most of the work. Ase had one hand on his thick thigh, as her other messaged his sac and its contents, urging him to release, as her mouth deep throated his cock. His cock throbbed in the tight cavity, and he lightly groaned at the sensation. It may have been a meaningless act, but it still felt good to Loki. His beloved was doing this for him, and to him that was all that mattered.

Ase soon felt the pull of his balls, and knew he was about to release for her. She prepared herself to swallow, setting a slightly quicker pace, and he would be done.

Loki groaned aloud, knotting his fingers in her hair, her name on his lips as he released. Holding her head in place until he slowly came down, his hand going from the top of her head to the side, he cupped her cheek once more. “I love you Ase.” Loki knelt down again to kiss her, not caring he tasted himself on her lips.

Loki smiled at seeing her more relaxed. He pulled her onto his lap away from the kneeling position, hearing her whimper a little. “So, my sweet girl,” he kissed her, tracing his tongue along her lips, “who dared to make an enemy of the prince of Asgard today?”

Ase buried her face in his chest, hearing the beating of his heart, praying to Odin to give her strength. “Thor wanted my services this morning. I tried to tell him you had arrangements with me, but he didn’t care. He said as future King he is using his power to supersede you. Please forgive me, please my love,” she begged starting to weep into his chest.

“Oh my dear, shh, any trespass you made has already been forgiven, and I have dealt with my brother; he will not bother you anymore, nor will the guards.” Loki smiled down at his beloved.

“Oh thank you Loki; thank you so much,” Ase showering his face with kisses. “But how? Prince Thor will not stop if he wants something.”

“Ooooh, let us just say this silver tongue can do more than please your warm quim.” Loki hinted with pride. He opted though not to tell her what it was. It would be best for his Ase that she didn’t know.

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