Blood Ties: Chapter 4 – His Heart Aches

Wong tries to keep Strange calm as he suddenly worries that Terah may not be coming back to him.

Written by: Kuro Bakura
Originally posted on AO3

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Back at the sanctum, Strange was starting to become too anxious. It should not have taken this long for the two Gods to find their father, considering he made a portal to where he exactly was at. There was a number of horrible situations and so many emotions that were going through his head and none of them was making him feel any better. In fact, it was making him too anxious, on the verge of having some sort of panic attack. Strange felt like he was not able to function right now and his heart was hurting badly.

“Terah, where are you? I knew she should not have gone with them but I wanted to show my support. She is a grown and powerful woman after all and knows the dangers. …What in the world could have happened to them…to her. Dammit, I hate this so much! I can’t take this..” Strange thought to himself as he tried to get a grip on himself and what was going on. The worst fear he was having about this whole thing was that he would never see her again and/or say how he truly feels about her. Even if it is just once.

“Terah. If you can hear me, please tell me where you are. Let me know that your safe. …For the love God…please be safe. I swear, if anyone hurts you, I will gut them like a fish.” Strange added, hoping in some way, Terah would be able to hear him. He was also hoping that Thor would keep his word and make sure to bring her back safe, no matter what was going on or where they are at right now. Suddenly, a portal formed in the middle of the room. Strange quickly looked up, hoping it was Terah but sadly, it was not. It was Wong. Strange sighed as he looked at the ground.

“Is everything alright? You look distraught. Like a mess.” Wong asked. Strange did not say a word. Wong walked closer to Stephen and then stood in front of him. Wong looked around then back at Strange, trying to not make this worst. He already knew something was up and it had to do with one certain person from what he could tell.

“I am surprised to see that Terah is not here with you.” Wong added to his question. Strange looked up with a tear streaming down his cheek.

“She went with Thor find his Father yesterday and now, I am not sure where she is at. I am afraid she may be in danger and I can not find her nor able to help her. I am a wreck.” Strange explained to Wong. Stephen tried to stay strong but he just could not do it.

“Strange, just stay calm. Terah is powerful, strong and sharp as a tack. She is not helpless, Strange. Even if something is wrong, she will make it back here. I promise you and I have no doubts about it. All you can do right now in the meantime is try not to stress out and try to look for her as much as possible for her whereabouts. I will also try to help as much as I can, too.” Wong told him. Strange nodded in agreement.

“Thank you and I know I shouldn’t being worrying like to but I can’t help it. Terah means so much to me.” Strange said to Wong before walking over to his desk to began searching more for her. A thought popped up inside of his mind, causing his curiosity to peak.

“Strange, I do not mean to stick my nose where it doesn’t belong but I do have a question for you. Because I am truly concerned about your well-being.” Wong piped up.

“And that exactly would be?” Stephen responded back. Wong took a breath before he asked.

“Are you fond of this woman?” Wong asked. Strange was slightly confused by the question but he had a feeling about was he meant by that.

“Fond? In what way do you mean by that?” Strange replied. He was not pissed off or weirded out by his question, just simply trying to understand it more. Wong should have stopped asking but now, he needed to truly find out. He was not against it if Strange was actually in love with the young woman but he was curious if this is why Strange reacting the way he is to her not being here.

“You’re in love with Miss Terah, aren’t you? And madly, too.” Wong asked again, rephrasing his question. This time, the question was crystal clear to him. He looked up, feeling like he just committed a crime or broke a rule but he couldn’t lie to Wong.

“And what if I am?” Strange answered, feeling more worried. Not about him, though.

“Well…are you?” Wong asked another question. Strange sighed.

“I was that obvious to you?” Strange replied. Wong noticed. Strange looked away, feeling ashamed.

“Yes and there is nothing wrong with being in love…regardless of it is with a man or a woman. I know you are not bisexual but I am just saying. Do not worry, you’re not going to lose your powers or anything. I was just curious, though,min have noticed the way you look at her, even if she doesn’t notice but I have. Quite a few times.” Wong explained to him. Strange sighed again but looked back up at Wong.

“I know she does not feel the same about me and I just want her to be happy, no matter what.” Strange told him. He actually did not know how she felt about him but he just did not want to get his hopes up…just in case.

“Well, I know one other thing…never say never. Until you tell her, you don’t have the answer for whether she does or not.” Wong said. Strange felt sad again.

“…If I ever see her again and at this point, that is a big “if”.” Stephen muttered but it was loud enough for Wong to hear. Wong put his hand on his shoulder,

“You will, Strange. You will.” Wong responded back to him. Strange took a deep breath.

“Thanks, Wong. I appreciate this.” Strange said back.

“You’re welcome and to be honest, I hope she comes back, too. She is quite a unique.” Wong told him. Strange smiled.

“I agree.” Strange said. Wong stayed for another minute before heading back to the sanctum in Hong Kong, leaving Strange alone in the sanctum once again.

“I just got to keep calm and do the best I can not to worry so much. Wong is right. She is strong, powerful and very intelligent. …I just really hope that she is safe, sound and not hurt.” Strange stopped himself from letting his thoughts get worse again. He decided to go make a cup of tea and continue to his search for Terah. He had a bad feeling that something bad was going to happen to her and he needed to stop it quickly if it does.