Learning Curve – Chapter 1

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What happens when a student falls for her professor? What happens if that professor is interested in his student?
Written by: Sil and Odogoo

AU Tom Hiddleston X OC Fan Fiction

Teacher/Student | ​Adult Themes | Dom-Sub Relationship | Punishment

She was terribly late for class and Professor Hiddleston hated his students arriving late. He never failed to notice the empty seats and always had some sort of torment or torture plotted for those that did slink in late or missed his class altogether. He seemed to delight in putting his students through Hell for daring to enter his domain even a moment behind schedule. Though, that wasn’t entirely fair. If she was being honest, he ignored the students while they received their punishment. He wouldn’t tolerate excuses, even if they were the absolute truth and completely valid. She ran, shoes in hand.

Arriving at the doorway to the lecture hall, Caro paused to gather her breath and push a ribbon of her curly auburn hair behind her ear. She opted not to replace the low heels on her feet, instead smoothing down her grey A-line skirt with her free hand, before pushing open the heavy door to the class already started within.

Her usual seat in front was occupied, having been poached by the sleek brunette who was always making some excuse to stay after class to speak to the professor. Caro didn’t buy any of it for a moment. The girl was just looking to sleep her way to an A with the handsome man currently behind the podium. Every day he sent her on her way, telling her his office hours and about available campus tutoring at the library. Evidently he saw through the girl’s tactics, too.

The professor didn’t seem to notice that Caro had arrived late. She knew he had, but would wait until she selected a seat near the back to try to slip into unnoticed, then, and only then, would he spring his trap to call her out in front of the whole class and announce her punishment. Straightening her shoulders, Caro decided to take the bull by the horns. Why wait to have Professor Hiddleston draw all eyes to her? Caro boldly strode down the steps, not attempting to hide her tardiness, and approached the front. Moving past the brunette “Alice,” she took a seat on the edge of the slightly raised lecture stage, pulling out her book and notepad from her messenger bag, along with a pen.

There was a brief pause in his delivery, a raised eyebrow, and then… nothing… not a word to her. He must be pleased with her forthrightness. The lecture continued, as if her taking a seat on stage were a regular occurrence. This new vantage point gave her an opportunity to study him much closer than usual, not that she wanted to study him. He was her teacher after all!

However, she was aware of how handsome he was, tall and slender of waist, well covered in lean muscle that she could see ripple beneath the tight trousers, fitted button-downs, and waistcoats he preferred. His jaw was angular, his cheekbones high and chiseled, his nose patrician, and his eyes… oh dear, those eyes! – the clear, mesmerizing blue-green of the tropical sea that never missed anything. His hair was a light golden, honeyed brown color that often looked like it wanted to escape his carefully brushed efforts into a riot of curls. Caro imagined it would be soft to run her fingers through. She didn’t want to consider what the tautness of his trouser fabric housed. His legs were so long with thick, powerful thighs and firm buttocks that she did, in her secret dreams, imagine pressing her fingernails into. It was certainly hot sitting up on the stage like this. She wondered if anyone else in the auditorium was affected by the heat.

He spoke at length, and asked several questions of the other students. He never called on her, didn’t even look her way, and assigned a short reading passage for the next class. Caro looked down at her notepad and realized she hadn’t written a single thing down today about the topic. Instead, she had drawn a heart. A heart! She was not some girl who drew hearts while fantasizing about her teacher, even if he was a particularly well spoken, highly intelligent, accomplished individual who happened to be poured into a stunningly attractive package. Yet, her normally perfect set of lecture notes was nothing more than a doodled, wistful heart.

As soon as the class was dismissed, Alice, predictably, made a beeline for the professor. Several students quickly dropped off assignments on the edge of the podium for him before exiting. Caro repacked her items into her messenger bag and slipped off the stage, heading for the lower door. This was her final class of the day. She was looking forward to getting home to dig into her latest writing project – a steamy story about a love-struck gal caught between the desires of two men. She was hoping to share it with the off-campus writing club, Forum, at the monthly meeting next week. However, a deep, rich baritone voice stopped her just as she was pushing open the door. “Miss Miller, I need to speak with you.”

Swallowing a groan, Caro turned around to face the source of the request. “Yes sir, Professor.” He was still speaking with Alice, who had managed to get close enough to rest her hand on his forearm while telling some, surely charming, story. Seeming to suddenly notice Caro’s presence, Alice’s eyes widened as she let out a surprised “Oh,” pulling her hand back suddenly, as if caught in an embarrassing situation with the man. “I suppose I’ll have to tell you the rest… later.” She emphasized the ‘later’ like it was a prearranged secret, managing to make it sound out of breath and sultry. To his credit, the professor didn’t acknowledge Alice’s comment, instead turning to Caro to address her. Alice was well and truly dismissed, causing Caro to tamp down a sudden urge to thank the man.

He paused long enough for Alice to take the hint and depart before upbraiding Caro. “You were late to my class Miss Miller. You disrupted my lecture with your tardiness and then had the audacity to sit on my lecture stage while you daydreamed. Did you bother to take a single note from my lecture today? Show me your journal.”

Caro was now certain he had seen her ill-advised little doodle. She would die of embarrassment if she had to show him directly and explain it. “I’m sorry, Sir. It won’t happen again. I’ll be on time. I was distracted and didn’t take any notes, just as you said, Sir. I will be more focused next time,” she blurted as she dropped her gaze toward her feet in mortification, hoping he wouldn’t press the issue of viewing her journal.

“There are consequences for your actions, Miss Miller. You won’t get off with a hasty apology with me. That may work for your other professors, but I know you need to be punished to make you remember.” She gasped, quickly looking up at him. Had she heard him right? She often thought of his demands on others as punishment, but to hear him term them that was something else altogether. This, though, was different. The times she was thinking of had happened in front of the class, but the class had already departed. She was quite alone with her professor.

Nervously she licked her lips, again lowering her gaze, only to have it snap up again. Was that…? He was aroused! There was no hiding the bulge in the front of his trousers. Was it from what Alice had been saying to him? Or, was it from the punishment he might have in mind for….

His voice suddenly sounded near to her. “You will wait for me in my office.” It was a low growl. She hadn’t noticed him approach her. How could a man that tall move so quietly? She couldn’t think. His scent, a combination of orange and lemon, wood and moss, and so very Him, was wrapping around her senses and muddling her thoughts. Feeling a sudden need, she clenched her thighs together. “Do you understand me, Miss Miller?”

“Yes, Sir.”

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