My Lady Loki…Chapters 1 and 2.

Chapter 1

Well imagine if you will…. You in your room reading a book and you feel something lightly caress across your back, playing with the hem of your shirt. You turn to see a green light leaving the room. Without realizing it you begin to shudder….

A short time later, you are in your kitchen cooking and you feel the soft caress of his lips. You swivel around to see nothing there. Whoever this is he is getting under your skin fast…..

What you wouldn’t do to have him tease your senses. Make you shudder and shiver. …Suddenly the touch of fingernails plays gently with your hair. You turn and this time you see the blonde Adonis. He smiles as he leans in with his breath dancing all over your flesh, exciting you….

His fingers slowly trace down your neck gradually making its way around your breast. You look up into his eyes in anticipation. Without even a warning he joins with you sending bolts of lightning dancing up your spine….

You suddenly find yourself sitting up in bed with hand upon your neck. …and yet, he is not beside you. You rise out of your bed feeling a bit weary not really wanting to know that a dream could make you this tired and yet, this excited. Listlessly sliding into your clothes, he occupies your every waking thought.

Trudging out in the snow, you catch your mind wondering back to the night before. Feeling the touch of his finger as it teased the flesh of your neck. Gasping as you look up in time to realize you are about to run into a lamp post as he enters into your every thought and seizes control.

Mary! You hear as the dancing of utter delight filling your mind blocks out your ears. Mary! Will you come into my office now! You grimace at the sound of the boss fearing he is angry but what you get when you enter his office shocks you to the very core.

The man that is surely taking control of every fiber of your being is standing right before you in all of his finery. A gasp slips from your lips as he looks up to give you a smile. You are struggling to stay on task and focus on your boss but to no avail. The memories of the dream flooding in. The flush heat of a blush so deep begins to creep across your face. Not sure why but he stands before you.

Mary, this is Thomas. He is going to be taking over the London office and is here to learn the ropes.

You absently extend your hand to him. The pleasure is all mine, he says as he gently takes your hand in his. Leaning over kissing the top of your hand gently. You look deep into his eyes in the brief moment you manage to steal.

It will be your job to show him how things are done. Thomas, this is Mary. She is the chief around here and runs a tight ship. You spend his first day showing him the accounting program all the while struggling not to collapse from the heat building within you.

You manage to make it home before falling apart. The desire licking up you inner thigh, sending you into a frenzy as you fall against the door of your bathroom.  Struggling to stand on wobbly feet, you grasp the door knob.

Gasping, you struggle to your bed where you collapse. Mary! Mary! In your frenzied state, you shake your head back and forth not wanting anymore torture. A tortured gasp slips out from your lips as his fingers trace a path across your chest. Leaning in so that his breath slowly torments the flesh, he whispers to you, “You will be mine.”

You arch upward as you feel the touch of something cold touching your chest. Looking down you see a scepter of gold with a blue jewel tracing its way up your inner thigh.

“You will be mine,” he says as all touch is gone. You wiggle trying to find relief and yet none is to be had. You twist and turn seeking respite from all the desire and heat that his skill has brought to the surface.

Once again you find yourself sitting up in bed. Flesh flushed to the touch. You look around not sure where you are. Nothing is the same. You go to get up, only to realize you are shackled to the bed.

Testing the shackle you wonder how it is you came to be here. Looking around the room, you see pillars of golden color and chairs of emerald green dotting the room. All opulent, more so then you are used to. The ragged breaths coming as the wondering where you are takes over.

You gasp as you feel the caress of fingers on your cheek. Turning to look, you see the man…the source of all your delightful torture. Smiling down at you, he continues to stroke his finger across your cheek.

“See, I told you, you would be mine.” Closing your eyes, you focus on keeping your breath even. A moment later you open your eyes to find yourself alone and the shackle gone from your ankle.

Feeling a hand around your wrist, you turn to see a handmaid motioning you to follow her. Blindly you follow her to a bathing area. You assuredly remove your clothes as the handmaid indicates you to do, wanting to wash off the desire that permeates your being.

Sliding into the bath tub, you lean your head back along the rim of the tub, letting the water lap at your thigh. Closing your eyes, you let the handmaid take your hair into her hands, combing it out as you relax at her touch and skill.

After a time you feel yourself standing as the hand maiden tenderly dries you off and begins to dress you first with silky undergarments forcing you out in more ways than one. Then the dress that forms around your every curve and emphasizes the delight that is you.  The dress that makes you Queen….

Staring out at a land that you know nothing about and yet, one you have responsibility for, not knowing why you’re here. A soft caress across your cheek brings you back to the reality of your situation.

Turning you look to see the man responsible for where you are at. Staring at you, sending shivers down your spine, he smiles. “How does it feel to be mine?” he asks in a deep baritone voice that reverberates through the hall. “Confusing.” You snap at him, realizing you are face to face with the man that took you from the only life you knew and brought you to a world filled with

“Why did you bring me here? What am I supposed to do?”

Staring out at the new world you find yourself in, you wonder what this all means for you. A whisper in your ear brings you back from the deep thoughts plaguing you. “Soon all will be answered for you. You will be mine.” Feeling the breath upon your ear, a shiver runs up your spine.

How can a man you have never met before be so ingrained in your reality and dreams? How can he dominate so completely?

Seeing the bright colors of flowers you have never seen before and the golden hues of the pillars holding the tower up.


Chapter 2


“Ma’am,” So lost in thought, she barely hears the man holding something before her. Suddenly coming back to reality, “What is it?”

“I have been instructed to teach you the art of self-defense.”

Looking at the man before her, she caught herself wondering what he was up to. Why was she being put through all this?  Sighing, grabbing the clothes as she makes her way to the bathing room to change.

A short time later, coming out the bathing room and approaching the man, “Can you tell me what is going on?”  The man just looked out her with an empty stare. “The queen must know how to protect herself when the king is not here.” She looked at him incredulously. She had a feeling that he was not one to offer information willingly. . She wondered what he meant by the queen needs to know how to protect herself.

Whap! Before she had time to wonder, the man had swing a large stick, knocking her feet out from under her.  Grimacing, she starts to rise up.  “One must learn to be prepared for the unexpected.  One must not take forgranted that the enemy can come from anywhere. You must be prepared.” Looking at him, she braced herself for what was to come. She danced the intricate dance, trying to dodge the swipes of his staff. Not succeeding in her efforts, she felt the sting.

“To stop your enemy, you must not react with emotion, for if you do that is your downfall. Control is key.” Assuming the fight position, you take a deep breath in. With a swoosh of his staff, the ballet begins anew. Dodging and striking. They tap and whacked their way around the room. She dodged and blocked his attacks. She was starting to get the hang of it. They had been at it for hours it seemed when she fell to the floor gasping for air. “No more, I am tired.” The man just look at her and nodded.  She turned her head back to the floor. Using her staff, she climbs to her feet. Grimacing a bit as she enters the bathroom.

The handmaiden moves into the bath area and you follow, feeling like punching bag.  Filling the tub with warm water, the handmaiden pours scented oils into the bath as it fills. You slowly and carefully remove your clothes, handing them to the handmaiden. Reaching up she slides her shirt off to inspect the bruising. He was relentless. Turning to the tub, carefully raising your leg over the edge, grimacing all the while, you slowly slide into the tub to soak your fatigued mind and body.

He stands on the balcony overlooking the room in which she remains. The future of his world and her world, Asgard and Midgard, lay in their hands. If they could not unite the realms, the realms would cease to exist. The realms barely held onto a tenuous peace that Thor had fought for and secured.

He was king and yet he felt emptiness that he had never let himself feel. Frigga’s death left a hole in his heart. A hole already there with the discovery of his parentage but only enlarged by the death of one who truly accepted him for who he really was. How could he dare to let someone in only to risk having then ripped away? He shakes his head. He must not entertain those thoughts and yet he knew he would have to for he was falling for her harder than he expected too.

He watched her working with the sword master. He feared that she may never be ready. To be his one, she had to be able to fight. He didn’t know if he could be there should she need protection. Whack!  He turns to watch her.

Finally setting her staff on the nearby table, she looks at the staff. “I have had enough for today.” Walking off, she heads into the bathroom.

She stands before the mirror. Pulling the string on her shirt, she lowers her shirt down over her shoulder, pausing a moment to study the bruises are her shoulder. Why did he bring her here to this place? Why are they teaching me martial arts?  She sighs and slips out of the rest of her clothes

Sliding carefully into the tub, she leans her head back against the edge of the tub. She sighs as she adjusts the towel under her neck. Closing her eyes, she lets the warm Walter pull the soreness out of her muscles. After a moment she feels his breath on her neck. She asks, “Are you ever going to tell me why you brought me here?”

“I brought you here simply to be my one.”

“That means what?”

“You are to rule by my side.” He replies as takes a washcloth and begins to careful wash across her belly. “You are to be the Queen of Asgard.”

“I find that I am thinking that there is more to this then you are telling me. I don’t even know your real name?”

Leaning down over her, he lets his lips gently caress her lips, beginning a teasing journey down her neck. Pausing only a moment before he answers her. “I am Loki, God of Mischief and King of Asgard.”

Letting the cloth slide across her breast he smiles as he sees the shudder ripple through her body. He knows that he has her. She will not leave him. She would ensure his rule of Asgard would be complete.

Several months passed after this event, the time came to introduce her to the people of Asgard. Entering her rooms, he saw that she was staring out the window, seemingly lost in thought. He pauses a moment to take in her beauty. A beauty almost as intoxicating as the strongest alcohol to be found in Asgard.

The handmaidens moved to her bed to place their packages on the bed and wait. She turned hearing a noise, and saw that it was him. “To what do I owe for the visit of the great Loki?” she asked as she moved down the steps toward him. Seductively swing her hips. She was hoping to taunt him.

Watching her twist her hips about, he takes a moment to enjoy the site before he answers her question. “Tonight is the night you meet the representatives of the seven realms.  I have brought you clothes to wear.” The handmaidens started to remove the items from the boxes. “I was taught there were nine realms.”  She stated as she got close enough to rub her hand across his chest. Reaching up to grab her hand, “You are the representative of Midgard and I am the representative of Asgard.” Bringing her hand to his lips, he caresses the inside of her wrist with his lips. “Tonight you will be introduced to the realms as my one. They will offer the gifts of the realm and you will charm them. You will show them that Midgard is ready to take its place among the realms.”

Pulling away from him but not losing his grip, she looked at the things laid out on the bed. Hesitating, she looks back out him as though she wasn’t sure of his motives. “I still can’t help but feel like this is a case of politics with me as the pawn. “

“Quite the contrary. If you do anything, you assure that the nine realms remain at peace.”

Turning to the window, she stares out. Sensing her anxiety, he moves to stand behind her. Wrapping her arms around her waist, he pulls her close to him. “Trust me, I will not let harm to come to you.” Kissing her neck softly. Letting his breath tease the tender flesh of her neck.

Letting out her breath, she whispers, “How can I trust you when I don’t know you.” He continues his slow exploration of her neck. Teasing her by gently blowing across her skin then nibbling bits of her flesh.

Turning her to face him, “You are to be my one.”   Scooping her up in his arms, takes her to her bed and lays her there. Looking at her he smiles as he begins to slowly undo her dress. He bends over, letting his tongue tease the flesh between her breasts slowly creating a trail to the nape of her neck causing her chest to heave faster with each tease of her flesh.


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