Sugar and Vinegar Chapter 9


By: Nova

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So the head thing from last night, yeah… it wasn’t exactly a good thing, but later that night, in the middle of the night, I had another dream. Anywho, in the Dream, my cock was being sucked and licked while two giggling women hovered over me on my bed. The two kept quiet for the most part as they worked to get me nice and hard. They both sat on the bed after. The first then whispered into the second’s ear before positioning herself right over my cock and plunging down hard enough to drive me completely inside her. Her pussy was hot, wet, and insanely tight. She let out a loud moan when I bottomed out inside her. She put her hand over her mouth to muffle the moan as the girl next to her giggled.

“Shut up. YOU were the one who talked me into this.” She whispered harshly.

“I know, but think about it… you’ve got his cock pressed deep inside you… can you feel it in your womb?” the other one cooed softly as she snuggled up to her companion.

I couldn’t quite make out their voices, and I was kind of trying to keep myself from cumming because her pussy was starting to massage and milk my cock. The one that wasn’t on my cock rubbed just below her partner’s belly button with her hand before reaching up and forcing her into a kiss. They kissed passionately for a moment, then broke the kiss.

“Yes.” The one on my cock said. “I wish he was awake so he could feel me being filled with his massive cock.” She cooed.

“So, this isn’t a dream,” I said softly as I reached up to her flat chest.

“See, he didn’t freak out.” The other one cooed. “I told you that he was super sweet.”

The one on top of me turned her head back to me and leaned in a bit. I could tell who she was now. Kimmy was the one on top of me with my cock completely buried inside of her.

“Yeah, I should’ve known.” She said before giving me a kiss.

I returned the kiss, running my hands over her tight body as we made out. She then broke the kiss as I moved my hands to her hips.

“I’m sorry I waited so long, big brother.” She cooed at me before sitting back up on me.

She started off grinding on me but quickly switched to lightly bouncing on my cock. While Kimmy enjoyed my cock the other woman leaned in revealing who it was by kissing me passionately. The second girl was Debbie. She broke the kiss and looked into my eyes.

“I’m glad your little rest got you going again.” She cooed before going back to making out with me.

She made out with me for a few moments longer before sitting up and positioning herself back over my face as she had been earlier. I began licking and sucking on her pussy wanting her nice and wet for her turn. I felt her shudder on top of me at the same time as Kimmy did. Kimmy’s pussy clenched down tightly as I felt her getting close, but she didn’t slow down. In fact, she slammed down even harder on my cock. I felt a hot liquid begin leaking on to my balls then began to taste a hot liquid in my mouth. This pushed me over the edge, and I began spraying my seed deep inside Kimmy’s womb. Kimmy let out a loud moan. This time she didn’t stifle her moan, but she did stop bouncing. After a moment she and Debbie swapped places, with Kimmy’s snatch over my mouth. Next, I felt Debbie’s hot and tight snatch lower onto my cock. She didn’t wait for any cues to begin enjoying my cock as I began licking and sucking on Kimmy’s pussy. I got a mix of both of our juices in my mouth, swallowing down what I could before she pulled off of me and spun around to make out with me.

“I can’t believe I got the real version of this wonderful cock in me.” Deb cooed.

It was at this point that I woke up. I found myself alone, in the dark, with the clock reading just after midnight. The back of my head still hurt. I knew what I had experienced felt real, but it had been nothing more than a dream. I rolled onto my stomach and slowly drifted back off to sleep.

My alarm went off at the normal time and I opened my eyes to see Amber shutting it off. She was completely naked and had a worried look on her face. She reached out, feeling my forehead and didn’t give a look of relief when she did.

“Stay put.” She whispered before leaving the room.

She came back with Mom and Dr. Nitty in tow. The two of them were fully dressed. Mom felt my forehead as Dr. Nitty pulled out a strange tool that looked like a barcode scanner gun from a supermarket. He pulled the trigger on it as he pointed it at me, and a blue light was projected on me. He ran the light up and down my body before releasing the trigger. Mom looked back at him.

“He’s caught a version of the flu. It’s not from our dimension. I’ve got a sample so I should be able to make an antidote, but for now, no one should be swapping fluids with him. That means no kissing, no sucking his cock, no having him eat you out, and no sex.” Dr. Nitty said. “We don’t know what ramifications it would have, or how aggressive it will be here.”

“What was that thing?” I asked weakly.

“Oh, that’s just my Psi-Scan. It allows me to scan a person and tell what condition they’re in.” Dr. Nitty said.

“Well, in the meantime, let’s get you out to the couch.” Mom said.

She, Amber, and Dr. Nitty helped me out to the couch. They made sure I was comfortable with a sheet to cover my body and some cold bottles of water. Dr. Nitty opened the window near the door so I could get some fresh air. Mom was certain to make sure I chugged a couple bottles before everyone else started to get ready for their day. After they all got ready, I got a wealth of goodbyes before they headed out the door. I pretty much just pulled the sheet over my body in case anyone came to the door and woke me up. I turned on the TV to some infomercial and passed out. I awoke a few hours later to a knock at the door. The VCR stated it was after 9 am.

“I can’t get up. The door is open.” I called out weakly before realizing that I had a piss boner that was so hard it hurt.

The door opened and in trotted Lauren. Her hair was in a braided ponytail. She wore a black t-shirt that was huge for her and a pair of tight-fitting shorts. She also wore sandals. She had a pink backpack on her back.

“Well, can’t say that I was expecting you,” I said weakly as she looked over at me.

“I came to see how you were feeling,” Lauren said as she moved over to me.

“I find that hard to believe. Yesterday you were spreading rumors and tried to…” I started to say but fell back.

I was obviously getting way too worked up. She walked over to me and sat down next to me on the couch.

“You poor thing.” She said putting her hand on my head. “Listen. I won’t lie. I’m not here by chance.” She sighed. “I sorta got kicked out of school because of what I did.”

“What?” I asked.

“Yeah, apparently the principal had a problem with me going against the head of the company that’s our school’s largest contributor.” Lauren sighed.

“Well, that sucks. So you decided to come plead for me to get you back in?” I laughed.

“No, nothing like that. You only need to sign a letter that you accepted my apology and will okay me attending school.” Lauren said.

She pulled off her backpack and opened it. She pulled out a piece of paper from her backpack. It had a formal written letter on behalf of the principal and attached was a detachable section saying what Lauren had said.

“So I sign this, and you leave,” I stated.

“If you want,” Lauren said. “Listen, given your state, I’m willing to stay put here… or… “She started to say.

“Okay, whatever, I need to piss,” I said, trying to get up.

It was hard to stand as the room was spinning. Lauren tossed down her bag and quickly stood up to support me.

“Geez, you’re in bad shape.” She said, either not caring about my nudity, or not noticing.

She helped me get to the bathroom, and when I was standing over the toilet, she finally said something about my nudity.

“Wow, it’s so big.” She said. “Is it always like this when it’s hard?” She asked as she took it in her hand and aimed it.

“Pretty much,” I said as I relaxed and started to piss.

“No wonder Sarah and Holly like you so much. You’ve got a nice body and a giant penis.” Lauren cooed.

“Thanks,” I said as my piss slowly petered out.

“Do you wipe? Or what? I’m not sure how guys do this… to be honest, it’s my first time seeing one that wasn’t attached to a toddler.” Lauren asked.

“Brisk shake,” I said.

Lauren shook the droplets out of my cock, then flushed the toilet before helping me to the sink, where she washed her hands. She then helped me back to the living room. She helped me lay down on the couch again and stared at my cock for a minute or so before offering the light sheet to cover my body. I didn’t take it from her at first.

“It’s still hard.” She cooed. “If you wanna sign that paper for me, I’ll be willing to get you off…” She said shyly.

“You? Get me off?” I said sarcastically. “Listen. I’m sure that you’re more than willing but frankly, you’ve had a terrible attitude and you seem like you’re more interested in just getting your paper signed so you can get out of here. So why don’t you just leave.” I said harshly. “Thanks for the help getting to the bathroom, but that and twenty-five cents will get you a call on a payphone.”

“YOU ASS!” She shouted. “I’M NOT JUST TRYING TO GET THAT PAPER SIGNED!” She yelled at me.

“Oh really? Then what do you want?” I asked.

She got a really pissed off look on her face. I had caught her, and she didn’t have an answer for me.

“You know what fine! You’re right! I want the signature. I’ve lost my place in Jump Jet. I lost my spot on the cheerleading squad. I’ve lost everything that was important to me, you could at least give me this.” She said before sitting down. “And I’m not leaving until I get that signature.” She said.

“Fine, but I’m gonna get off,” I said as I took my dick in my hand.

Her eyes shot to my cock as I stood it up and began softly and slowly stroking it. I had expected her to turn away, but she seemed at least interested in seeing what I was doing.

“You’re really going to… while I’m here?” She cooed softly.

“Why not? I need to get off, and you’re not leaving or doing anything for me unless I sign right?” I said as I looked at her. “So I might as well get off and then get ready to deal with having you around until you’ve earned forgiveness in my eyes,” I said.

She slowly reached out and took my hand, the one that was stroking my cock, into her hand, learning the motion I was doing. She allowed herself to have her hand on mine a few moments before pulling back. She reached down to the bottom of her t-shirt and pulled it off, revealing a white sports bra. She put her shirt down on top of her bag before doing the same with her sports bra, revealing her tits. She had b-cup tits, which were shaped like torpedoes. Her areolas were larger and round, and she had smaller nipples that were not erect just yet. She reached back out after and moved my hand away before she took over stroking my cock. She seemed entranced by it as she stroked me softly. I let out a soft moan as she stroked me. It was a bit surprising, to say the least. Just 24 hours prior she was pissed at Sarah for wanting this from me and now here she was doing what her friend wanted to do.

“Oh god.” I moaned. “That feels good.”

“Good. Maybe after you’ll sign the paper for me.” She said softly.

I pulled her hand from my cock.

“Is that the only thing you want from me? A damned paper signed?” I asked.

She turned red and bit her lower lip. Her face said it all. She wanted something with me but was waiting for the other shoe to drop. I wondered, for a moment, what made her like that but brushed it off. I leaned over and grabbed the paper and a pen from her bag.

“I’m signing this only on the condition that you stay with me to make sure I don’t fall from the dizziness. And you only have to stay until someone else gets here. Okay?” I said.

I signed the paper and laid back.

“Really? You’re not going to try to talk me into fucking you? Or continue jerking you off?” She asked as I took my own cock back into my hand.

“Nope. So if you wanna leave the room while I get off, that’s fine.” I said.

She put the paper in her bag and then moved back to me.

“Listen, I am sorry about what I did. Spreading rumors like that, just to hurt you… All I was thinking about was revenge, not about what impact it might have on you. I’m sorry.” She softly said.

“Apology accepted,” I said.

“You know, it’s kind of weird… not having someone try and get something out of me they know that they could get… to just ask to have me around as a compromise.” Lauren said.

“People use you all the time like that?” I asked.

She nodded her head at me as she moved my hand off my cock and resumed stroking my cock.

“What’re you…” I started to ask.

“Shhhh…” She said softly. “Just relax and enjoy this.” She added with a smile.

She stroked it a bit more then looked at my face. She gave me a huge grin before turning back to look at my cock. Next, she blew my mind as she took it into her mouth. Her mouth was warm and wet. She began bobbing her head on my cock as she sucked on it. I let out a moan as she enjoyed my cock. I reached over to her shorts and did my best to tug them down off her ass with one hand. I began stroking her pussy lips as she sucked me off. She wiggled her behind to try and get me to penetrate her pussy with my fingers. I slowly slipped my pointer finger into her pussy. Her pussy was very wet, very hot, and was trying to milk my finger. She stopped sucking, took my dick out of her mouth and let out a moan as I slowly started to finger fuck her pussy. She pulled her mouth off my cock and began jerking me off faster and harder. She let out a moan.

“Oh, Josh! I’m about to cum!” She cried out.

Her pussy clenched down as her hottest fluids enveloped my finger. She kept jerking me until my cock began erupting. The first shot of cum from me shot up and landed on her face. She was a bit too busy coming down from her orgasm to care, or to notice. She was panting heavily, and let go of my cock before shifting her position to sitting back perpendicular to me.

“Wow.” She said as the cum I had sprayed on her oozed down her eye.

She lifted her hand, wiped some of it off and put it in her mouth, sucking her finger clean. I tasted her juices as well from my finger. She actually tasted different than the other girls; like fresh oranges.

“I always wondered what cum tasted like… yours isn’t that bad.” Lauren said with a smirk.

“You taste like oranges,” I said.

“Yeah, I eat a lot of them. I can’t get enough.” She giggled as she pulled back up her shorts.

She stood up and stumbled for a moment.

“Wow, stood up to fast.” She said before heading to the kitchen.

She returned a moment or two later with some paper towels, and the cum cleaned off her face. She handed me the paper towels to clean up myself. I cleaned the remaining cum off my stomach and cock.

“So, listen.” She said blushing. “I’m not sure why we just did that… besides being a couple of horny teenagers.” She said softly.

“Sometimes that’s enough,” I said before tossing the paper towel onto the coffee table.

“But yesterday I hated your guts. This morning I was convinced that I was going to have to coerce your horny ass with a little ‘t and a’ show to get you to sign that paper, and then, when I had what I wanted, I just couldn’t control myself… I just had to do something with you.” She said.

“Are you regretting it?” I asked as she sat down next to me.

“No, it’s just, where do we go from here?” She asked.

“Ah, the never-ending question,” I said as I laid back.

“I’m serious, you dork. I mean you have a fucking harem, and … where do I fit in? Do I fit in? Is what we just did a one-time thing?” She asked.

“A harem? What makes you think that?” I asked.

“Your sister, Caitlin, and Jesse are all pregnant with your kids. Amber, Sarah, and Holly all want you to either fuck their brains out or in Amber’s case give them lots of children… and I’m guessing there’s more…” Lauren explained.

“Okay, and what makes you think all of this?” I asked.

“First off, it’s not hard to guess when people are hearing you say it. Secondly, I was told first hand by Kimmy as I was eating out Holly this morning as an apology to her.” Lauren said. “Apparently she’s the only one who hasn’t fucked your brains out in the little school group. Then there’s your Mom, some woman named Deb who works for you, A scientist to even out the ratio… oh and your brother is submissive to Tabitha, who’s also in the group… did I miss anyone?” Lauren said as fast as she could.

“Eating out Holly?” I asked.

“Well, I have to admit, I was pretty horrible to them… and they didn’t deserve it… so the question remains, where do we go?” Lauren asked.

“Well…” I started as I got comfortable again. “What do you want? Where do you want this to go?” I asked sleepily.

She covered me with the sheet and snuggled into me. I drifted off before I could hear her answer. For the moment she was content, and happy and enjoying herself with someone else. Maybe it was the first time, and who knows if it would be the last.

I was woken up at 1 p.m. by her saying something.

“Oh hi!” Lauren said.

My eyes slowly opened.

“Well, I wasn’t expecting Joshua to have company today.” Dr. Nitty said.

“I’m Lauren… I’m a… a friend from school.” Lauren said.

“Hmmm… indeed. It’s no surprise to me that you’re topless with him either. Joshua does tend to fuck all of his ‘friends’.” Dr. Nitty laughed. “I dropped by to check in on him again.”

“Well, we’ve just been sort of napping here. I’m suspended from school at the moment for starting rumors, so I figured when he’s feeling well, I’ll go back.” Lauren said as she sat up.

“Hey, doc,” I said.

“Hello, Josh, are you feeling any better?” Dr. Nitty asked.

“Maybe a little,” I said.

“Good.” Dr. Nitty said as Lauren grabbed her bra and shirt and pulled them on.

“You leaving?” I asked.

“Yeah, I figured I’d run to the store and get you some Gatorade,” Lauren said as she got off the couch. “Then I’ll be back and we can discuss…” She said as she started walking to the door only to fall over.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“Oh, what the fuck? I feel like I just went ten rounds with Mike Tyson all of a sudden.” She said weakly.

Dr. Nitty walked over to her and helped her back to the couch. As he laid her down, she tried to move.

“Nope, stay put.” He said as he pulled out the psi-scan and scanned us both. “Now, Joshua. I believe I said that you couldn’t do a few things. Like Making out, having sex, or giving oral.” Dr. Nitty said.

“I didn’t, the most I did was finger her,” I said.

“Then is the fault yours?” He asked her. “Let me guess, he came in your mouth.”

“No, I only gave him a hand job,” Lauren said. “But…” She added with a long pause. “I did taste his cum after.”

“And now the two of you are bonded.” Dr. Nitty said.

“Bonded?” She asked.

“Yes. Bonded. At the moment, it seems the two of you can’t get three feet from each other.” Dr. Nitty said.

“So how do we un-bond?” Lauren said, quite a bit panicked now.

“Listen, I’ll try and work on a serum now that I know the nature of the virus, but I can’t promise you two will un-bond at all. The serum would suppress it from happening again at the very least. So get used to being around him.” Dr. Nitty said.

“Dammit, Josh! You didn’t tell me you were sick to that extent!” She said as she sat up and hit me in the chest.

“He didn’t know.” Dr. Nitty sighed. “And I doubt he realized you just tasting him would lead to this.”

She looked at Dr. Nitty then back at me.

“Really?” She said as tears welled up in her eyes.

“Had I known, I wouldn’t have let you touch me… period.” I said. “Or at the very least, I would’ve warned you what could happen,” I said.

“Even though we… and you wou…” She started crying and buried her head in my chest.

“Well… I am… I’ll go now… you kids have fun… Oh and since you’re already bonded, don’t worry about the virus… you two should be safe to fool around.” Dr. Nitty said before excusing himself.

“Why?” She asked pulling her head back up to look at me.

“Why what?” I asked.

“Why are you so fucking nice to me?” She said wiping away her tears. “I’ve been so mean to you and your friends. And you… not just you, all of you, accept an apology and treat me so nicely. Why?” She asked.

“Why wouldn’t you expect that?” I asked.

“Well…” She said with a sigh. “I guess I should let you in. My mom vanished when I was little. My father didn’t take it well and blamed it on me and my older brother. My brother promptly moved out at seventeen and I never heard from him again. My dad… well, he tells me constantly that I’ll never amount to anything more than a street whore.”

“You won’t be a whore… unless you want to be. You can be anything you want.” I said.

She hugged me tight and gave me a soft kiss on the cheek.

“You’re sweet.” She sniffled. “But the way I was raised. I just expected you to… I don’t know… treat me like some little piece of shit, or like just a piece of ass.”

“Do you want me to treat you like a piece of ass?” I asked softly.

“No.” She said.

“How would you like me to treat you?” I asked. “Friend? Girlfriend?”

She didn’t answer me. She instead got up. She took me by the hand and motioned for me to get to my feet. I did so. She led me to the bathroom and we stepped inside.

“I’m sorry, I kind of had to go, and without being able to leave your side…” She said as she pulled down her shorts and panties and sat on the toilet. “Apparently, we’re getting real intimate real fast.” She said before reaching out and taking my half hard cock into her hand.

“You didn’t answer me before.” I pointed out.

“You’ve already treated me better than any guy I’ve been around…” She cooed. “And now you’re letting me take the lead on what we are, or what we do…” She added.

“Yeah,” I said.

“So if I say I don’t want a relationship, I don’t want to see you after we get this bond thing fixed… would you let it die at that?” Lauren asked.

“Sure. I mean, why not?” I said.

“It’s just… I mean it’s hard to believe… I’ve never had the option to choose what I wanted before. I became a cheerleader because daddy dearest wanted it. He was the quarterback in his day. He knew the tradition… and now, here I am, with the most powerful eighteen year old in the world and he’s giving me the choice.” Lauren said.

“Yep,” I said. “Your choice all the way. I say this as you’re literally peeing in front of me, and have a hold on my cock.” I said.

She giggled and blushed. She let go of my cock and grabbed some tp. She wiped her pussy then stood up, letting me see her nude, hairless pussy. She tossed the used TP into the toilet and flushed before turning back to me. She just stood there looking me over.

“You know, you have a decent body. Not overly muscular and big in the main area it counts.” She cooed. “Are you feeling any better now, by the way?” She asked.

“Yeah, a little. But I should probably get off my feet again.” I said.

She gave me a smile and moved past me to wash her hands. After she washed them, she pulled up her shorts, then took me by the hand and led me out of the bathroom.

“So which bedroom is yours?” She asked.

I led her to my room.

“Good, let’s lay down.” She said.

“Together?” I asked.

“Well, with the bond as it is, we’re not going to be far apart, silly.” She said with a smile.

I opened the door and we went into my room. We walked over to the bed and I laid down. Lauren had a slightly different idea, stripping off her clothing before laying down and snuggling into my chest.

“You know. I could get used to this part though. A nice guy, who just happens to be rich and attractive lying in bed with me.” She cooed.

“You think I’m attractive?” I asked.

“You don’t?” She asked.

“Well, I guess. I mean I understand Tabitha and Heather’s attractions… I understand Jesse and Caitlin too… but I’m not sure what the rest of you find so attractive about me.” I said.

“You’ve got a nice ass, a big cock, you’ve got an actual six-pack… and those are just some your physical features.” Lauren said. “I mean I could’ve done way fucking worse for my first…” She stopped herself short.

“Your first what?” I asked.

“Boyfriend.” She cooed softly.

“You’ve never had a boyfriend?” I asked.

“Well, I think that’s kind of obvious… my father didn’t want me to have one. He wanted me to remain a virgin for the final game in my senior year. He said that a quarterback slamming a dick into a virgin’s pussy was the best feeling in the world.” She said.

“Well, I don’t think that he’s gonna have a chance to complain,” I said.

“Why’s that?” She asked.

“Well, in short, he’ll have to deal with me,” I said.

“Oh? Am I yours now?” Lauren giggled.

“We’re bonded and you called me your boyfriend,” I said. “I’d say that you’ve chosen to be mine.” I laughed.

She got up and straddled my waist, pressing her pussy against my cock and trapping my cock beneath her. I looked up at her, totally nude on top of me as she leaned in and placed her hands on my chest.

“I want you to understand this clearly, Josh-y sweetie.” She said softly.

“Okay,” I said as I kept looking at her breasts hanging towards me.

“I’m not your property or your possession. We’re going into this as equals. I can’t go anywhere without you, and you can’t without me at the moment.” She said.

“So if you’re mine, I’m yours?” I asked.

“I’m not going to have you get out of the web, and at the moment neither of us can be a part of it.” She added. “At least until Dr. Nitty can cure our infectious nature.” She said as she rocked her hips slowly, causing her pussy to slide across my cock.

“Okay, what are you trying to say here?” I asked.

She sighed. She lifted herself up a bit, releasing my cock. She took it in her hand and jerked it softly a few times. She looked into my eyes. She began rubbing the head in between her pussy lips.

“I’m saying.” She cooed. “Well, this would work better if you were hard.”

“I don’t think I have the energy right now for that, but I think I get what you’re saying with that,” I said.

“No, you probably don’t.” She said.

“Well if you want to get me hard for this, you could suck my cock again.” I pointed out. “But why don’t you swing your ass this way while you do, I’d love to taste your pussy again,” I said.

She blushed brightly.

“You… you want to eat me out?” She said in disbelief.

“Yes,” I said. “Is that so hard to believe?” I asked.

“A little. Why do you have to be so damned perfect?” She asked before swinging her body around.

She put her pussy right in my face, and I wasted no time in starting to enjoy her. I felt her trying to match my licks on her pussy lips so I sucked her clit into my mouth making her moan but at the same time, I felt a hot mouth on my cock. It was odd, to say the least. I began teasing her clit with my tongue making her gasp but at the same time, she started teasing my cock with her tongue.

“Oh god, Josh, if you keep that up, I don’t know how long I can last!” She moaned.

I stopped.

“Well if you keep teasing my cock like you are, then I won’t last long either,” I said.

“But… I haven’t touched your cock.” She said looking back at me.

“Wait a second,” I said before clicking slowly from her clit to her virgin hole.

At the same time, I felt her tongue go from the tip of my cock to my grundle.

“Did you just copy my lick?” I said leaning over and looking at her, still looking back.

“No… wait, you can feel what you’re doing to me?” Lauren asked.

“Apparently. Let’s see if it works the other way too.” I said with a smirk as I reached up to my own chest and began massaging my chest muscles.

She let out another moan. Noting this I stopped again. My cock was throbbing and hard from the apparent treatment I gave myself.

“It felt like you were just massaging my tits.” She cooed. “I think I’m going to like this.” She added.

She got up and spun around.

“But I wonder what this will end up doing for us.” She said as she got into position over my cock.

She rubbed it against her entrance.

“I don’t know if that’s wise. I mean I could end up cuming inside you and knocking you up, are you sure you…” I started.

“YUP!” She said happily before plunging herself down on my cock.

Suddenly, I felt a fullness inside me. Almost like I had a pussy that just had a cock rammed into it. I could feel the cock pulsing inside me, ready to cum and fill me to the brim. I quickly realized that since we were able to feel what the other had been feeling, I was feeling what it was like to lose my virginity to my own cock.

“Oh god, this feeling… it’s like I have a dick and it’s wrapped in a living hot towel.” She cooed. “Is this how it feels for you?” She asked as her pussy began milking my cock.

“Yeah,” I said.

“It feels like we’re about to cum.” She cooed.

“I’m having trouble holding it back,” I warned her.

She lifted herself up a bit, then slammed me back into her. We both gasped as my cock erupted inside her. She, in turn, began squirting. She laid down on top of me as we both enjoyed our very different orgasms.

“You’re just too perfect.” She cooed as my cock sprayed my cum into her womb.

She leaned up to my mouth making me realize she was a little shorter than me and began making out with me.

“Are you on birth control?” I asked after we stopped making out.

My cock was starting to calm down.

“Oh shit. I didn’t even think.” She said only for my cock to pick up some force again. “Okay, I’ll admit it. I did think. The thought of you shooting a load of cum into me unprotected is very arousing.” She gave me another kiss. “Especially if you happen to knock me up with it too.” She softly cooed.

Holy fuck, this girl wanted to get knocked up bad.

“How many?” I asked.

“How many what?” She asked.

“How many kids are you going to want?” I asked with a smile.

“Not sure. We could figure that out later.” She cooed.

“How long?” I asked.

“What?” She asked a little shocked.

“How long have you wanted to do this?” I asked.

“Well…” She said sitting back up on my cock. “We met back in 8th grade, and you didn’t know it at the time, but I had a crush on you. I wasn’t as open as Sarah, or even as much as Amber when she moved into town last year, but ever since then, I wanted this to happen.”

“Trust me when I say, I didn’t realize it when anyone sent me signs… I’ve been pretty oblivious.” I said.

She giggled at this.

“I know.” She said. “But now here we are. Your cock inside me. My unprotected womb full of your seed.” She cooed.

She laid down on top of me again and snuggled into my chest.

“And I’ll be honest, even though you’re in the web relationship, I’d give anything to have the bond thing be permanent so I could keep you to myself.” She said sleepily.

I didn’t respond. I didn’t know how to. We just snuggled together until we fell asleep.

We were awoken by the sound of giggling, I looked back and Lauren picked up her head to see Amber, Tabitha, and Heather all standing in my doorway.

“Awe, they look so cute like that,” Amber said making Lauren blush.

“And to think, just yesterday she wanted to kill us all,” Tabitha added.

“Say what you’d like but I’m jealous,” Amber added. “They’re bonded.”

“Yeah about that. Besides not being able to be apart, does it mean anything else?” Heather asked.

“I felt what he felt.” Lauren cooed sleepily.

“What do you mean?” Tabitha asked.

“When he put his cock in me, I felt like I had a cock and it just entered a tight, hot and wet pussy,” Lauren explained. “I hope I’m explaining it right. I felt him taking my virginity as if I were him at the same time as I felt it being taken by him.” She said.

“Oh wow. Now I really want to be bonded.” Amber said. “I’m wet just hearing that.”

“Nitty said not too. And you both just missed him. He wants to see you both as soon as you’re able.” Tabitha said.

“Are you up to moving?” Lauren asked, looking into my eyes.

“Sure. I feel a bit better. What about you?” I asked.

“I kind of don’t wanna take your cock out of me, this feels way too good on both ends.” She said.

She reached between her legs and slowly pulled my hardened cock from inside her before getting up off of me. She stood there, apprehensive for a moment in front of the others.

“You know what? I’ll say it. You are really cute, and you have a nice body.” Amber said.

“Really?” Lauren asked.

“Yeah. I hope Dr. Nitty has a cure because I wouldn’t mind fooling around with you too.” Amber said with a smirk. “So did he deem you worthy of being in the web?”

“I don’t think I have a choice in the matter,” Lauren said. “I’m at the very least his.”

“Hey, I know I’m having trouble keeping myself from throwing you on the bed and eating his cum out of you,” Tabitha said.

Lauren blushed brightly.

“And I’d love to fuck that pussy with a strap-on.” Heather added with a smirk.

“Well, none of you are doing anything with her or me until we’ve both returned,” I said as I sat up.

I got off the bed and walked to the dresser, pulling out some clothing as Lauren got dressed. I got dressed pretty quickly and we all headed to the living room where I pulled on my shoes.

“Any idea what Nitty wanted?” I asked.

“No clue,” Tabitha said. “Figured it’s business stuff. But when you get back, I wanted to talk to you.” Tabitha added.

I nodded, noting it in my head as I pulled on my shoes. With both of us fully dressed we headed out the door. We arrived at the lab a short time later and entered. The place was still dark upstairs. We found Dr. Nitty working silently and alone downstairs.

“Ah, you’re both here.” Dr. Nitty said. “Good.” He added.

“What’s up?” I asked as we walked over to him.

“First off, I’ve got something that may take the edge off.” Dr. Nitty said as he walked around behind us.

There was a sudden pinch on the back of our necks.

“What the fuck!?!” Lauren said.

He then took her and led her across the room. There was no negative effect this time. He led her back.

“You made it so we could be apart?” She asked.

“Not just that, Joshua will be able to jump to another universe with that. You’re still linked like before but think of that little device as an extension cord. I call it the Neural Amplifier and Transmitter. The Naat for short.” Dr. Nitty explained.

“That’s great, Doc,” I said as he walked away and came back with a pair of syringes.

He stuck me in the arm first. He injected whatever it was into my blood then pulled the syringe out. He then motioned for someone behind us. Deb walked out, completely naked, spun me around and kissed me deeply and passionately and then stepped away.

“Seems to be a success for him, Doc,” Deb said.

“Good.” Dr. Nitty said before moving to Lauren and injecting her. “You, young lady, may not be so easily tested. I don’t have your scans on file from before you were infected. So I’ll have to monitor you for a bit.”

“Why… why is she naked?” Lauren asked.

“Just getting used to the idea, actually,” Deb said. “In a couple months we’re all moving to the island, and clothing is optional there.” She said.

Lauren blushed brightly at the idea alone.

“Now, let’s get ready for some testing!” Dr. Nitty said as he began to hurry about his lab.

He gathered various things before returning to me.

“Alright, my boy, I need you to strip.” He said.

I sighed and took off my clothing, making Lauren turn even brighter red, and making Deb stop to stare. Deb’s eyes were affixed on my semi-hard cock, the cock that she had already tasted but had yet to feel in her. She licked her lips as she stared at it.

“Doc, does he have time for some fun?” Deb asked.

“I doubt you’d want that, my dear. He probably still has the juices from this young lady here still on his person. You would be bonded to her the moment you tasted or felt him.” Dr. Nitty said. “You will have to wait until he’s showered,” he added as he handed me a pair of shorts, shoes, and a hoodie. I pulled on the hoodie first which was orange in color and fairly large on me. Then the shorts. They were loose but comfy. Finally, I pulled on the shoes that were black in color like the shorts. I laced them up and tied them before Dr. Nitty grabbed my arm and attached a strange looking manacle to it. The manacle had several buttons on it which each had labels. It also had a display on it that displayed my current location along with a destination. The destination was preset to read the same as my current location.

“This is your ticket home from now on. You can create a portal from any universe right back to the lab.” Dr. Nitty said before handing me a small oval device.

“And this?” I asked.

“Put it on your ear,” he instructed.

The oval device looked like a Bluetooth earpiece, not that those existed back then.

“It’s a camera, microphone, and earpiece. You can communicate with me by pressing the button on the side. Press it again to mute it, and hold the button to turn it off. I’ll be recording everything you see.” Dr. Nitty said.

I put the device on my ear.

“Now, all of these are my newest inventions. Considering you can walk thru a gateway naked at the moment, I picked up these clothes and redesigned them to be able to withstand the gateway itself.” Dr. Nitty explained.

“Gateway?” Lauren asked.

“We’ll explain later, dear,” Deb said.

Dr. Nitty ushered me to the gateway area and opened it for me.

“Now, I’ll be sending you to the same landing point as before. Once there, radio me, and I’ll have you return.” Dr. Nitty explained.

“Okay,” I said.

And with that, I stepped through the gateway.

(Joshua! Joshua, can you hear me?) Dr. Nitty asked as I stepped out of the gateway.

“Yes, Doc,” I said as I touched the earpiece.

I looked around. I was in Dr. Nitty’s lab in the other universe.

(Good, it’s working. I’m expecting you’ll want to spend a little time there?) Dr. Nitty asked.

“Will Lauren be alright with me moving further from this point?” I asked as the other Dr. Nitty entered the room with the other version of my mom.

Mom ran over to me and gave me a big hug.

(She should be fine. I’ll radio you to use the bracelet to return if anything happens.) Dr. Nitty said.

“Roger that,” I said before letting go of the earpiece.

“Oh my god! Joshua! We weren’t expecting you back so soon!” Mom said before letting me go.

“Wasn’t expecting to come back after only a couple days,” I said. “But the Doc in my dimension wanted me to test his new gear.”

“So, any particular reason you’re not going back right away now that the gear was tested?” Dr. Nitty asked.

“There’s someone I want to visit here… my half-sister… I need her advice on how to deal with her in my universe.” I said.

“No problem, I can get you a flight out there faster than you’d expect. Your mom and I were on our way out there just before you appeared.” Dr. Nitty said.

“Well, that’s convenient,” I said.

“We’re getting married and honeymooning there.” Mom said.

“Really? Married? So fast?” I asked.

“Yes.” Mom said blushing. “Insan got me pregnant, and felt it was the right thing.”

“Oh wow! Congratulations!” I said hugging her again. “Now, I need to clean up before we go,” I added, before heading to the bathroom.

I did my best to get all of Lauren’s juices off my cock before returning to them. When I did, the car was waiting and we headed off to the airport, and the long flight. Needless to say, I still fell asleep on the flight. I was woken up by this universe’s Kimmy sucking gently on my cock. She looked up into my eyes and pulled my cock from her mouth.

“Mornin’ sleepy head.” She said as she softly jerked my cock. “Dr. Nitty and Aunt Nat already headed into town. They said you wanted to talk to me.”

“Yeah, I wanted to talk to you regarding the you in my universe,” I told her.

“Oh, so looking for tips. Alright.” She started, “But in exchange, I don’t just want a quickie this time.” She said with a smile.

“Oh? What do you want then?” I asked.

“I want you to fuck me passionately and creampie me in front of my friends.” She said.

As she said this, I felt what I could feel earlier when I was making love to Lauren. My own cock entering me as if I had a pussy. Lauren had more than likely gotten a dildo of mine from the doc. I could feel it as she started to rub her clit, and my cock began to grow.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” Kimmy said standing up.

She handed me a backpack to put my clothing in. I stood up and got undressed, putting my clothes in the backpack. She took me by the hand and led me off the plane and thru the airport. When we were outside the airport we were intercepted by four young ladies. The first was Katie from the other night who ran up and gave me a hug. The other three stood there and watched until Katie pulled back. One was an Asian girl who was a bit shorter than the rest with a completely flat chest. Her pussy was hairy, and the pubic hair went almost to her belly button. The next was a black girl. She had nice B-cup tits and was shaven. The final girl was Hispanic with d-cup tits. Her pussy was trimmed, so just a small line of hair rose from her pussy.

“Josh, I’d like you to meet my friends. You already know Katie.” Kimmy said. “That’s Sayo, Emily, and Trisha.” Pointing at them respectively.

My cock was now at full mast as Katie pulled back.

“Wow. He is hung.” Trisha said.

“Wouldn’t mind feeling that beast inside me,” Emily added.

“If I had a cock like that all to myself I’d be worthless to the rest of the world,” Sayo said.

Their comments made me blush. My cock throbbed as I felt the continued attention from Lauren on the other side.

“So are these the friends you want to have watching?” I asked Kimmy.

“Yep,” Kimmy said as we started walking.

“Any particular place you want it?” I asked.

“We’re coming up to the park,” Katie suggested.

“Not sure if your brother is gonna last that long.” Trisha laughed grabbing my cock. “His cock has been twitching pretty hard and he’s been fully hard since we left the airport a couple minutes ago.”

“Maybe we should do something about that now then,” Kimmy said as the group stopped.

We just stood there a moment on the sidewalk, a short distance from the park entrance. Kimmy bit her lower lip before Katie took my hand and led me onto the grass. The rest of the group followed. Katie took my attention and began kissing me and guiding me to lay down, before positioning herself so her pussy was right over my mouth. I couldn’t see who, but someone took my cock in their hand and moments later, I felt a hot pussy enveloping my cock entirely.

“Oh god, Kim, now I know why you want him to creampie you,” Emily said. “It’s amazing.”

She rode me for a very short time until my cock started really twitching, then pulled off. I felt something cold snap into place around my cock. Someone had slipped a cock ring on me.

“You sure you wanna try next, Sayo? I mean you’ve never been penetrated before.” Kimmy said, “And he is pretty big.”

Without another word being said, my cock was enveloped by a very tight pussy.

“Katie, I understand you want me to lick, but If you don’t get up…” I started.

She giggled before getting up to let me watch as Sayo rode me a little before dismounting. Trisha went next, not waiting long to mount and have me inside her. Her pussy was as tight as Sayo’s. My cock spasmed a bit, but I didn’t feel any release. Trish soon pulled off me and Katie followed suit, mounting me and taking me inside her, only to ride me until she felt me spasm without release. She then dismounted. Each girl had been very tight, very hot, and very wet. Kimmy was the last to mount me, releasing me from the cock ring before she did so. She rode me like a champ, changing up positions only once or twice to get herself closer to cumming. Before long I warned her of my impending orgasm. She pulled off me and Katie took the mount again, which pushed me over the edge. I was not expecting that, and Katie took the full force of my creampie inside her.

“I was not expecting that.” I panted as Katie moaned.

“I told you, I don’t want a quickie. I want you to make LOVE to me.” Kimmy cooed. “And that’s not gonna happen today. However, Katie was looking for a guy to possibly knock her up with no strings attached.”

“And you figured I was the best choice?” I asked.

“Oh god, as much as I’d love to be attached to you, I know there’s no way considering you’re not exactly from our universe, or dimension, or whatever you want to call it,” Katie said as she leaned back.

“But what about our deal?” I asked.

“Okay, well, I’m gonna hold you to holding up your end. Next time you visit, you make love to me. As for my counterpart, I have a few kinks. First, I love it when a guy is spontaneous. If I’m getting into any kind of relationship, I’d want to know what kind of person he was. And the tip you probably want the most, my biggest fantasy is to be taken while I’m asleep.” Kimmy said softly.

“So, if the other you have already learned about my past…?” I asked.

“You’re probably in the clear to play to my kinky side. How did she react when you two first met?” Kimmy asked.

“Oh, she slapped me.” I laughed.

The girls gave me a quizzical look.

“I walked up to her, so self-confident, bent her over backward like in a movie and kissed her,” I explained.

“Well, not knowing you, I’d have done that too.” Kimmy laughed as my cock began to calm down and stopped spraying sperm into Katie’s womb.

“So do you think it’s going to take?” Sayo asked as Katie pulled herself off my cock.

“Oh yeah. I’ve been taking special meds from Nitty Industries.” Katie cooed.

She leaned back in and gave me a passionate kiss.

“Sorry, we did that without asking.” She said softly.

“I wouldn’t minded of knowing first, but was happy to oblige. Considering I don’t exist here, next time I come back…” I said.

“Next time, you’ll be having me,” Kimmy announced.

“Deal,” I said with a smile.

I got up and got my clothing in hand before using my bracelet to return back to Dr. Nitty’s lab.

As I stepped out of the gateway, I saw a severely spent Lauren laying on the floor in a pool of her own juices, panting heavily.

“Does anything wear you out?” Lauren asked as the gateway closed behind me.

“I needed that,” I said happily as I began getting dressed again.

Lauren slowly got to her feet.

“How many girls was that?” She asked.

“Five,” I stated.

“Holy shit, and you went that long?” She asked.

“To be fair, one slipped a cock ring on me.” I laughed.

She stumbled over to me and I caught her.

“So how come you’re not lightheaded?” She asked.

“Special abilities.” I laughed. “Comes with crossing to different universes.”

“Lucky.” She said.

Dr. Nitty entered the room, handing Lauren and I some clothing.

“I’m glad to see you made it back. Lauren was going nuts in here. Frankly, I had to go relieve myself before I ended up bonded to you both as well.” Dr. Nitty explained.

“Well, that would’ve been bad,” I said.

“Now those devices on the backs of your necks should work for tonight so you two will be able to get some sleep in separate rooms if you’d like, but I’ll make ones with a bit more range for tomorrow.” Dr. Nitty said.

“You mean it’s not permanent?” Lauren asked as she finally found the strength to put on the clothing Nitty had handed us. It was her clothing, but freshly washed and ironed.

“No, those devices aren’t supposed to be. They’re temporary. I’m working on a version of them that are Armbands.” He explained. “Now, after you’re dressed, you’ll probably want to go home. Deb and I will take the sample you left on the floor and begin testing it and trying to figure out if you’re still contagious.”

“Hey, doc, about the other aspects of our bond… is that going to be permanent? I mean her feeling what I do and vice-versa?” I asked.

“I’m not sure. We’ll only be able to tell with time.” Dr. Nitty explained.

Lauren finished getting dressed and we headed back to my house.

“So, have you decided how to deal with your father?” I asked.

“Nope. I’d rather leave him in the dark.” She sighed.

“Okay, I had an idea,” I said as we entered the house.

We headed for the kitchen where I handed her the phone and had her dial. I took the phone back from her.

It rang a few times, then someone picked up.

“Listen you little bitch, you better not be out there giving away that ass on the street unless the guy is paying for it.” The voice on the line said.

Yeah, father of the year there.

“Ahem. Who is this that I’m speaking to?” I asked.

“What? You little shit? You call my house and you don’t even know who the fuck you’re talking to?” He said gruffly.

“Oh, was I expecting to speak to the father of a Lauren Smith,” I said.

“This is Dennis Smith, Lauren’s father,” he said. “What’d that little bitch do now? She get caught breaking the law or…”

“No, nothing like that, Mr. Smith. My name is Joshua.” I said.

“Yeah? So what?” He asked.

I let out a smirk towards Lauren who had a horrified look on her face.

“Mr. Smith, May I call you Dennis?” I asked.

“No. I’m your elder, you will call me Mr. Smith or sir!” he said.

I covered the phone.

“What’s his job? Does he work for Jump jet?” I whispered.

Lauren nodded slowly.

“Okay, Mr. Smith, I’m just trying to break the ice here. Do you know who I am?” I asked.

“Well you said your name is Joshua, and you know my daughter, so she’s either scored a date with the quarterback or you’re with the law.” Mr. Smith said.

“No, I’m not… wait, who’s the quarterback?” I asked looking at Lauren.

“Oh, it’s Chris now. The old one got arrested. Something about raping his sister.” Amber said as she came into the kitchen stark naked to get a drink.

“No, I’m not Chris. Though I know him. If she wanted a date with him, I could hook her up… Did you want that Lauren?” I asked outright while looking at her.

She shook her head.

“No, apparently she doesn’t want that,” I said.

“Listen, you little shit, are you calling just to fuck with me?” he asked.

“Okay, I’m going to be nice and point this out. My full name is Joshua Timothy Swartz.” I said.

“Yeah so?” he said.

“As in the billionaire kid that just became the head of Jump Jet,” I said.

“Oh shit,” he said.

“Your daughter is in front of me,” I said.

“Oh fuck. Please, sir, tell me she hasn’t pissed you off.” He said.

“Dennis, Dennis. Calm down. Your daughter has mended her fences with me and all of my friends. I was calling to let you know a few things.” I said as I stifled a laugh.

“Oh really sir?” he asked.

“First off, your daughter is no longer a cheerleader. You see, she kind of spread some rumors about me and my friends before she found out how big of a contributor I was to the school, and the school didn’t like her messing with their bread and butter. She got kicked out with a condition of coming back. She had to get on my good side and get me to accept a formal apology.” I said.

“And you did. So can you get her back to being a cheerleader too?” He asked.

“Do you want to be a cheerleader?” I asked looking at her.

“No, not really.” She said.

“She doesn’t want to be a cheerleader.” I laughed.

“Well, what about…” He started.

“Listen, Dennis. Your daughter, your wonderful, beautiful, sweetheart of a daughter is going to make her own choices.” I said firmly.

“But Sir!” he started to protest.

“You like your job, your house, your life?” I said sternly.

“Yes, sir.” He said.

“Then you’ll do as I say,” I said. “You gotta remember, your boss is now a teenager. Teenagers can be very vindictive.” I said with a smile.

Truth be told, I was being an ass because I felt he really deserved it. He was basically grooming his daughter to be a sex toy, and I hated the thought of that. I pushed the button on the phone to activate the speakerphone and set it down.

“Yes, sir.” He said through his teeth.

“Oh, poor daddy put on notice by my new boyfriend.” Lauren laughed.

“Wait, boyfriend? That’s why he’s…? Are you dating him? Wow… I’m impressed, sweetie… I didn’t even consider you’d find a rich guy, none the less the richest on the planet to date.” Her father said.

He was stunned now, instead of pissed off.

“Oh yeah, Joshy has a whole harem. You know, gotta keep that family line going.” She laughed.

“A… harem? WHAT?” Her father said.

“Listen, Dennis. Calm down. Firstly, I didn’t force your daughter to do anything she doesn’t want. Secondly, due to certain circumstances, her education, and her future will be overseen by the company. You’re free and clear of worry.” I said. “She will still be using your home as a stopover for her old things mind you, but that will change down the road, and you will be compensated. Now, should you have any questions, you can reach out to me directly regarding this. Just send word up the ladder to Insan or Natalie, and they will get word to me… eventually… that you want to talk.” I laughed.

This was getting fun.

“So when are you coming back to the house?” her father asked.

“Whenever I need something there. So do my boyfriend and I a favor…” She started. “Clean up, make the place nice.” She said.

She was loving this even more than I was.

“Yeah, you wouldn’t want your boss walking into a dump, now would you?” I asked.

“No, sir!” he said.

“Good. Have a nice night, father.” She said.

“We’ll be in touch,” I said before hanging up.

She leaped into my arms kissing me passionately.

“I can’t believe you did that for me!” She squealed.

“You needed it,” I said. “I’m sure the others would all agree, knowing what I do.”

“Knowing what?” Heather asked from behind me.

I turned around to see the group all naked and covered in sweat. I motioned for everyone to take a seat so I could explain it all.

“So, turns out Lauren here has had things kind of tough,” I said as she sat on my lap.

“Really?” Tabitha asked.

“Her father was basically an abusive alcoholic who was grooming her to be the sex toy of the football team,” I said.

“Well, that would explain a lot,” Amber said.

“So what, now that you two are bonded… and she’s mended her fences you’ve decided to rescue her?” Kimmy asked.

“Yeah, for the most part. These devices on our necks, which should last us the night will let us be further apart, but it’s only temporary. And if she’s stuck being around me, I might as well get along with her.” I said.

“So make her life better so she’ll be less of a bitch?” Nat asked.

“No, make her life better because it’s the right thing,” Heather said. “I agree with my brother’s actions. And it left her dad speechless!”

“I bet that felt really good,” Sarah said.

“Almost as good as taking him for the first time, or trying that wonderful dildo… almost felt like he was inside me again.” Lauren cooed.

“Oh, those dildos!” Heather said. “Those are made from a mold of his cock.”

“Well, that explains a lot.” Holly, Lauren, and Sarah said in unison before bursting out laughing.

“Sorry, that’s something we do,” Lauren said. “Wow, it feels good to laugh like this.”

“So when can we have fun with you two again?” Nat asked.

“Me? Oh, I’m fine.” I said. “Her, not so much.”

“Really, so if I told Donnie to go suck your dick he’d be fine?” Tabitha giggled.

“Yeah, he’d be fine… wow, Donnie is really getting into that sub role, huh?” I asked.

“Yeah.” Kimmy cooed. “He just ate me to three orgasms and still has yet to get off.”

Kimmy gave me a look, as the girls talked about all the sex they’ve been enjoying today. I could see it in her eyes, the lust, she wanted it bad from me. I decided to wait for now. I was going to heed the advice from her other self and surprise her tonight, once I was ready. Sarah, Holly, Nat, and Tabitha all got dressed and headed home after they finished chatting. Amber and Heather retreated to Heather’s room. Donnie and Kimmy headed to their room and I helped a very tired Lauren to my own bed. She was out like a light as soon as she hit the pillow, with her only taking the time to get undressed. I cuddled up with her for a while, closing my eyes, and just holding her. She snuggled into my arms, as much as she could as we laid there. Though I had other plans for the night, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to execute them as I looked at the girl in my arms who seemed like she just needed a way out of her old life and seemed to be falling completely head over heels for the one giving it to her. I hoped that I wasn’t getting too deeply in a situation that would ultimately backfire or that I would regret.


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