Aco-Night Prologue


By: Nova

Aco-Night is that type of what if story where the world ended. Sex ensues. Enjoy that.

Author Note: Disclaimer: Any and all characters presented within this story are fictitious, and are at least 18 years of age at portrayal in any sexual acts.


Hi, my name is Joshua, but that should be no surprise at this point. Don’t most of the characters in these stories have a pretty average name? Joe? Alex? Tim? James? Tony? Charles? Yeah, I’m pretty average. Always have been. Back before this began, I was average too. 5’10” tall, 144 lbs, not really muscular. 35, and living with a wife… no kids… 3 fish, 2 dogs, and 3 cats…. Dogs and cats were rescued animals. I worked from home, for a tech support firm. You’d call the cable company for your internet going out, and I’d be the guy to fix it. I used to think I was pretty good at my job until it happened. That night.


Aconite, is a plant, a poison, that’s untraceable. Meaning it’s hard to prove that you used it. No, I’m not sadistic and I had to look up more than once in old books what it was called. A few of us still had those, books, I mean… Why does that matter?


Well, to tell the truth, nothing mattered at first. It was a normal Wednesday night. I lived in Las Vegas, Nevada at the time. I was working the overnight shift because I had swapped with one of my co-workers, who wanted to be there when his wife gave birth to their third child. So there I was, taking calls.


“Thank you for calling Cable Communications, my name is Joshua, how may I help you tonight?” I asked.


“My cable and internet are down and I want to know why.” The customer said.


Well, their phone was up. That was good… then static…


“Hello?” I said into my headset before I noticed… I was out of the internet too. I was on Fiber Optic. Weird.


I grabbed my wife’s cell phone as I tried to call into the work attendance line. My phone was dead. Or at least it wasn’t dialing. There was nothing. No ring, no act of going through. I forced it to shut down and I turned it on again as I heard a crash.


A Crash? That was odd.


I looked over at the time. It was only a couple minutes past midnight. I took off my headset and headed for the front door to investigate the crash. As I was doing so, I dialed 911 on the phone. Still nothing. I didn’t have a landline, but as I stepped outside to see the crash, I saw my neighbor from across the street stumble and fall to the ground out of his car. He was around 50 years old, and I hadn’t really talked to him. I ran up to him to check on him as he gasped for breath as I heard over his radio some shocking news.


“If you’re outside head indoors. Accidents and fires are breaking out everywhere, people are dying in the street from unknown circumstances. Internet, cable, and phones are down. This is an emergency alert.” The radio said.


“Oh, fucking fuck,” I said before heading inside as my neighbor died at my feet.


What would happen over the next few days was horrifying. Anyone over the age of 35, or under the age of 15 were dying from some weird pathogen in the air. Animals were dying too. Fish, cats, dogs, birds. We couldn’t bury them either, because of a chance that it would infect the drinking supply. The TV and internet soon came back… after phones of course, but by then a week had gone by. Judging by the news reports on the radio, I estimated over half of my coworkers were dead. My wife confirmed, as soon as we could check, that her parents died. Her mother in her bed, and her father… at the local casino he liked. Soon, the news stations were back up, being hosted mostly by interns, and they called the night it all started “Aco-Night”. A play on the name of a plant, a deadly one. The president, cabinet, most of the Senate, and most of the House of Representatives were dead as were many other national leaders. It was a pandemic. People didn’t catch the flu, they just died. When the CDC declared an all clear a month after it started, it was only because everything that could be killed by it was… and we lost roughly 70 percent of the human population according to reports. I couldn’t believe it. My wife couldn’t believe it. No one could believe it, but there we were… Let me give you a number. At least 7 billion people were living before the Aco-night incident. When it was over, we were around 2 billion. Gone were the great artists and entertainers… Gone were the shop owners, and the stock market players. Gone was order. The world was in chaos quickly, and then a voice spoke up over the masses. A woman who spoke up.


She took over the airwaves and called herself Eve.


She called for order. She called for peace. She let us know the old world with its corruption was dead and we’d have to focus on a new one. A new world. She told us that anyone who did not fall in line would be slaughtered by those who did, killed for the greater good.


And a month after the incident, the world found it’s peace. Or so we felt. The world began to think on a communal scale. Help each other, be good to each other. There was no black and white anymore, no racism… it was survivors, everyone left alive were survivors, chosen by the plague to build a new world.


And this is how it started. Eve would broadcast to us every night telling us what to do the next day.


And this is where our story begins… The first night of Eve.

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