Sugar and Vinegar Chapter 10


By: Nova

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That night, two little angels hovered over me on the bed after I fell asleep. I was awoken by their stifled giggling. I was laying there on my back and the two of them were on either side of my waist. One of them, the one I’ll label as the first one was softly jerking off my cock.


“You know it’s not fair, I wanna suck his cock.” The first whispered.


“Yeah, but if you do, I can’t do that or anything else.”  The second whispered.


This had to be another dream.


“Oh right, cause we don’t know if I’ll bond with you or not.” The first whispered.


“Yeah and though that might be a fun for a short time, I’m not sure I’d want to feel it every time Joshua fucks you.” The second whispered.


I listened for a moment or two to their discussion on what it was like for the first, who at this point I had obviously figured out was Lauren. Her descriptions were the same as the first few times she had described them.


“Lauren, why don’t you come up here and let me lick your pussy. That way, who’s ever joined us can enjoy my cock as much as they want.” I whispered.


This made both girls squeal in delight. Lauren quickly mounted my face and I went to work enjoying her pussy while our visitor went to work on licking and sucking my cock. Naturally, with me feeling what Lauren was feeling, I was hard in no time at all. Lauren was enjoying the feeling of both as well and was squirming at the same time I was fully hard. She was ready to cum but was trying to hold back. That’s when we both felt it, a hot, tight and wet pussy slowly lowering itself onto my cock.


“Oh god! I’m cumming!” Lauren squealed.


Her hot liquids squirted into my mouth, and I did my best to swallow them down. After a few minutes, Lauren calmed down and pulled herself off of my face. She laid down next to me.


“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to cum that fast, but Kimmy’s pussy is just so tight and wonderful.” Lauren cooed.


“Once you’ve calmed down, I’ll start riding him,” Kimmy said softly to her.


“Thanks, just give me a moment to breathe. Never thought I’d be experiencing sex like this… each side of the spectrum at the same time.” Lauren said.


“I have to admit. I’m a bit jealous of you.” Kimmy said softly.


“Really? Why?” Lauren asked.


“You feel everything that Josh does, and to top it off, you have to be by his side 24 hours a day,” Kimmy explained.


“Well, he’s definitely perfect… So fucking perfect…. Why, Joshua, do you have to be so fucking perfect?” Lauren asked.


“I’m not perfect, although, I’m pretty sure this is all a dream,” I said.


“What? Why would it be a dream?” Kimmy asked.


“Because I was so certain that I’d have to come up with some elaborate plan for you to be sitting where you are now.” I said. “Especially after slapping my face.”


“Sorry about that. It actually turned me on, a lot.” Kimmy said.


“Really?” I asked.


“Yeah, to the point where I had to stop myself from getting naked on the spot, bending over and offering my virginity to you on the spot,” Kimmy said softly.


My cock throbbed inside her. She slowly began riding me, eliciting moans from both Lauren and myself. Lauren pulled me into a passionate kiss as Kimmy enjoyed my cock. This continued for some time with Kimmy riding me, and Lauren making out with me, but something wasn’t right. I wasn’t getting closer to cumming. Lauren had already had an orgasm, so I should be at least close.


As I realized this, my eyes shot open. I looked at the clock. Midnight. I had almost been convinced this time. Lauren rolled over and looked at me, well from what I could see in the faint light from the window, I think she was looking at me.


“I just had the best dream… you, me and Kimmy were…” She started.


“Okay, so now you’re connecting with my dreams too?” I asked.


“Wait. Did you dream that too? Like even the part where you ate me out?” She asked.


“Yeah,” I said.


“Oh my god! That is so cool! It must be part of the bond thing!” She said. “And Kimmy, she seems so… energetic! We’ve gotta share her! Have you two done anything yet?”


“Not in this universe. This universe’s Kimmy seems more content with being just a bystander than doing anything with me.” I said.


“So you have in another universe?” She asked.


“Yeah, the other one. The one I visited yesterday.” I said.


“So why haven’t you tried hooking up with her?” Lauren asked.


“I sort of botched my intro with her and I feel kind of awkward regarding it,” I said. “When I first met her here, I assumed she was going to take to me like the other universe Kimmy did. Unfortunately for me, it wasn’t like that.” I said. “I ended up getting slapped,” I said.


“Good,” Lauren said as she got off the bed, standing up. “Stay here.” She said.


She left the room and was back shortly after.


“What the hell is going on?” Kimmy said with a yawn.


“Joshua likes you, wants you to be part of what we all seem to have going together, and he thinks you hate him,” Lauren said.


“What? Why do you think that?” Kimmy asked as she walked over to the bed and climbed in with me.


Lauren climbed over us, and the two snuggled into either side of me.


“Well maybe because you haven’t made a move since you slapped me.” I sighed. “I fucked it up big time, didn’t I?”


“Well, I’m naked in bed with you, snuggling up to you…” She said softly before reaching down my shorts to my cock and taking it into her hand. “And now I have your cock in my hand… does that tell you that I don’t want you?” She said. “Listen, I was upset at first, and for good reason. But I’ve gotten to know you, and yeah, I want to be with you, though you seem content with the others. Why would you want me?” She asked.


“Well to be fair, you and I have been together a couple times in the other universe, and well…” I started to say.


“What? You gonna tell me that you’re attracted to flat girls?” She asked.


My cock throbbed involuntarily before slowly rising to full hardness.


“Hey. Look at me.” She whispered.


I turned my head towards her and she pulled me into a passionate kiss.


“That’s how I feel about you too.” She whispered softly into my ear.


We kissed again as she rolled on top of me.


“So, here’s your choice. You can spend the rest of the night, however long you want, making love to me, OR we can hold off for now.” She said triumphantly.


“What do I get if I hold off?” I asked.


“What do you want? Anal? Threesome? A bond?” She asked.


“Well first, what’s in it for you if I hold off?” I asked.


“Not having to use a condom. Because I’m not on protection.” She said.


“So we hold off what? Thirty days for birth control to go into effect?” I asked.


“Yep. And you can have our first session be however you want.” She said. “Either way, I want our first time to be protected. I’m not ready to have a kid just yet.” She said.


“Okay, but…” I said.


She ground her hips into mine.


“But what?” She asked


I grabbed her by her hips and guided her to move her body up mine. When she realized what I wanted she was much less resistant and let me lead her hips to my face.


“I wanna still be able to fool around with you until we do that,” I said softly before her pussy reached my mouth.


Once her shaven pussy reached my mouth, I began to lick and suck on her in all the ways I envisioned as Lauren moved down to my cock and got herself in position. I felt her tight pussy surround my cock and my cock inside me as well. Kimmy began letting out small gasps and light moans as I teased her pussy with my mouth. As I teased her, I thought I heard whispering as I felt Lauren put her hands on my ribs. She began riding me as I continued, but I didn’t get to enjoy Kimmy’s pussy for very long. Kimmy pulled herself off my mouth.


“Okay, you know what? You’re fucking right, Lauren.” Kimmy said.


Lauren pulled herself off me and before I could object or remind Kimmy about the bond, Kimmy was sinking herself completely onto my cock.


“Oh god, Kim, that’s tight,” Lauren said lying next to me.


Kim let out a slight moan.


“So this is what I was missing.” She cooed.


“But what about the bond?” I asked.


“Totally worth it. How long did it take you two to know?” She asked.


“A couple hours,” Lauren said.


“Good, then I can at least enjoy this now,” Kimmy said as she steadied herself before she began riding my cock.


As she rode a million things rolled around in my mind, but I was feeling good and as I was getting close, it was obvious that Lauren was too.


“Kim, what made you change your mind?” I asked.


“Lauren did. She told me that if I got knocked up, you’d all be there for me, obviously, and help me raise the kid. That the bond wasn’t so bad, and if the two of us ended up bonded, if one of us got laid, we would both be feeling it.” Kimmy said. “Plus, if we are bonded, and one of us ends up pregnant, the other will feel the pregnancy, and it’s more than likely that will help them prepare.”


“Really? She told you all that?” I asked.


“And I told her your cock felt really really good.” Lauren cooed before pulling me into a passionate kiss.


For the next hour or so, Kimmy rode me, enjoying several orgasms as I held back the best one of both mine and Lauren’s life. When I finally exploded inside Kimmy with a force that would put a firehose to shame, Lauren had a loud, wet squirting orgasm soaking the bed by the time we were all done. My orgasm was strong enough to force Kimmy to have an orgasm just about as wet as Lauren’s. But she seemed pleased with the situation as she collapsed on top of me, as our orgasms began to subside.


“I’ve never cum that hard before.” Kimmy panted.


“Neither have I.” Lauren cooed. “And I could still taste your pussy on him. You’re delicious. You taste like Sweet-tarts.”


“Me? You have me wondering how you taste.” Kimmy laughed, moving her head to look at Lauren.


“Like Oranges. She loves them and can’t get enough.” I said.


“My god, it’s like me and Sweet-tarts.” Kimmy giggled.


I watched as Kimmy reached out and stuck her finger inside Lauren only to pull it out a moment later and taste it.


“That’s good.” She cooed at Lauren.


My cock throbbed inside of Kimmy. It was starting to calm down now and had stopped spurting its full stream inside her. Kimmy reached in between her legs and pulled my cock out of her freshly deflowered pussy. She moved down and began licking me clean, which Lauren was quick to join her in doing.


“Still wanna go on birth control?” I asked.


“Not a chance,” Kimmy said before kissing Lauren. “Especially since you are willing to be there with me to help me raise it.”


I had to let out a little laugh.


“What?” The two asked in unison.


“Just the other day, Lauren was mocking Holly for liking being with girls… and now here she is, kissing my little sister and helping her clean my cock with her tongue, and even tasting my little sister’s pussy.” I said.


“Maybe she was just lying to herself.” Kimmy pointed out.


“Or maybe that was just my father’s teachings instilled in me. Doing things with a person of the same sex is gross, women should be subservient to men, that kind of stuff… but here we are, in bed with the most perfect guy I’ve ever met, and he doesn’t mind letting us take the lead, and frankly, I’m happier now than I’ve ever been.” Lauren said.


“So you’re not grossed out by it, or the fact that this is my brother?” Kimmy asked.


“No, actually after tasting you, and you and your brother together, I gotta say the taste, the smell, it turns me on more. As for the incest thing, yeah, it kind of rubbed me the wrong way at first, but now that I’ve been with you both, I can safely say, I don’t care.” Lauren said.


“So you don’t mind the fact that you may be bonded to Kimmy too?” I asked.


“No, actually, I’m hoping we are bonded,” Lauren said.


The two kissed again.


“Me too.” Kimmy cooed at her. “Being with you and my brother at the same time is like a dream.”


Again I laughed.


“What?” Kimmy asked.


“He and I had a shared dream and that’s what spurred me to go get you,” Lauren explained.


“Really? What was it about?” Kimmy asked.


“This. All of this. Except you didn’t want to bond with me in it.” Lauren said.


“Well, that just proves one thing.” Kimmy giggled.


“What’s that?” I asked.


“I’m better than your dreams,” Kimmy said.


“Speaking of, we should get some towels down and lay back down. It’s late, and the three of us have to head to school tomorrow.” I said.


The girls kissed again.


“Nah.” they both said in unison then giggled.


They went back to licking my cock again, making sure I was nice and hard. Once I was nice and hard, Kimmy positioned herself over my mouth.


“Lick me clean, big brother, you filled me up, and it’s leaking.” She cooed.


The way she said it was just so cute, I couldn’t deny her as she planted her pussy over my mouth. I felt my cock become enveloped by a nice hot, wet, tight pussy again. This time, I knew it was Lauren, trying to get her load before we went back to sleep.


“You know, if it does link us, this is going to be a whole new experience,” Lauren said as she began riding my cock.


“How so?” Kimmy asked.


“He’s eating you, I’m riding him. So I’d feel my pussy getting eaten while feeling his cock inside me while feeling a tight pussy.” Lauren said. “My orgasms already go fast with just the latter two things.”


“So, instant orgasms for you for a while?” Kimmy asked.


“That would be the thought,” Lauren said.


“Yeah, that would be kind of annoying,” Kimmy said.


I just continued licking Kimmy’s pussy clean.


“He is really good at this.” Kimmy cooed.


“Believe it or not, when he did it to me, it was kind of overwhelming,” Lauren said.


“Well, we’ll just have to see how I compare when you two are done,” Kimmy said.


“You won’t have to wait long… I feel it…” Lauren said.


I felt Kimmy lean down on me.


“No Kimmy, don’t lick there!” Lauren moaned as I felt Kimmy licking Lauren’s clit, and my cock.


I then felt a finger in my ass.


“Oh god!” Lauren moaned. “I’m about to!” She cried out.


I grunted, Lauren moaned, and Kimmy enjoyed as she watched the two of us cum in unison, with me spraying my seed deep into Lauren’s unprotected womb again. Kimmy pulled herself from my face, letting Lauren and I slowly come down from our orgasms. Then, after Lauren pulled me out of her, Kimmy cleaned her up in a similar fashion to how I had cleaned Kimmy.


After Kimmy was done cleaning Lauren up, she and Lauren climbed back into position on either side of me and pulled the blanket back over us. The two of them were missing the obvious and after only a moment or two, got some towels from the top of my dresser to clean us off, and lay under us so we could sleep. Once, dry and back in proper positions, the three of us fell asleep together.


We awoke bright and early so that we could get showered up and changed. Kimmy ended up wearing some jeans and a t-shirt. Lauren wore her same clothing again, making me note that we needed to stop off at her house at some point during the day, and I wore a pair of khaki pants and a polo shirt, trying to look business casual for what I had come up with on the fly. I made sure to pack the clothing that Nitty had given me into a backpack so that he could launder them and slung it over my back. As we left the bathroom, we had Kimmy wait there as Lauren and I headed to the kitchen to see if the two were bonded. Regardless if the two may have wanted it, the bond wasn’t there.


Kimmy joined us in the kitchen shortly after we figured it out.


“Well, that sucks,” Lauren said. “Here I was all hyped to confirm our bond.”


“Yeah well, if we really want one, I’m sure Dr. Nitty can do something,” Kimmy said as Lauren grabbed an orange from the bowl.


Lauren began enjoying her orange as Amber, Heather and Donnie joined us, dressed and ready to go.


“Well, you three look refreshed,” Heather said.


“My bet is that SOMEONE just took the risk of bonding.” Amber laughed. “So how was your first time, Kim?”


“Wonderful, and yeah, I took the risk,” Kimmy said with a huge shit-eating grin.


“Good, now that the two of you are back on the table…” Heather said before walking up to Lauren and giving her a passionate kiss which left Lauren looking like she had just found a spring in the middle of a desert. “I expect us all to have some fun.” She said with a smirk.


She walked around us and poured a glass of grape juice and went to the table. She grabbed the small bottle waiting in the center and added a dose of it to the drink before handing it to me. I took it and drank it down.


“What’s that?” Lauren asked.


“It’s his miracle liquid. If he takes 100 doses, he’ll last longer, and be able to cum more.” Amber explained. “It’s great for those of us trying to get knocked up.”


“That’s convenient,” Kimmy said.


“Especially with all of us wanting private time with him.” Amber laughed as I set the glass on the counter.


“So what’s the plan for today? You two technically have the day off.” Heather pointed out.


“First is clothing. Technically, Joshua and I are still stuck together, so we’re going to my house to load up on things for me to wear this coming week. Then we’ll head to school to iron out things…” Lauren said.


“Then we’ll go visit the Doc,” I said. “After we stop off here to get my traveling clothing. I’m sure the doc wants to clean it before my next trip.” I said.


“Then what?” Amber asked.


“Not sure,” I said.


“We should visit Nitty before school then,” Lauren said.


“You wanna hang around the school after?” I asked.


“He might have the devices to let us be a bit further apart, and I know you want to enjoy time with the others too,” Lauren said with a bit of sadness in her voice.


“Listen, I know you would’ve preferred for us not to be cured at all…” I said before taking a deep breath. “But each of the people in my life wants exactly what you do, that’s why it’s a web relationship. Some, like Caitlin and Jesse, have moved on, finding love in another person’s arms. Some are still with me.” I said softly as she turned to look at me. “Let’s just enjoy this while we can.”


“Okay.” She said softly. “And in that case, I have an idea.” She cooed at me.


With everything said, we all headed out the door, locking up behind us. Lauren and I split from the others and headed to her house. There was a car in the driveway as we walked up.


“What is he doing home?” She said.


“Your father?” I asked.


“No, that’s my brother’s car.” She said.


We headed into her house. In her kitchen, which was off her living room, was a man who stood about my height, he was on the phone but didn’t say anything as we entered.


“No, Relax, I’m sure. Oh, wait they just walked in. Yeah, he’s here too. Okay, I will, yeah I owe you that much. Yeah, Yeah. Talk to ya soon.” He said before hanging up.


“Eddy!” Lauren said, running up to him and giving him a hug.


I quickly realized that since I didn’t immediately collapse that our range was definitely still up a bit.


Eddy, who was obviously her brother, shook my hand after I walked up to him. She broke off her hug.


“So, you’re Joshua? Rebecca and Rachel speak very highly of you.” Eddy said.


“You know my sisters?” I asked.


“The Rest and Relax twins? Yeah, I know them. Two of the hottest lesbians on campus.” Eddy said.


I hesitated for a minute or so.


“Rest and Relax twins?” I asked.


“Oh, they earned the nicknames ‘Rest’ and ‘Relax’ because they get everyone to chill out.” Eddy pointed out.  “Especially when they’re making out. But no one has ever been able to even date them, that’s why I assume they’re lesbians.” He started.


“So they didn’t tell you. They just make out a little and you assume?” I laughed.


“Wait, they’re not?” He asked.


“Not as far as I know, but hey, I’m just their brother,” I said with a smile. “So which one is which?”


“Oh, Rebecca is Rest, and Rachel is Relax,” Eddy said as Lauren headed to her room first, then to take a shower as I took a seat.


Our bond was obviously getting better in the length area of being apart. I noticed it, and she did too, coming out of her room in a towel, and pulling me away into her bedroom. Her bedroom was bare, with white walls, and just a box spring and mattress on the floor. Her clothing was all in a pile in a basket by her bed. She closed the door behind us and sat me on the bed.


“We were just aways apart.” She said before letting go of her towel and going thru her clothing.


“Yeah, I noticed that,” I said.


“What do you think caused us to be able to do that? And how close do we have to be now?” She asked.


“I’m not sure, but we can find that out when we see the Doc,” I said as she pulled out some clothing and set it aside.


“You know, I don’t like it. The thought of being away from you, when I was getting used to the idea of us being stuck together.” She said as she stood up with some panties in her hand.


She began pulling on her underwear, panties first, then a sports bra, right in front of me without flinching or asking me to look away. It was like she either liked the idea or was comfortable with me watching her. I felt myself getting aroused just watching her slowly get dressed. She bit her lower lip and looked into my eyes.


“I feel that.” She reminded me, motioning at my cock which was starting to throb.


“Hard to blame me for getting turned on watching you.’ I chuckled.


“I honestly didn’t realize until I was pulling on my bra.” She said as she pulled on a pair of pants.


Her pants were a pair of blue jeans that were a bit tight on her, but she didn’t seem to mind.


“What type of shirt should I wear…?” She asked aloud.


“If you’re asking me, I personally think you should show off your figure more. Wear a bra that supports you and a nice tight t-shirt.” I said with a smirk.


“Really?” She asked giving me a quizzical look.


She stared at me for a moment.


“Sure.” She said taking off her bra again, revealing her tits once more to me. “But, I want you to take it easy today, you look a bit pale.”


“Deal,” I said as she rooted around for a different bra, and a t-shirt to match.


She pulled out a different bra, flesh colored and when she put it on, it pushed her breasts up, and together a bit, giving her some nice cleavage. She pulled on her t-shirt, which was white with some frills on the arms, and had a v-cut neck, letting her cleavage poke out the top. The t-shirt was a bit tight on her and did nothing to hide the fact that she was wearing a bra. I could not only make out the shape of her bra thru her shirt but the color as well. I smiled at her as she did a little twirl for me. She walked over to her dresser and set up a little mirror and put on some makeup, and put her hair up in a ponytail before turning to me.


“So, how do I look?” She asked.


“Sexy,” I said with a smile.


“So I should go back to wearing the clothing that hides my body?” She giggled. “Cause if you get any paler by the blood running to your dick, you might die on me.”


“I’ll be alright,” I said lightly.


“Well, we should have Dr. Nitty scan you when we get there.” She pointed out.


“Okay,” I said.


She walked back over to me, got on some slip-on shoes and then helped me up. I felt a bit weak as we headed out of her room. We ran into her brother again on the way out.


“Whoa man, I was gonna ask you to put in a good word for me with your sisters, but you look terrible,” Eddy said.


“I’m gonna get him to the company doctor now,” Lauren said.


“I could drive you two.” Eddy pointed out.


“No, it’s right around the corner,” I said.


“Alright. Well if you need anything in the meantime, you know I’ll be here.” Eddy said as we headed to the door.


“Thanks,” Lauren called out as we left the house.


Once outside I took a deep breath. The air felt good on my lungs. Crisp and cool. It helped but only a little. I still felt weak. Lauren and I walked to the lab, where I talked her thru guiding us in. When we finally got into the lab, Lauren got me into a chair then ran off to find Dr. Nitty. I wasn’t doing well, and I was only getting worse. I could feel myself getting dizzier and dizzier. When Lauren returned with Dr. Nitty in tow, they were talking, but I couldn’t make out what they were saying. Dr. Nitty held out his Psy-scan and scanned me as he had prior.


“This is worse than I had thought. We don’t have much time.” Dr. Nitty said. “Help me get him undressed.” He said as he pulled my bag off my back. “Listen, Josh, I know you’re not all there right now, but here’s what’s going to happen. I’m going to get you to the universe where this disease originated from. They know that you’re coming.”


“What’s wrong with him Dr. Nitty?” Lauren asked.


“He needs to link with someone.” Dr. Nitty explained as the two of them started to strip me down.


“But we’re linked?” Lauren asked.


“No, not enough anymore. The cure that I developed dissolved your links. And what’s worse is that it’s stopped you from relinking with each other. Since you weren’t the carrier, the scan showed you were cured, but without him linked to someone, he’s feeling the full force of it.” Dr. Nitty said.


“But then why didn’t he link with Kimmy?” Lauren asked.


“Because of the cure. The Doctor, which he’ll be interacting with there, knows all of this. He has a countermeasure for my cure and can get him linked there.” Dr. Nitty said.


“So wait, someone will be coming back with him?” Lauren asked.


“That is the plan.” Dr. Nitty said as they pulled off the last of my clothing.


Dr. Nitty fished the manacle from the backpack and put it on me. He then fished out the earpiece and put it on me.


“So what do I do?” Lauren asked. “I mean I can still sort of feel what he does.”


“Temporary side effect. You can go back to your normal life.” Dr. Nitty said.


“I don’t want to go back. I’m happy with how things are now.” Lauren said blushing and looking at me. “I’m part of the web too.”


“Then stick around.” Dr. Nitty said with a smile as he helped me up. “And give me a hand with getting him to the gateway room.”


The two of them helped me to the room and Dr. Nitty activated the gateway. He put on his own earpiece.


“He’s on his way to you now. Yes, it’s made a turn for the worse. Oh? Is she? Well, I guess they’ll be meeting shortly then.” Dr. Nitty said.


He looked over at me and Lauren.


“Walk him to the gateway. But do not step through it.” He instructed her. “He has to pass through on his own.”


“Right,” Lauren said as she slowly walked me to the gateway.


She gave me a kiss on the cheek.


“Come back to me soon, Mr. Perfect.” She whispered in my ear.


I stepped through the gateway, and shortly after, found myself about to collapse to the floor of a similar lab only to be caught by a pair of arms. I felt a pinch in my neck and instantly found new strength in my body.


“That should take the edge off.” A male voice coming from the person holding me said.


I stood up and looked at him as he stepped back.


“Hello, Joshua. I’m Dr. Shawn Penn.” He said.


He was an older man, in his late 60s to say the least. He had long grey hair pulled into a ponytail and had thick glasses on. He was wearing a suit under his white lab coat and had a badge with his name along with a symbol saying he worked for Jump Jet Industries.


“Dr. Nitty and I have discussed you at length.” He added. “You seem to be the head of Jump Jet in your universe, and I was anxious to meet you.


“Doc, what did you do to me?” I asked.


“I removed the cure that Dr. Nitty gave you and suppressed the ill effects of the virus. I’ll spare you most of the technical mumbo-jumbo about it, this fix is only temporary and unless you get linked with someone you’re going to be back in the same hole.” Dr. Penn said.


“Well, I’ve got plenty of girls back home that wouldn’t mind,” I said.


“Actually, that’s something I wanted to talk with you on. As the fix is only temporary, and you need a partner, would you be adverse to someone from my universe?” He asked.


“An odd thing to ask,” I said.


“Not really. You see these cases are very rare, even in this universe, but from what we’ve gathered, it tends to be best if two or more people who actually are carriers link. The link ends up being mutually beneficial in ways that only someone who’s been through the process can describe. Both of the carriers will live a longer life, find themselves growing closer and closer, and in every documented case the two were married and had lots of children.” He said. “Why I’m asking is more the issue here. We have a carrier here as well, and though it’s true she could mate with anyone, just a couple days ago, the one she had decided to join within this bond was killed along with his family in a car accident.”


“Oh, fuck… Wow…” I said.


“So if not, will you at least talk to her? I’m sure she could use a friend.” He said.


“Sure. Show me where she… oh wait, I’m naked.” I pointed out.


“That’s not an issue, she’s from an island that’s a nudist colony.” He told me.


“That’s convenient,” I said as he began walking, with me following behind.


He made his way to a single door. He knocked on it with three raps.


“Miss Mwagni? Are you decent?” He called out.


“Yeah, you can come in.” A soft voice struggled to say from beyond the door.


He turned towards me.


“Stay here. Do not peak into the room. She doesn’t know the entire situation.” Dr. Penn told me.


I gave him a nod. He opened the door and stepped into the room.


“Is it time for another injection?” She asked softly.


“No, my young patient. I realize you had your heart set on that young boy who died on his way here in the car accident.” Dr. Penn said.


“It was a boat accident. You don’t even pay attention, do you?” She sniffled.


“I’m sorry about that.” He sighed. “But luckily, I was contacted by a Dr. Insan Nitty, he said he knew of a young man with the Bond Virus, who needed some help.”


“Another guy? You want me to just screw any old guy? I mean, what the fuck, Doc? What if he’s some scumbag?” She screamed at him.


She had shifted from quiet to loud so quickly.


“I’m sure he’s no scum bag. He seems like a nice young man.” He assured her. “Will you at least talk it over with him? I’m sure he’s willing, I’ve already asked him. If you decide that it’s not worth pursuing, I’m sure we can find you another eligible bachelor before the next dose of serum. We’ll try every avenue before your life is at risk.”


“Fine. I’ll talk to him.” She said.


“Now I have to warn you, he’s not from our reality.” Dr. Penn said.


“What?” She asked.


“He comes from another universe, another timeline if you will.” He explained.


“Wait, so he’s a time traveler?” She asked.


“No, no, nothing like that. He’s from the same point in time as us, but a different location in space-time. Another reality, a world where things may be different… If you bond with him, you two will have to decide which reality you would want to reside in.” He tried to explain. “He doesn’t know everything about the bond, only what he’s experienced so far. It doesn’t exist in his universe, so you’ll have to explain it all to him.”


“Okay, weird, but okay.” She said.


“Joshua would you please come in here?” He asked.


I stepped around the corner into the white blank room. The only thing in the room was a bed. Miss Mwagni was sitting on the floor with her legs crossed beneath her. She stood up as I entered, keeping her eyes on the ground at first. She was short, about 5 foot 2 or so, with a small frame. Her skin was a smooth chocolate, and her hair was long, down to her elbows, and dyed a strawberry blonde, but her roots had faded back to her natural black hair color. She had an ovular face with a smooth forehead. Her eyes were a deep shade of green, and she had trimmed eyebrows into a small line over each eye. Her nose was thin and ended in a small lump at the bottom. Her lips, while standing there reminded me of a rosebud especially with her dark red lipstick on. Her breasts were a c-cup, with medium areolas that were dark in color. She was shaved clean, with her clit sticking out from between her puffy pussy lips. She had short fingernails and painted toenails.


“Joshua, I’d like to introduce Aisha Mwagni. Aisha, this is Joshua Swartz.” Dr. Penn said.


Her eyes went wide before she looked up at me. Tears welled up her eyes as she lunged at me, forcing me into a bear hug.


“I knew it couldn’t be true! I knew you had to be alive!” She shouted.


I put the pieces together fast. She had known me in this universe. I had been the guy she had picked.


“Aisha, remember what the doctor said.” I struggled to say. “I’m not your Joshua!”


She broke the bear hug and stepped back and looked into my eyes.


“You’re right… the look in your eyes… it’s the same as when we first met… kindness but uncertainty.” She said. “I’m sorry.” She added.


“So I was right, you did know me in this universe. Was the other me the one you were gonna bond with?” I asked.


She looked down again.


“I’ll give you two some privacy.” The doc said before letting himself out, closing the door behind him.


“It took me forever to muster up the courage to ask him to bond with me. I wanted him to be my first, and when he and his sisters started fooling around and made their web relationship, I got determined to let him see that I wanted to be with him too.” She said. “We met years ago, when his mother died in a car accident, and he moved to the island with his three other sisters. His dad, aunt, and half-siblings already lived there. I met him on his first day there, and though he had just been through a terrible situation, he was happy to meet me and the others, in what we would end up calling our circle of friends.” She told me.


“In my universe, it wasn’t my mother who died, but a dear friend. Someone that I love deeply in my heart…” I said. “I found her living a lonely life in another universe, and brought her to mine.”


“So you’re taken?” She asked.


“Similarly to your Joshua, I’m in a web relationship. It’s an open web where others are invited to join.” I explained.


“Just like him.” She said wiping the tears from her eyes. “Have you met me in your universe?” She asked.


“No, I haven’t been to the island in my universe,” I said. “But if we’re bonded, we have to decide where to live.”


“If we’re bonded, I wouldn’t mind living wherever you want.” She said. “But would you still want to bond with me, knowing nothing about me?” She asked.


I scooped her up into my arms, turned and laid her down on the bed. I climbed onto the bed, and moved her legs apart and lowered my face to her pussy, and without another word, I began licking and sucking on her pussy lips. She let out a low moan.


“Oh god, I never thought you’d do this.” She moaned.


The smells of her pussy got stronger and stronger, and I could tell she was getting close as she grabbed the back of my head. She started squirting, and I lapped up her juices before moving on to her clit. It hadn’t taken much to bring her to her first orgasm, and I figured it was probably because she had not only a strong desire to bond this far into her illness, but because she was still with the man that she had wanted to be with, even if it wasn’t the same man from her universe. In her mind, I was probably close enough, if not the perfect replacement. She got to moaning even louder, as she hadn’t come down from her first orgasm yet, and here I was assaulting her clit in every way I could come up with. I hadn’t been at it more than five minutes before she pulled my head off her by the hair and forced me onto my back. She kissed me, and I returned the kiss only for her tongue to dive into my mouth and explore for a bit until she decided that she had enough and moved down to my cock. My cock at this point was only starting to react, but when she practically inhaled it, and deep throated, it shot to full mast in literally seconds, and as she pulled it out of her mouth, her eyes went wide again, looking at it. I was certain she had seen it before like this, knowing that I had been fucking my sisters on the island and that sex is open there.


“You’re huge.” She gasped giving it a couple of lazy pumps.


“Oh, I’m sure you’ve seen my counterpart,” I said.


“He wasn’t this big.” She said before she began working on licking and sucking it.


“Wasn’t this big?” I repeated, a little shocked that my other-self wasn’t as well-endowed as I was.


“Nope, and I saw Kimmy suck him off.” She added.


She repositioned herself on the bed so she was lying next to me so she could make out with me as she pumped my cock.


“So, before we continue.” She said after breaking off the making out. “You need to know that the bond doesn’t completely connect us on the first try. We can taste each other and we’ll partially bond, then the bond will try and keep us with each other until we’ve had unprotected sex. It’ll let us feel what the other is feeling as well. The first time unprotected, the bond will strengthen some, but just enough for us to be a little bit apart. We’ll still feel each other. We’ll need to keep having passionate sex until the bond fully takes and links us together. Every other documented case has shown that it takes about a week or two until we’re free to sleep around again.” She explained. “By that point, feeling what each other does will die down but instead it’ll be kind of like we are in each other’s heads. We’ll be able to sort of feel what the other person is thinking or feeling emotionally.”  She added.


“So we’re gonna need to have sex constantly over the next week or so,” I repeated.


“Yep, anytime, anyplace either of us has the urge we’re gonna need to have passionate and raw sex. I’m guessing you’ll be more than up for that.” She said.


“What about others?” I asked.


“As long as they’re not exchanging fluids with us during the initial day or two, so our bond can link, they’ll be fine. After the first couple days as long as they’re not having you creampie them or they’re not creampie-ing me, they should be fine.” She said.


“So after the first couple days, if it’s safe sex, we’re pretty much okay to sleep around…” I said as she stopped pumping my cock and began caressing my balls.


“Yes, not that it’ll happen. I plan on keeping you to myself for the week just to be sure. Okay?” She asked.


“I guess I don’t have a choice in the matter,” I said. “You literally have me by the balls.” I laughed.


“Glad you see it my way.” She cooed as my cock began to twitch.


She moved back down to it, taking it back into her mouth and deep throating me again as she teased my balls. I let out a groan as my cock erupted down her throat. She happily swallowed down my seed. After she was done swallowing what she wanted to down, she took the remainder, quickly moved up to my lips and forced the cum into my mouth. I swallowed it. It was sweet, flavored a bit like my French vanilla coffee but a bit salty too.


“That, my love, is what you taste like.” She purred. “I could taste myself on your lips earlier,” she added as she started to position herself on top of me.


She positioned herself right above my cock. She leaned over and checked to make sure I was ready to enter her.


“Last chance to back out.” She said after leaning back up.


I sat up, pulled her into a hug and kissed her passionately. She seemed to melt into my arms as I kissed her, all her tension just running out of her.


“You mentioned earlier that you wanted the other me to be your first,” I said. “Any regrets about taking me as your first instead?” I asked.


She pushed me back down on the bed and lowered herself slowly on my cock, gasping as I became buried to the hilt inside her.


“Not a one.” She softly whispered.


I reached up, taking her breasts in my hands and massaging them as she sat on my cock. The feeling from her was intense, and her lust as she looked at me was unquestionable. Then it hit me.


“You’re not on the pill?” I asked.


“No, the bond has to be made unprotected. Fortunately for us, history has proven that none of the bondings recorded ever resulted in pregnancy, but like you used to say ‘first time for everything’.” She said.


I’m not gonna say I wasn’t turned on by hearing her say there was a chance. Yeah, that was arousing, but at the same time, it was scary. I barely knew this young woman. She had been a virgin before me, and here she was, confessing her feelings, and having sex with me, and she knew me, but I didn’t know a thing about her.


“Now, just relax, cause I want to enjoy this first part.” She said as she put her legs under her.


She slowly began riding my cock, her pussy rubbing, stroking and massaging my cock as it throbbed inside her. The feeling was overwhelming as I not only began to feel her physically but emotionally as well. I thought, at first, this was my projection of what she should feel towards my other self, but it quickly became apparent when I started the feel the need to feel my own seed filling an unprotected womb that I didn’t have.


“You’re conflicted.” She murmured as she slowly lowered herself completely on me again.


“What?” I asked.


“You are conflicted. You lust for me in the same way that I do you, but you feel conflicted… why?” She asked.


“It’s because I’ve only just met you. You’ve known me since I was young, but I just met you.” I said. “And I know we have to do this, bond together or…” I said.


“Or we’ll die. You heard Dr. Penn.” She said.


I nodded.


“Okay, so besides me being a nudist, what do you want to know?” She asked.


“Everything! I mean, we’re stuck together, so why not? What’re your favorite foods? Hobbies? What are your hopes and dreams?” I said.


“My hopes until now are and were this. I wanted us to make love. I’ve loved you since we first met on the island. Losing you was devastating, and I was sure that I was ready to die before you walked through that door. I didn’t expect to ever see you again, and the Doc going to these lengths to find you… I owe him big time…” She said.


“He didn’t find me, we found you,” I said.


“What?” She asked.


“In my universe, I’m the head of Jump Jet, a company that makes many products, but while testing one of them, I picked up this virus that you seem to know so much about. We didn’t know what it was at first, and by chance, I ended up temporarily bonded to another young lady named Lauren. Dr. Nitty, the head researcher, and developer created a vaccine that cured the woman I was bonded with and stopped me from bonding with another person, but thankfully he took precautions and began tracing what universe the virus came from. He talked with your Dr. Penn and got him to agree to me coming here if need be. When the bond was completely broken, I felt like I was dying.” I explained.


“So you felt like what it feels like with no bond for a day and with no serum.” She pointed out.


“Yeah. Lauren made sure I got to Dr. Nitty who thankfully was able to get me here for the serum, and then Dr. Penn offered me to you. He had told me before he offered that you needed a bond and that the young man you had picked out had died. I had to help.” I said.


“I understand that much. So I guess it’s Dr. Nitty and Lauren that I owe most of all.” She said.


“Are you gonna be okay in being in the web?” I asked.


She leaned down and forced me into a passionate kiss. We kissed for a minute or two before she broke the kiss.


“I’ve waited to join it ever since you first started it on the island. Now, as for my favorite food, it’s French fries. I like drawing and reading for hobbies.” She murmured before sitting back up.


She raised herself up and slammed herself back down hard on my cock. I let out a groan.


“And I’m starting to like my new hobby of trying to make you cum.” She said with a smirk.


“Oh, you want me to cum?” I asked.


“Yep.” She said matter-of-factly.


I grabbed her around her ribs and pulled her on top of me. I rolled us over so I was on top and then began slamming my cock in and out of her as fast and as hard as I could. She let out a loud moan.


“You want me to fill up your womb as much as I can,” I said softly in her ear. “I’m guessing you’ve been waiting for this moment because I can feel the love you have for me. It’s not just lust with you, its love. Isn’t it?”


“Yes, god yes. I love you, Joshua.” She moaned. “Now fill me up please.” She begged. “I want to feel your seed filling my unprotected womb.”


“Here it comes.” I groaned before slamming into her one final time.


My cock spasmed before erupting inside her like a firehose. I could feel her squirting as I did, and she grabbed the back of my head to pull me into a passionate kiss as we both enjoyed our orgasms. As our orgasms died down, she broke the kiss, panting heavily.


“You don’t know how long I’ve waited to feel that.” She said softly to me. “It’s everything I dreamed it would be and more. And I do love you, Joshua.”


“Are you really okay with us living in my universe?” I asked.


“Sure.” She said.


“But what about your family?” I asked.


“I was with a foster family on the island, they knew I might not come back, so I’ve said my goodbyes.” She said.


“Alright then,” I said as my cock slowly started to calm down from its need to release. “I guess I should warn you that I won’t be living on Isle de la dégarni until at least December. I have to finish school first.” I pointed out. “I’m sure we can iron out the details on what to do with you when we get back,” I added.


“Okay.” She chirped.


She gave me a quick peck on the lips before reaching between her legs and slowly guiding me out of her freshly deflowered hole. I lifted myself off of her and sat back. I looked down at my cock which was still dripping a little cum as she sat up. She leaned in giving me another kiss.


“This bond is different.” I pointed out.


“Like I said before, it supposedly will give us the ability to feel what each other does, however that usually takes about an hour after our first joining to take place, then we should be able to feel each-others’ feelings.” She said.


“But I can already feel yours. You feel satisfied, though a bit horney, and you love me.” I said.


“I can’t help being horney around you.” She giggled. “Especially since you have a bigger cock than you did here.”


“I thought you said the ability to feel each other’s feelings wouldn’t come until later.” I pointed out.


“According to the research, yeah… maybe it’s because we’re from two different universes.” She said.


“Oh shit,” I said realizing something.


“What is it?” She asked.


“How are we supposed to get you back to my universe?” I asked.


“What do you mean? I thought you had a way back?” She asked.


“I do.” I said emphasizing the letter I. “But normally organic matter can’t go through the gateway unless it’s protected, and I didn’t bring a suit for you.” I explained.


“And since we’re bonded, you can’t through the gateway and bring one back for me.” She pointed out.


“Right,” I said.


[I suppose I should interject now.] Dr. Nitty said, reminding me that I had the earpiece in.


I touched it.


“Doc?” I asked.


[Head back to the main lab room. I’m sending Lauren through the gateway in a moment.] Dr. Nitty said.


I lowered my arm, took Aisha by the hand and led her out to the area where I had first come out of the gate. Dr. Penn was waiting for us as another gateway opened. Lauren stepped through in full gear before the gateway closed. She had a backpack on her back and walked over to us.


“So this is the new girl?” She asked before taking off her helmet.


“Hello, I’m Aisha,” Aisha said blushing.


“You’re very attractive, Aisha. Joshua lucked out big time.” Lauren said giving me a wink.


“Now remember you three, Joshua and Aisha can’t fool around with others for at the very least 48 hours. After that, 2 weeks before unprotected sex.” Dr. Penn said.


Aisha looked over towards him.


“Doc, Joshua and I already can…” She started. “Feel each other’s emotional state.”


“It’s rare, but known to happen.” Dr. Penn said. “Just wait until she’s either on her period or pregnant, Josh, then you’re gonna have your hands full.” He laughed.


Lauren took off the backpack and handed it to Aisha.


“Dr. Nitty packed a suit for you.” She said.


“What about yours?” Aisha asked turning towards me.


“I can pass through without one, thanks to my first trip,” I explained. “When we made our first trip a few days ago, something happened with Heather, Tabitha and I that allowed us to pass through the gateway without wearing protection. Considering what Dr. Nitty said about the toughness of the suits, I’d have to think that the three of us are near indestructible now.” I added.


“Funny, all that power and you get taken down by one little virus.” Dr. Penn laughed.


Aisha took the bag and knelt down on the floor opening it. She pulled out the suit and pulled it on, then the boots and gloves, then the helmet. All on, she zipped up the bag. She stood back up and looked over at me.


“Shall we be off then?” She asked.


“Sure thing. See ya later Doc. And thanks.” I said.


“You three have fun now!” Dr. Penn said.


I activated the manacle and opened up the return gateway as Lauren put back on her helmet. The three of us stepped through and out to Dr. Nitty’s lab. The gateway closed behind us. Lauren and Aisha took off their helmets.


“Well, that was neat… wait, why didn’t my hair burn off going thru?” Aisha asked as she checked her hair.


“I’m curious about that too,” Lauren said. “My hair is still up from earlier, but hers…”


“My guess is because she may have been protected by Joshua’s D.N.A. inside of her.” Dr. Nitty said. “Forgive me, I am Dr. Insan Nitty. I am the head of research and development for Jump Jet, Joshua’s company, and fellow member of the web.”


“Aisha,” Aisha said.


“I must say, Joshua has excellent taste in women.” Dr. Nitty said with a smile.


Aisha blushed again as Mom walked up.


“Hi, I’m Natalie. I’m gonna need you to change out of those suits, and join me in the office over there.” Mom said.


“Sure, Mom,” I said.


“So wow, this is your Mom?” Aisha asked.


Mom walked over to the office, went inside and sat down.


“Yeah,” I said as the two girls began to strip.


After stripping down, Aisha took me by the hand, not letting me hang around to see Lauren get redressed, and dragged me into my mother’s office. Mom handed Aisha some clothing and told her to get dressed before handing me the clothing I had worn to get here. While we got dressed Mom asked Aisha all sorts of information, like her birthday, home address, and so on so that she could get it all down. After we were dressed a man entered the room fully dressed.


“Ah, there you are Clark.” Mom said.


Clark, as Mom addressed him, was a tall man, standing about 6 foot tall or so. He was thin and had his hair slicked back with so much stuff his hair had a shine to it. He wore a completely black suit, minus the suit shirt which was white. He had on thick glasses, almost as thick as Dr. Nitty’s.


“Sorry, Ma’am, when you said we would have a girl getting dressed in here, I felt it only appropriate to give her some time before entering.” He said.


“It’s fine,” Aisha said. “You could’ve come in.”


“I wouldn’t think of it.” He said adjusting his glasses.


“Kids, this is Clark Nitty. Insan’s older brother. He works with the department overseeing the donations we make to other places such as your school.” Mom explained.


“Nice to meet you,” I said.


“Likewise, Sir,” Clark said.


“Now if you have anything you wanna suggest to Clark involving the companies and places we deal with, he’ll take them down, and have a departmental vote on it before suggesting it to the location. This will stop any conflict of interest the school would have with you.” Mom explained. “As for you, Aisha, you’ll be enrolled with Joshua as of Monday. Considering your conditions, I’ll make sure you’re in the same classes for the time being. I expect you to behave in the standards of the school rules and laws of this country. Do you understand young lady?”


“Yes, Ma’am,” Aisha said.


“As for your official background, if anyone asks, you’re from Isle de la dégarni. The things that go on there are need to know anyway, so you won’t have to explain any further.” Mom told her.


“Okay,” Aisha said.


“Good, Clark will make sure you two get home. Joshua, plenty of bed rest today.” Mom said.


“Sure,” I said. “But, we’ll need to make a stop off at the school for Lauren,” I said.


“That’s fine,” Clark said as we stood up.


We followed Clark out of the room where Lauren was waiting for us. Joining us, Clark led us out of the building to a waiting limo. He ushered us all inside then told the driver where to go. We drove off and soon arrived at the school.


“Now, when you two are done, please come outside. We’ll be waiting to take you home.” Clark said.


“Yes, sir,” Aisha said.


We got out of the limo and headed inside. We headed straight for the principal’s office and stood in front of his secretary’s desk. She called to his office and then pointed the way for us to go in. We headed in and sat down. The principal looked up at me with a bit of a worried expression.


“Mr. Swartz? How can I help you today?” He asked.


“Please, Mr. Filagree. I’m a student here, treat me as such.” I said.


“But you’re…” He started.


“Not in control of the donations. Clark Nitty is. If I want something done, I have to suggest it to him, then it goes to a committee, and then if it’s approved, it will be suggested to you and your colleagues.” I stated. “But to the matter at hand, Lauren here would like to continue taking classes again,” I said.


“Oh, did she apologize to you?” He asked. “That was my stipulation on her returning.”


“In the past 24 hours, her whole outlook has turned around. She is no longer hindered by not seeing past the end of her own nose.” I said with a smirk.


“Really?” He asked before looking at her.


“Yes, sir. I realize what was done was harmful to others, and I won’t be making that mistake again.” Lauren said.


“Well, in that case, I see no reason to keep you from further classes.” He said.


“As for me, I’m still sick so after a quick check in with my brother and sisters, I’m headed home,” I said. “My mother will be in contact with Aisha here,” I added.


“Alright, you take it easy then. As for you Miss Lauren, I’ll have you head to class.” Mr. Filagree said.


“Yes, sir.” She said.


The three of us got up and headed out. Lauren gave me a hug before we parted ways. Aisha and I headed to the lunch room, to find our group all sitting at their usual table. Kimmy was the first to spot us. When she did her eyes went wide. She got up, and ran over to us, practically tackling Aisha to the ground.


“I can’t believe it!” She said, breaking into tears.


She hugged Aisha tightly before kissing all over her face.


“Kimmy? What’s the matter?” Aisha asked.


“YOU!” Kimmy said. “My best friend reappears after going missing months ago, and I’m supposed to what? Keep calm?”


“Missing? Months?” Aisha said.


I moved closer to Kimmy and whispered Aisha’s actual backstory into her ear.


“I don’t care! She’s here now!” Kimmy exclaimed.


“Kimmy, calm down, if you do too much, we’ll end up bonded,” Aisha warned.


Kimmy broke the hug and stopped. She stepped back.


“Bonded?” She asked.


“Yeah. I’m infected with it.” Aisha said as the others joined us.


“Is everything alright?” Heather asked.


“Well apparently, my best friend just showed back up, and from what I’m gathering, she’s now bonded to our brother,” Kimmy said as she wiped away her own tears.


“Listen, we’ll catch up on everything tonight. I wanted to let you all know that I’m gonna be home again today.” I said, starting to feel a bit winded.


“Yeah, you’re starting to go pale again.” Heather pointed out before giving me a kiss on the cheek. “We’ll see you tonight. Go and rest.” She added.


Aisha pulled me away by the hand, leading me back to the limo. We got in, and the limo drove us home. Clark made sure we made it to the door and were ready to enter inside before telling the driver that he could leave. The two of us entered the house and sat down on the couch, where Aisha was quick to fish out my cock and plunge it into her mouth.


“Wow, you’re not wasting time, are you?” I asked.


She said something back, which was muffled by my cock, before pulling it from her mouth.


“You’re pale, and I’m feeling weak. Meaning we have to have sex for the bond to work again… and remember, I said anytime either of us is horny.” She explained.


“And you’re horny?” I asked.


“Have been since the moment we originally met.” She said as she started to get undressed.


Once fully naked, she sighed contently.


“Well, if that’s the case, let’s go shower together, get all cleaned up, and then we can make love again,” I said softly.


Her eyes lit up like it was Christmas. She stood up, getting off the couch and offered me her hand. I scooped up her clothing and we headed for the bathroom. I started to get undressed once we were inside, but she stopped me so that she could undress me. I dropped her clothing to the ground and then she undressed me slowly, enjoying every second that she took. After I was as naked as she was, she led me over to the shower. I turned it on, and after a moment, we got in. She took her time in washing me down, from head to toe, making sure to get every single inch of me. It was like she was memorizing my body. Which to me was a bit odd, until she spoke up.


“You know, you have a better body than he did.” She said softly.


“Now you’re just trying to flatter me. First, you tell me my cock is bigger, now you’re telling me I’m better off physically?” I laughed.


“I’m serious.” She said as she stood back up. “You’re, overall, better off physically than him.” She added.


“Really?” I asked.
Honestly, the physical aspect started to make sense if I considered that I didn’t start working out weekly until after the accident. Tomorrow was supposed to be my normal work out day, and last week, I had skipped it. Though I had felt horrible about doing it, to be honest, my mind was elsewhere.


“Yeah, and to be honest, it’s more of a turn on for me.” She said.


I leaned in and gave her a soft peck on the lips before taking the soap and washcloth. I began washing her body down, making sure to take my own time to enjoy her, and I made sure to clean out as much cum as I could out of her tight pussy. When I was done cleaning out her pussy, she groaned, and I continued onto her legs and feet.


“Dammit, Josh, I was enjoying that.” She growled at me.


I helped her to rinse off fast, then stood back up.


“Oh, I’m sorry.’ I said with a smirk before slowly guiding my finger back inside her.


I began slowly pumping my finger in and out of her tight hole as I reached around her and shut the water off. I threw the washcloth on the ground near the tub as I fingered her snatch. She first started to lean back but then leaned into me. She let out a soft moan. I leaned in and kissed her passionately.


“Oh god, I’m getting close.” She said after we broke the kiss.


I took that as my cue and knelt down. Before she could argue, I began eating her pussy as well as I could in this position. To be frank and honest, I prefer to do it to a girl who’s laying down, but this worked out fine, as not long after I started sucking on her clit and fingered her hole, she gasped loudly as she came. She moaned as she began squirting on my hand, and grabbed the back of my head, holding it firmly in place. That’s when I felt it, my own cock being sucked, and releasing as if it had been sucked on the entire time.


“Wow.” She said softly letting go of my head after we had calmed down a bit.


I pulled my head back and she looked down to see the cum on and around her feet.


“So you felt it too?” She asked.


“Yeah,” I said with a smile before removing my finger from her and licking it clean.


I stood up, only for her to kneel down and begin licking my cock all over, making sure she sucked out the last drops of cum from it. She then stood up, turned back on the water and rinsed off her feet. She turned off the water again. I led her out of the shower and grabbed a couple towels from the closet. We toweled ourselves off, then walked hand in hand to my bedroom. I sat on the bed, and she pushed me onto my back then climbed on top. She positioned me at her entrance, then slowly slid down, taking me inside her to the hilt, and I could feel it all, my cock inside her and a cock inside me. My cock felt bigger than it had with Lauren.


“Ah, so that’s what it feels like.” She moaned before laying down on top of me. “Hot, wet, and like it has a mind of its own. No wonder you were such a sex fiend back on the island.” She added.


“A sex fiend huh?” I laughed.


“Yeah. Just give me a bit to get used to this feeling and we’ll finish it.” She said.


“Oh no,” I said with a smirk before positioning myself. “You’ll enjoy it more if you don’t,” I said as I began thrusting in and out of her hot pussy.


She began moaning with each thrust.  I could feel her orgasm quickly building.


“Josh, if you keep that up…” She warned before pushing her head into my chest and letting out a scream as she hit her peak.


Being linked, I hit mine as well, squirting my seed into her womb. I could feel the few spurts shooting out of me at the same time as I felt them shooting in me.


“This is so different.” She moaned. “It’s weird.”


“I know,” I said with a smile. “Do you want to go more? Or take a breather?” I asked.


She pulled me into a passionate kiss. She then sat up and began slowly riding my cock.


“I think I want to feel what it’s like when you cum inside me like you did the first time.” She said with a smile.


“Oh, you want it like that again?” I said triumphantly.


She nodded and I pulled her down and flipped us over.


“No, I want to ride you until you cum like that.” She said.


“Oh?” I asked.


“Please?” She asked.


I smiled before rolling us back and letting her sit back up.


“Well if you want me to cum that hard you’re gonna have to go hard and fast,” I explained.


She nodded again before leaning in and kissing me. As she kissed me, she began riding my cock as hard and as fast as she could. It felt amazing, and she was pushing it in as far as she could. She sat up and began bouncing nice and hard. I reached up and massaged her tits. I was quickly getting to my peak from the added stimulation.


“Oh god, my legs are getting tired.” She moaned. “But you’re close, I can feel it.”


“Just hang in there a little more.” I moaned.


“Cum for me, Joshua. Fill me up again. I want to feel you impregnating me.” She moaned.


That did it. My cock throbbed then spasmed, and she came down on me hard. She laid down as we both began cumming, with my cock spraying inside her like it never had before. We made out as we enjoyed our orgasms.


“Now that was awesome. I think you might have a pregnancy fetish.” She giggled after breaking the kiss.


“Maybe,” I said as I felt someone licking my balls.


It clicked in my head. Someone was licking my balls. I was in the midst of a bond, which Lauren would’ve warned my companions at school about…. And Nitty would’ve warned anyone at work about… who could be? Aisha’s eyes went wide at the same time as mine did. Aisha and I looked down to see Tabitha’s head. She had been licking me and had a group from the relationship with her. Holly, Lauren, and Kimmy to be precise.


“Tabi?” I said. “What’re you?” I asked.


“What do you think?” She asked after she stopped licking.


“But the bonding?” Aisha said.


“I’m in all the same classes, so I’m cool with bonding.” She said with a smirk. “As long as we can drop in on my parents.”


“We were cool with it before,” Kimmy said.


“Yeah, but he can’t bond with me,” Lauren said.


“Bond?” Holly asked.


“Means you’re pretty much stuck with him and her,” Lauren said as Tabitha started licking my shaft.


“Oh…” Holly said. “I’m not sure if I’m ready to be stuck with him forever.”


“Two days.” Aisha corrected her. “Over the next two days, anyone who ingests our bodily fluids will be bonded to us. Bonding takes up to 48 hours. After that, for a week or so, if Joshua cums in any of you unprotected, then you’ll be bonded to him.” She added. “Aside from that, once 48 hours have passed, then you can move freely from each person you’re bonded to. The whole feeling what each other feels is replaced by a sort of telepathic link.”


Aisha slowly pulled my cock out of her pussy and rolled over. Holly stared at it mesmerized.


“So linked with you both for two days…” Holly said as Aisha sat up.


Tabitha began focusing on licking my cock clean. Kimmy knelt down and began stripping Tabitha. As she did, Lauren was in full swing stripping herself as she tried hard to lick Aisha’s pussy clean. Aisha was loving all the attention that Lauren was giving her. Holly was just standing there in shock, watching Lauren, who had ridiculed her days earlier for doing the same thing, eating out this girl that she barely knew.


As soon as Tabitha was stripped she didn’t waste any time, climbing on top of me, and sinking me inside her, as Kimmy began getting undressed. Tabitha began riding me, and I reached up to massage her chest, which had shrunk down back to its original size.


“Oh god, I missed this.” Tabitha cooed.


“Only disadvantage to you living with your parents?” I asked.


“Only one I can think of, at the moment.” She said as Kimmy climbed onto the bed.


Kimmy was fully undressed now and was ready for me to eat her out as I saw a naked Holly joining Lauren in eating out Aisha’s pussy. Kimmy positioned herself over my face and lowered herself so that I could enjoy her pussy. I began eating her out as Kimmy and Tabitha began talking among themselves. As it was before, this time, I also could not make out what they were saying. I began feeling Tabitha clenching down on my cock and felt that she was close. I was getting close too with the added feeling of the other girls eating out Aisha. I heard a muffled cry from Aisha as I felt us both cumming from the treatment, sending some seed deep into Tabitha’s womb. I felt Tabitha’s reaction as she began cumming. Her pussy clamped down like a vice, as she began rocking her hips back and forth, teasing my cock head for more cum. I held back as well as I could as she slowed down, and then pulled me out of her pussy. Kimmy got off my face as Tabitha got up. They guided me to get up, and Tabitha laid down so that Kimmy could eat her out.


“I think that Holly needs that cock for reassurance,” Tabitha said with a smirk.


I looked over to Holly who looked up and over at Tabitha, then looked at me. She had a sadness in her eyes. I walked over to her and pulled her aside.


“What’s the matter?” I asked.


“I’m just not sure of myself.” She said softly. “I mean you have all these other girls around, and while I love eating out Heather…” She started.


“But?” I asked.


“But I haven’t gotten your cock in days, and it’s making me feel… left out.” She said softly. “Like you don’t care.”


“Don’t care?” I said, repeating her words.


I led her over to the bed and guided her to lay down. I spread her legs and knelt down. I took in the scent of her pussy, memorizing it before beginning to eat her out. It actually didn’t take me long to get her off, I had barely started licking her clit when she grabbed my head and let out a shrill scream. I lapped up the little bit of juices that she leaked before standing up and climbing on top of her. Holly’s body was as tight as Amber’s. Holly had AA cups at most, a flat stomach and a shaved pussy. She covered her face as she blushed. I took a breath then began licking and sucking on her nipples. Her areolas were the size of half dollars and her nipples were at least the circumference of a pencil eraser but were curved at the end. As I teased her nipples, she moaned and I saw her hand go down to her pussy so she could tease it. I grabbed it and pulled it away, pinning it over her head.


“Josh! That’s not fair!” She protested.


“Oh, it is,” I said with a smirk, before repositioning myself and giving her a kiss on the lips.


“What’re you?” She asked as I began humping her slowly, letting my cock rub against her clit. “Oh…. That’s…. Ohhhhhhhhhh.” She moaned.


“Tell me what you want,” I whispered in her ear.


“Just you.” She whispered back.


I reached down and took my cock in my hand and rubbed it against her outer lips. She bit her lower lip.


“Do you want me to put it in?” I asked softly.


“Please.” She whimpered.


I slowly guided it in. Her pussy felt tighter than it had before. Hotter and Wetter? Sure, but definitely tighter. She pulled me into a passionate kiss as I slowly pressed my cock all the way into her. When I bottomed out, she broke the kiss and sighed a sigh of content.


“It feels bigger.” She said.


“To be fair, you feel tighter,” I said.


“Well, I haven’t gotten fucked by this giant cock in a couple days.” She cooed at me. “And to be honest, I hoped you’d make love to me like this.” She added.


I slowly began thrusting in and out of her as Aisha pulled her into a passionate kiss. I watched the two of them making out as I slowly but surely began increasing my speed and strength. My orgasm was building quickly and I knew that Aisha could feel it.


“God, you’re so fucking tight,” Aisha said to her. “And he’s going to cum soon.”


“I love it when he fills me up with all the sperm he can,” Holly said softly.


“Me too,” Aisha said.


I started thrusting as fast and as hard as I could.


“Oh, he’s about to cum,” Aisha warned her.


“That’s it, fill me up,” Holly begged me.


A few thrusts more and I was cumming hard inside her again, like the first time I had. After a minute or so of cumming, I reached down and pinched myself off, and slowly pulled out of her pussy. She flipped over and spread her ass cheeks.


“Don’t put the whole thing in, just the head.” She told me, “I wanna feel your hot cum in my ass.” She added.


Not wanting to displease her, I slowly slipped the head of my cock in her ass and she let out a moan from it. I let go of my pinch, and my cock continued its release again, sending my seed into her rectum before I pinched it off again. She flipped over as I stepped off the bed and grabbed my cock, and plunged it into her mouth. I let go of my pinch and she swallowed down my remaining cum happily. When she was done, she looked up at me with a smile before licking my cock clean of her juices.


“I needed that.” She said softly as she worked on cleaning me up.


Kimmy was quickly there, right next to her, helping her clean me off. Aisha let out a moan as she came, making me shoot a rope of cum onto Holly’s chest, which oozed down to her stomach until Kimmy spotted it and licked it off. The two of them shared a passionate kiss before giggling. Kimmy looked up at me.


“Can I go next?” She asked sweetly, giving me an adorable look.


“How would you like it?” I asked with a smile.


She motioned to the other girls to give us some room and had me lay down. She climbed on top and sunk my cock into her pussy. She sat there for a moment before beginning to ride me. Aisha’s next orgasm was already building up as Tabitha mounted her face. Lauren had rushed out of the room to get something, and when she had come back, she had a strap-on, which was dual ended and blue in color. One end was deep in her own snatch, then ran through a ring to keep it in position. Holly sat by and watched as Lauren lined herself up before plunging deep into Aisha’s waiting pussy. Aisha let out a squeal into Tabitha’s pussy. I don’t think she could see what was going on, or who had just entered her, but with a few motions from Lauren’s waist she was moaning up a storm again. Watching Lauren go at it, letting out her own moans from the treatment that the special dildo was giving her pussy, made Kimmy go at me harder than she had before. She rode me with such vigor, and with each bounce, Aisha let out another squeal. Lauren reached up on Aisha’s body and began rubbing her tits as she thrusted, only to be batted away by Tabitha, who motioned for Holly to come in and start teasing Aisha’s nipples. Holly understood and started to tease Aisha almost immediately, and I could feel it all, especially Aisha’s next orgasm fast approaching. I realized then, that this was more of an initiation for Aisha.


“Kimmy, Aisha’s about to cum,” I whispered.


Kimmy smiled as she realized I figured out what they were doing. She rode me a few more times, then pulled herself off of me. She motioned to Tabitha, and Tabitha pulled herself off of Aisha. Kimmy moved to Aisha and guided her to take my cock into her mouth. It wasn’t long before Aisha came, and by extension, I came.


“You taste that, sweetie. That’s the taste of your best friend and her older brother at the same time.” Kimmy cooed.


Aisha let out a little moan as she sucked down my juices.


“I want you to know that you and I were close here. We learned on each other. Originally we had planned to lose our virginities together. When I lost you, I was devastated, and now that I have you back, I want you to know that I love you, Aisha.” Kimmy said softly in her ear.


Aisha pulled my still pulsing cock from her mouth and pulled Kimmy into a passionate kiss as my seed shot all over her chest and stomach.


“I love you too, Kimmy.” She said after breaking the kiss.


Lauren slowly pulled out of Aisha’s dripping pussy and took off the strap-on as I took turns making out with both girls. She walked up behind me and took Kimmy’s hand and guided it to my cock, sharing the job of jerking me off and getting me close to cumming again.


“I’m about to cum,” I warned them.


Kimmy leaned back and spread her legs. Lauren helped to guide my cock inside her before releasing her hold on it. A few pumps later I was filling her tight pussy with my cum as I had just hours before.


“Oh god.” Kimmy moaned. “I think I’m addicted to feeling this.”


“Tell me about it.” Holly giggled.


After I finished cumming, I slowly pulled out, only for Lauren to drop down and inhale my cock, sucking and licking it clean.


“I think I need a break,” I said after she was done. “I’m thirsty,” I added.


Without thinking I walked out of the room, to the kitchen and then returned quickly. I hadn’t been affected by the bonding like I had before. With a panicked look on my face, I reentered my room to find the girls giggling and talking.


“I just went to the kitchen,” I said.


“What of it?” Kimmy asked.


“The bond… I thought I wouldn’t be able to leave your sides.” I pointed out.


Aisha sighed.


“As long as we’re all satisfied, partners can make a short distance apart from each other for short periods of time with no adverse effects,” Aisha explained.


“Oh, well now I feel like an idiot.” I laughed.


I walked back out to the kitchen and headed to the fridge.


“Hello, Joshua.” A voice called out as the door opened.


I grabbed a bottle of water and stood up to look. Coming into the house was Mom and Dr. Nitty. Dr. Nitty had been the one who called out.


“Hey Natalie, Hey doc,” I said.


“What’ve you been up to?” Mom asked.


“Well, we’ve been having a bit of an orgy in my room,” I said as I opened the bottle of water.


I guzzled it down.


“That can’t be good.” Mom said.


“Indeed. He’s infected, as is Aisha.” Dr. Nitty said.


He began walking swiftly to my room and I followed. We entered the room to find the girls all on the bed still giggling amongst themselves. Dr. Nitty pulled out his scanner and starting with Aisha began scanning the girls one by one, and then scanned me.


“Are we all bonded?” I asked as he finished.


“No. You are bonded with Aisha… and apparently Holly as well now. Lauren, Tabitha, and Kimmy are not bonded to you at all.” Dr. Nitty said.


“So… I’m bonded?” Holly asked.


“Lucky!” Kimmy said.


“Yeah, why do you get all the luck?” Tabitha teased.


“And Holly, did you know that you’re pregnant?” Dr. Nitty asked.


“No? How? I’m on birth control!” She said.


“Well, when a man and a woman love each other very much…” Lauren said only to get smacked by Kimmy.


“Apparently you’re two days along. And birth control isn’t 100 percent my dear.” Dr. Nitty explained.


She looked down at her stomach.


“Really? She’s the only one?” Kimmy asked giving Dr. Nitty a pleading look.


“Yes, she’s the only one.” Dr. Nitty said before realizing what she was asking and scanning all the girls again.


“So… um…” Tabitha asked.


“Again, none of you are bonded with the three of them. Tabitha, your hormones have reverted to where they should be. As for the rest of you getting knocked up, how long ago did you all finish?” He asked.


“About 5 minutes ago,” I said looking at Kimmy.


“Well then, I’ll come back and scan you all in about half an hour.” Dr. Nitty said before turning and leaving the room.


Aisha lunged at Holly and gave her a hug.


“Congratulations!” Aisha said.


“I’m preg…” Holly started to say but started crying.


“What’s the matter?” Lauren asked.


“I don’t know if I can do this!” Holly cried.


“Listen, you’re not in this alone. You’ve got us. All of us. That baby is going to be loved by ALL OF US.” Tabitha said. “You’ll do fine. Besides, remember, Heather’s pregnant too.”


Holly wiped her tears away when Heather’s name was brought up. She brightened up and gave a huge grin.


“I almost forgot about Heather.” She said with a smile. “She really gets off on being pregnant. Being reminded of it, or hinting that I might get knocked up turns her on.” She said, grinning.


“There you go.” Tabitha laughed.


I sat on the bed with the girls as we waited. We chit chatted about school until we reached the point that December came up.


“Honestly I can’t wait to get back to the island,” Kimmy said. “Wearing clothing is so confining.”


“Agreed,” Aisha said. “What about you girls? Will you be joining us in December?”


“I’m not sure… I mean, home life isn’t that bad, though I’m not sure how my parents are gonna feel about my boyfriend knocking me up.” Holly sighed.


“My dad won’t care. So I guess I can come if I want… But I’ll decide later.” Lauren said.


“I’m staying here with my parents. I mean, I’ve been without them most of my life.” Tabitha said. “As much as I love you, Josh, I need time with them,” Tabitha added.


“I know,” I said as Dr. Nitty reentered the room followed by Becky and Rachel.


“Joshua, these two lovely ladies wanted to see you.” He said happily.


I turned around to see them as Dr. Nitty began scanning the girls again.


“Joshy,” Becky said before they both ran over and gave me a hug.


“Rest and Relax!” I said teasingly.


“Oh god! He’s found out our nicknames.” Rachel said as the two of them broke their hugs.


“Forget that! We missed out on an orgy!” Becky said.


She reached down and took my now flaccid cock into her hands. She looked down at it, as Dr. Nitty turned to us.


“Well, all of you. As I said, just the three of you bonded. Any ideas on why you didn’t all bond?” Dr. Nitty asked.


“Well, Holly did take a lot of cum. I mean Josh came in her pussy, her ass, and then she drank down the rest.” Kimmy pointed out.


“That’s right, she did,” Lauren exclaimed.


Dr. Nitty scanned Aisha then me.


“Well, it would seem that you two have moved into an odd stage of the infection… It’s strong, no doubt about that, but it’s not acting in the normal data that was given to me by Dr. Penn.” Dr. Nitty said.


“What are you saying doc?” I asked.


“That the virus that the three of you have, we cannot tell how it is going to act.” Dr. Nitty said.


“So the general rules and timelines may not be right?” Aisha said.


“Exactly. I’m afraid that you, as a group will have to feel out the rules that are present now. I can only observe and make a hypothesis.” Dr. Nitty explained.


“So are any of us pregnant?” Kimmy asked.


“No. And I believe the virus may have something to do with that, thankfully.” Dr. Nitty explained as I noticed my cock throbbing.


Apparently, Becky had been pumping it all this time, softly jerking me off, trying to get me hard again. I looked into her eyes. She bit her lower lip before pulling me into a passionate kiss.


“Girls, I think Becky is gonna want to have us give them some space for a short bit,” Tabitha said, motioning for the group to get up.


I can only guess at what happened here because I was too engrossed in kissing Becky, but by the time Becky had moved us towards the bed, there were only 4 of us left in the room: Becky, myself, Aisha and Holly. Becky sat down on the bed, as the other girls scooted to the other end, and I started to kiss down to her neck before grabbing her t-shirt and pulling it off, over her head revealing her bra. It was white in color.


“Wait, Josh.” She said, then with a more stern voice. “WAIT!”


“What’s the matter?” I asked as I pulled away from her.


“I’m not sure if I wanna be part of this thing you all have going on… and I want us to use protection.” She said.


“Protection against the bond? Okay… Let’s see what we can’t get done about all of this.” I said.


I got back on the floor and offered her my hand. She took it. I led the four of us back out to the living room where Dr. Nitty was waiting.


“Doc, any chance you can make something that will reduce me bonding with anyone else?” I asked.


“Hmmm… a device that could stop the transfer of the virus… yeah… Hmmm… maybe include the ability to be further away…” Dr. Nitty said.


He gave Mom a passionate kiss.


“My dears, I expect I’ll be on this for a bit. I’ll see you all later.” Dr. Nitty said before rushing out the door.


“Well, that was fast.” Rachel giggled.


“Yeah… so, do we have any plans for dinner? I’m starved.” I said.


The group laughed at me, and soon after Heather headed through the door. It seemed like she had a bad day and just wanted to be alone. She hadn’t brought anyone with her, but Amber soon came in, with Nat. We told them about my continuing condition as Rachel and Becky decided on what we should eat. Mom made a call to a Chinese food place as Tabitha, and Lauren got dressed and headed out. Both of them gave me a lingering hug, and a kiss on the cheek before they left. Rachel and Becky were quick to strip as Aisha, Holly and I got dressed. Why? Because they wanted to apparently give the poor delivery boy a heart attack and a boner when he brought the food, answering the door completely naked. The delivery guy was Ji Kim, a guy I knew from school. He was the shy type, thick glasses, and his eyes about bulged out of his head as my sisters answered the door. I saw his expression and as they took the food inside, I headed to the door to pay him. I stepped outside and closed the door.


“Holy shit, Josh, do your sisters all walk around naked?” He asked.


“When it suits them. They’re trying to get into the mood for when we move out to the island. It’s clothing optional there.” I said noticing the sizable bulge in his pants.


Now, Ji, minus being kind of shy with thick glasses, was actually pretty well built. He had short black hair and was actually Korean. His skin was pale, and he wore his work uniform. He was about my height with dark brown eyes.


“Damn, you’re lucky. I’ll probably never get laid.” He said with a sigh.


“I don’t know, Ji. You never know what’s lurking around the corner. Besides, you’ve got your life on track, right? Good Job. Good Grades. All you have to do is show a bit of confidence.” I told him.


“You think you could get me a date with one of your sisters?” He asked.


“Which one?” I asked.


“Heather?” He asked.


I had seen Heather entering the house earlier upset.


“You got a bit to wait?” I asked.


“Yeah, this was my last delivery tonight.” He said.


“Okay, give me a few minutes to go check things out with her,” I said.


I headed back inside and headed to Heather’s room. I knocked on her door.


“Leave me alone.” She cried.


Contrary to her wishes, I opened her door and quietly entered her room. I walked over to her bed where she was lying down crying.


“What’s the matter?” I asked, placing my hand on her back.


“I decided to ask Florentin Olivier to the Halloween dance.” She sobbed.


“And?” I asked.


“He’s gay. I didn’t even see the signs!” She wailed. “I made a complete fool of myself.”


“No that’s not true,” I said.


“Why would any guy wanna date me?” She asked, crying harder.


“Let’s ask one,” I said softly.


“What?” She said, perking up.

“Ji Kim just dropped our food, and he wanted to know if you were willing to go on a date with him,” I stated.


She picked herself up and dried off her tears.


“Cute Ji? The Korean guy with the thick glasses?” She asked.


“Yep. Gotta warn you though, he’s a bit pent up. He caught an eyeful of Becks and Rach nude.” I added.


“Thanks.” She said as she stood up.


She gave me a peck on the lips and ran out of the room. I had a good idea of what my twin was up to. She had a crush on Ji for a while. I headed out of her room to see her and Ji passing by the windows, heading towards the backyard. She was about to blow his mind.


“She headed out in a hurry.” Mom said.


“Well, she did just find out that a guy she thinks is cute wants her,” I said, nodding towards the backyard.


“Are you okay with that?” Mom asked.


“I’m okay with you and Insan, why wouldn’t I be okay with that. It’s an open web, remember?” I said as Heather entered in thru the back door with Ji.


“Oh, she brought the cute delivery guy in.” Rachel said.


“I’ve invited Ji to eat with us,” Heather said with a smirk.


“He can start by eating me.” Becky laughed.


Ji blushed brightly and everyone had a good laugh before we sat down to eat. After eating, Heather pulled Ji aside.


“Listen, you don’t have to be with any of us if you don’t want. It’s up to you.” She said.


“They were serious?!?” He said.


I chuckled to myself as I got up. I excused myself, being joined by Holly and Aisha as I headed for the bathroom for a shower, walking behind Kimmy who headed for her room to be alone. The three of us took a shower together and then headed back towards my room in towels, holding our clothing as we went. Amber and Nat passed us by heading to the bathroom. As we got to my door, I could hear Ji’s muffled moans, and I peeked around the corner to see Mom squatting over him. I took a better look to see he was actually hung… like omg wtf hung. He must have been nearly a foot long fully hard and mom had to do a weird squatting ride to take him inside her. Heather was on his face, getting eaten out as he groped the tits of Rachel and Becky as they made out. I had no doubt that Ji’s first time was going to be wild.


We headed into my room and the girls got comfortable on my bed.


“Wow, that Ji looked hung,” Aisha said.


“Yeah,” I said.


“He’s not you though,” Holly added with a smile.


“You’re okay with Heather fucking him?” I asked.


“I have to admit, I’m a little jealous, but I’m okay with it.” Holly sighed. “I haven’t gotten to tell her yet though.”


“Are you worried about it, still?” I asked.


“Not really. I’m kind of excited. And I know she loves me too.” Holly said before leaning in against me.


We sat back talking for the rest of the night, really getting to know each other. I found out that Holly’s parents tended to be cool about her choices, and were long-living hippies, living out the hippie persona. You know the type, right? Tie-dye shirts, dreadlocks in their hair. Smoking weed. That kind of thing. We discussed plans for the future through the night, and eventually passed out together, snuggling up as a group on my bed, and Damn did I need a bigger bed.

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