After Hours: Chapter 4 – Coming Out of Love: Part 2 Tom’s Turn

Now, it’s Tom turn to come out to his parent…his Mom.

Written by: Kuro Bakura
Originally posted on AO3

A Tom Hiddleston X Chris Hemsworth Fan Fiction
Slash | Homosexuality | Crossover

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Tom took a breath and held his phone up to his mouth. He was REALLY dreading this but he promised Chris that they would do this together. Tom looked at Chris.

“I will be right here with you.” Chris said, reassuring Tom. The phone rang 4 times before someone picked up,

“Tom, darling!” a voice said through his phone.

“Hi, Mum.” Tom said.

“How are you?” she asked.

“Pretty good.” he answered.

“That’s wonderful.” she answered back.

“Um…Mum…can I talk to you about something important, please?’ Tom said. It was late in England so he had to be quick.

“Yes, Dear?” the Mom asked.

“Mom….um…I do not know who to put this lightly but…” Tom trailed off, suddenly beginning to panic internally. Chris held his hand tighter and kissed his cheek quietly.

“Sweetheart? What was it that you wanted to tell me?” Tom’s mom asked.

“Mum…I know this is not easy to say but….I’m gay.” Tom said, with his eyes closed. Tom opened his eyes and his heart sunk when he looked on the screen.

“Tom?” Chris asked. Then all of a sudden, Tom burst out in to tears. Chris put his arms around Tom and held him close.

“She hung up on me! I know it we were not disconnected but it would have beeped.” Tom said, crying. Chris held him tighter and kissed the top of his head.

“I’m so sorry, Tom.” Chris said, trying not to cry himself.

“I mean, I know there was a chance that this would happen but…but…the way she reacted…that’s not right! She should just have said something before she hung up. …Oh God…my Mum just disowned me, Chris.” Tom said. Chris lifted up Tom’s head and looked at him.

“Tom, do not worry about her. If she does that to her own son, then, she’s not the Mother you thought she was. A parent or parents are suppose to have unconditional love for their child, regardless. If she can not love you for you…well…you do not need her in your life. I know it is a hard thing to handle and understand. Let me say one thing though…I will always be here and there for you. This is a promise.” Chris said. He looked at Tom, who was now smiling. Chris grabbed a tissue and gave it to Tom, who wiped his eyes with it.

“Thank you and you are right. As long as I have you, by my side. I’m happy.” Tom said. Tom kissed Chris and they cuddled on the couch. After an hour, Chris looked at Tom.

“Honey?” Chris suddenly asked.

“Yes?” Tom replied.

“You hungry.” Chris asked. Suddenly, Tom’s stomach did a huge growl. They both began to laugh out loud. Suddenly…Chris’s phone rang and he picked it up.

“Hello? Oh! Hey again, Mom and Dad!” Chris answered, He put his phone on speaker again.

“You alright?” his Mom asked.

“Yeah. Just hanging out with my friend.” Chris answered.

“The same one?” She asked.

“Yes, Mom.” Chris said. Tom looked up at Chris and smiled. He knew what Tom wanted to do.

“Would you both like to meet him?” Chris asked. Suddenly, Chris handed Tom his phone. Chris got up.

“I’m going to go get the menus. I’ll be back.” Chris said. Tom put the phone up to his mouth.

“Hello?” Tom asked.

“Hi! You must be the friend?” the Mom said.

“Yep, I’m him.” Tom replied.

“You sound very nice.” the Mom said.

“Well, thank you.” Tom said, happily.

“…And very cute.” the Mom said.

“HONEY!” the Dad said. Tom began to laugh.

“Oh, darling. You know I love you.” The Mom said. Tom tried to stop laughing.

“Oh gosh, you have such an adorable laugh.” the Mom said.

“Eheheheheheheheheh…thanks.” Tom said.

“You are welcome.” The Mom replied. Suddenly, the Mom had an idea.

“Your name wouldn’t happen to Tom, by any chance.” the Mom asked. Tom paused for a few seconds and Chris came out of the kitchen after hearing the question.

“Um…uh…” Tom said, then looked at Chris.

“Hello?” The Mom asked.

“Chris wants to talk to you.” Tom said.

“Oh okay. Nice meeting you.” The Mom said.

“You, too.” Tom said. He handed Chris the phone and ran upstairs to his room. Chris put his mouth to the phone and quietly sighed.

“Did I say something wrong?” She asked.

“Kinda but he knows you did not mean any thing by it.” Chris told her.

“Oh, dear. I am so sorry.” She said.

“Do not worry. He will be okay.” Chris replied.

“Okay. …..Chris?” She said.

“Yes?” Chris asked.

“That was Tom, wasn’t it?” The Dad suddenly piped up. Chris sighed. They were going to find out sooner or later anyway.

“…Yes. That was Tom. That’s not my friend…he’s my boyfriend.” Chris told her, finally telling her the truth.

“Oh. …He seems really nice.” She said.

“He is really is. I do not date mean people, Mom.” Chris said.

“I know.” the Mom said. Suddenly, Chris had an idea.

“Can I called you back in a minute?” Chris asked.

“Sure.” the Mom said.

“Thanks. Call you right back then.” Chris said. He hung up the phone and went up upstairs. Chris wanted Tom to know that everything was okay.

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