Benedict Cumberbatch Fan Fiction Fan Fiction The Power Of The Dog

City Tricks For A Ol’ Dog – Chapter 2

6 min read

AU story of characters from the book / film “The Power of the Dog.”  Phil Burbank has to deal with a unwelcome guest, and the baggage that involves them.

Chris Hemsworth Fan Fiction Fan Fiction

Heated in a Snow Storm

Eric and Hal find an abandoned cabin in the woods and are going to camp there until the storm dies down or the snow starts to melt a bit. Both men end up having their first homosexual sexual encounters with each other.

Chris Hemsworth Fan Fiction Tom Hiddleston AU Tom Hiddleston Fan Fiction

After Hours: Chapter 4 – Coming Out of Love: Part 3 To Be Loved and Accepted

After what happened to Tom, Chris and his parents decided to help feel better about the situation. Written by: Kuro Bakura Originally posted on AO3 […]