Blood Ties: Chapter 1 – Terah Able

Thor was trying to find his father but end up with his brother tagging along. As well, as a mysterious woman by the name of Terah, who works with none other than the Sorcerer Supreme himself, Doctor Strange.  What the two mean them do not realize that their worlds are about to be turned upside down, for both the good and the bad.  Not everything can be explained and not everything has answers, and that is the situation Thor encounters when meeting Doctor Strange and his partner for the first Ike as he is on the search for his father.

Written by: Kuro Bakura
Originally posted on AO3

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Thor walked into the sanctum, feeling uneasy. After getting the note with the address on it, he know that this was definitely not one of Loki’s tricks. It could not have been. Thor put his “umbrella” in the little holder and walked quietly the lower floor. He was not sure if this was the right place or the person was in another area.

“Hello?” Thor casket, loud enough so they can hear him, if someone was there. Suddenly, he heard a noise and saw something flowing in the air towards the window then towards him. It was a shadowy figure but still…it was not Loki. They did have a cape/cloak, but regardless, it still was not Loki. Which brought up a question in Thor’s mind. Where exactly is his brother?

“Thor Odinson.” A voice called out to him then stopped moving a few seconds later right in front of him.

“Who are you?” Thor asked him.

“My name is Stephen “Doctor” Strange and I know you have some questions about the whereabouts of your father and I have this information.” Stephan explained as he introduced himself. Thor was not sure what to say but whatever information this man had about his father, he wanted to know. As for how accurate it really is, he was going to find out. Suddenly, they heard a noise coming from the upper level of the sanctum. Strange turned around and Thor looked up.

It was a younger woman, no older than 21 years old but no younger than 18. Her hair was long, wavy and jet black, stopping about halfway down her back. She was not skinny but she was exactly big either. Thor could partially only see her face but she was beautiful. She seemed nervous but yet calm. Thor noticed the way Strange looked at her. He had a smile on his face but he can tell it was not because of Strange that was causing her nervousness.

“Is she your wife?” Thor asked. Stephan turned his head back over at Thor.

“Who?” Strange asked. He was so focused on the woman that he did not realize what Thor was talking nor realized that he was still there.

“The woman up there? Are you both husband and wife?” Thor rephrasing his previous question.

“No, no. Terah and I are not married. I mean, she’s my partner but not like that or in a romantic way. …Why do you ask?” Strange answered.

“The way you look at her. You seem to be quite fond of her but I didn’t mean to assume anything.” Thor explained.

“No, it’s fine. I understand.Personally, I find her delightful and she is such a brilliant woman.” Strange said back with a smile on his face. Strange was not offended by Thor’s statement but that’s all he was going to say. Terah has also changed him in a way and he loved it. Also, it was very obvious that he has a thing for his partner but he is always gentleman with her. Plus, he knew there was a small chance of her liking him back. At least they get along together and have fun, which is good things when you basically spend all your time cooped in one place for days on end.

“Stephen? Is our guest here yet?” She asked. Strange looked at her again.

“He is, Terah.” Strange replied.

“Good! Also, tea is ready. Should I bring two cups?” She asked.

“I don’t drink tea.” Thor said to himself, slightly nervous and worried about making her feeling bad because she made tea for the two of them. Even though, Stephen couldn’t hear him, he could see the look on his face.

“Just a coup for me and a beer for him,,please.” Strange said to her. She nodded and then walked back to where she making the tea. The two men headed up the stairs and over to Strange’s desk. The men sat down and the woman came back out with a tray in both hands with the cup tea and a bottle of beer and placed it on the desk in front of the two men.

“Thank you, Terah.” Strange to said to her. Thor nodded. He finally caught a better glimpse of her face. Something about her face reminded him of someone but he couldn’t exactly out his finger in it. He was not even sure why or she could remind him of someone he knows when he doesn’t even know her at all or anything about that could even give him these thoughts. He was starting to think that maybe this was a trick Loki was playing on him and a damn good one, too.

“I am going to head back to my room for now. I got a couple of little things I need to finish up on.” She told Strange.

“Terah, you know you can stay. We are a team after all and you are just as important as I am. You do not mind, do you?” Strange told her. Terah blushed.

“You truly do want to stay.” Thor suddenly piped up. This only made her blush more it in the end, she just wanted to go back to her room. It is not that she was shy or anything but she truly did have to go finish up a couple of things before she ends up not wanting to finish them up at all. Also, she was feeling uneasy but it was not because of Thor but because of someone else’s presence but they were t exactly in the same room or perhaps…not even in the same universe.

“But I am not going to force you to stay, either but remember, you are always welcomed to stay.” Strange said to her. Terah nodded.

“If you need me, let me know.” She said before finally heading to her room for the rest of the discussion. A couple of seconds, Thor and Strange began their conversation which did not take as long as he expected.

“And you and Loki will go back to Asgard once this is all done?” Strange asked.

“Yes and promptly, too.” Thor asked.

“Great. I’ll help you but I have one condition.” Strange said.

“And this condition would be?” Thor asked. Strange hesitation for a second before he spoke.

“Your brother.” Strange replied.

“What about him?” Thor asked. Strange was about tell him but then decided not to. Plus…it was not his place to give this condition anyway.

“…Nevermind. I should not have said anything. Please forget about it.” Strange said then got up from his chair and began walking with Thor following him shortly after it but before they moved on, Terah came into the room. Just because she wasn’t there in the room with them doesn’t mean she did not hear what they were talking about.

“I want to go with them.” Terah suddenly piped. Thor was confused. Strange looked at her.

“Terah, I know you want to but I feel like this is not a good idea.” Strange explained. Terah sighed but she was not going to let him stop her from going. She was determined.

“I am not a child, Stephen. Plus, you have seen what I can do! Let me help them.” Terah said to him.

“I have and I know but I just personally just really do not want you to.” Stephen said back. Thor still couldn’t figure out what the hell was going on and now he had more questions than answers at this point. She walked over to Strange and stood in front of him.

“Do you trust me, Stephen?” Terah asked. Strange blushed.

“You know I do but I am worried about you. Terah, if something happens to you, I will never be able to forgive myself.” Stephan said. Terah hugged him. Strange blushed.

“Strange, I know you want me to be safe and you care but I got to do this. Not just for them but I need to show you and prove that I can fight and protect the world, just like you. Not to mention that if can help them, I want to. I will be fine..” Terah explained to him as she hugged him.

“…Look, even though, I’m dreading this…if you truly wanting to do this then I support and have your back. Just please be careful, okay?” Stephen said as he hugged her back.

“I will, Strange. I promise you.” Terah said then let go of him a few seconds later to gather some things as Thor and Strange began to talk once again.

When they reached the lower level once again, Thor still had many questions for this man.

“Your father is in Norway.” Strange piped up. Well…at least that’s one of his questions that he answered but still…he was leaving with more questions than answers. Maybe Terah also may know a couple of answers to his questions.

“By the way, what was it that you were trying to tell me about my brother earlier?” Thor asked. Strange sighed. He knew that he was going to have to say it sooner or later but…it was also impersonal at the same time.

“It’s not exactly or mainly about your brother but it is Terah.” Strange said.

“What about her and what does she have to do with Loki?” Thor asked. Strange took a deep breath.

“She’s not just my partner but…” Strange still did not want to tell him.

“But what?” Thor asked another question, still wanting an answer. Strange sighed before speaking about it again.

“Look, Terah and your brother have more in common than what you think. She is not exactly…human. You will find out soon enough, though.” Strange explained. This still didn’t help Thor’s confusion but Stranhe was not willing go talk about it or say anymore about it. Terah suddenly came down the steps and the two men stood there as if their conversation did not happen at all.

“I am ready when you are, Sir.” Terah piped up, talking to Thor. Doctor Strange truly did not want her to go but at the same time, he understood. There was one more thing he wanted to say to her before she left. Thor suddenly moved his arm and hand in front of him, calling to his hammer. As it got closer to him, it kept smashing and breaking through almost every breakable piece of decor and glass in the sanctum. Strange was surprisingly calm but for Terah…that was slightly a different story.

It wasn’t so much the noise that was bothering her but more of the mess that Thor has been making and now, Strange is going to alone in the sanctum to clean it up. She felt bad about it but she knows she couldn’t stay to help him with that. Thank goodness it did not take that long for Thor for retrieve it. Now, Strange was able to tell her what he was going to say before he was interrupted by the sounds of glass breaking.

“Terah…I..” Stephen spoke up but stopped as his nerves began to kick in.

“Stephen, what is it?” Terah asked, feeling curious and worried. Stephen swallowed and summed up the courage to speak again.

“I just hope everything goes well and please remember that you’re not alone. Even if you’re somewhere else, I will be there with you. Also, please be careful and do not overdo yourself, okay?” Strange told her. Terah smiled.

“Thanks, Stephen.” Terah said to him. Suddenly, Thor remembered something.

“Before we do head out…I do need my brother back, though, sadly.” Thor said.

“Oh yeah.” Strange said, now remembering about Loki. He formed a circle in the air and not even three seconds later, Loki fell through it and hit the wooden floor. Loki slowly moved his body up slightly with his arms, shaking.


“You wanna go back for another thirty because that can be arranged but I think you can handle it from here.” Strange said to both men. Loki stood up and focused on Strange.

“Handle me? Who are you?” Loki asked. Thor rubbed his face and groaned.

“Oh for fuck’s sake.” Thor thought to himself. Then…Loki showed his daggers. Terah was not not long to let this madman try to kill. Before Loki could get any closer, he suddenly couldn’t move.

“What the?!” Loki said as he looked down at his feet. There was nothing holding them down but when he tried to move, he barely could budge. This only made him angrier.

“At least I can still throw my daggers!” Loki said holding up one of his arms.

“And I can cut out your insides, rearrange them and make it look a masterpiece.” A voice said. Loki turned his head slightly and saw Terah, glaring at him. His whole demeanor changed.

“Who are you?” Loki asked her, suddenly putting away his daggers.

“If you lay finger on him, I am your worst nightmare.” Terah answered. All Thor and Strange could do was stare at all of this going on in front of them. Strange never knew how savage she could be…and he was loving it. Especially when it came to this particular individual.

“Give me your name.” Loki ordered.

“And I give you zero fucks and you are NOT going to order me to do shit.” Terah said back. Strange and/or Thor needed to do something and quick.

“It’s alright. You can let him go. Everything is fine.” Strange said to her. Terah looked at him.

“Are you sure?” Terah asked him. Strange nodded at her and she turned her head and released Loki. Loki stood there, feeling dumbfounded and very confused. Also, her name was the reason he decided to stop having the urge to stab Strange.

“Look, I am not trying to be difficult seem familiar to me.” Loki piped up to her.

“I do?” Terah asked, calming down slightly but still on edge. If it what Loki was thinking…he was in for a long ride. Both physically and emotionally.

“By the way, she will be accompanying you both.” Strange told Loki.

“It’s not necessary but I am actually not going to complain. Welcome.” Loki replied. This surprised the hell out of Thor.

“First, I am told that Loki has a child and now all of a sudden, Loki is the most I have ever seen him in a long while. ….Am I on drugs or going crazy? Either way…something is not right here but this is not the time to dwell on it. We need to find Father and quickly.” Thor thought to himself. But…the calmness did not last long for Loki (which Thor slightly expected). Loki had his daggers out to stab Strange once again but this time, Strange had the upper hand. Strange opened a portal behind Loki as with once quick push, he made Loki fall back into it. Terah looked at Strange to say goodbye and then follow him then at last, Thor nodded to Strange and followed the other two into the portal before it closed up.

Strange looked back at the sanctum then let out a groan. He knew with The God of Thunder, he was going to have a mess to clean but he did not expect for it to be almost the entire sanctum.

“Well, I better clean up this place before Terah gets back. Though, I wish she did not go but…I know she will be fine…I hope.” Strange thought as he began to clean up the place. He still was okay with Treah being on her own but she was right.

“And please make sure she comes back safe and sound or you will regret it. And the it will be worse than what Loki went through. I promise that.” Strange said out loud to himself, thinking about the two Gods.

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