Sugar and Vinegar Chapter 7

By: Nova

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That night, I had the dream again, but this time instead of the strange girl being on my cock, she had her pussy in my face and was working hard to suck my cock. So we were going backward in time now? Okay, I could deal with that. My dream-self spread her pale pussy lips, but no, it wasn’t back in time, this pussy had no hymen, in fact, I could make out the blood on her inner thigh. As my dream-self licked, I could taste my own dream cum. It was salty but sweet. So I had creampied her? And now I was cleaning it out of her? Whomever this dream girl was, I was glad to have her in my dreams for sure. She quickly stopped sucking as I finished licking the cum out. She got up and turned towards me and I saw her face. For the first time, in my dream, I could see her face clearly. Her body, her face, there was a reason I felt fine with it. The girl who had been fucking me in my dreams was Tabitha, the girl who had died when I was younger. I awoke with a start. I looked over at the clock after realizing Heather was still on top of me. It was barely past midnight. But Tabitha… why was she older in the dream? Why was I fucking her? What did it all mean? I laid there, staring at the ceiling and wondering. This was back in the day before you could just hop on the internet and google things. The internet was still Dialup at this point with few websites if at all, and you usually had AOL. As I laid there, thinking about the dream that was still vivid in my mind, Heather awoke on top of me.

“Josh? Are you awake? Why?” She asked sleepily.

“A dream,” I said.

“Tell me.” She said softly.

“Tabitha. I was making love to Tabitha.” I said.

“You were fucking Tabitha? So you want to fuck a kid?” Heather asked.

“No, she was our age,” I said.

“Oh, So Tabitha has literally become your dream girl.” Heather giggled. “Well, as long as I get you in real life, I think I’m okay with that arrangement.”

“But what did it mean?” I asked. “It hasn’t just been tonight, it’s been multiple nights, ever since we first started making love.”

“Let me ask you something, Josh-y,” Heather asked sitting up and further impaling herself on my still hard cock.

“Sure sis,” I said.

“You miss her right?” Heather asked.

“Goes without saying. She was our best friend, and the leader of our little group growing up.” I said.

“And if she were alive today, would you want to make love to her?” Heather continued.

“Of course,” I said.

“Good. Because I know how she felt about you, and I know that’s what she would’ve wanted. But last question, do you think she would’ve been okay with what we’re doing?” Heather asked.

“I… don’t know,” I said.

“Then I doubt you’re going to stop dreaming of her until you have that answer,” Heather said.

She had a point. I didn’t know how Tabitha would’ve reacted to knowing that I fucked Heather or any of my family members and there was no way to really ask her.

“So for now,” Heather said as she raised herself up a bit. “You’re just going to have to enjoy continuing to fuck my brains out.” She said softly before slamming herself down on my cock.

I felt her juices quickly enveloping my cock. She raised herself up again and slammed down hard again on my cock.

“You want me to pound that pussy hard, don’t you?” I asked.

Heather nodded her head. I reached up and grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her down on top of me. I bent my knees and got my feet under me, and started pounding away at her pussy, hard and fast, making her moan loudly. I pumped away for as long as I could, but after a few minutes, my legs started to ache. Just as I was about to give up, she let out a loud moan, her pussy clamped down and she began to squirt. She almost immediately collapsed on top of me, with my cock just twitching and aching to fuck her more.

“Oh god, that was intense.” She cooed as she panted.

I slowly rolled us over and began thrusting again, slower this time as to not over stimulate her while she was calming down from her current orgasm.

“Oh God, yes. I love you so much.” Heather moaned.

When her pussy changed from just a hard clamp to massaging my cock again, I began picking up speed and power with each thrust. My orgasm was getting close.

“Heather, I’m going to cum,” I warned her.

“Yes, Josh-y, fill me up.” She cooed.

That was all the notice I needed. Two hard thrusts later and I was spraying my seed hard inside her womb again. I let out a loud groan and she let out a satisfied sigh. She rolled us over so she was back on top.

“Now, if you ever feel sad again, you come to me, and I’ll do whatever it takes to get rid of all that pain, okay?” Heather cooed.

“Okay,” I said.

“And one more thing. Until Tabitha magically comes back to life or something like that, just remember this, she’d want you happy, healthy, and fucking whomever you wanted. Okay?” She added.

I kissed her for that. My twin sister was definitely making me relax.

“Now, Let’s get back to sleep.” She said.

She snuggled into my chest, and we both fell asleep. My alarm went off at Six A.M. on the dot. Heather sat up, still impaled on my cock, and clapped to turn on the lights. I reached over and shut off the alarm.

“You’re still hard.” She giggled.

“Morning wood,” I said with a sigh.

“Well let’s go get cleaned up and ready for the day. Want to share a shower?” She asked.

“Sure,” I said as she slowly pulled herself off my cock.

We slowly made our way to the bathroom, and though the shower was very intimate with plenty of kissing we didn’t have sex. At the end of the shower, my cock was throbbing, but not because I had to pee anymore, no that was taken care of beforehand, but rather because I was turned on. We grabbed a couple towels, dried off, and headed towards the kitchen. Mom was sitting in the dining room, in her robe.

“Coffee’s fresh.” Mom said as Heather walked past her.

I stopped next to her.

“So, work has you getting up this early?” I asked.

“Sort of. I got home around midnight last night, and I’ve been kept up by various thoughts, and other things.” Mom explained.

She turned her head and stared at my erect cock.

“Josh, I know I don’t have a right to ask this now…” Mom said before I leaned in and kissed her passionately. “Okay, I’m guessing you’ve become a mind reader.” She said after the kiss.

“Maybe,” I said with a smirk.

She stood up and loosened the belt on her robe. She let it fall open to reveal her body. Her pussy was freshly shaven and I could tell how much she had been wanting sex from the juices on her inner thighs. Her pussy was red, swollen and her clit was sticking out like a little eraser from between her pussy lips. We kissed again as I softly stroked her pussy lips with my left hand.

“Tell me what you want.” I softly said.

“Fuck me. Right here.” Mom said.

“Fuck you? That’s it?” I asked.

“No, Make love to me, Joshua. Make love to me and show me I was wrong for rejecting you and your sisters.” Mom cooed.

I guided her to sit on the table, knelt down and spread her legs. I began by licking her inner thighs clean before moving onto the main course. I started there with her outer pussy lips, before playing hot potato with her clit and her vagina. It wasn’t long before she grabbed my head and held it down at her pussy as I ate her out.

“Oh God! Josh! Just like that! Mommy’s going to cum!” Mom cried out.

Mom’s next moan was muffled and I looked up to see Heather making out with her as she groped Mom’s D-cup breasts. Mom wasn’t lying either as she started squirting into my mouth. I swallowed down what I could, but her juices did escape my mouth, drooling down my body. She let go of my head as her orgasm subsided and I immediately stood up, positioned myself and slid my cock into her waiting pussy. She let out a satisfied moan as my cock pressed up against her cervix. Her pussy was tighter than last time and with her juices, it was at least as hot. I began thrusting in and out of her as I leaned in and began licking and sucking on her right nipple. Heather got down and started licking and sucking as I was. Mom let out a moan as I was surprised with a bit of liquid shooting in my mouth. I saw Heather’s eyes go wide as well as she tasted the same thing. Mom was lactating. I swallowed it down as I realized we were nursing from her and fucking her at the same time. I began thrusting harder as my cock throbbed at the thought of what it could mean.

“Oh God.” Mom moaned. “It’s been too long since I was fucked this hard.”

Her pussy started getting tighter and tighter. I could feel it starting to try to milk my cock for every drop of cum I could give it.

“Baby. Mommy is gonna cum for you. I’m sorry I gave up on this, please forgive me.” Mom said before pulling my face away from her tit giving me a passionate kiss.

I felt her legs wrap around me and force me deep inside her as I felt her hot juices spray all over my cock and balls. It was too much and I began cumming, this time it was as hard as I had with Heather last night. We kept making out as we rode out our orgasms. Heather stopped nursing as we stopped making out.

“That, young man, was fantastic.” Mom said as she looked into my eyes.

“Feel better?” I asked.

“Having my son and my daughter make love to me when I’m definitely ovulating, yes. It made me feel loads better. I’m sorry I didn’t want in on the relationship. I’d like to pick up and be part of it again if that’s okay with you two.” Mom said.

“Mom, I tasted… you were…” Heather said.

She stopped and thought for a moment.

“Milk came out of your nipple,” Heather said.

“Oh, yes, I know, it happens every time I’ve ovulated since you were born. I’ve been meaning to see a doctor regarding it, but I haven’t had the time recently.” Mom said.

“What’s got you so busy?” I asked.

“Listen, if you kids really want to know, you’ll need to go to Insan today.” Mom said.

“Really?” Heather asked. “So what’s got you so busy is tied to Dad’s business?”

“I’ll explain after you both go visit Insan. So, until then…” Mom said before she reached down and pinched off the base of my cock.

She slowly pulled it out of her as it throbbed to let me know that it wanted to finish. She got off the table and knelt down. She plunged it into her mouth, and released it, letting me start cumming again. She swallowed down every drop my cock could give her. When my cock finally managed to stop spurting cum down her throat, she pulled it out of her mouth, licked it clean and stood up.

“So what do you say? Can I be back in the relationship?” Mom asked.

“I don’t know…” Heather said with a smirk. “What do you think Josh-y?”

“Without a doubt,” I said with a smile.

“There ya have it. We’ll ignore what happened.” Heather said. “I hope you enjoyed yourself today Mom.”

“I have never cum like that before. None of my lovers were that good.” Mom said.

“Really? Not even our father?” I asked.

“Definitely not.” Mom said. “You’re definitely better at eating pussy, and you’re definitely getting there with sex,” Mom added.

“And me?” Heather asked.

“Well, I’d love to see how you do with a strap on, or eating my pussy.” Mom said.

“Good! Then tonight before bed. Make sure you get home at a decent time.” Heather said with a smirk.

“Yes, Ma’am!” Mom said. “But I need to go get showered and changed before work. I’ll see you two in a bit.” Mom said before turning and walking off to the bathroom.

With that, Heather and I settled in for breakfast. Heather cooked and gave me time to take another dose of the medicine. This was only the 4th dose. I had 96 to go in the bottle. By the end of breakfast, I was feeling awake, and my cock was hard as a rock again. Mom walked into the dining room, fully dressed this time and immediately spotted it.

“Oh good, you’re hard again.” She said to me.

She turned to Heather.

“Go find Joshua’s cock rings.” Mom said.

“Sure Mom,” Heather said.

“Wait, how would you both feel about calling me by my name instead of Mom?” Mom asked.

“You want us to call you Natalie?” I asked.

“Really? Do you find that strange? I mean with the fact that you both made love to me in this room less than 30 minutes ago.” Mom asked.

Heather giggled at this.

“I guess not.” She said before walking off.

She didn’t return to us right away but headed for the bathroom first then brought them to us.

“Sorry, they really needed cleaning,” Heather said before handing them to Mom.

“Thanks, sweetie.” Mom said before handing the rings to me. “I’m sure this is going to be hard, but I need you to keep that erection going for me, okay?” Mom said.

“Sure, Natalie,” I said as I took the rings.

I slipped on the rings and tightened them.

“Now, go get dressed… we’re going to head out quickly.” Mom said.

I wasn’t sure what she was up to, but the two of us walked off quickly and got dressed. I chose a pair of loose fitting shorts, T-Shirt, and some sneakers. Heather got dressed in similar fashion, only with sandals. Mom hurried us out of the door and had us get into the back of the car. She got in the driver’s seat as Heather and I buckled up in the first row of back seats. Mom, at the time, was driving one of those old, ugly, fake wooden panel on the sides, station wagons. It was sky blue where there wasn’t wooden paneling and the last row was folded down to allow for extra hauling.

“Now, Heather, I need you to keep your brother erect without letting him get off. That’s why I had him put on the rings.” Mom said.

“Oh, so I get to tease him during the ride.” Heather giggled.

She immediately bent down across the seats, fished my cock from my shorts, and practically inhaled it. I let out a moan as she went to work keeping it hard and throbbing as Mom pulled out of the driveway and started driving towards the Jump Jet Labs. My cock was aching for release as we pulled into a parking spot.

“We’re here.” Mom said.

Heather immediately pulled her head up, pushed my cock into my shorts, and wiped the drool off her mouth.

“Come on, let’s get inside. I want to find out what this has all been about.” Heather said as we got unbuckled.

We got out of the car and sped walked to the front door. The building was big and old. It looked like a burger shop from the 1950s but the windows were painted black. Mom fished out a key and unlocked the door. She opened it up and lead us inside. Saying nothing she hurried us to a set of stairs leading down into what seemed to be a basement, making me wonder what was going on. We walked down three flights of stairs before she stopped in front of a door. She pressed a button next to the handle.

“Yes? Is that you, Natalie?” Insan’s voice came from a loud speaker.

“Yeah, I brought the kids too.” Mom said.

“Oh? Well, we’ll talk when you get in here.” Insan said.

The door buzzed and Mom hurried us through.

Once we were inside, Insan came up to us with a pair of clipboards.

“Kids, you need to fill out these N.D.A.s fast, and sign them.” He said.

“I need to get something for that special project.” Mom said to him.

“Oh, go right ahead,” Insan said as he handed us the clipboards.

We looked them over, filled out our names in various places and signed on the bottom.

“Okay, basically what an N.D.A. is: You see something here, you can’t say anything to anyone or you’ll get sued. Everything is owned by Jump Jet systems. Problems with that?” Insan asked as mom returned with a large tube.

“None here,” Heather said.

“Nope,” I said.

“Good.” Mom said as she walked over to me and yanked down my shorts, revealing my fully hardened and angry cock.

She shook up the tube.

“Holy shit. He is hung.” Insan said.

“He sure is.” Mom said.

“He has to be what, 8 inches?” Insan asked.

“Six and a half last time I measured,” I said.

“We can re-measure after this is done.” Mom said as she popped the cap and jammed the tube down on my cock.

Inside the tube felt like a hot pussy, and my cock quickly started convulsing. I let out a loud moan.

“Now, Insan, I want him to get the royalties from this.” Mom said as she counted with her fingers slowly.

“I doubt that’ll be a problem,” Insan said.

“And thirty.” She said before pulling the hot mass off my cock.

She turned away and set down the tube. She turned back with a tape measure and measured my length. 7 1/4 inches. I was getting bigger from all the blowjobs and the medicine.

“What was that for?” Heather asked.

“Your brother is a model for a dildo now. That was a special modeling mold that will allow dildos to be crafted from your brother’s cock.” Mom said. “The bathroom is on the far side of the lab. Take your brother in there, clean him off, and help him to calm down.”

Heather grabbed me by the hand and led me to the bathroom where she brought us both inside. She closed and locked the door. She grabbed some paper towels, got them wet and gave my cock a sponge bath before removing her shorts revealing her bald pussy. She took off my cock rings before positioning herself over my cock and slipping it inside her. Her pussy was hotter, tighter and wetter than I had ever felt it.

“Just think about it, Josh… soon, your penis will be the fuck toy of millions across the world.” She cooed.

My cock throbbed inside her. She began bouncing on it.

“I bet all the girls in school are going to want one too.” She cooed. “But I’ve got the real thing, and that’s the best one of all.”

“Heather, I’m about to cum,” I warned her.

“Good.” She said.

She lifted herself off my cock and quickly knelt down, inhaling my cock again, just as I started to cum, swallowing down every drop of cum that she could. When I had stopped cumming she licked me clean, looking up at me with those beautiful longing eyes as she did.

“Josh.” She said standing up. “There’s something I have to tell you.”

“What is it?” I asked.

“My period was supposed to hit today.” She said.

“So?” I asked.

“I’m late.” She explained. “I could be pregnant. Basing off what we know about how much we’ve made love, and what science tells us, you would’ve gotten me pregnant on the first time we were together if I am pregnant.” She explained.

“Are you regretting it?” I asked.

“Never. I’m a little scared though. I mean, I could be a Mommy soon.” Heather said.

I pulled her onto my lap and gave her a passionate kiss.

“And if you are, I’ll be there. Don’t be scared. Whatever happens, we’ll face it together.” I said.

“I love you.” She said

“I love you too,” I said. “Now, let’s get back dressed and we’ll find out what Mom and Insan have been up to the past few days.”

She pulled back on her shorts, and I readjusted myself so that I wasn’t sticking out of mine before we left the bathroom. Mom and Insan were smirking as we came out of the bathroom.

“You were right, they didn’t take long at all,” Insan said.

“Yep, and you owe me 20 bucks, Insan.” Mom said.

“Now, Kids, let’s get down to brass tacks. The reason why your… why Natalie has been spending so much time here is because she’s running the R&D of Jump Jet while your dad and his wife are missing.” Dr. Nitty said.

“What? Missing?” Heather said.

“Yes, they decided to use my newest invention, and went missing in a parallel dimension.” Dr. Nitty said adjusting his glasses. “That’s why I wanted to recruit your brother. I figured that getting one of the two genetic matches to your father, meaning his offspring, to track him down in the alternate dimension would be the best option. I wouldn’t need to recalibrate the machine much.” He explained.

He went on his explanation as he led us to the chamber where his project took place, a room he called the gateway chamber, which unlike the rest of the lab which was filled with desks, computers, and other scientific equipment, was almost completely barren except for a single console. He explained a lot of things, most of which went over my head, but from what I understood, a decision made in the past created an alternate dimension, a place that was like our own dimension but somehow became different. He took us out of the room and led us to a locker room where he gave us explanations of the suits we’d be wearing to cross the threshold into the other dimension, again, I didn’t understand it much, but basically he said it would protect against most things that the threshold could throw at us, including radiation. He showed us how to use the radios in the helmets, and how each suit had a special pouch with a spare suit in case we found my father and aunt to bring them back. Those suits were more minimalistic with a hood and goggles. He then looked at his watch.

“Alright, Josh, and Heather, it’s now 8 a.m., so you two get suited up, and we’ll get the portal going. When you’ve got your suits on, head to the Gateway chamber. Oh and those suits are going to be a bit snug, you probably won’t be able to wear your normal clothing under them.” Dr. Nitty explained before walking out of the room.

“Ever think it was anything like this?” I asked as I pulled my shirt off.

“Nope,” Heather said as she started stripping.

We both got naked, then pulled on the suits. The suits weren’t skin tight, but they were kind of tight, and hot as well. They zipped up the front, so I had to watch not to get my junk caught in the zipper. Had we worn underwear, sure we could’ve worn that under. We put our clothing in one of the lockers before pulling on the suits’ boots. We grabbed our helmets and headed for the gateway chamber where Mom and Dr. Nitty were waiting.

“Listen, you two, the world over there, from the reports we got from your dad is a lot like this one. You may run into your other selves. Don’t worry if you do, you won’t tear a hole in reality because you are slightly different from them.” Dr. Nitty said.

“You two are only going to have until 6 p.m.” Mom told us.

“That’s a little under 10 hours. Find out what you can, and keep radio contact. If you get in trouble, we’ll pull you out.” Dr. Nitty said.

“What level of trouble?” I asked.

“You have to remember, though they’re like us, they’re technically different. Their government may see this as an invasion. You’re there to find your dad and aunt, nothing more. If you can’t find them today, you’ll be traveling back there every day.” Mom said.

Mom gave us each a kiss on the lips before we put our helmets on, and Dr. Nitty opened the gateway. The gateway looked like a large puddle on the floor in front of us. It was yellow in color. Dr. Nitty instructed us to jump in. We did as he suggested, and found ourselves in a park downtown. We looked up to see the Gateway closing above us.

((Quick note here, all dialogue over a communications line such as the headsets or helmets will be shown in a single set of brackets.))

[Joshua, Heather? Did you two make it all right?] Nitty asked as we looked around.

“Doc, are we really in another world?” I asked, pressing my talk button.

[Absolutely. The tracker is showing you both arrived safely in the alternate dimension. Do you have any memories of the time you spent inside the Gateway?] Nitty asked.

“What do you mean? It felt like only a moment passed from when we jumped into when we arrived.” Heather said.

[Actually, an hour passed.] Dr. Nitty said.

“An Hour?” I started to ask but we were approached by some drunken Red neck… who we didn’t recognize at first.

The man was tall, muscular and wore a sleeveless t-shirt, with a pair of cut off jean shorts. He was bald and had a goatee.

“You kids get that cosplay shit out of here!” He yelled at us.

“Who the fuck?” Heather said.

[Your suits can protect against any attacks he might throw your way. They’re designed to go through the gateway, so they can easily protect your from punches or kicks from that barbarian.] Nitty explained.

He lumbered towards us, obviously drunk. His movements were all over. Before he could get too close, a young lady, in a black hoodie, black shorts, and black sneakers stepped between us and him. The hood was up on her hoodie so I couldn’t see her hair.

“Coach Smalls. I can’t believe it. Drunk again? This early? Did the wife actually catch you fucking Heather Swartz this time? Or did you decide to just come here after your time ran out at the motel?” The young lady asked loudly.

[Who is that?] Heather asked.

[Unsure. Let’s see how this plays out.] I said.

“Why don’t you go find a tree to sleep under and sleep it off Coach?” The young lady asked. “Or were you looking for another fight today?”

“They’re with…” He asked before hiccupping, “You?”

“Anyone you want to try and bully is with me, Coach.” She said.

“Fine. If you want it that way. I didn’t know you cosplayers had a ninja too.” He said before stumbling off.

“Don’t worry about old Coach Smalls. He’s usually drunk around this time every morning. He’s a push over really.” She said before turning around.

Heather and I were in complete and total shock. Not that we should’ve been. It was an alternate universe. So it’s only logical that she could be around. She pulled back her hood revealing her long black hair and pale skin. She had gray eyes and red lips.

“He used to be the High School Football Coach but they canned him after he was caught with an underage… prostitute.” She said, picking her last word carefully.

“Tabitha,” I said aloud, still in shock.

“Oh, so you’ve heard of me? Or maybe you know me from school?” Tabitha said.

Yes. Standing in front of me was the older version of the girl who had died when I was 12 years old. She was going to be my first girlfriend but a drunk driver had plowed into the back of her parents’ car on the day I had gone to tell her. I had dressed up, written down what I wanted to say, and had walked to her house which was just down the street. I had narrowly missed being hit myself, but her parents were pulling out of the driveway… and he had hit the tail end of their car, smashing into Tabitha’s passenger door. Her mom had gotten injuries as had her father, thankfully her siblings were in their house with a babysitter.

“Either way, let’s get you guys out of here before the coach decides that he wants to chance a fight.” She said to us.

We nodded our heads in agreement. We started walking down the street.

[Joshua, is that really her?] Heather asked.

[She responded to her name, and though she looks a bit older, that’s definitely her.] I said back.

Dr. Nitty and Mom were unusually silent now. Maybe just listening to our conversation or maybe listening to Tabitha explaining about which businesses had recently closed nearby as she brought us to where Jump Jet labs was supposed to be. I say supposed to be because when we got there, it was just a blank area. Just a slab of concrete for the foundation. She brought us to a small shack next door. It was dilapidated and falling apart, but inside was clean and organized.

“Sorry about the shape of the house. I’m not in any sense of the word handy.” Tabitha said.

“You don’t live with your parents?” I asked.

“No, my parents and siblings died a long time ago… the same day this guy I knew died. Drunk driver. Hit and run on the guy, and then smashed into the front of my parents’ car… the cars exploded before work crews could save anyone. So I live alone.” Tabitha explained.

“I’m so sorry,” Heather said.

“So what about you two? You live around here?” Tabitha asked.

“Not really. It’s going to be hard to believe, but we’re not from your world. We’re from another dimension.” I explained.

“Oh, you two are way into role play! That’s awesome.” She said as she sat down at her kitchen table.

She turned towards us.

“So can I join in?” She asked.

“We’re not role playing Tabitha,” Heather said.

“Oh, you expect me to believe that you two are really from another dimen…” She started but stopped short as I took off my helmet and set it on her kitchen table.

“Damn it is hot in that helmet… and the suit.” I said.

“Jo… Joshua Timothy Swartz? How is that even possible?” Tabitha asked. “You died!?!”

“Like I said. We’re not role playing.” I said as Heather took off her helmet.

“Heather? No, you can’t be. You look healthy. The Heather I know is a strung out crack whore.” Tabitha said as Heather took off her helmet and set it next to mine.

I sat down in a chair facing her, next to her.

“Yes, Tabitha. It’s us. Well a different us, but it’s us.” I said.

“If you’re really Joshua… tell me… cause you should know… what was in the note you had written that day?” Tabitha asked.

I leaned into her ear.

“My dearest Tabitha. I can’t believe how stupid I’ve been. I couldn’t see how you felt this entire time. It took a real kick in the ass from the one person who knows me as well as you, my twin, to get me to say this. I love you. Will you be my girlfriend?” I said softly in her ear.

She wrapped her arms around me and kissed me passionately. I kissed back. She guided me to stand up, unzipped my suit, fished out my cock, knelt down and began giving me a better blowjob than even Heather had given me. She quickly pulled off her hoodie as she tried her best to keep licking and sucking at me as she got undressed. She pulled off her sports bra, revealing her a cup tits. She slipped off her underwear as I did my best to slip out of my boots and the rest of my suit without stopping her. She had an innie belly button and a fully shaved pussy. She stood up and I lifted her onto the table before bending down and starting to eat her out. I realize now that there was no way we could control it. We were like animals going at it. As she got close to her peak she started moaning. I stopped licking her pussy and licked up her body, making sure I licked her areolas and nipples before stopping and sharing a passionate kiss with her. She guided me to lay down on the floor on my back. She broke the kiss as she got on her knees and positioned herself over my cock. She slowly lowered herself on my cock and as she became fully seated on me, I felt something. It was like a bolt of lightning had hit us both as we were finally fully joined. Her pussy was hot, very wet, and when I was fully inside of her, it clamped down like no there was no tomorrow. It made me cum, harder than I ever had, and she came with me, both of us letting out loud and long moans. She laid down on me panting heavily as my cock continued to spasm inside her.

“More.” She said in a raspy voice. “I need more… I’ve waited too long for us.” She said.

Honestly, for me, it felt like the same, like some insatiable, primal need was being filled with her. When my cock calmed down a bit, she sat up and pulled herself off me, letting me see the blood trickling down my cock from her pussy. She spun around, putting her pussy in my face as she began sucking my cock, drinking down as much cum as it would give her. I began licking and sucking at her pussy, tasting my own cum and sucking it down my throat as I did. I didn’t care. I wanted her to be ready for me again. She began licking my cock clean once she had decided that she had gotten out all of the cum, and I was kind of surprised when I felt a second tongue licking my cock too.

“Heather?” Tabitha said. “What’re you… Oh… That explains a lot.” Tabitha giggled before going back to helping lick me clean.

“Hope you don’t have a problem with incest,” Heather said.

“If it’s with Josh, I’m up for anything,” Tabitha said.

“How about with me?” Heather asked with a smirk.

The two of them stopped, and Tabitha sat up, sitting on my face. I stuck my tongue as deep as I could in her snatch, making her moan. She slapped my chest.

“Calm down big boy, we’ll continue,” Tabitha said as I felt a hot pussy seat itself on my cock.

The tight pussy on my cock now was obviously Heather’s.

“I’m not sure. I mean, while I’m okay with Josh fucking who he wants, you’re another story. The you I’ve known has spiraled out of control since his death. It started with just weed and booze, but then she got into the harder shit, and I think I understand why. She probably was trying to dull her pain.” Tabitha said.

“I’ll be honest, all of us, all of your friends, got pretty sad when you died. I don’t know how I would’ve coped if it had been Joshua. So I can’t blame her.” Heather said. “But I’m not a little crack whore. The only cock that’s ever been inside of my pussy has been Joshua’s.” Heather explained.

“So you two are…” Tabitha started.

“Dating… technically.” Heather said.

“Oh shit, did I just help him cheat on you?” Tabitha asked.

Heather laughed.

“Nope. We’re in a semi-open web-like relationship. He’s dating me, Becky, Rachel, and my mom, but I get to call all the shots for the females in the relationship. Becky and Rachel are away at college so it’s not like they can veto any decisions. And Mom has been busy with work. Apparently when Dad disappeared Mom took on a lot of responsibility.” Heather said as she began bouncing on my cock.

“So why’d you laugh?” Tabitha asked.

“Because that was the same reaction Jesse had,” Heather said.

“So which females in our little group that used to hang out didn’t he screw yet?” Tabitha asked.

“Tammy and twin sister Sarah,” Heather said.

“Wow. Quite the stud you’ve got. So what about me? Where can I fit in?” Tabitha asked.

“Let me ask you something, a hypothetical question,” Heather said.

“Go ahead,” Tabitha asked.

“If you could be with my brother, what kind of relationship would you want?” Heather asked.

“Pretty much the one you just talked about. I’d want to be part of that web.” Tabitha said.

Heather’s pussy tightened hard.

“I bet you girls have all the fun together,” Tabitha added.

“Oh yeah.” Heather moaned.

Tabitha moved off my face to lean in and start making out with Heather as she came. I was getting close and Heather was grinding her hips against me, trying to milk my cock with her pussy as she made out with Tabitha. Watching the two of them go at it was like a dream come true. Heather pulled herself off my cock after Tabitha whispered something in her ear. Tabitha got on top of me again, positioning herself as Heather stuck her pussy in my face. I felt my cock force its way into a very tight hole. Before I could figure out what was going on, Tabitha let out a long yell and the tightness slowly surrounded my entire cock. I couldn’t move Heather off my face as she leaned forward and consoled Tabitha.

“It’s okay, I know he’s big and you never prepped for that.” Heather cooed. “And would you calm down back there Josh-y and just eat my pussy?” She added as she forced her pussy into my mouth.

I began licking and sucking in the hopes that I might get confirmed what I suspected from how my cock felt. What I suspected was that Tabitha had taken her anal virginity with my cock. I felt her begin sliding up and down on my cock as the sounds of the two of them making out began to fill my ears.

“Oh god, I’m going to cum again.” Tabitha moaned.

“Me too.” Heather moaned.

My cock throbbed in excitement. I felt Tabitha’s body shudder on mine. I tasted Heather’s juices as they began leaking like they never had before on mine. I began swallowing down what I could as my cock convulsed. I felt a few ropes of cum shoot into Tabitha’s rectum before I felt her asshole clench down and stop me from cumming. Heather slowly pulled herself off me, letting me watch as Tabitha reached down and pinched me off before slowly pulling herself off of my cock. She then positioned herself with her legs in between mine, to mirror my position on the floor. She began jerking me off, aiming my cock at her body, after she stopped pinching me off, and my cock convulsed over and over again. My cock shot out rope after rope of my cum, and with its position, it landed on her chest, stomach and some even landed on her face and made it into her mouth. When she was convinced that I was empty she let go of my cock and laid back.

“This is what I was missing…” She said with a tear in her eye.

“Yeah? What’s that?” Heather asked.

“This is what I was missing in my life. You two. You two just made love to me… my best friends, not changed from the day when we were all last together… not mentally really… physically sure. Josh-y grew up and got buff. You grew up and got hot with your body… and I wanted us to be together all this time…” She cried.

Heather crawled over to her and cuddled her as I reached for the helmet and pulled out the headset from it.

“Doc, can you hear me?” I asked.

“Hear you? Has that thing been on this entire time?” Heather asked.

[Joshua, put the headset back in the helmet and press the green button on the helmet.] Dr. Nitty directed me.

I did as he asked, setting the helmet back on the table.

[Hey kids. Yes, I heard it all. And frankly hearing the three of you making love, it was very hot…] Dr. Nitty said.

“Well, I’m glad you enjoyed the … um… show.” Tabitha said.

[No, you don’t understand, when Insan says hot, it’s because he got a boner, and got his first blowjob.] Mom explained.

“Well, I hope you enjoyed it Doc.” Heather giggled.

[Indeed. I never expected Natalie to be willing to do anything close to that with me.] Dr. Nitty said.

[Oh, there’s more coming if I can find a condom.] Mom said.

“Doc, on the topic at hand… is it possible for Tabitha to come back with us?” I asked.

[No. The gateways are for one direction, and living matter from another universe cannot pass through them in both ways.] Dr. Nitty said. [She would have to have a gateway from her side. That’s why we need to find your father soon. If he stays there for too much longer, it won’t matter if he’s wearing his suit or not. His molecules will change and he won’t be able to come back without a gate on that side.]

“So, if I’m understanding right, we just have to find Dr. Nitty on this side and get him to make a gateway if he hasn’t already,” Heather said.

[Easier said than done. Jump Jet doesn’t exist on that side. Who knows where my other self is… and then you’d have to convince him to make the gate… if he’s even capable of it… but that aside we need to get a move on to find your father!] Dr. Nitty said.

“Okay, well you must have some sort of idea where he is,” I said.

[His beacon last stopped transmitting north of your current position. In our world, there’s a large warehouse district there. It’s near the lake.] Dr. Nitty said.

“Let’s get cleaned up, then I’ll drive. It’ll be easier than walking.” Tabitha said as she sat up.

“Hey, how long can we be out of those suits?” I asked.

[You can take them off once you’ve gone through the gateway as long as you come back and rest for eight to twelve hours on our end. A few hours is fine… but any longer, and it could be dangerous.] Dr. Nitty said.

“Hey doc, I got a question,” Tabitha asked.

[Anything for a friend of Joshua and Heather.] Dr. Nitty said.

“When we were making love just now, I felt something odd… it was like some weird shock to my entire body, like I had touched a power outlet with my entire naked body, and it was super tingly after… and it wasn’t from an orgasm…” Tabitha said.

“Yeah, I felt the same thing,” I said.

“Me too,” Heather said. “Are we going be alright?”

[All three of you felt it?] Dr. Nitty asked.

“Yeah,” I said as I sat up and looked at the girls who now had looks of concern on their faces.

[Then you’ll definitely need to find someone with my skill on that side to check Tabitha. I can check Joshua and Heather when you get back here.] Dr. Nitty said.

He then let out a long moan which made the three of us giggle. Mom had found the condom she was after, without a doubt.

“Okay. We’ll get on that after the trip north. For now, let’s get cleaned up. I need to go get the cum out of my ass.” Tabitha said.

She and Heather stood up. I got up off the floor.

“Come on, guys, I’ll show you where the bathroom is. Then I’ll find us all some changes of clothing.” Tabitha said.

We followed her to the bathroom, where I cleaned up with some toilet paper and some water. Heather just cleaned up with some toilet paper. Tabitha took a little longer to clean up. She showered off what was left of my cum after she and Heather had some fun getting it off her. By fun I mean Heather would lick it off her body, then the two would make out with the cum still in Heather’s mouth before one of them swallowed. Honestly, it was enough to have me hard again after the first time they did it. But the two little minxes decided to do it one spot of cum at a time. Tabitha then lathered her body up and showered off. She then dried off and led us to her bedroom. A small bedroom, with only a twin sized mattress. Sparse of any decorations. A layer of dust on the dresser.

“No pictures? Of family or friends?” Heather asked.

“I haven’t talked to Jesse or Cait since your death. I only have passing words with Johnny. Tammy and her twin sister Sarah are too busy with the popular click to even try.” Tabitha said as she began rooting thru her dresser. “As for pictures of family, I can’t look at them… I cry every time I do. I can’t sleep in a room with them. I’ve learned that the hard way. But…” She added before turning to look at us. “You two have given me hope.”

“How so?” I asked.

“Listen, this world has been shitty for me. You’ve seen it. You’re gone. Your sister is a crack whore.” Tabitha explained. “Your mom is in a mental hospital, your house is almost burned down completely, and what’s left has been hit by looters and used by teenagers to bang. Your two older sisters have vanished, and no the gate around your house doesn’t stop people.” Tabitha added. “Oh, and my family is all gone thanks to the accident. If it weren’t for my martial arts training I would’ve broken down long ago.” She said as she pulled out some t-shirts and tossed them on the bed. “I haven’t been sleeping easily either. Five hours at most a night.”

“Holy shit, Tabi… why not get some help?” Heather asked.

“I’ve tried. Seventeen Psychiatrists, and Specialists since Joshua died.” Tabitha said. “And then you two drop out of the sky, from another dimension…” She said as she pulled out some shorts.

She tossed them on the bed, then turned to us.

“And I find out, you’re alive. I’m guessing my family is still alive too.” She said.

I looked down at the floor.

“Yeah, but you aren’t,” I said softly. “I lost you that day. Yeah your mom and dad survived the accident, and your siblings were in the house, but you were in the car… I had dodged the drunk driver on the way to your house, but then he smashed into the car… You were dead… before I got there… Before I could tell you what I felt.” I said with a tear in my eye.

Tabitha walked over to me and put her arms around me.

“I never got over you.” I cried. “Never. Sure, I found a way to stop crying, but I wanted to die anytime anyone mentioned your name.”

“Joshua.” She sighed cradling my head against her shoulder. “I had to deal with the same thing on my side, but beyond that, things have been happy for you… That’s why I want to come over to your side, to your dimension. I want that happiness.” Tabitha said. “And now you know, I’m here. Right here. You haven’t lost me, not anymore.” She said as I calmed down. “And I haven’t lost you.” She added. “And the reason I can’t sleep is that every night that I do, I dreamt of us making love.”

My eyes widened.

“With you on top at first, and then with me eating your pussy. Just like we did down there.” I said.

“Yeah…” She said slowly, realizing what I had.

“You both had the same dreams?” Heather asked.

“It would seem so, Heather,” Tabitha said. “It would seem that Joshua and I are connected in more ways than one.” She said as she picked my head up.

We shared a lingering kiss.

“I’m here now. No more tears. It’s only a matter of time before we’re together permanently. I’m going to stay by your side once I get there and never let you go. That’s a promise.” Tabitha said.

“Okay,” I said.

She moved away from me to grab our clothing.

“We’re going to have to just deal with shirts and shorts, I’m afraid… I don’t have any underwear for you or Josh.” Tabitha said to Heather.

“That’s fine, I don’t like wearing it anyway.” Heather giggled.

Tabitha tossed us both clothing and we began putting it on. Heather fixed her hair after putting on the t-shirt.

“Josh-y, you’re going to need to get a bigger bed at this rate.” Heather giggled. “Though, I want Tabi to wear a strap on and fuck me senseless,” Heather added.

“Oh, that could be fun,” Tabitha said.

“Oh, now you’re just going to torture me with a constant erection,” I said.

Both girls giggled at this as we finished getting dressed.

“Okay, let’s get moving. Sooner we track down this lead, the sooner we get to finding the Dr. Nitty of this world.” Tabitha said as she grabbed a hair tie and tied up her long black hair into a ponytail.

She led us down stairs where we put the suits in a backpack. We put on our boots, and Tabitha put on her sneakers. We grabbed the helmets and headed outside to a small broken down garage nearby.

“Let me guess, you’ve got a broken down car in there too,” Heather asked.

“Nope,” Tabitha said as she walked up to the garage door and pulled it open to the side. “Wait here. I’ll pull it out.”

She walked in and we heard an older engine start. A few moments later she drove out of the garage in a 1981 DeLorean. The passenger door opened as she stopped in front of us.

“Alright you two, hop in. No back seat, so Heather, you’ll have to ride on Joshua’s lap.” Tabitha explained. “It’s a 10-minute ride to the docks.”

I sat down in the passenger seat. Heather got in, sitting on my lap, and quickly letting me know how much torture she was going to make me endure as she started immediately grinding her ass against my softening hard-on, breathing new life into it.

“I think I’m going to enjoy this ride more than he is.” Heather giggled.

“Aren’t you worried that he’s going to get you pregnant at this rate?” Tabitha asked as we started driving.

“Hoping for it actually,” Heather said as I let out a moan.

“You two haven’t ever used protection have you?” Tabitha asked.

“Nope,” Heather said with a big grin.

Her grinding was making my cock spring up out of my shorts. The teasing was too much for me, to be honest. Upon her lifting her butt up this time, I pulled my cock quickly free, and with a little quick maneuvering, she ended up having her pussy grind against it instead. She let out a long moan. She lifted herself some, and both of our hands went for her shorts, pulling them down enough so that when she came down, my cock slipped back inside her. She leaned back into me and let out another moan. Her pussy was insanely hot, wet and tight. My cock went off like a fire hose, like nonstop cum dumping inside her. I reached down and began teasing her clit, trying to make her cum.

“Wow, you two really want a kid,” Tabitha said with a giggle.

“Tell her,” I whispered in Heather’s ear.

“I want to cum first,” Heather whined.

“Answer her and you can cum, or do I need to pull out, and have you drive the car while Tabi gets my cock,” I whispered.

“NO!” Heather yelled.

“Then tell her,” I said.

“I may already be pregnant. I’m late on my period.” Heather moaned.

“Oh really?” Tabitha said, raising an eyebrow.

“Ask her anything, Tabitha. She’ll be happy to answer.” I said.

“That sounds like fun. Do you masturbate?” Tabitha asked.

“Yes…” Heather whined as I pulled my hand slightly away.

“Tell her the truth,” I said. “Or you can’t cum.”

“Not since Josh-y started fucking me regularly,” Heather whined.

You may be asking ‘Josh, what were you doing? She just wanted to cum.’, well, this was a little payback for her teasing me. Tabitha and I used to gang up on Heather to get her to tell the truth when we were kids. Tabitha would threaten to tell all of Heather’s secrets to the group if she didn’t tell the truth about certain things.

“When you do masturbate, have you thought of other guys or just Josh-y,” Tabitha asked as I moved my fingers back to Heather’s clit.

“Mainly Josh-y. Once or twice I’ve thought about another guy, but it’s always gone back to Josh-y.” Heather asked.

“Okay, one last question, then you can cum,” Tabitha said. “Do you like how Josh-y has reversed the tables on your little game?”

“I dooooooo…” She said going into a moan as she started to squirt.

She squirted and hard. Like a gusher. All over my cock, streaming down to my balls. I don’t think she had ever cum that hard before with me. I reached up her shirt with my free hand and began massaging her tits. When we finally came down she turned her head back and kissed me passionately.

“That was amazing.” She cooed.

“Oh, you like being dominated like that?” I asked.

“By the two of you, without a doubt. I love how the two of you always get me squirming.” Heather cooed.

“I’ll keep that in mind once I get to your dimension. I can’t wait.” Tabitha said with a big grin.

“I soaked your car,” Heather said.

“I’m going to have to sell it anyway. Not like I’ll be needing it once I get to go with you guys.” Tabitha said.

“Do vintage DeLoreans sell?” I asked.

“I have a few local collectors that want to get their hands on my car whether there’s been sex in it or not.” Tabitha laughed. “A couple of them even offered to bend me over the hood and quote make my dreams come true unquote.” She giggled.

“What’d you tell them?” Heather asked.

“I told them I was underage at the time, and unless their dick was a magic wand that could bring my family back from the dead they were out of luck.” Tabitha laughed as we pulled into the pier’s parking area.

Heather lifted herself up, letting us both put ourselves away as Tabitha fetched a couple towel from the trunk. She tossed them to us, which allowed us to clean up Heather’s mess, mostly anyways. Once we were cleaned up, with helmet in hand we headed for the pier. The pier was wooden at the start, then turned into a cement one as you got out towards deeper waters.

[Stop!] Dr. Nitty called out.

“What is it?” Tabitha asked.

[This is where the signal stopped.] Dr. Nitty said.

“Here? There’s nothing here…” Heather said.

“Under the docks!” Tabitha and I said together.

We headed off of the dock and headed underneath. Tabitha and Heather started rooting around in the sand as I stopped. I heard some voices nearby. I passed the helmet to Tabitha. They were faint at best. I figured out where they were coming from, some maintenance tunnels nearby. I left the girls and headed towards the voices in the tunnels. As I got closer the voices got clearer. I could make out who they were too. I recognized them. I walked into the room where they were. Two girls, I knew very well. Caitlin and Jesse.

“Who the fuck are you?” Caitlin asked.

She looked past Jesse’s shoulder, who was hovering over her. The two girls were in bikinis and even in the shit lighting, I could tell that Caitlin’s boobs were out and her pussy was exposed. She made no move to cover them up.

“Cait, Jesse, Sorry for intruding, but I could hear you out on the docks. You might want to be a bit quieter if you don’t want some young kids hopping in here.” I said.

“That voice,” Cait said as Jesse spun around.

Jesse’s body was as exposed as Cait’s. She was thinner than her counterpart in my dimension, but her tits were just as big, and she was fully shaven.

“J.T.?” Jesse said.

“Yeah?” I asked.

“Holy shit! How’s that possible? You died!” Cait said. “I was at your fucking funeral.”

“I don’t get it, are you a ghost? Or a zombie?” Jesse asked.

“Wow, I don’t think this conversation will ever get old,” I said with a smile. “Alternate Dimension,” I said.

“You’re from a what?” Cait asked. “How is that? I mean I know how it’s possible, but what? Why you?”

“You always were quick on the uptake with the video games you enjoy. Okay long story short, my dad who’s actually my mom’s brother disappeared. This Scientist, Dr. Nitty, reached out to me after I had just had sex with you, Cait, and offered me a job, which wasn’t a bad thing because your mom is a psychopath in my dimension who won’t let her kids kiss, none the less fuck a guy.” I said before taking a deep breath.

“No change there then,” Cait said.

“Then the day after I fucked you, Jesse, by the way, you’re thinner here than you are in my dimension,” I said.

“Thanks,” Jesse said.

“Which is today, my mom brought me to the lab of Dr. Nitty, because he works for my dad as a scientist in Research and development and she thought my cock would make a great dildo, and before you ask, my mom, Heather, Rachel, and Becky are all fucking me, yes. So I get my cock cast as Nitty told me the issue that my father was missing. Problem is, time’s running out. The longer you spend in a dimension the more attached you become, so if I don’t find him soon, he’s stuck here. So we’re out looking, and by we, I mean me, My version of Heather and Tabitha, who we met upon arrival here. By the way, she’s dead in my dimension instead of me and her family here. Yeah, great trade off right? No. But the three of us fucked at her house, and headed here because the signal from the suit my dad was wearing was last read outside of this maintenance tunnel.” I said.

“Wow,” Cait said.

“So wait, you got Tabi to come out of her shell too? She’s here?” Jesse asked.

“Yeah,” I said. “Wait out of everything I tell you, that’s what you question?” I asked.

“Well everything else is pretty believable, J.T., at least what I understood was,” Jesse said.

“Did I mention that when we had sex, I fucked your ass, and mouth too?” I asked.

“Oh, I believe it,” Cait said. “Jesse has ALWAYS had a huge crush on you.” She said as the girls began adjusting themselves.

“Yep, but right now, you said you were here for a reason, and we’re going to help out, right Cait?” Jesse asked.

“Sure thing.” She said as the girls stood up.

The girls led me out of the maintenance tunnel and out to the sandy beach under the docks. Tabitha and Heather were still digging thru the sand with Dr. Nitty’s guidance.

“I found a little help,” I called out.

Tabitha and Heather looked up to see Caitlin and Jesse, in their sheer white bikinis standing in front of me.

“Help for looking or fucking our brains out?” Heather asked.

“Can’t it be both?” Tabitha giggled.

“Oh, I like that idea,” Heather said.

“I like your version of Heather better than ours,” Caitlin said.

“Tabi? Since when do you go outside, none the less play in the sand?” Jesse called out before running over to her and giving her a hug.

“Wow, this is just like old times,” Tabitha said.

[Ladies, if I could get your attention, I’d like to point out something.] Dr. Nitty said.

“What is it Doc?” I asked as the three of us joined Heather and Tabitha.

We began digging, trying to find anything.

[You’re digging thru the sand right? So that tells us a few things. Obviously no decomposing smell so I doubt your father is still here, even if he was dead. So you’re either looking for his whole suit or a little metal box. The box will have rounded edges, and look similar to a speaker with an antenna. If it’s the suit, it’ll be silver and flashy.] Dr. Nitty explained.

“Like this?” Caitlin asked as she held up the box that Dr. Nitty had described.

“I found one too!” Tabitha said.

[Okay, so we’ve confirmed that your dad and aunt were definitely here. The question now is where to look next.] Dr. Nitty said.

“No ideas Doc?” Heather asked.

[Maybe if you could find the me there, he could run a trace on the particles…] Dr. Nitty said.

“Wait, that’s the Nitty from your universe and not ours?” Caitlin asked.

“Yeah, why?” I asked.

“Then I have your answer. In my universe, I know Dr. Insan Nitty… he dated my mom for a while.” Caitlin said.

“You have to tell us where he is,” Tabitha said.

“I’ll give you the location,” Caitlin said as she reached out and handed Tabitha the transmitter. “But Jesse and I need to borrow Joshua for a little bit. He’s going to pay us for the assistance.”

“Oh?” Heather said at first, then she got it. “OH! Um… go for it. Tabitha isn’t in the relationship yet, so I’m his only girlfriend present.” She added with a smirk.

“Cool. Thanks.” Jesse said.

The three of us stood up. Caitlin took me by the hand and the two of them lead me back into the maintenance tunnels to a new room. This room was better lit and even had a bed laid out.

“No one knows about this room except us,” Jesse said. “We have a lock that we setup when we go.”

“So, the reason why we brought you in here,” Caitlin said. “We were fighting earlier because I didn’t want to lose my virginity to a dildo.”

“And there’s no one that we both could agree on to be our first guy,” Jesse said. “But then you appeared back in our life.”

The girls began to strip out of their bikinis. As I said, Jesse was fully shaven and was underweight if anything compared to her other self. Caitlin was pretty much the same as she was in my dimension. Caitlin kissed me passionately as she walked me to the bed, and had me lay down.

“Hey, I didn’t agree to you kissing him,” Jesse said.

“It’s Josh. This may be our last chance to show him how we feel.” Caitlin said.

“Trust me Cait, I know how both you and Jesse feel. You both told me.” I said.

“Good, then you won’t mind me doing this,” Jesse said as she tugged off my shorts and took my cock in her mouth.

She stopped abruptly.

“Your cock tastes like pussy,” Jesse said.

“Heather’s. In the car.” I said.

“Very nice,” Jesse said before going back to her work as Caitlin stood there pensively.

I took her by the hand as her girlfriend enjoyed my cock and guided her onto the bed.

“Would you mind if I ate your pussy?” I asked.

“Wow. I never thought you’d ask.” Caitlin said.

“Well, when you and I first had sex in my dimension, we didn’t have time for me to enjoy it, and quite frankly…” I said.

“Yeah?” Caitlin asked.

“I really wanted to,” I said.

Caitlin smiled before granting my request, mounting my face and letting me lick and suck at her beautiful pussy. She let out soft moans every time I attacked her clit.

“How is he Cait?” Jesse asked as she began licking my cock.

“I… think… he’s… actually…better…at…eating…pussy…than…” She panted. “YOU!” She squealed as she started cumming.

She started squirting and I did my best to suck down her juices, swallowing what I could. When she settled down a bit, she got off my face, turned her body around and gave me a very deep, lingering, and passionate kiss.

“Thank you.” She cooed.

“For what?” I asked.

“Being a passionate lover. For re-establishing my faith in the male sex. For giving me a mind blowing orgasm like you love me.” Caitlin listed off.

“Cait, in my dimension when Tabitha died, I lost it. I became cold and numb to the world. You were the second girl I had sex with. When we did it, it was after your confession on how you felt. I’m going to tell you now what I said then.” I said. “You’re beautiful. You know, seeing you like this… It’s like a dream for me. Looking back. You and Tabitha… were my biggest crushes of all. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner. But after the accident, I couldn’t express myself… not well anyway.” I said.

She looked back at Jesse, and Jesse smiled.

“See, told you he’d say that,” Jesse said.

“You were right,” Caitlin said.

“Well, he’s erect now. How about you take him first while I get to feel how good he is at eating a girl out.” Jesse said.

“But if you do that, I won’t be able to warn you,” I said.

“Joshua, how many times have you cum today?” Jesse asked.

I counted off my orgasms in my head.

“Five,” I said. “And all of them have been pretty big.”

“And you still are ready to go? You are a machine.” Caitlin said.

“I’m taking a special medicine that makes me go more often, and increases potency…” I explained.

“In other words, it’s more likely you’ll get us pregnant,” Caitlin said as she moved down to my waist.

“Well since it’s you…” Jesse said.

“I think we’re willing to risk it,” Caitlin said as she positioned herself over my cock with Jesse’s help and impaled herself on it slowly.

She let out a long moan as I bottomed out inside her. Her pussy was hot, tight and wet. I could feel it milking me for every drop of cum I could give. Jesse got up and moved off the bed and stood beside her.

“How is it, my love?” Jesse asked.

“He’s huge. It feels like he’s filling me up. I can feel him pressing straight into my womb.” Caitlin cooed before the two of them shared a passionate kiss.

Jesse turned to me after.

“Don’t fret about knocking us up and going home. We can deal with the consequences. Besides, if we both would want anyone as a sperm donor, it’s you.” Jesse said. “I just hope we can make this a more than one time experience.”

“I’ll see if we can’t make arrangements,” I said with a smirk.

Jesse hopped on the bed and positioned herself over my face. She lowered herself onto my face as the two made out, with Caitlin slowly bouncing on my cock. I began licking and sucking at Jesse’s pussy and clit, and trying to enjoy the feeling of both of them. I started focusing on Jesse’s clit only for her to pull off my face and move down to Caitlin.

“I’m sorry, J.T., I was about to cum. You were right, Hun, he’s good.” Jesse said.

“Then why did you have me stop?” I asked.

“Because when I have my orgasm, I want to feel you enjoy it with me, silly,” Jesse said. “There’s no telling when the next time is going to be when I’m going to experience this, so I want it to go like one of my fantasies.”

She started making out with Caitlin as I put my hands on Caitlin’s hips, guiding her to go a bit faster. Caitlin started moaning into their kisses.

“I’m going…” Caitlin started. “Going…” She said before kissing Jesse again passionately.

Her pussy clamped down hard and I felt her hot juices enveloping my cock.

“To cum!” She moaned.

She slammed down hard on my cock. I began spraying my seed deep in her unprotected womb as she let out a loud moan.

“Oh god, it feels too good!” Caitlin moaned.

I smiled as I watched her panting heavily as my orgasm spurred hers on.

“How does it feel, my love? To have the one guy you’ve always had a crush on filling you?” Jesse cooed.

“Oh, baby, I love you so much,” Caitlin said to Jesse before they shared a passionate kiss. “It’s almost your turn.”

“I know. I can’t decide how I want J.T. to take me though. I sort of want to ride him like you did, but I also want him to pound my pussy hard and fast.” Jesse cooed.

“I want him to knock you up for sure. I want to see that beautiful belly of yours all swollen.” Caitlin cooed.

I laughed at this.

“What?” Jesse said.

“The you from my universe loves it hard. She’s also been practicing making her pussy tighter with some weird thing that are beads…” I explained.

“I saw those. I was going to pick them up, but I wasn’t sure if they worked.” Jesse said.

“Oh yeah, they work,” I said.

“Good information for next time.” Jesse cooed as I felt Caitlin clamp down as hard as she could.

She slowly pulled herself off my cock, trying to not spill a drop of my cum. As much as she was teasing Jesse about it, I think Caitlin was relishing the chance herself.

“Cait, are you trying to get knocked up?” I whispered.

Jesse bent down and began licking and sucking my cock again.

“I’d love it if you knocked me up here and now, Josh.” She said. “Truth is, on the day you died. I lost it. I couldn’t stop crying at first. I was devastated. I wouldn’t even leave my room. Then Jesse came over. We made love that day, and have been together ever since.” Cait said. “So if it’s just a small chance to have the baby… of the guy that I had a crush on… I’ve got to help in every way I can.”

Jesse positioned herself over my cock and slowly slid it inside her until I was buried to the hilt. Her pussy was almost as tight as the first time around. She was as hot and as wet though.

“God, you weren’t kidding,” Jesse said. “He’s so big.” She moaned. “Too big.” She moaned.

I pulled her down on top of me. I kissed her passionately.

“Now you don’t have to feel left out,” I said after breaking the kiss.

Jesse kissed me hard, and it turned into us making out as I shifted my legs under us so that I could thrust into her as much as I wanted to. I began thrusting hard and fast, which made her moan as we made out. It took under a minute for her to start having an orgasm and as she did, I released my seed inside her, with such ferocity that my balls ached after. Oh god, how they hurt. I let my legs drop after I finished cumming.

“Holy fuck,” I said.

“I’ll say. You came a lot.” Jesse giggled.

She sat up, leaned back and began grinding against me.

“No, Jesse, stop, it’s too much,” I whined. “I just came harder than ever and you’re teasing my cock.”

“And you just took my virginity and my girlfriend’s virginity. Can’t you go a little more?” She asked with a smirk.

She leaned back into me and gave me a kiss on the cheek as my cock began steadily deflating.

“Next time,” I said.

“There better be a next time.” She cooed.

“There will be,” I promised.

“Good.” She said.

She reached behind her and pulled my spent cock from her pussy. She slowly got to her feet.

“That was absolutely wonderful,” Caitlin said as she walked over to Jesse.

“Marry me?” Jesse asked.

“What?” Caitlin asked.

Jesse got down on one knee.

“Caitlin Atah. I don’t want to be uncertain in our relationship. We might both be knocked up thanks to his super jizz and losing you now would make everything in life go to hell. So will you marry me?” Jesse asked.

Caitlin put her hands over her mouth.

“Yes.” She squeaked. “A thousand times yes!” She shouted as Jesse stood up.

The two of them shared a passionate kiss as I sat up and grabbed my shorts. I pulled them on as the girls hugged and kissed, before getting my boots back on. I left them to their devices as I made my way towards the door.

“Wait, you can’t go yet,” Caitlin said.

“Oh? I didn’t want to ruin the moment.” I said.

“You’re not,” Caitlin said.

“Sorry, I just sort of feel like a piece of meat after all of that,” I said as I turned to look at her.

“Why would you think that? You think we just want to fuck you and that’s it? Josh, we love you.” Cait said as she walked over to me. “We always have, and even if you have to go back to that other dimension, knowing that you’re out there is going to brighten our world.”

She gave me a soft peck on the lips.

“And no other guy would ever do that for us. So thank you, and you’re always welcome in our bed.” She said softly. “Now, as for the Doc, take Elm north to the cross roads, then get on Birch and take it west til you get to the highway. His lab is right before the on ramp to the highway, you can’t miss it.” She cooed.

“Thanks,” I said.

We shared a hug as Jesse walked over to me.

“I wish you would stay,” Jesse said.

“I can’t. I’d get stuck here.” I said. “And then the other versions of you two would get sad. You two lost your version of me years ago… it’s not fair for you to steal theirs.” I said.

“I know.” She said before giving me a hug.

I headed out of the room to the waiting Tabi and Heather. They were sitting against a dock post nearby. Heather was filling Tabi in on the details of our lives after the accident. What junior high was like, who we hung out with, Nate, everything she could. Tabi looked up at me as I walked up, and she looked like she wanted to cry.

“It’s not fair.” She said softly. “I missed out on so much. I thought I could just put it past me, but I’ve lost so much time with you.” She said.

“You can catch up with everyone, everything. Soon, you’ll be with us.” I said.

“Yeah.” She said wiping her eyes. “Do we know where we have to go?” Tabitha asked.

“Yeah, North on Elm to the crossroads, then west on birch to just before the highway,” I said.

“Let’s get moving then.” She said. “Heather, you’re driving. I’m sitting on Josh-y’s lap. I need to be held.” She said.

Tabitha grabbed the helmet as she stood up. Heather stood up as well. Tabitha handed her the keys. We got in the car and got situated. Tabitha sat semi sideways, snuggling into me. I just put my arms around her and held her as we drove. She softly sobbed most of the drive. I could understand why. Her world had just had a drastic change. Someone she thought was gone forever had shown back up out of nowhere. When we finally pulled into the parking lot, Dr. Nitty, who was a great deal more buff, was standing outside the building having a shouting match with a young girl with a shaved head. We got out of the car, with me carrying the helmet and walked up to them.

“I told you! The bitch can fucking rot in there for all I care! I’m not getting her out, and you can’t pay me enough to clean up to get her out!” The girl yelled.

“Come on! Not only will it give you a clean start, but you’ll have your mom back too!” Dr. Nitty shouted.

“No fucking way! Where was she after my brother died? Where was she when the house burned down! Fucking drunk trying to kill herself that’s where!” The girl yelled. “Now, if you want to fuck me, yeah we can work out a bargain, but you can’t pay for what you’re asking for!” The girl yelled.

I looked at the girl. Holy Hell it was this universe’s Heather. She was nothing but skin and bones. There were needle marks up and down her arms and legs.

“Fucking hell, Heather, you look like shit,” Tabitha said.

The bald Heather turned towards us and turned whiter than a sheet.

“Holy shit, I’ve got to be hallucinating.” the bald Heather said.

“Nope. One hundred percent real.” I said.

“Me too.” My sister said.

“How…” the bald Heather said before passing out and collapsing.

“Well fuck. There goes that lead.” Dr. Nitty said before turning and looking at us. “You kids know this girl?”

“Well, I should… she’s me.” My sister said. “Only from this dimension.”

“Interdimensional travelers? Who sent you?” Dr. Nitty asked.

“Not all of us, and it was you,” I said.

“Interesting. Listen, I don’t really have the time for this.” Dr. Nitty said turning away.

“Not even if it meant you could get my mom out?” I asked.

He turned back.

“Joshua’s right, Dr. Nitty. If you can help us, I could pose as this universe’s Heather and help you get Mom out of that Insane Asylum.” Heather said.

“An interesting proposal. What would you want in return?” Dr. Nitty asked.

“First, we need to try and track a signal from our dimension,” I said.

“Another traveler?” Dr. Nitty asked.

“Yes. My father.” I said.

“Easily done.” Dr. Nitty said. “What else?”

“Got a Dimensional Gateway?” Tabitha asked.

“If I did, I’m guessing you’d want to go to their dimension. That one is a little harder, young lady. My Dimensional Gateway isn’t operational. I can’t quite figure out the problem either.” Dr. Nitty said.

[I can help with that!] our Dr. Nitty said.

“Ah! Wonderful! So, I get my gateway working, track down your dad, and before your friend can cross to your dimension, we get your mom out.” Dr. Nitty said.

“No, we get her out first,” I said.

“Josh?” Heather asked.

“I don’t like things as they are here. We’ve got to try and make things better. What hospital is she at?” I asked.

“Old Pines.” Dr. Nitty said. “But…”

“Give the girls access to the lab they need to track dad. You and I will head to Old pines. I can get her out as easily as Heather.” I said. “And our Dr. Nitty can help the girls track dad,” I said handing Heather the helmet.

“What about her?” Tabitha asked.

“I hate to sound like a cold bastard, but by the time we get back, she’ll either have a change of heart or she’ll be off to score some more drugs. Either way is fine by me for now.” I said. “Doc, let’s go.”

He handed the girls a spare key card and quickly told them directions to the main lab. He then led me to his car, which was pretty high end. It was a current year Mercedes. We got in and drove off.

“So why do you care more for your mom then Heather back there?” Nitty asked.

“Nitty, Heather doesn’t care. She’s shut out the world. She won’t even help her own mother. I know how you feel about Mom. You’re going to tell her when we get there.” I said.

“You know? How?” Dr. Nitty asked.

“You told me, and my older sister Becky when you met up with us on a date. You told us that when Mom was just starting college, you would’ve given both arms just to be with her once.” I said.

“Oh? Did I ever…” Dr. Nitty started.

“In your lab, this morning, right after we got here,” I said.

“So at least in one universe, I got my dream to come true.” Dr. Nitty said.

“We’re about to make it two.” I said as we pulled into the Parking lot.

We got out of the car. We walked up to the door and walked in. Security was surprisingly lax. We walked up to the front desk where we were greeted by Kira.

“Holy shit. Joshua Swartz?” Kira said, her eyes going wide. “How is this even possible? I was at your funeral?”

“Kira, Caitlin will be happy to explain it all. Phone her later.” I said.

“I can’t… ever since she moved out of Mom’s house…” Kira said.

“Oh fuck. More issues. Listen, I promise I’ll arrange a get together with you and her with her new Fiancée. But first, I need to get my mom out. I need to see her and get her up to speed.” I said.

“You can see her, but she’s self-checked in, only she can check herself out,” Kira explained.

“Perfect. We’ll see her then.” I said.

“Sure,” Kira said as she stood up.

I have to admit, Kira looked downright sexy in her little nurse’s outfit. If I still had stamina, I’d bend her over and fuck her right there. But I didn’t. There was no way I was going to get hard again today. Kira came out from behind the desk and led us down a long hallway to a room marked 108 on the door.

“Listen, your mom has been kind of scattered since she came here. If you can pull her out of the funk, it’ll be a miracle.” Kira said.

“Any other visitors?” I asked.

“Becky and Rachel were here yesterday. Heather’s into drugs so…” Kira said.

“I know about Heather,” I said.

Kira opened the door and we stepped into a padded room. The room was all white, with the light coming from panels on the ceiling. Mom was in a corner, jabbering to herself. Kira and Nitty stayed by the door as I walked over to her. I knelt down.

“Hello there,” I said.

“If I hadn’t let him go… then…” She said softly.

“No,” I said. “Don’t think like that Mom. There are worlds, universes out there where you let me go. And I came home safe.” I said.

She looked up at me and her eyes went wide.

“Are you real?” She asked reaching out and touching my cheek.

“Yeah,” I said with a slight chuckle. “I’m real. In my universe, I went that day, I dodged the drunk, I survived. I lost Tabitha though.” I said.

“How are you here?” She asked.

“See that man over there?” I said looking over my shoulder. “His name is Doctor Insan Nitty,” I said. “In my universe, he created a way to travel between dimensions.”

“Insan? Little Insan?” She asked. “Wow, he grew up.”

“In my universe, you two are very close,” I said turning back to her.

“We are?” She asked.

“Do you know that he’s had a crush on you since you babysat him?” I whispered to her. “He’s a good man Mom.”

“Are you staying in this dimension?” Mom asked, looking at me.

“Not permanently. But I will be back to visit. Lots of old friends here who want to catch up on what’s going on.” I said.

“As long as you’re coming to visit once in a while. That’s good enough for me.” Mom said. “I can’t believe it. You’ve grown up so much.”

“You’ve seen to that,” I said.

I turned back to Nitty and waved him over.

“Tell her,” I said.

“Natalie. Ever since I was a little boy, you’re all I could think about. When I found out you were in here, I did everything I could to try and make your stay better. I donated money to the hospital. I tried to get you out. Your daughters were unwilling to help. Natalie, I love you, I always have, and I would’ve done anything to be with you. In Joshua’s universe, I’m told that I finally have gotten that chance. I’d like to be given that chance here.” Nitty announced.

“With me looking like this, you can still say you love me?” Mom said.

“Natalie, you could inhabit the body of a hump back whale and I’d still be in love with you,” Nitty said.

Mom stood up. She was wearing some odd jump suit. It was tan in color. She moved past me to Nitty, threw her arms around his neck and gave him a passionate kiss. He returned it.

“I need to brush my teeth… and shower… and shave.” Mom said as I stood up and turned towards them.

“Clean or Dirty, I love you all the same,” Nitty said.

Mom blushed.

“Let’s get out of here. Kira, could you let my daughters know that I’ll be staying with my new boyfriend?” Mom said.

Kira had a huge grin.

“Of course Ms. Swartz. And Joshua, you promised me remember. Let me get you my number.” Kira said. “But first, let’s get that paperwork signed so we can get you out of here,” Kira said.

She led us back to the front desk and gathered up a bunch of paper work for mom to sign then gave me her number.

“A week, a month, a year, I don’t care. Call me, the top is my home, the bottom is work. Call me and get her to talk.” Kira said. “I heard what you said to your mom.” She added. “Another universe where you live huh? Have I asked you out there?”

“You’ve invited me to have sex with you when you get back from college, but no, no dates yet,” I said with a smile.

“My son the lady killer.” Mom said with a sigh.

“You have no idea,” I said. “I’ve cum seven times today, and one of them was you,” I added.

Mom’s face went red as a beat.

“So she’s into incest huh? Well, that does clear things up a bit.” Dr. Nitty chuckled.

“INSAN.” She scolded.

Mom finished filling out the paperwork. Kira handed her a bag with all of her belongings, which she checked and then we headed out. We got in the car, and Nitty drove us back to the lab.

“I’m sorry Natalie. Time is of the essence for your son. I’ll show you the house tonight, but for now, we need to help him locate his father.” Nitty said.

“Your universe’s Paul is here?” Mom asked me.

“Yeah, he went missing a while ago. My Dr. Nitty will fill us in when we get inside.” I said.

“Joshua. I have to say, I’m very happy you wanted to fill your end of our bargain beforehand.” Nitty said.

“Doc, I would’ve done this if you had asked me or not,” I said. “Both of you, yes both, deserve happiness,” I said.

“Thank you, sweetie.” Mom said.

We got out of the car and headed inside. The bald Heather had gotten up and wandered off. I talked with Mom as we walked, filling her in on everyone I had been with and how the relationships worked.

“Really? And I was ovulating?” Mom asked. “So wait when I took to the Doctor Nitty of your universe?” Mom asked.

“I don’t know. You said you were looking for a condom, but if you wanted to take the risk and play who’s the daddy, I’m fine with it.” I said as we walked into the lab.


“I fucking did, you baboon!” Tabitha yelled back at him. “It still says no particle trace found!”

“What’s going on?” Nitty asked.

“The tracer isn’t finding Joshua’s dad,” Tabitha said.

Dr. Nitty walked over to the panel.

“She isn’t doing anything wrong. The variables are correct. It’s not finding any trace of his particle trail.” Nitty said to his counterpart.

[That’s incredibly bad. It means we have less time than I thought.] Dr. Nitty said.

“So we have to find him and fast. Any ideas, Mom?” I asked.

“Well, your father from this universe lives on an island called…” She started and thought about it for a minute. “Isle de la dégarni. It’s French for Island of the Naked.”

“Island of the naked?” Heather asked. “So everyone there is?”

“Nude. It’s a naked island. It is its own governing body too. So the laws are a bit different.” Mom said.

“That’s three hours out by plane or helicopter if you fly commercially,” Nitty said. “Is that enough time?”

[To get out there, back and find their father, it would be a tight squeeze, but unless we want to put this off for three days, we have to find him now.] Dr. Nitty said.

Dr. Nitty grabbed a phone and dialed it.

“I need our fastest jet. Isle de la dégarni.” He said turning and looking at me. “How long? Okay, how fast can you get him there? Yes, it’s two passengers. Joshua Swartz, and his sister Heather. Perfect. Have a car here to pick them up in ten.” He said before hanging up.

He turned towards us.

“You kids will be leaving in 10. Hope you’re ready to deal with a nude island.” He said. “The flight will only be an hour going out and back.”

“But you said three hours,” Heather said.

“I said Commercially. You don’t have to deal with airport security or any of that bullshit. And this is one of my planes. It’s much faster than the commercial ones.” Nitty said. “Advantages of working alongside the greatest scientist and businessman of this universe!” He said before laughing triumphantly.

“So wait, Doc, how rich are you?” I asked.

“Well, I made the top 10 last year,” Nitty said, adjusting his glasses.

“Wow,” Heather said.

“Now, given that time, you kids will only have five hours to find your father and aunt from your universe and get back here. In the meantime, Tabitha, Natalie and I will work on finishing the gateway. I’m not sure if we can do it, but we’ll sure as heck try.” Nitty said.

[Leave the helmet behind. I may not be able to physically interact but I can guide them.] Dr. Nitty said.

“Couldn’t we just use the gateway to zap back there then zap to the island?” Heather asked.

[No, the gateway takes several hours to recharge after each use. So doing that would be impossible. My counterpart had the right idea.] Dr. Nitty said.

Tabitha walked over to me. She gave me a hug and a soft kiss.

“What was that for?” I asked.

“Luck. I want us all to go home together tonight.” She cooed.

“Insan, please tell me you have a shower in this lab of yours.” Mom said.

“It’s right over there,” Nitty said, pointing to a door across the room.

“Good. I need a shower before we start. I smell like ass. You may like the smell, but I do not.” Mom said. “I’d have you kids join me, and help me get off, but I smell too much to even want to try to enjoy that.” Mom giggled before heading off to the shower.

“What did you tell her?” Heather asked.

“Oh, just about the relationship,” I said.

“Oh… yeah… that’d do it.” Heather giggled.

About five minutes later Mom walked out of the shower, completely naked, and dripping wet from head to toe.

“Natalie! What are you doing?” Nitty asked.

“You have no towels in there, and I have no clothing, except what I wore into that place years ago, or what I was wearing every day since!” Mom said. “On top of that, I don’t know what body wash that is, but I’m fucking wetter than my body is, and I’m ready to take both you and my son at the same time,” Mom exclaimed.

“Shit I should’ve warned you that the blue bottle had an aphrodisiac in it,” Nitty said.

Mom walked quickly over to him.

“How long will it last?” She asked, getting in his face.

“Only until you get off,” Nitty said.

She knelt down, unzipped his fly, fished out his cock and marveled at it.

“Beautiful.” She whispered.

He was about as big as I was, and was circumcised as well. She practically inhaled his cock making him moan.

“Oh god, Natalie. That feels so good!” He cried out.

She started bobbing her head, sucking on his cock as she went, trying to get it nice and hard for him. Soon, she pulled her mouth off his cock, and it stood before her in its full glory.

“Now, desk, chair, table, floor, I don’t care, but you’d better fuck me hard and help me get off.” Mom said.

“But I don’t have a condom.” Nitty protested.

“Did I say you get to use a condom?” Mom growled.

Dr. Nitty gulped audibly.

“Doc, she’s probably ovulating and trust me when I say, she was horny from that in my universe,” I said loudly.

She stood up and he picked her up, making out with her as he carried her to a lab table. With one swipe of his arm, he pushed everything off the table, laid her down on it, dropped his pants and slammed his cock into her. She let out a long and loud moan.

“Oh god yes!” She moaned.

“I’m not too small am I?” Nitty asked.

“Insan, you’re definitely not small. You’re bigger than Paul was!” Mom moaned. “Now please, I need it.” She moaned.

The phone rang as Nitty started thrusting against her, and Tabitha broke her embrace with me to go answer it.

“Yes?” She said over the sound of the moans. “Thank you.” She said and hung up. “Your car is waiting. Get outside you two.” Tabitha said.

She ran over to Heather and gave her a hug, and a kiss. She then did the same to me. Heather and I headed outside to where a black limo was waiting for us. The driver was holding open the rear door. We got in, sat down and before we drove off, I was passed out. I was drained. Apparently, I got on the plane by sleepwalking of all things and didn’t wake up until we landed on the island.

[Attention Passengers. We have arrived in Isle de la dégarni. Local time is 5:30 p.m. It’s currently a nice 79 degrees outside. Remember this is a nudist island, and there are a few laws here that allow things that might not be allowed back home.] The pilot said, with his first words waking me up.

“Good Morning, sleepy head,” Heather said as she stood up.

“How long was I out?” I asked.

“The entire 10-minute car ride and the plane flight.” She said as I stood up.

We walked over to the plane door, and the Pilot opened it for us. We descended the stairs to see uncle Paul, Aunt Katrina, along with a girl and a boy that were our age. The girl was thin like Heather, fully shaven, and had a flat chest. The boy was built more like I was, and his cock sat shriveled. Yes, they were all naked. My uncle Paul who was also my father, though at this point I wasn’t sure if he was from my universe or not, stood the same height as me, and his cock was shrunk down as well, but even so, it looked smaller than mine. He had pubic hair going up to his belly button. Aunt Katrina, again, not sure which universe she was from had D-cup breasts and a full bush like uncle Paul.

“When I heard Nitty Industries was sending out a plane, I was sure Dr. Nitty was going to pay me a visit, but then I saw the manifest, and found out that my own two kids had tracked me here,” Paul said. “Joshua, Heather you’ve both grown up so much.” He said with a smile. “Though Joshua, I have to say, it was a shock to find out what had happened to you in this universe.” He added confirming what we needed to know.

“Dad, we’ve been trying to find the both of you all day,” I said.

“Well look no further. Here we are.” Aunt Katrina said. “And may I say how handsome you are.”

“Thanks, but we need…” I said.

“Listen, I know what you’re going with this, but we’ve spent too much time here. We can’t go back.” Uncle Paul said.

“So you’re stuck?” Heather asked.

“Yeah, we felt it when we both got stuck. It was like we hit a brick wall.” Aunt Katrina said. “But hey, since you’re here, let’s all go grab a bite to eat, and then you can head back.”

“Yeah, we should fill them in on what happened too.” Uncle Paul said.

The two of them turned and began leading us to the Airport terminal.

“I’m Kimmy.” The girl said. “I guess I’m this universe’s version of your half-sister.” She said.

“Nice to meet you. I haven’t met you back home yet.” I said.

The young man had sped up to talk with Uncle Paul.

“And my twin brother up there is Donny. And we know you haven’t met us. Daddy filled us in on everything.” Kimmy said.

“So you two are twins too? Are you older than us?” Heather asked.

“Younger, by about a month. In fact. Today is my 18th birthday.” Kimmy said.

“Well happy birthday!” Heather and I said simultaneously.

Kimmy giggled.

“So, since you guys are new to the universe, and I can’t expect a gift, can you do something for me?” Kimmy asked.

“What would you like us to do?” Heather asked.

“Well, we’re on a nudist island,” Kimmy said with an upward inflection.

“Are you trying to get me naked?” I asked sarcastically.

“Duh,” Kimmy said with a smile.

“Where can we leave our clothing?” Heather asked.

“Oh, we’ll pick up a couple backpacks in the terminal. Does that mean you’ll do it?” Kimmy asked.

Heather took off her t-shirt revealing her tits.

“Wow, I wish my tits were as big as yours,” Kimmy said.

“I don’t like mine. I wish they were small like yours. I have to wear a sports bra if I want to run around, or they jiggle and jump too much.” Heather said. “Besides, Josh-y is really turned on by women with flat chests.”

“Really?” Kimmy said. “Cause incestuous relationships are legal here on the island.”

“Like breaking the law has stopped us.” Heather giggled.

“Are you two?” Kimmy asked.

“Dating,” Heather said.

We entered the terminal.

“Well, technically we’re in an open web relationship. As long as I don’t disapprove, or when we’re back home, anyone in the main web doesn’t disapprove, we can have whomever we want.” Heather explained.

“Who else is in the web?” Kimmy asked.

“Mom, Becky, and Rachel… and Tabitha’s finding a way to come back with us so she can be too.” Heather explained as we walked to a shop.

Uncle Paul bought us both backpacks and charged them to his account. We stripped down right there, putting our clothing into the backpacks, keeping on our boots. At least using footwear on the island seemed to be a normal thing. The woman behind the counter of the shop wore an apron, sandals and nothing else but a smile. She had fairly nice tits, from what I could see, and she eyed my cock not saying anything.

“Wow, you’re hung,” Kimmy said as she stared at my cock, which was now rigidly hard.

“Pretty sure he’s bigger than you, Paul.” Aunt Katrina said.

“Oh definitely. He looks to be about 8 inches or so.” Uncle Paul said.

“Seven and a quarter, measured this morning,” I said.

“Very nice.” Aunt Katrina said with a saucy tone. “I’m sure I could make some time in my busy schedule if you came back to visit.”

“Well, I know what I want for my birthday.” Kimmy giggled.

“Now, ladies, it’s not right to treat him like a piece of meat.” Uncle Paul said.

“Dad’s right, but I’d like to know the secret,” Donny said.

“Lots of Blowjobs from Heather and some weird medicine,” I said. “I’ll see if I can’t get the name for next time I come here,” I added.

Aunt Katrina sighed.

“Besides that, your brother probably has a girlfriend.” Aunt Katrina said.

Heather and Kimmy giggled.

“What?” Aunt Katrina said.

“Open Web-like relationship,” Kimmy said.

“Oh?” Aunt Katrina said. “That’s a bit more promising.”

“With Heather, Becky, Rachel and Aunt Natalie,” Kimmy added.

“Well, since Heather’s the only one here…” She started.

“Hey, my only restrictions are that he doesn’t fuck some dirty or stuck up bitch,” Heather said with a smile. “Besides, I got my eye on Donny’s meat at the moment.” She said with a smirk as we started out of the shop.

Donny blushed. Heather grabbed him by the hand and pulled him back to walk with her.

“So, little brother, how long can you last with a girl?” Heather asked.

“I… don’t know… I’m still… a virgin.” He said trying to not let his voice squeak.

“So what would you like for your birthday?” She asked.

“I… don’t know…” He squeaked out.

“You got a condom?” She asked seductively as we walked out the main terminal doors.

Just outside the terminal, two couples were fucking. One was very young, about our age, a pair of guys, with one guy bent over a potted plant and the other one ramming his ass and grunting hard. The guy who was bent over was overweight but let out a soft moan every time his partner bottomed out in his ass. The other couple was an elderly couple who were sitting on a bench. The old woman who had to be in her seventies or eighties was riding the man underneath her, who looked to be in his forties. The older woman’s tits were saggy and wrinkled like the rest of her body.

“Mom, I’m about to cum.” The man warned her.

“Oh yes, fill mommy up.” The old lady said.

“So…” I said as we stood there. “Open sex in public is allowed here?”

“As long as both parties are of legal age on the island and are consensual. Our little island is free of poverty and crime for the most part.” Uncle Paul said. “It was this way back in our universe too… however without being able to go back… Joshua, there are some things we have to cover here, while we wait on the limo.” He said.

“And those are?” I asked.

“As my eldest son, Jump jet, and ownership of the island falls to you, once you graduate school that is. How long you stay in school is your choice, until then, they are in your guardian’s hands or an appointed representative.” He said.

I was blown away. A multimillion dollar company was MINE?

“I’m stuck here, so I can’t do anything. My will dictates that in the event of my disappearance, the ownership goes to you. The time period will be up in a few days. So it’ll all be yours.” He explained. “For Jump Jet, My vision was to keep it moving forward to be the head of technology. To always be developing new affordable high-end things for our consumers. For the island, I wanted it to be a paradise without crime, without poverty. Think you can keep up my dream?” He asked.

“Sure Dad, but what about Kimmy and Donnie back home?” I asked.

“I’m sure your brother and sister back home will love you as much as these two love the both of you. Right now, your little brother wants a condom, so he can get his present from his sister and your sister has been holding onto your cock since we started waiting.” Uncle Paul said.

I hadn’t even noticed. I looked down at her hand which was softly jerking my cock, then up at her face. She was staring at it like it was the greatest thing in the universe. She blushed as she realized what was just said, stopped and looked into my eyes.

“I’m um…” She started to say, but I pulled her into a passionate kiss.

“Don’t worry. You can enjoy it.” I whispered. “I don’t mind.”

“I’d like to feel it in me.” She whispered back.

“Condom?” I asked.

“No. Please no. I don’t want one.” She said.

“Kimmy, if you get knocked up, he won’t be around to be a daddy.” Aunt Katrina said.

“But MOM! It’s my first time!” She whined.

“Young lady, that’s not very considerate!” Aunt Katrina scolded her as the Limo pulled up.

We climbed in. Donny quickly found a condom and put it on, and Heather sat on his lap with her back to him, impaling herself on his cock. Kimmy didn’t wait for me to get one, before impaling herself on my cock, sitting just like Heather had. Kimmy let out a satisfied moan as I bottomed out in her.

“KIMMY!” Aunt Katrina said in shock.

Kimmy’s pussy was hot, tight and wet, and I loved being inside it. Her pussy started milking my cock as soon as I had bottomed out.

“It’s okay Aunt Katrina. To be honest, with as much as I’ve cum today, if she gets me to cum, it’ll be a surprise.” I explained.

Kimmy turned her head back to me and kissed me passionately.

“It’s really okay?” She said.

“Yeah, go as much as you want. And happy birthday.” I said softly.

“Josh, I should warn you about your family here if you haven’t already seen them. Though Becky and Rachel are doing fine, Heather and your mom…” Uncle Paul said.

“I already know. We ran into the other Heather outside Nitty’s lab. As for the version of mom here…” I started.

“Dr. Nitty is probably still fucking her brains out.” Heather moaned.

“She’s out?” Aunt Katrina said.

“Yeah I went to see her and she sobered right up,” I said.

“That’s amazing.” Uncle Paul said.

“Not as amazing as this cock.” Kimmy cooed before she began bouncing hard on it.

The way she was going at it, I felt like she wanted me to cum inside her. I put my hands on her hips and slowed her down a bit.

“Why are you slowing me down?” She whispered to me.

“I don’t want you to hurt yourself,” I said.

“I want it hard, and fast. Please, big brother?” She cooed.

“Alright.” I sighed, letting her return to her pace.

“Oh god, I think I’m going to cum.” Donnie moaned.

“Go ahead and cum all you want. You have a condom on.” Heather giggled.

Donnie let out a loud groan as he shuddered beneath Heather. She waited for him to calm down, then gently pulled him out, took off his condom, and tied it off. She tossed it in the trashcan near the front, grabbed another condom, knelt down in front of him and began licking his cock clean. His cock was twitching in no time. She slid the fresh condom on him before impaling herself again, this time facing him so he could enjoy her body.

“Damn, you are amazing. I wish we could do this every day.” Donnie said.

“There’s a way. All you have to do is track down the me of this universe and get her to clean up. I bet she’d fuck your brains out all the time.” Heather cooed.

“Oh god, yes.” Donnie moaned.

“I want to cum before we get there.” Kimmy cooed.

“Okay,” I whispered in her ear. “Get up,” I said.

“No, I’m close.” She argued.

“Tease your clit while you bounce then,” I whispered.

She did as I suggested and within moments she was crying out from her orgasm. She stopped bouncing, leaned back and kissed me on the lips.

“Thank you.” She cooed.

“Are you happy now, sweetie?” Aunt Katrina asked.

“Very, Mom,” Kimmy said. “Although I’m kind of disappointed that he didn’t cum inside me.”

“I doubt this is the last time he’ll be visiting us.” Aunt Katrina said.

“I’ll be coming back. There are other things that I still have to do here.” I said.

Yeah, other things, like making sure the Caitlin and Jesse got knocked up like they wanted. I could probably add Kimmy to that list now too. Not to mention spending every moment with Tabitha if she couldn’t make it back with us until she did. Kimmy just snuggled into me for the rest of the ride, which was only another minute or two. We pulled up at a nice bistro, where Kimmy pulled my still hard cock out of her snatch and took me by the hand, leading me out of the car and into the Bistro. She introduced me to the young lady behind the counter, apparently, a friend of hers named Katie McDunn. Of course, I thought Katie looked a bit familiar at first, but when she came around the counter and hugged me, I figured she knew me or rather this version of me before I had died. The others came in as Katie was hugging me.

“I heard you had died in the accident!” Katie cried into my shoulder.

“He did,” Kimmy said.

“What?” Katie asked pulling back. “Then how is he here?”

“I’m from another universe. I’m guessing from the reaction you knew me?” I asked.

“Yeah, we were in the same 3rd-grade class. I moved after, but I still heard that you had died.” Katie said letting go of me.

Her hair was long and brown, her body was lightly toned, she had c-cup tits, with pink nipples that were completely erect and a fully shaven pussy with inner lips that jutted out.

“You should look me up in your universe. I thought you were cute back in third grade, and if you’re this dork’s brother then that’s just icing on the cake.” She said seductively.

She walked back around the counter, leaving me not knowing what to think. We all made our order and sat down at a table so that dad could explain what happened while we waited for our food.

“So after getting here the last time, I found out that Kimmy had been kidnapped. We headed to the docks first, where she was being held, and almost escaped, but your Aunt and I got caught. They thought I was the Paul of this universe. They damaged our suits.” Uncle Paul explained. “When they demanded the island pay a ransom, and send 2 representatives with the money, the Paul and Katrina of this universe showed up.”

“Wow. I bet all hell broke loose.” Heather said.

Dad just nodded.

“Yeah. It did. They threatened to kill Kimmy on the spot. I tried to get in between them, and her, but I couldn’t make it, and this universe took the bullet. We scuffled with them, only for this universe’s Katrina to get killed. With his dying breath, Paul asked me to make sure things stayed as they were here. To watch over and protect his family and his island. That night, the change hit us like a brick wall and we knew we couldn’t come back.” Uncle Paul explained.

“So the suits were damaged enough where you couldn’t call Nitty, and you were stuck here to boot,” Heather said.

“Yes. Now, that you know, I hope you don’t hate me.” Uncle Paul said.

“Listen, Dad, I didn’t get to know you much in the first place. But you have to do me a solid too.” I said.

“What’s that?” he asked.

“Find Heather in this universe. Nitty can get her clean easily. Get her there. Bring her here. In a paradise like this, I doubt she’ll go back to using.” I said.

“Consider it done.” he said as our food was brought out.

We ate our meal, then headed back to the car. We got in and drove back to the airport as we chit chatted. We walked through the terminal together to the tarmac and then to the plane. Heather and I got dressed right there, next to the open door of the plane before getting hugs and kisses goodbye. I received an exceptionally passionate kiss from Kimmy and Aunt Katrina.

“Next time you cum and visit, I’m going to want to feel that big cock of yours filling me.” Aunt Katrina whispered in my ear.

My cock jumped at the thought. We got on the plane and sat down.

“You two ready to go?” The pilot called back to us.

“Sure are,” Heather yelled back.

A few minutes later and we were taking off. Again I fell asleep and slept until we arrived back at the Lab. Don’t ask me why, but planes always do that to me.

“Come on, Sexy Heartthrob, time to wake up.” My sister cooed in my ear.

I opened my eyes to see Heather’s huge smile.

“Come on, Dr. Nitty and the others are waiting on our report inside.” She said.

“Okay,” I said sleepily.

We got out of the limo and headed into the lab, which was unlocked for our arrival. We entered the main lab to find Dr. Nitty standing over a console.

“Hey Doc, where is everyone?” I asked.

“Oh, they headed to the lunch room for a snack. I just finished the scans and tests on Tabitha. We’ve gotten the gateway working too. She’ll be going home with you tonight.” He said. “But the tests… I’d like to scan the two of you if you don’t mind.”

“Sure,” I said.

“Great.” He said looking at us. “Strip down, then one of you hop up on the table.”

I was the first stripped and I hopped onto his scanning table. A blue light waved over me.

“There, all done. Now you Heather.” Dr. Nitty said.

Heather was next, as I got off the table, she was already naked and ready. The blue light waved over her too.

“Alright now let me compare yours to Tabitha’s.” He said. “Well, that’s not surprising…” He said.

“What?” I asked.

“Well, Heather, did you know that you’re pregnant?” Dr. Nitty asked.

“Well, I do now!” Heather said happily.

She threw her arms around me and gave me a passionate kiss.

“I can’t wait!” She shouted.

“For what?” Tabitha asked as the two entered.

Tabitha was just as naked, as was Mom. Mom had cleaned up from her session with Dr. Nitty.

“I’m pregnant!” Heather exclaimed letting go of me and running to give Tabitha a hug.

“You’re going to be a mommy?” Tabitha asked hugging her back.

“We’re going to be Mommies!” Heather said. “You’re going to help raise it with me, right?”

“Yeah. Of course!” Tabitha said, smiling. “And Josh is going to be a daddy!”

“You know I could’ve gotten you pregnant today.” I pointed out to Tabitha.

She shook her head.

“With my training, My hormones aren’t right. And I hadn’t had the time to get it corrected. I can’t tell you when I had my period last, Josh-y, so I don’t know if I can get pregnant.” Tabitha said. “You don’t hate me for it, do you?” She asked.

“Never!” Heather said. “He adores you, as much as I do.”

The two shared a passionate kiss.

“So did you find your father?” Mom asked.

“Sort of. We found him, but he’s stuck.” Heather said.

“Oh, so he’s here to stay?” Mom asked.

“Our Dr. Nitty will give you a full report tomorrow. For now, let’s get this gateway going.” I said.

“Before you do, I need to talk to the three of you.” Dr. Nitty said.

“What about?” I asked as I joined the girls.

“The scan results. While yes, they told us that Heather is pregnant, they also told me something else. Whatever the three of you experienced together changed the three of you, bonded you in a way that’s different from normal. Together the three of you could probably take on an army. Separately, your bodies are now tough enough to go through the gateway without protection.” Dr. Nitty explained.

“Wait how tough are we talking?” Heather asked as the two of them broke their embrace. “And will this hurt the baby?”

“No, the baby should be fine, if anything more resistant to the bumps and scrapes of being a kid. As for how tough, I’m not exactly sure. It might grow in time, and it seems to be stronger the closer you are in physical distance.” Dr. Nitty explained.

“We’ll probably want our Nitty to run more tests,” I said.

“My thoughts exactly.” Dr. Nitty said.

“Well, Doc, I hope you heard all of this,” I called out.

[I’m ready to bring you and Heather home at any time.] Dr. Nitty said.

“Let’s go then,” I said.

“Like this?” Heather asked.

“Why not? We have clothing on the other side.” I laughed.

“Guess you’re right,” Heather said as Tabitha grabbed some of our discarded clothing.

She pulled on shorts and a T-shirt.

“Alright, Doc, bring us home!” I called out.

The gateway appeared before us and Heather and I stepped through to a waiting Mom and Dr. Nitty.

“Hey, Natalie,” I said with a smile.

Heather and I walked over to her and gave her a hug.

“I’m so proud of you kids.” Mom said. “So what happened with your father?” She asked.

“He’s stuck. So is Aunt Katrina.” I said. “He also said according to the will…” I started.

“I know. You’ll have to at least finish high school.” Mom said. “We’ll make the official announcement tomorrow afternoon. We need to get Tabitha registered for classes in the morning.”

“Alright,” I said.

“Speaking of, her gateway is about to open.” Dr. Nitty said.

The second gateway opened and Tabitha stepped through, draped in ripped remnants of her clothing, which promptly fell off.

“Well.” She said looking down. “I was trying not to flash this Dr. Nitty.” She giggled.

“Clothing, unless protected don’t exactly make it through the gateway.” Dr. Nitty sighed. “I’m sorry, I should’ve warned you.”

“It’s fine. Got something for me to at least cover myself in to get back to the house? I assume I’ll be staying with Joshua.” Tabitha asked.

“Yes, there’s a blanket in the bin there.” He said pointing to a bin next to a lab table, while he tried not to blush.

“Thanks, Doc.” She said before heading over to the bin and grabbing the blanket.

“Let’s go get dressed,” I said as Tabitha draped the blanket around her.

“I’ll get to work correcting the government documents for Tabitha, to make her a legal resident again.” Dr. Nitty said. “With some adjustments, I should be able to make the gateway accept her now that she’s got altered molecules. Any data you could send my way would help.” Dr. Nitty said.

[I’m on it.] The other Dr. Nitty said.

“I’m sorry to make you work through the night like this,” I said.

“Don’t worry, Sir. I’m on it.” Nitty said adjusting his glasses.

Mom walked over to him.

“And when you’re done, drop by my house. Key is in your pocket. My bedroom is the second on the right. I want you to wake me in whichever way makes you happy.” Mom seductively said in his ear as she slipped something into his pocket. “And if you chose to fuck me, put on a condom, okay?” She said.

“Yes, ma’am!” Nitty pipped out.

I smiled. Heather and I headed off to the locker room and got dressed then came back to a waiting Mom and Tabitha.

“This is going to be weird,” Tabitha said as we started walking towards the car.

“Which part? Sleeping in a house with other people? Sleeping in a bed with other people? Or seeing people you’ve known your whole life, but them either not knowing you or them not believing your back from the dead?” Heather asked.

“All of it.” She said as we headed up the stairs.

“Well don’t worry, you’ll get used to it. And I can’t wait to see how Cait and the others react.” Heather said.

“Miss Swartz… er Mom… er…” Tabitha said.

“You can call me Natalie since I doubt that Josh and Heather are going to accept anything less than you being in the relationship now.” Mom said.

“Thanks, Natalie. Um… could you make sure I get in the same classes as Joshua?” Tabitha asked.

“Sure. Heather does it every year, so why not?” Mom said as we headed out the front door and locked it.

It was only about four in the afternoon or so, but I felt so time lagged.

“So, with the work day over, do you kids want me to order a pizza?” Mom asked.

“Sure! Pizza sounds awesome!” Heather piped up.

“How about you, Josh?” Mom asked.

We had barely gotten to the car. I felt dizzy. I couldn’t talk, I saw Mom and the others turn to me before everything got blurry and I remember someone catching me before I fell to the ground completely. I awoke about an hour later on the couch with my head on Tabitha’s lap. She was wearing some of Heather’s clothing now. My feet were in Heather’s lap. Mom sat in the arm chair, and a large pizza was on the table.

“Hey sleepy head, you had us worried.” Tabitha cooed.

“You try cumming seven times in one day, and see how well you do after two plane trips and two trips between dimensions,” I said sitting up.

“You’ve been through a lot, but try to eat something.” Mom said as she tossed me a can of soda.

I cracked it and guzzled it down like I hadn’t had a drink in a month. I began eating a bit as well.

“Oh wow, all three of you have a huge appetite.” Mom said.

“Must be a side effect,” Heather said as she devoured her pizza.

We chit chatted about the upcoming school year as we ate. Mom was right. We had an appetite. A large pizza was gone in minutes, and then the three of us ate plenty from the fridge after. Needless to say, Mom was going to need to go shopping tomorrow. We then headed for bed. Mom opted to keep her promise to Dr. Nitty but gave me a goodnight blowjob to get me nice and hard for the girls. Tabitha, Heather and I entered my bedroom.

“So how are we going to do this?” I asked as we stripped down.

“Lay down,” Tabitha said.

I laid down on the bed. Tabitha climbed on top of me and inserted me into her pussy. She lowered herself on it and gave a sigh of content.

“Considering you’re probably not going to cum again today, I want to have it inside me tonight.” She said as she laid down on top of me.

“Oh and then after, when you’ve gotten your hormones in check again?” Heather asked.

“We’re going to interchange after today, okay?” Tabitha asked.

“Sounds like a plan,” Heather said as she climbed onto the bed and snuggled into me.

I clapped my hands and shut off the lights. The alarm was set, I had the girl of my dreams riding my cock tonight and my sister snuggled into me. The day had been a full one but a perfect one at that. Tomorrow, school would start a whole new adventure for us, and not even Dr. Nitty would know what we had in store.