SWMS – Sugar and Vinegar Chapter 4

By: Nova

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The hot water hit my face soothing it and waking me up at the same time. It had been a weird couple of days. First I had made love with Heather. It had been wonderful. She didn’t want a relationship, so I tried for at least a one-time stand with Sarah. That did not go well. It turned out she was a complete bitch. I found Caitlin in the woods, swimming nude, and we had made love while trying to outrun the rain, which was killer. Then she dropped the bomb that she couldn’t have a relationship because of her mom, which sucked. Then Rachel let me feel her wet pussy, which was awesome. But then Nitty interrupted which sucked. And then I found out that Becky wanted me too, which was awesome.

I began lathering up a washcloth with a bar of soap and began cleaning my body. I examined myself to try and make sure I was all clean as I scrubbed but moreover tried to figure out what my sisters saw in me. I’d have to have a talk with Heather regarding Sarah too. I didn’t want her still feeling guilty from all of that. I began pouring myself some shampoo as I looked down at my wet body. I wasn’t skinny as a rail, but I wasn’t overly muscular. My stomach could look like six pack abs if I flexed the muscles so I wasn’t the flabby type. My cock, I know a lot of guys will embellish here and say they’re huge, I don’t think I am… I was only 6 1/2 inches in length and wasn’t sure of the girth. I kept myself clean shaved for swimming and was hoping to make the team this year.

I shampooed my hair, and rinsed off, before exiting the shower, shutting it off as I left. I remembered that mom was exhausted so I had to keep down my chit-chats with Heather and the others. Oh, god, Heather! She still thought I was mad at her regarding the Sarah thing. I had to pull her aside and talk to her. I knew what I wanted to say, that it wasn’t her fault that she and Sarah didn’t get along, and had she told me, or even if she hadn’t I probably wouldn’t of dated Sarah regardless of sleeping with her or not. I walked over to the sink and checked out my baby face for any new facial hair. I say baby face because I really wouldn’t start growing facial hair for a few years, in fact, it happened at the point that my allergies to dust and a few food items kicked in. I lathered up and shaved a few of the more sensitive spots to keep them hair free, mainly my balls, and then rinsed off my razor and put it in its tray before grabbing a towel and wrapping it around my waist.

I opened the bathroom door and stepped out, leaving it open behind me to let the steam air out and began walking down our hallway. Our hallway was painted blue, with doors on either side until you got to the living room. Rachel and Becky shared the bedroom to my first left, which was right next to the bathroom, and Heather opposite it. There was a storage room, or guest bedroom if you would next to Heather’s and the one opposite that was mom’s bedroom. Finally at the end of the hall, nearest the dining room was my bedroom and Mom’s office. I had made my way about half way to my bedroom when Rachel rushing down the hall bumped into me, almost knocking my towel off. I readjusted it, retightening it as she put her hands on my shoulders. I looked up only to be given a quick kiss on the lips.

“Listen, Mr. Hottie, we’re gonna do a movie marathon since it’s still raining outside. Heather and Becky are just getting comfortable, and after you get dressed, I’d like to snuggle you on the couch.” She whispered, moving quickly to my ear so that I could hear her.

“Sure,” I said softly.

She jumped a little for joy, before rushing off to her room. I watched her go, noting to myself to remember the way her ass looked in those tight little shorts. I’m sure you know the type. They were pink, with white seams, that were shaped to hug her ass, but frilled out around her thighs. It was painfully clear from her shorts that she didn’t have on any underwear at least from what I could tell. Her shirt was one of those athletic t-shirts from the time, with the tight neckline and arm holes, and was tight enough that I could clearly make out her bra under the white fabric. Her hair was down and swayed behind her as she moved. I turned back on my path and headed into my room.

“Snuggling, huh?” I said to myself under my breath as I shut and locked my bedroom door.

I walked over to my dresser. I loosened my towel and let it drop to my floor, enjoying the warm air on my nether region before grabbing my comb and turning to my cheap full-length mirror which was propped against my wall. I quickly adjusted my hair to my liking then grabbed a t-shirt from one of my dresser drawers after tossing my comb back on the dresser next to my watch. I pulled on the t-shirt, which really didn’t mess up my hair, but I fixed it with my fingers none the less. I then went into my other drawers trying to find a pair of shorts. Somehow I didn’t even register grabbing a pair of boxers this time, and found a pair that matched my red t-shirt, and pulled them on. I looked at myself in the mirror and debated putting on some socks before grabbing some cologne and giving myself a very light spritz. I didn’t want to overdo it, but I wanted her to enjoy my smell too. I mean she had confessed her attraction to me, and if this were innocent snuggling, I didn’t want my normal body odor to throw her off her enjoyment.

Satisfied, finally, with my appearance, I put the cologne back in its resting spot and turned towards the door. As I made my way out of my room, and towards the living room, I found the air to have turned ice cold. My sisters may have turned down the air conditioning. The living room was off the dining room and was the main entrance to the house. The living room and dining room was dark, as was the kitchen, which I glanced to my left to see. The kitchen leads to the back yard, and down to the basement. The curtains were all drawn, so if the storm did break that the sun would not interrupt us.

“Josh-y, hurry up and get in here so we can start the movie,” Becky said.

I looked over at her. She was under a blanket on the floor with Heather. I turned and headed towards the couch were Rachel, with a heavy blanket, was waiting for me. I walked over to the couch. Rachel was leaning against what was my left-hand side, her right-hand side, she leaned forward, motioning with her head for me to sit behind her. I climbed up on the couch and got seated behind her. As Rachel leaned back and began adjusting my arms to be around her, Heather started the movies. The movie was the Goonies. One that we had all seen a ton of times and one of my favorite classics to this day. After the movie started Rachel leaned back to whisper more in my ear.

“Don’t be scared, Josh. If you wanna enjoy the movie or enjoy me, I won’t mind either way.” She whispered.

“But what about them?” I whispered back.

“Oh, they’re gonna be too focused on each other to notice what we’re doing.” Rachel said as she reached into the leg of my shorts and stroked my flaccid cock.

“What do you mean?” I whispered.

“Heather and Becky are naked under their blanket. I wouldn’t be surprised if Becky is teasing Heather’s beautiful young pussy right now with the vibrator she’s been hiding.” Rachel whispered.

My cock jumped to life in her hand. I could feel her gently massage it as it throbbed in her fingers.

“Well, that woke little Josh up.” Rachel giggled.

I turned my head and she met me as we began to kiss. My left hand slowly trailed up her stomach, and under her shirt until I was cupping her naked left tit in it. She had removed her bra to give me easier access while I had been getting dressed. We made out as I massaged her left breast, leaving my right hand on her stomach for the time being. I could feel her adjust herself in front of me as I heard the vibrator she had hinted at click on, and Heather gave off a light moan. My cock was getting harder by the moment and urged me to move things forwards as I began to gently twist and turn Rachel’s already fully erect nipple. I slowly slipped my right hand down her shorts, to find that I was indeed correct, she wasn’t wearing underwear. I could feel a bit of stubble now on her outer lips. I slipped my fingers down them and back up. I then used my pointer and middle finger to slide between them, gauging her wetness. She had been wetter last night when she had forced me to feel her. She gasped into my mouth as I pulled my hand back, rubbing against her clit. She broke the kiss and leaned into my ear.

“You’re the first guy to touch me like this.” She whispered hinting at only one thing.

She was hinting that she had been with another woman. I was willing to bet on who as I heard Heather give out a low moan. It was louder than the last and looking over, I could barely make out Heather and Becky making out. I turned my head back to Rachel and decided to ask to be sure.

“So Becky was your first then?” I whispered, stroking her pussy again.

“Yes.” She whispered before putting her head on my neck and letting out a muffled moan.

“How far did you two go?” I whispered.

“We ate each other, and have fingered each other.” She gasped as I put my index finger only inside her tight little pussy. “What about you? I know you and Heather and you and Cait went all the way but did you all do anything else?” She whispered.

“Heather’s blown me, as has Cait. I’ve eaten Heather almost to her orgasm. I only got to lick Cait a couple of times.” I answered quietly as I began to wiggle my finger inside of her.

“Did either of them swallow?” Rachel quietly asked as she held back a moan.

“No, they both stopped before I came,” I whispered as I stopped playing with Rachel’s nipple and went back to massaging her breast.

“Do you want to make love to me?” Rachel whispered before pulling me into a lip lock.

We made out again as I began switching from fingering her pussy to rubbing her clit. She absolutely adored it from what I could tell. Her kissing was more forceful and when kissing wasn’t enough, she spun around and began sucking on my neck. This time I let out a low moan. She sucked for maybe a minute before pulling back. The movie was barely 30 minutes in, and I had realized it was more about background noise to drown out the noises of all the love making going on. She kissed me hard again and leaned in for a quick word as my hand switched her tits.

“Do you want to make love to me, Joshua?” She whispered again.

“Yes,” I whispered.

I began placing much more effort on what I was doing to her, massaging her tit and fingering her pussy.

“I’m so close to cumming.” She whispered.

“Don’t hold back then,” I whispered.

“I want you inside me though.” She whispered, whimpering at what I was doing.

“I want you to cum first. I wanna make love to you, not just fuck you.” I whispered.

She looked into my eyes. That loving look, I will never forget. It was a look of love and disbelief at the same time. You see Rachel wasn’t unpopular by any means during her high school years, or even in her first year in college. She got hit on all the time, but rarely took a boyfriend, and it usually ended in a couple days. She had her way of getting into guys heads and finding out what they wanted and dropped them when she deemed them unworthy. She wasn’t lying when she said Becky had been her first. But it was more like I had never seen her with a boyfriend in the house. And if you add in the timing of the one or two dates she went on, it wasn’t long enough for more than a quick blowjob at most. Usually, she came in after a date angry that the guy tried anything. Becky on the other hand never had a boyfriend. She hadn’t wanted one. Heather had a few, but never let them do more than a peck on the lips or some mild hand holding. Now, here I was, in the position to have all three of them all to myself. The next moment gave me the clarity I was looking for as Rachel kissed me passionately, forcefully, and willingly, sticking her tongue in my mouth and wrestling hers with mine as her body convulsed against mine. I felt the hottest of her liquids enveloping my index finger, I felt her walls trying to milk my finger for the seed it couldn’t give. Soon she broke the kiss and collapsed against me.

“Oh god,” Rachel whispered. “That was intense.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it,” I whispered as she pulled herself up a bit.

Heather let out another moan. Looking at my other sisters, I could see that Becky had vanished under the blanket and Heather was now on her back with a sizable lump towards her midsection. From the smells given off from Rachel, I couldn’t tell if Heather was close to coming, but she seemed to be enjoying it. Rachel pulled away from me, fixing her shirt and shorts before taking me by the hand.

“Where are you taking me?” I whispered.

“The bedroom?” Rachel whispered as she got up, and pulled me to get me to my feet.

She led me by the hand into my bedroom. I closed the door behind us. My bed, as it was, was against the wall that had the door on it. It was to my right as I entered the room. The Mirror was towards the end of the room against the left-hand wall just before bookcases that had a multitude of movies and books on them. Next to that was my dressers. And opposite the mirror was my closet. Rachel walked to the foot of my bed, reached for and took the bottom of her shirt, and in a single motion, pulled it off, exposing her beautiful 34 C-Cup breasts. Her areolas were about the size of a half dollar and her nipples were hard and the size of small pencil erasers. She had an innie-type bellybutton. Her stomach was flat and slightly toned. She tossed the shirt to the floor before shucking off her shorts and standing in her nude glory before me. Her pussy was swollen and had some 5-o’clock stubble going on.

“Well, little brother, you are the first man to see me naked since I turned 11, and changed to a female doctor. I have to know, do you find me attractive?” She asked shyly.

I stepped forwards and quickly pulled off my shirt and dropped my shorts, standing just a couple of inches from her. My cock was fully erect and pointed at the top of her pussy. I leaned in and kissed her softly, committing to memory the feel of her lips against mine.

“Yes,” I said. “You don’t know how much I’ve fantasized about this, ever since you first had on a bikini in front of me. It was like torture, wanting you but never thinking that something like this could happen.” I admitted.

“About a year ago, I caught a glimpse of you, and your impressive body when you lost control of a towel, and I was needless to say turned on.” She started.

She lowered herself to her knees.

“And then last night, I had to masturbate for hours after I left your room. It took everything I had to not come into your room and force myself on you. And this…” She started, taking my cock into her hand. “Was the start of my fantasy.”

Now, keep in mind that my sister wasn’t practiced or skilled in giving a blowjob, but she definitely had picked up a few things from porn or the like as she started by licking the underside of my shaft from the hilt to the tip before plunging her mouth, taking my complete length to the base. She let it sit there for a moment, letting me feel the back of her throat, before slowly backing off until just the head was inside her mouth, then completely in again, sucking all the while. It was heaven. She began moving faster and sucking as hard as she could, occasionally pulling me completely out of her mouth to suck or lick the shaft, and even began caressing my balls.

“Oh god, Rachel, where did you learn this?” I moaned lightly.

Stopping she looked up at me.

“Tips from friends, a couple porn videos, but mostly I’m making this up as I go along. Am I doing alright?” She asked.

She went back to work and I put my hand on her head, not to control her movements, but more to stop myself from falling over.

“Oh god, yes.” I moaned.

My peak was quickly approaching, but Rachel showed no sign of giving up.

“Rachel, I’m gonna cum soon,” I warned her.

She took my cock from her mouth.

“Don’t hold back then.” She said parroting what I had told her before.

She plunged my cock back deep into her mouth. I felt my balls contract, my cock throb, and my cum spray a little into her mouth. When I say a little, I don’t mean buckets of cum, or even that it went off like a hose, I did my best to actually hold back as much as I could for the grand finale, but gave up a few ropes. She greedily swallowed it down as I moaned from the relief. After she was sure I was done, she pulled my cock from her mouth. It was still half erect. She stood up and we shared a passionate kiss. I could taste my own cum on her tongue and it wasn’t bad. Sweet but salty.

“Now it’s my turn,” I said, turning us so her back was to the edge of my bed.

“For what?” She asked.

“Well little Josh-y needs a few to recover, so I think I’d like to taste you,” I said as I urged her to sit.

“Have you had any…” She started only for me to pull on her legs causing her to fall back.

I knelt down in between her legs and set to work, doing everything I had ever fantasized doing with my mouth to her virgin pussy, and yes, she was still a virgin. Licks and sucks on the outer lips to start.

“Wow, this is wow. Joshua, do you know… have you had any idea how much I’ve wanted you to do this to me?” She asked.

“As much as I dreamed you’d give me a blowjob like that?” I asked in between teases.

“I guess you do then.” She giggled.

As I stated before, it was her outer lips I focused on first, giving them as much attention as I could and as I did, her clit got erect. Very erect until it was standing almost like my cock had been. I then began my assault on it, teasing it every way I knew how. She soon grabbed me by the hair, basically letting me know that she was close. I felt her body convulse against my face as she did her best to keep my face in place as she came. Her orgasm was very wet, and very tasty, not to mention the wonderful moan she let off as she was given relief. When her orgasm had finally subsided and she let go of my hair, I climbed onto the bed, and we made out some more.

“So, how should we do this?” I asked.

“What do you mean?” She asked.

“Well with Heather she was on top, but with Cait, I was on top,” I stated.

“I think I’ll be on top.” Rachel said as she rolled onto me, pinning my once again hard cock between us. “But, let’s get into a better position, I feel like I’m gonna fall off the bed.” She said.

She climbed off me so that I could readjust myself. I got positioned in the proper position laying on the bed. She climbed back over me, positioning my erect cock right at her entrance.

“Now to be fair,” She said. “I’m only doing it like this to be careful losing my virginity. I heard it hurts a little. If you wanna change positions after, I’m good.” Rachel said.

“I understand. But shouldn’t we… you know… get protection?” I asked.

Rachel shook her head.

“You dummy. I’m on the pill.” She said before slowly lowering herself onto my shaft. When she was about… I’d say a quarter way in… she winced and I saw a small drop of blood trickle down my cock. “I think I did it.” She said.

She bent over to look at the cock she was impaling herself on then straightened herself back up. She fixed her hair and took a deep breath.

“Do you know how beautiful you are? Just sitting there?” I asked as I took in the sight of her impaling herself the rest of the way on my cock.

She blushed across her face, neck, and chest as she got herself fully seated on my cock.

“You… you’re just saying that because I’ve got your cock inside me.” She said.

I sat up, leaned in and kissed her passionately.

“No, I mean it,” I said.

“You know, you’re not chopped liver, yourself.” She said. “To be honest, I want to ask you to stop fucking Heather or whomever else so I can keep you to myself.” She said.

She pushed me to lay back as she slowly raised herself a bit then lowered herself on my cock. Her pussy was tight, wet and hot, and the walls were doing everything they could to milk my cock. The next time she raised herself up, she leaned back a little. I reached up and put one hand on her hip and the other on her breast, massaging it again. She leaned in for a kiss.

“I don’t think I can keep the pace.” She whispered.

“So don’t then,” I said softly.

“But then it’ll be over too soon.” She whispered.

“You wanna try a different position?” I asked.

“Well to be honest there are a few that I’ve seen or read about that I wanna try with you.” Rachel said as she slowly pulled herself off my cock. “But I wanna see what you come up with first.” She said with a smirk.

I had just the one in mind that I wanted to try out. I got up and had her lay on her side. I took her leg and lifted it, positioning myself at her entrance.

“Oh, this is different.” She said as I slowly began thrusting in and out. “Okay, no, this isn’t gonna work, Josh-y.” She said pulling her leg back down and pushing me out of her.

“Why not?” I asked.

“I need to stretch for that one. It’s hurting. Let’s not do anything needlessly complicated. It’s only our first time. Maybe just missionary?” She asked quietly as she rolled onto her back.

I kneeled there for a moment, taking in her beauty again. Her hair splayed out behind her, her breasts flattened by gravity to remind me of some kid’s drawing, and her flat stomach slowly raising and lowering as she anticipated what I would say. I moved her legs apart, wanting almost to just dive into her vagina again and start licking and sucking at it again.

“What?” She asked.

“Nothing. Just admiring the view.” I said.

“You dork.” She said, reaching up and grabbing my arm, pulling me to her so that we could go back to making out.

I slowly slid my cock back inside her as we made out. This time, it was my turn to suck on her neck, as I began to pick up speed and power with my thrusts. She began moaning louder and louder with each thrust. She began thrusting her hips against mine and her pussy began clenching down on my cock.

“Oh God! That’s it!” She cried out.

I felt a hot liquid enveloping my cock at first, like a rush of water hitting it from every side, then I began feeling the same feeling across my groin and balls. I tried to hold myself from cumming but it was too much. I slammed my cock into her and began cumming as hard as I had with Heather. I released my hold on her neck with my mouth and let out a moan as she moaned in unison. She grabbed my face and pulled me into another passionate kiss as my balls steadily emptied inside her. Looking back, I had never asked her if she still wanted me to cum inside her or not, but considering how caught up we had both become, and the fact that she was on the pill, I don’t think it mattered to her. She broke the kiss and looked into my eyes.

“That, Joshua Timothy Swartz, was amazing. I’m still cumming.” She said.

“So am I,” I told her.

“I don’t think it’s ever been… like this…” She said.

“Really?” I asked. “Is that good? Or bad.”

“You dork. It’s good.” She said.

“Better than with Becky?” I asked.

“It’s different. I’m not gonna lie, you are amazing, it’s like our bodies were in tune with each other. But I think Becky is still a bit better at eating me out.” She said with a giggle.

“So you prefer her?” I asked.

Rachel shook her head.

“You dork. You don’t know how long I’ve waited for you to make love to me.” She said.

My cock gave a few final spurts of cum as it started to calm down.

“Really? So we can do this again?” I asked.

“Definitely. Though I’m betting I’m gonna have to share you wish Becks and Heather.” Rachel said. “But I can live with that.”

We shared another very passionate kiss as I slowly reached down and very carefully pulled myself out. After I was out of her, she moved over and I laid down next to her. My bedroom door suddenly opened and Mom walked in the room completely stark naked… much to both of our surprise. Mom closed the door behind her. We both knew we were busted and our faces obviously showed it as we did nothing to hide our bodies. Mom looked over at us.

“Oh don’t look so shocked.” Mom said.

“We didn’t wake you did we?” Rachel asked.

“No.” Mom said as she walked over to the bed and took my cock unbelievably into her hand and stroked it. “That honor goes to Heather. Becky had her cumming so hard she screamed.” Mom laughed as she climbed onto the bed.

At first, I wasn’t sure what Mom was up to, but I figured it out fast as Mom positioned herself over my cock and plunged herself down on my still sensitive cock. I felt my cock shoot a little more. Her pussy was hot, wet and tight. Not nearly as much as Rachel and Heather, but still pretty tight. I looked up at her body. She was still in good shape for her age. D-cup breasts with areolas similar to Rachel, and similar nipples. Her pussy was covered in pubic hair, but not too much.

“Guess I should’ve waited a little.” Mom laughed.

“Not to sound unwilling but…” I started. “You’re okay with this?” I asked.

“Becky and Rachel have been having sex for years. You had sex with Heather no less than two days ago, and don’t deny it. You were the only two in the house, Heather already fessed up, and your room still stunk of sex the next morning young man.” Mom said. “Besides, I’d be a bit hypocritical if I disciplined you, any of you, for what I’ve done myself.”

“You’ve done?” I asked.

“Your aunt, and your uncle… when I was younger than you.” Mom said.

“Really? Did it go anywhere?” I asked.

“Well, you could say that…” Mom said. “I had two beautiful children with your uncle… or maybe I should say your father, Joshua.”

My mind was officially blown again. My uncle… Uncle Paul… was my dad? Mom slowly began riding my cock as Becky came in the room.

“And on top of that, I’m sure you both know what you were doing, based on the size of the creampie you just put in your older sister’s pussy,” Mom added.

I was still in shock. I had just finished committing a taboo with my sister, and not only had my mom just blown my mind on who my father actually was, but she was now riding my cock and as far as I knew, was unprotected.

“Heather’s finally out,” Becky said.

I looked over at Becky, who was completely naked as well.

“Good, poor girl needs the sleep.” Mom said.

“Why? What happened?” I asked.

“It was a bit too much for her,” Becky said. “After she came, she started crying and having a bit of a breakdown… mainly because she had never gotten off, nor considered getting off with another girl… and well, when you get worked up like that… let’s just say she made a mess.”

“Pee?” I asked.

“Vomit. It seems she had a bit of a stomach bug too… she was running a fever.” Becky said. “So Mom had me get her to bed. How did things go for you two?” Becky asked.

“Josh-y was wonderful.” Rachel said propping herself up on her side.

“Did he eat you?” Becky asked.

“Oh yeah. Not as good as you, but not bad.” Rachel giggled.

“Great, I keep my title of the best and I still have yet to enjoy his tongue,” Becky said.

My cock was throbbing at this point.

“I’m glad you’re loosening up honey. Your brother definitely is well equipped for this all.” Mom said. “He’s definitely bigger than your father, or his own for that matter.” Mom said.

“But I don’t get it. Why do you all want me?” I asked.

“You dork. I’ve been in love with you for a long time… Becky and Heather have both said the same to me in confidence.” Rachel said.

Mom stopped riding my cock.

“I have to admit, son, I’m not really interested in a romantic relationship. I mean we can do romance if you want, but you probably don’t want to think of romance with an old lady like me when you have your three sisters all fighting for your affection.” Mom said. “But if you’re not, that’s fine, you can still come to me if you need a change of pace. But I should warn you, Mommy does want another kid.” Mom said.

I sat up and pulled Mom into a passionate kiss.

“Mom you’re beautiful and sexy. Any of my guy friends wouldn’t think twice about fucking your brains out if you gave them the chance.” I said after we broke the kiss. “And I’d be lucky if I thought I had any chance, but here you are riding my cock, telling me not to worry about romance? Wow.” I said.

Mom blushed brightly.

“You would be insane if you thought I wouldn’t want to be in that kind of relationship,” I said lying back.

“A romantic relationship with all four of us?” Mom asked. “That’s a pretty tall order,” Mom added.

“Not really, especially if you don’t think of it as a binary thing, Mom,” Becky said. “If it’s more of a web where everyone is in a relationship with everyone else… I mean… if you’re interested.”

Now it was Becky who was blushing. Mom grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her into a passionate kiss. The two of them began making out as Mom rode my cock. Becky’s body was identical to Rachel’s with the only difference being the placement of her freckles.

“That would be lovely, but we have to wait until Heather is feeling better so that we can all sit down and talk about it okay?” Mom said.

Becky just nodded a bit awestruck by Mom. Mom turned back to me.

“Joshua, I don’t want to alarm you, but Mommy is gonna cum.” She said.

She laid down on top of me, and began slamming her pussy down on my cock as hard and as fast as she could, grunting and groaning with each slam.

“I’m about to cum, sweetie. Please don’t hold back.” Mom cried out before slamming herself hard down on my cock.

That was all I apparently needed as my cock gave its final eruption of the night. Mom’s pussy clamped down on my cock as it erupted inside her pussy. Mom gave me a peck on the lips.

“I’ve missed that feeling.” Mom said to me. “Mommy really needed this.” She added.

“So, you and dad were close too?” I asked.

Mom sat up and looked down at me.

“Yes, your dad and I were close when we were younger.” Mom said.

“So why isn’t he around?” I asked.

“Work keeps him busy for the most part.” Mom answered.

“But he’s the owner of Jump Jet… you would think it would afford him…” I started.

“How do you know that?” Mom asked.

“This scientist showed up last night named Dr. Nitty,” I said.

“Insan was here? And I missed him?” Mom said.

“You know him?” I asked.

“I was his babysitter. Cute kid. So what did he want?” Mom asked.

“He wanted me to come work for him,” I said.

“Oh, that should be interesting. Insan was always a smart kid.” Mom said. “I didn’t know your father had employed him.”

“Well, I guess you two could catch up on old times then if I take the job,” I said.

“Well, it’s up to you sweetie.” Mom said. “Now, as soon as your done cumming deep inside Mommy, I think Becky and I will excuse ourselves. Becky can make you all lunch, and Mommy is going to bed. And considering how much you’re cumming inside Mommy, I think you may want a nap too.” Mom said with a smile.

I just nodded in agreement. After a few minutes, my cock began to taper off, and Mom pulled herself off of it. Mom and Becky quietly left the room as Rachel pulled the blanket over us and snuggled up to me.

“Well little brother, you’ve made quite the impression on all of us. How’s it feel?” Rachel asked softly.

“A little tiring. I mean I’m worn out.” I yawned.

“Don’t worry. I hear stamina builds up with time and lots of practice, and you’ll get lots of practice with all of us.” Rachel giggled.

I clapped twice, causing the lights to turn off. Rachel snuggled into my shoulder and we fell asleep. I slept all the way through to morning and didn’t even feel it when Rachel got up and left the room. I had been that worn out. That night, the same dream, waking in the middle of the night playing out the same scene of a woman riding my cock. This time I got a slightly better look at her… her skin was pale… and I couldn’t seem to move.

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