SWMS – Sugar and Vinegar Chapter 5

By: Nova

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I awoke alone in bed. At first, I didn’t remember why I should think twice about this, but then I realized that Rachel had laid down with me yesterday around lunch. Had I slept all that time? It was morning now, so I must have slept all that time, and that dream, I could remember it better now. I pulled off my covers, and sat up on my bed, swinging my legs over the bed. I looked down at my naked body. My cock felt dried and crusty from last nights’ fun. I stood up and stretched before turning towards the door, which was open. I puzzled about it for a moment before walking out and heading straight towards the bathroom. I got into the bathroom and went through my normal routine of cleaning myself up, but for some reason, after the shower, I felt like someone had turned off the AC in the house. I wrapped a towel around my waist and began walking down the hall. I was almost immediately stopped by Becky as she came out of her room. She was in a white bikini, dripping in sweat, not enough so to make it transparent, but enough so that her sweat beaded up and rolled down her body as if she had just gotten out of the shower. She stood in front of me, her hair was tied into a pony tail and if it wasn’t for her glasses, and her placement of her freckles I wouldn’t be able to tell her apart from Rachel. She pressed her body against mine and looked me in the eyes. I have to admit, that feeling her against me like that, it was very arousing. She pulled me into a passionate kiss, our first kiss, and showed me in the way she kissed me exactly how she felt. I returned the kiss with as much passion as I could.

When we broke the kiss, she bit her lower lip as she looked into my eyes.

“I… uh…” I started to say.

“Listen, I’d love to let you fuck my brains out right now, but there are two issues. One, it’s way too hot in here. And two, Heather needs you more.” Becky said.

“Okay, why is it so hot?” I asked.

“Air-conditioning bit the dust this morning. Repair man will be here just after lunch time.” Becky explained. “With Rachel out doing some last minute shopping and Mom at work, that leaves you to take care of your twin sister…” She added.

“So, that’s the only thing stopping you? Are you sure you want me at all.” I asked with a smirk.

“You’re such a dork,” Becky said as she slapped my chest. “Fine, you want proof?” She asked.

Before I could say a word, Becky dropped to her knees and opened my towel, revealing my flaccid cock. She took it into her mouth and began licking and sucking at it, as she pumped it with her hand. She pulled back a bit from it but continued to stroke me.

“You know, I always wanted your cock to be the first I sucked, and now, it has been. I’ve always fantasized about how we would first make love, and now we’re going to. It’s like a dream.” She explained before plunging my cock back into her hot and wet mouth, going back to work on it.

I let my towel drop to the floor as she continued. The feeling was wonderful, and for a brief moment, I wondered. I wondered if she was telling me the truth about being the first cock she’s sucked. She had a lot of skill and almost had me fully erect already. She drove it into her mouth, pulled it out again, then plunged it all the way into her mouth, swallowing and deep throating it. She just held it there as it throbbed in her mouth. She pulled it out again, now at full mass. She stared at it in awe as her spit and throat juices drooled down it.

“Beautiful.” She said as she kept her eyes glued to it. “It’s so big and thick.” She said softly as she gently ran her hand up and down the shaft. “It seems almost a waste to let this erection go without getting it inside me, but…” She said as she massaged my balls with her free hand.

“Well, we could enjoy a quick session…” I started.

“Uh, un. No way.” She said standing up and letting go of me.

She pressed her body against mine again, trapping my cock between us.

“We are not having sex when Heather is sick, and it’s hotter than hell in this house. When we do make love, it’ll be in a nice cool bedroom, and we will not be done for hours. Understand?” She said forcefully.

“Yes, Ma’am.” I gulped.

“Good, now pick up your towel, and go into Heather’s room and keep her company, and if you’re smart, you’ll find a way to stay ready for me until after either she feels better, or someone else gets home,” Becky said.

With that, she gave me a quick peck on the lips and stepped back again.

“Besides, I’m sure I’ll be staying ready for you.” She said with a smile. “So it’ll be worth the wait.”

I watched as she took my hand and slid it down the front of her bikini bottom to feel how wet her pussy was. She was soaking. I don’t mean it was just her outer lips that were wet, I’m saying her entire bikini bottom was wet with her pussy juices. It felt like she had cum just from the little work she had done on me. I looked back into her eyes.

“Did you cum? From just giving me a little head?” I asked.

“No, I squirted from giving you a little head.” She said. “It was so arousing to finally have your magnificent cock in my mouth.”

I removed my hand and I kneeled down, so I was facing her pussy. I moved her bikini out of the way to expose her freshly shaven pussy lips. They were puffy and the smell of her arousal was overwhelming. I couldn’t help myself. In no time at all, her pussy lips were spread and I was licking and sucking at her lips and clit for all it was worth. Her hand shot down to the back of my head. She began running her fingers thru my hair and holding my head against her pussy. She let out soft gasps and moans as I ate her pussy. It didn’t take long at all for her to start bucking her hips against my face, and I began tasting her juices as she squirted into my mouth while she screamed out from the intensity of it all. After her orgasm began to subside she pulled herself away and dropped to her knees to be face to face with me.

“I never thought… I mean… I don’t think I’ve… Joshua, that was wonderful.” She whispered.

She leaned in and placed a soft kiss on my lips.

“That was exactly why I want to wait until we can be alone. Joshua, when you made me cum, I saw fireworks and stars. It was amazing.” Becky sighed.

“Really?” I asked.

“Yes. It was like I had always imagined.” Becky cooed at me.

I had a feeling that I now had her in the palm of my hand if I wanted to fuck her here in the hall, I could have it. So I decided to go for it.

“Well, if we’re going to make it all fireworks and stars, You’ll need a shower, shave, you know the normal stuff to be cleaned up. I’ll go keep an eye on Heather or keep her company or whatever she needs. When someone gets back we’ll spend the evening together and make a real attempt at sort of a date, then we’ll have our fun.” I told her.

“Really?” She asked.

“Yeah, you told Rachel that you were interested in a real relationship with me too, right?” I asked.

“Oh my god! Thank you Josh-y!” She squealed.

She pretty much jumped into my arms and showered my face with kisses before getting to her feet and rushing into her room. I stood up after her door closed and picked up my towel. I wiped my face and cock of her remaining juices and turned towards Heather’s room. I opened her door and stepped inside and closed the door behind me. Heather was lying under the covers of her bed, watching TV. She turned her head to look at me.

“Oh wow, not only do I get a visitor, but he’s naked and has a full erection for me.” She giggled.

“Feeling any better?” I asked.

“Well, now I’m sopping wet. I mean I was wet before thinking about last night, but you had to come into the room and have an erection.” She said with another giggle.

“Is there a problem with that?” I asked with a smirk.

“Nothing that can’t be fixed easily.” She said. “Come sit on the bed.” She added sitting up.

The covers hugged her chest, they were lightweight and interchanged lines of baby blue and sky blue. Her hair was down, tousled a bit due to laying on her bed. I made no attempt to hide my body as I walked over to her bed. I chose a spot in the center of the edge of the bed facing the television and sat down. I turned my head to look at her, only to be given a very passionate kiss and before I could respond or blink, I was on my back, and she was on top of me. She sat up, spread her pussy with her pointer and middle finger of her right hand, and used her other hand to position me at her entrance before slowly sliding me inside her tight pussy. She let out a moan as my cock pressed up against her cervix. She leaned in for another passionate kiss. We made out for a few minutes before she broke the kiss.

“You don’t know how much I’ve missed having you inside me like this.” She cooed. “We definitely need to do this more, as long as we can keep it from…” She started.

She stopped suddenly and sat up. It wasn’t just to allow me a view of her body but to think. She crossed her arms across her chest.

“God, I think I was really out of it last night. I mean I remember getting eaten out by Becky, then cumming so hard… while Mom… oh god, I think she caught Becky and I. Did she catch you and Rachel?” Heather asked.

“Well, yeah, she sort of did after we had finished,” I said.

“What do you mean? Sort of?” Heather asked.

“Well, you’re probably not going to believe this,” I said.

“What? Did she force you two into some sort of sexual acts? Or did she ground you?” Heather asked.

“More sort of the first one. Except it was really just her and me, and it wasn’t really forced.” I admitted.

“So what exactly happened?” Heather asked.

“Well, while you and Becky were enjoying each other, Rachel and I were doing the same. When we went into my room, we made love.” I explained.

“Okay, well I figured that much. Becky and Rachel have been romantically interested in you since way back.” Heather said. “So what happened after?” She asked.

“Well…” I said as Heather laid back down on me. “Mom walked in, and we thought we were in trouble, but she told us to calm down, that you had woken her, then she climbed on top of me, and started riding me.”

“Wait, you had sex with Mom?” Heather said, a bit in disbelief.

“Yeah, we had sex,” I confirmed.

I felt Heather’s pussy tighten around my cock. I was kind of surprised that she was getting even more turned on by the thought of me fucking our own mother.

“What happened next? Did you cum inside her? Is she on protection? Did she enjoy it?” Heather asked as she sat up and began bouncing on my cock.

“Oh yeah. I came inside her, about as much as I did inside you, and Rachel.” I said.

Her pussy tightened some more.

“She wanted me to,” I added.

Even more so…

“She wanted me to be the father of her next child,” I said.

Her pussy clamped down hard.

“I’M CUMING!” She screamed as her juices erupted, squirting all over me.

As she came, I felt myself getting towards the edge, and she had stopped bouncing. I grabbed her by the hips and lifted her a little before slamming into her, pushing myself over the edge.

“I’m cumming!” I grunted.

My cock erupted inside her, spraying my seed deep into her unprotected womb.

“OH YES! JOSH-Y! FILL ME UP!” She screamed. “GIVE IT ALL TO ME!”

“Oh? Do you like that feeling? The feeling of my seed filling up your womb?” I asked.

“YES! OH GOD YES!” She screamed.

She was still squirting and we were at least a couple minutes in at this point.

“The feeling of filled by your twin’s seed? Possibly getting knocked up with his children?” I said softly.

She kissed me hard as she hit another surge in her orgasm.

“Yes. Oh god, please yes.” She half whispered and half whimpered. “Please let me have your children.”

She kissed me hard, not passionate, but mashed her lips against mine with such force. She pulled back from the kiss with tears running down her cheeks.

“You want to have my kids?” I asked.

Heather blushed and nodded.

“I just know you’re going to be absolutely glowing when you’re pregnant,” I said to her.

“Really?” She said.

Not only was her face in full blush but her chest as well now.

“Yeah,” I said.

“Well.. I… um… I don’t know what to say.” Heather said.

“Well, it won’t just be me who feels that way,” I added. “Becky, last night, proposed that we all get into a group relationship. Where we all vote if others would join, and we could all be romantic together.” I said, trying to convey the same idea that Becky had last night.

“Oh wow,” Heather said as she laid down on top of me. “You’re really letting a lot out in me too… you must really like the idea of knocking me up.”

“I’d say you like the idea as well the way your orgasm was hitting while we were talking about it.” I pointed out.

Her pussy got impossibly tight as it milked my cock.

“I do have to say, having a child, knowing that I could be getting knocked up right now, it’s driving my orgasm even longer.” She cooed.

She laid down and snuggled into my chest as my cock throbbed inside her.

“So what do you think about the whole relationship idea?” I asked.

“It holds merit… I mean, we’d have to limit the romantic stuff to private areas, but we could make it work.” Heather said.

“So is that a yes?” I asked.

“From me? Of course.” Heather said.

“Good,” I said with a smile. “We’ll probably sit down with the rest and hammer out the details later.”

“Of course. But for now, Let’s just snuggle and watch some trash TV.” Heather said, as she reached between her legs and slowly pulled my cock out of her.

My cock had finished pumping her full of my seed, but it was still hard. Heather rolled off me and pulled the covers free, covering the two of us up, before fixing the pillows and snuggling into me. The entire time we watched the TV, she kept her hand on my cock, slowly pumping it from time to time in order to keep me fully erect. About three or four shows in, Becky entered, dressed in a pair of tight shorts, and a t-shirt, with some grilled cheese and tomato soup for the three of us.

“Oh god, I’m starved,” Heather said sitting up and letting the covers fall down, exposing her upper body.

Becky handed her a plate.

“Heather about last night.” Becky started.

“We’ll talk about that after we eat,” Heather said.

Becky handed me a plate and I began eating. The three of us sat in silence, watching the TV as we ate. Towards the end of the meal, the doorbell rang. Becky jumped up, taking her plate with her and rushed out of the room. Heather and I finished our food. I stood up, freeing myself of the covers, and picked up my towel again. I wrapped it around my waist before picking up the dishes. I walked out of the room and headed to the kitchen. I put the dishes in the sink, seeing that Becky had gone outside. I heard some banging overhead which was probably the Air-conditioning repair man fixing the AC. I made my way back into Heather’s room, to see her standing at her dresser.

“You should still be in bed.” I pointed out.

“Yeah, but I had to clean myself up and I needed to grab a shirt, or I was going to be freezing,” Heather said as she went thru one of her drawers.

She pulled out a long t-shirt and pulled it on over her head before fixing her hair.

“You know, if you keep cumming inside me that much, you really will knock me up. Are you really okay with that?” Heather asked as she turned to look at me.

I thought about this for a moment, only a moment. I could’ve already knocked her, Rachel, Mom or even Caitlin up. I could already be a father and just not know it yet.

“I’m not going to tell you that I’m not scared. That’d be insane. But becoming a father? Yeah, I like that idea. I like it a lot.” I said. “And all of you, who know me so well, who love me so passionately, I’m honored that each of you would even consider being with me like that,” I added.

Heather walked over to me.

“You know, you’re very sweet,” Heather said.

“I have to tell you, Heather. I’ve been with Caitlin too.” I said.

“Really? How’d that happen?” She asked with a smirk.

“You already knew?” I asked.

“Oh yeah, Cait is one of my best friends. You think she didn’t call and tell me all about it?” She said with a giggle.

Heather leaned over to her night stand, by the foot of her bed, and grabbed a baby wipe. She handed it to me.

“You may want to clean yourself up. I was kind of messy.” She said.

I removed my towel, revealing my still hardened, for the most part, cock. She looked down at it, marveling at it, and licked her lips. As I started to move to clean myself up, Heather dropped to her knees and snatched the baby wipe from my hand. She started licking my groin and legs at first, cleaning up our combined juices. She then moved to my balls, slowly and gently licking and sucking them clean. Finally, she moved onto my cock starting at the shaft and moving to the head only after I was fully erect again and she felt it was clean. She then cleaned her saliva off with the baby wipe. When she was done she looked up at me with needing eyes. Wanting eyes. Lust filled eyes. My cock was throbbing again, wanting to be satiated. I reached out my hand to her, and helped her to her feet, keeping our eyes locked.

“Heather, you are so beautiful,” I said softly.

“I love you, Joshua.” She said softly.

“I love you too,” I replied.

We shared a brief kiss, soft, yet passionate.

“So why not Becky?” Heather asked. “I know you’ve been with Mom, with Rachel, and Caitlin, but you haven’t mentioned Becky. From the orgasmic scream I heard before you came in my room earlier, I know you two want each other, but you didn’t mention making love… and the way she looked at lunch… it’s like she was holding back tackling you and doing what I just did to you before lunch.”

“Well, I sort of passed out until this Morning after Mom… I came so hard inside Mom and inside Rachel without being able to recover, I couldn’t help it.” I explained. “This morning, she caught me out of the shower, and we made out a little. Then she sucked my cock until it was like this, then after seeing how she had cum just from getting me hard…” I added.

“Wait, she came just from giving you a little head? I mean did you even cum in her mouth?” Heather asked.

“No, I didn’t cum until I was inside you,” I said. “And she didn’t just cum, she squirted enough to soak her bikini,” I explained. “After seeing that, and smelling that, I ate her out until she squirted again.”

“Holy shit. And I thought I had it bad.” Heather said.

“And it was wonderful,” Becky said as we felt the air conditioning kicking on. “I’ve never had orgasms that powerful.”

I turned around as Heather leaned to the side to look at Becky.

“And you’re right. I do ‘have it bad’.” Becky explained. “You know I’ve wanted to be in a relationship with Josh-y since we were kids, but what you didn’t know is that I’ve been…” She started. “Wait, hold that thought.” She said.

She turned and left the room, and I caught a whiff of something, the smell of her arousal. She came back a few moments later, blushing.

“Wow, the AC guy just gave me his personal number,” Becky said.

“He was hitting on you?” I asked.

“A little,” Becky said.

“Now that the AC’s on, why don’t you two go spend some time together. I’m feeling better, and I think I’m going to take a bit of a nap.” Heather said pushing us out of her bedroom.

She closed the door behind us, leaving us alone.

“Well, I guess that settles it. So what do you want to…” I started to say only to have Becky’s lips slam against mine, as she threw her arms around me.

Her kiss wasn’t that passionate, but it was hard, like pressing her lips as hard against mine as she could. She broke the kiss after a few seconds.

“First, I want you to know, I have been waiting all day to be alone with you. So let’s enjoy it.” She said.

“Okay,” I said.

“Secondly, that AC guy has nothing on you. He’s not my type, and I tossed the number in the trash as soon as I was in the house.” Becky added.

I smiled at this.

“Thirdly, I’ve never had an orgasm that both satisfied me and made me want more until this morning.” Becky said, “And I had one like that twice in a row.” She added.

“Wow, I didn’t realize that I had that kind of effect on you,” I said.

“You’ve always had that effect on me.” Becky sighed. “Like I said, I’ve never had an orgasm like that. Never. Not with Mom, not with Rachel, and not on my own. I’ve used toys and loads of different methods of getting off, and it’s never been like that.” She said. “And I don’t want them to stop.” She said.

“Oh really?” I asked.

I wrapped my right arm around her waist before slipping my right hand down her shorts to her pussy. I could feel that her outer lips were already starting to get wet.

“Maybe I should just fuck your brains out right now then,” I said with a smirk.

“No.” She said and pushed me away, freeing herself from my grasp.

“No?” I asked.

“Listen, what I was trying to say earlier is that what you don’t know is that every time I’ve gotten off, I’ve been seeing you in sort of a vision, hovering over my body as if you were on your hands and knees over my body, masked in the glow of the light of the room. I want to feel that while you’re making love to me. Not just fucking, but making love, really making love.” She said.

“Alright, I think I get it,” I said.

“You do?” She asked.

I took her left hand in my right hand.

“Yes. You don’t want me to just fuck you, or for us to just have sex then do our own thing. You want me to be romantic, take you out on little dates, even if we can’t be close during them, and then make love after, right?” I asked.

“Oh my god, yes.” She said as tears welled up in her eyes.

“Good, so Heather’s satiated and resting. Let’s go out.” I said as I kept her hand in mine.

I pulled her into my room. I let go of her hand to walk over to the dresser and start getting dressed. I pulled out some shorts, baggy and red. I also pulled out a t-shirt.

“Wait? Where?” She asked as I started pulling on my clothing.

“How about that sandwich shop down the road. It’s small, quiet, and I happen to know one of the workers there, so if we want to sneak some kisses, they won’t say a word.” I said.

“Who works there that you know?” Becky asked.

“Nathan,” I said. “Trust me when I say he’s into some weird shit.”

“Like?” Becky asked.

“He’s into costumed sex… like Super hero and super villain sex.” I said trying to play off all I knew. “And his boyfriend plays into those fantasies,” I added pulling on my shirt and grabbing my wallet.

“Really?” She asked with a smirk on her face.

“Yeah,” I said putting the wallet in my back pocket.

I looked over at her. She caught me catching the smirk and giggled.

“That’s an idea that I’ll keep in mind for later.” She said as I walked towards her.

I took her by the hand again and we walked to the front door, we put on our shoes, grabbed a house key, locked up and left, walking together. We made our way to the sandwich shop, talking about what we would do after, planning to eat, then double back and change for the beach, watching a romantic sunset together. By the time we reached the sandwich shop, Becky was hanging on my arm like she was my girlfriend. We entered the shop to see Nathan behind the counter. He was wearing a striped work shirt and an apron along with a paper hat, making him look like one of those old malt shop workers. He smiled when he spotted me. He was about my height, with short dark brown hair and had a few small pimples on his forehead. His nose was small, and he was slender from what someone could make out at first glance.

“Hey, Josh!” Nathan exclaimed.

“Hi, Nathan,” I said walking up to him as Becky looked around the shop.

The counter was about waist high but had a glass case with various sandwiches premade in it.

“Who’s this?” Nathan asked, motioning to Becky.

“I’m Becky,” Becky said as I took a quick look around.

The sandwich place was empty, except for us from what I could see.

“Becky? Huh?” Nathan said looking at the two of us as he read our body language.

“Wait for it,” I said.

“What?” Becky asked.

“Oh! I get it. That’s awesome! I didn’t know you were into that too, Josh!” Nathan said, pointing out that I was in an incestuous relationship.

“It just sort of happened,” I explained.

“Does Heather know?” Nathan asked.

“She’s in on it,” I said widening my eyes and raising my eyebrows.

He stared at my expression for a moment then realized how far I was in.

“Oh wow! The whole… Well, good for you! So a date then? What’ll you two have?” He asked.

“Wait… did he just figure it all out from the look you gave him?” Becky asked.

“Pretty much,” I said.

“Listen, Becky, we’ve never talked before, but your secret’s safe with me. My boyfriend is my older brother. My younger cousin, Tracy, and I had sex last week. She was the first and only woman I’ve ever been with, and well, though we both were able to finish, I’m not… er… she’s not my type.” Nathan explained.

“Oh,” Becky said.

She had gotten the idea. Or at least part of it. What Becky thought was Nathan had only been intimate with Tracy to prove to himself that he was gay, and not bisexual. He had no hang-ups about incest, and neither did his family. We ordered our sandwiches and paid. Nathan made them up pretty fast as his older brother walked in.

“Hey, Scott!” Nathan said giving his older brother a wink.

Scott was about 6 inches taller than Nathan and was built like a linebacker. His eyes were brown and his hair matched his eyes. He was wearing jeans and a white t-shirt.

“Hey, Nate,” Scott said in a deep voice in contrast to Nathan’s lighter one.

“This is Josh from school, and his sister Becky. They’re like us.” Nathan said.

“Oh neat!” Scott said.

He walked over to his younger sibling and the two shared a passionate kiss.

“Dammit, not in front of the customers,” Nathan said, slapping his chest.

“What? They know, so what’s the big deal?” Scott asked.

“They don’t know EVERYTHING,” Nathan said as he blushed.

Like I stated before, Becky had only gotten part of the idea, and the rest of the truth hit her square in the face as we both could smell an all too familiar smell from Nathan.

“Well, now I do!” Becky said with a smirk.

“No, you really don’t.” I corrected her.

“What? That Nathan’s a girl?” Becky asked looking at me.

“No…” I said with an upward inflection on the word as I looked back at her.

“I’m both,” Nathan explained.

“What?” Becky asked as she looked back at Nathan. “But I can’t really tell.” She pointed out.

“That’s the idea,” Nathan explained. “Yeah I have both sets of equipment, and I was easier to pass off as a boy when I was younger, so We went with that as a family, but now that I’m older…” Nathan started.

“Nathan wears baggy shirts for a reason,” Scott added. “But I wouldn’t have him any other way.”

“So, when you fuck…” Becky started to ask.

“Oh, I’m completely gay,” Scott said. “And Nathan’s a virgin when it comes to his pussy, but I love sucking him off, and putting it in his ass.”

“So what’s the plan? Surgery?” Becky asked.

“No, I love Nathan as he is… Nathan is still free to fool around with other guys and girls, even if he doesn’t want time with the latter.” Scott said. “We’re in that kind of relationship. So how about you two?”

“Whole family,” Nathan told his brother.

“Father too?” Scott asked.

“Joshua doesn’t know his father,” Nathan explained.

“No, but incest has been in his family for a few generations!” A voice said at the door.

Becky and I turned around to see Dr. Nitty walk into the shop.

“I do have to say, it’s a surprise seeing you two here.” Dr. Nitty said to Joshua.

“Dr. Nitty! The usual?” Nathan asked.

“Yes, with a pickle on the side, if you don’t mind, my lovely young creature.” Dr. Nitty said as he fished out his cash to pay.

“So you come here often, Doc?” I asked.

“Every day.” Dr. Nitty said. “How can I resist? Best sandwiches around and a hot little hermaphrodite making them.”

Nathan stopped making his order and blushed. Scott smiled at this and walked past Nathan into the back. Nathan finished up the order before taking Dr. Nitty’s money.

“Thanks, Dr. Nitty, but I don’t think I’m that hot,” Nathan said.

“Why not?” Becky asked.

“Scott refuses to use my pussy to get off or play with my tits. He loves my ass and my cock, but sometimes I want more and he’s just not willing to give it.” Nathan said quietly.

“Have you talked to him about it?” Becky asked.

“Not really,” Nathan admitted.

“Listen, come by my house the day after tomorrow, and bring Scott,” I said.

“Okay, I think we’re both free that day,” Nathan said. “What’s the plan though?”

“We’ll make it up as it happens,” I said. “But for now, I’ve got to enjoy my date, and talk with the good doctor.”

The three of us turned and found a table.

“So I’m going to go on a limb and guess which older twin you are…” Dr. Nitty said. “You’re Rachel right?”

“Becky.” Becky corrected him.

“Sorry, you two are identical.” Dr. Nitty said.

“Nearly.” I corrected him.

“You both look amazingly like Natalie when she was your age though. I would’ve given both of my arms just to be with her once.” Dr. Nitty said.

“You know, she asked about you after hearing you had stopped by,” Becky said.

“She did?” Dr. Nitty asked, blushing.

“You should drop by and catch up with her,” Becky suggested.

“I might just do that. She and I fell out of touch after your father’s death, Becky.” Dr. Nitty said.

“You knew my dad too?” Becky asked.

“Yes. I knew your family pretty well considering Joshua’s father was Paul, and your father was Jason.” Dr. Nitty said.

“Jason?” Becky asked.

“Jason was your Mom’s Eldest Brother. Your mom was the youngest of four. Your mom was also the first of the two girls in the family to get pregnant.” Dr. Nitty said.

Thinking about Mom pregnant was going to get me hard, and I didn’t want that so I tried to get my mind off it.

“Wow. I knew Mom was okay with incest but wow.” I said.

“Indeed. Now on to our matters, have you thought about my proposal?” Dr. Nitty asked.

“I’m in,” I said.

“Good, we’ll start after you start your school semester. The first day after school come to Jump Jet… My college and I will be awaiting you.” Dr. Nitty said.

Dr. Nitty was the last to finish his sandwich but was the first to excuse himself. He left me with a card stating the date and time of my first day. I slipped the card into my wallet as Becky and I got up and bussed our table. We waved goodbye to Nathan and headed out of the shop back to our house. We went in only to find Rachel running around the house trying to get things ready.

“Can’t talk.” Rachel said. “Trying to make a nice dinner for Mom.” She said as she buzzed about.

She had already gotten the table all set and had out wine and candles. Rachel was really going all out. She wanted a romantic dinner with Mom, her new girlfriend before they had to go back to college. Becky and I headed to our rooms and got ourselves changed. I put on a blue speedo under my shorts and headed back out to wait by the car. Becky’s car and well Rachel’s car too, because they shared it, was a Dark Blue Mercury Cougar LS. It sat five and had cloth seats with seat warming. Becky came out in a loose and long t-shirt that hid her figure. She had her purse over her shoulder and had a smile on her face.

“Ready, sexy?” She asked with a grin.

I wondered what she was up to as we got in the car and got on our way. She didn’t say much on the ride over, trying to focus on her driving. We arrived at the beach before sunset. It hadn’t been far, well, not a long ride in the car. Maybe fifteen to thirty minutes. When we arrived at the beach, Becky pulled her car into a spot a small walk from the sand. She popped her trunk and pulled out a couple towels.

“Glad I still had these in here.” She said before pulling off her shirt, revealing her once piece bathing suit.

It was dark blue, very tight on her, and had white trim, and straps. When I say very tight, I mean it. It was obviously too small, and she looked like she’d pop out of it given one wrong movement. I could easily make out her nipples, belly button and even her clit in it.

“Showing off a little?” I asked with a smirk as I shucked my shorts to reveal my speedo.

“Only for the one guy I want to see it. You?” She asked.

“Same reason. Only for the one girl, I want to see it here.” I said, my smirk becoming a smile. “If I do join the swim team this year, you won’t be around for the meets. So you won’t get to see me like this.” I added.

“True, but I get to see you with less than that anytime I’m home.” She retorted.

“Same could be said for me,” I said.

“You dork. Just shut up and enjoy this. Today’s a special occasion. It’s our first date, and we’re going to have a little fun.” She said.

“Fun?” I asked.

“You’ll see.” She said as I removed my t-shirt.

We tossed our spare clothing in the trunk, then making sure we had the keys and our towels, closed up Becky’s trunk. We walked across the parking lot to the beach section where we took off our shoes before getting onto the hot sand. The beach itself was nearly deserted. All the families had gone, and there were only three young women. As they came closer, I recognized them from pool parties from prior years. The first was Kira. She was Caitlin’s older sister. She had a body just like her little sister’s and wore a flowery bikini with a sarong. Next was Michelle, she stood as tall as Kira, with long black hair. She was Hispanic and it showed, especially with her mocha skin tone. She wore a red bikini with a top that showed off her DD cup tits. They had a little bit of sag to them, but with a cup that big, you can’t expect them to defy gravity. Finally, there was Annie. Annie was the odd one in the group. Probably the last girl you’d expect to see on the beach. Her skin was as white as a ghost but covered in freckles. Her bikini was blue, the top was strapless and she also had a sarong around her waist.

“Hey girls!” Becky called out and sped up her pace to meet them first.

“Girl, you know we’re good. Beach is closed for you two like you wanted.” Kira said loudly.

“And the wine is in the storage shed like you asked,” Michelle added as I walked up to the group.

“You owe the three of us big time after this,” Annie added as she looked over at me, her eyes drawn to my bulge.

“Oh I know, and I’ll make good on my word. I always do.” Becky said.

Annie walked over to me and looked me up and down. She put her hand on my shoulder before looking back to Becky.

“Now you two have fun, and Becky, we’ll see you about that promise later,” Annie said.

Becky’s face flushed as her friends giggled before walking away.

“Okay, what’s going on?” I asked after I was sure they were a good distance away.

“I got them to get the beach closed. Michelle’s dad works as a higher up for the city. Annie’s dad owns a liquor store, and Kira knows the life guards and the food truck guys. The beach is ours for as long as we want it today.” She said taking me by the hand and leading me to the shed.

She opened the shed and took out the bottle of wine, along with some glasses.

“So this is really private time for us. No fishermen, no beach goers. This beach is ours for the whole evening.” Becky added.

“And what did you have to promise them?” I asked.

Becky ignored me, trying to get the shed closed.

“Becks,” I said more firmly. “What did you promise them?”

Becky sighed. She closed the door. She turned towards me.

“I promised that I’d ask you…” She started, before sighing.

“What?” I asked.

“I know I had no right to promise anything more than me asking, but…” She said.

The two of us began walking down onto the beach again opposite the direction we had come.

“What did you promise to ask?” I asked.

“If you’d make love to them,” Becky said.

Wow. Just wow. What was I supposed to say?

“So go ahead and ask,” I said.

“Would you be willing to make love to Kira, Annie, and Michelle?” She asked.

“Make love? Not just fuck?” I asked.

“They’ve each had crushes on you since we were all little,” Becky added.

“Really?” I asked a bit surprised.

Frankly, I wouldn’t pass up the option, especially with Annie. Her body type was a real turn on for me.

“Really,” Becky said as we came upon a small area surrounded by rocks.

The area had rocks blocking the view from any direction, and a sign that said “Private Property Keep out”

“Here we are,” Becky said.

“Where?” I asked as she pulled me past the rocks to a small inlet, which had only a couch and a small table in it.

She led me over to the couch, which was an outdoor couch, made of silver colored metal with yellow outdoor cushions on it. We sat down on the couch.

“Before you ask.” She said, setting the bottle, towels and the glasses on the table. “No, it’s not real wine. It’s grape juice. But it’s a special order brand, from France. We’re not about to get drunk on the beach then drive all the way home.” Becky added as she pulled open a small hidden drawer.

Inside the drawer were several things. A bottle/can opener, a strange set of rings, and a small bottle filled with an unknown liquid. She took out all of them and put them on top of the table before closing the drawer.

“Looks like they brought everything,” Becky whispered to herself.

I wasn’t sure what the other items were for, but I figured I’d find out. Becky opened the bottle of French Grape Juice, then poured us each a glass.

“You’re probably wondering what the rest of this is for,” Becky said, looking at me.

Becky picked up the bottle and held it out to me.

“This is a bit weird, but according to what I know about it, if you drink this, a little at a time, each dose will make you…” She started. “You’ll be able to cum more without getting worn out.”

“Really? What if I take the whole bottle at once though?” I asked.

“Apparently it tastes nasty, and no one’s ever done it, but from what we found out, it’d probably kill you,” Becky said.

“So how much is a dose?” I asked.

She opened the bottle and poured a little in my grape juice. Just a little.

“Drink the entire glass, and you’ll have taken the dose. It was recommended that you drink the doses with something to mask the flavor.” Becky explained.

I picked up the glass and drank it completely down. The grape juice on its own would’ve been fine, but it had an odd taste to it with the stuff in it.

“I was also told you should only take a dose once a day.” She said.

The warning she had just given me would stick with me the entire time. I was sure of that as my cock began to stir. I set my glass on the table and looked at her.

“It’s definitely doing something,” I said.

“That might be one of the side effects that I heard about.” She said.

“Side effects?” I asked a bit concerned.

“Well, they’re a bit odd. In men, the side effects are arousal, genital growth, and an increase in potency.” Becky explained.

“Potency?” I asked.

“Yeah, like makes your sperm count go way up,” Becky said.

“Oh,” I said, feeling my cock getting a bit bigger.

I was definitely getting aroused. I could feel my cock stirring on its own, trying to get harder, and free of my speedo.

“As for the effects on women, well, it’s suggested that women don’t take it at all,” Becky said.

She closed up the bottle, set it down and then gave me a passionate kiss. As she kissed me, she reached into my speedo and took a hold of my rapidly hardening cock. She pulled it free then broke the kiss and looked down at it.

“I’d say it’s ready for the next thing.” She said looking back up to my eyes.

She turned and took the rings from the table. There were two of them. The first one she clasped around the base of my cock, behind my balls, the other one was in front of my balls.

“These are cock rings. They should help you to last longer.” She said.

“Wow, you really want me going long and hard with you,” I said.

“Joshua, I love you and you made me cum twice this morning, once without trying.” She said as she reached for the shoulder straps of her bathing suit.

She slowly pulled them off her arms, then pulled down the bathing suit, freeing her breasts.

“And if we keep going with these methods… it may just be like I always dreamed.” She said.

My cock was fully erect now. She kissed me passionately again as she repositioned herself in front of me. When we broke the kiss, she was on the couch, on her knees, but on my lap, with my cock and balls free. She took my cock in her hand and positioned itself between her legs, with only the tight fabric of her bathing suit separating us. She began moving her hips back and forth, teasing the head of my cock. I leaned in and began licking and sucking on her nipples. Like I wrote previously, Becky was Rachel’s identical twin, her tits were 34 C-cups and she had areolas the size of half dollars. When I finally got her nipples erect they were like little pencil erasers. She reached down as I teased her tits and I felt a wetness against the head of my cock. I leaned back, stopping what I was doing so I could watch her. She slowly lowered herself on my cock, not speeding up or slowing down or stopping until she was fully impaled on it. I felt a trickle of liquid running down my balls. She leaned in and kissed me passionately.

“Josh, I love you so much. Thank you for this.” She said as a tear ran down her cheek.

I reached up and wiped it away.

“For what?” I asked.

“Being willing to be my first. I know having sex with your family members can’t be your first choice.” She started.

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

“Oh come on. I know you’d rather have someone like Kira or Michelle be your girlfriend.” She said as she started to cry.

“Are you kidding me?” I said. “Why would you think that?” I asked.

“Well, they’re skinnier and…” She started.

I pulled her into a kiss and made sure it was as passionate as I could make it, with my tongue exploring her mouth. I felt her pussy get tighter and tighter around my cock, trying to milk it for all its worth before starting to convulse. When I was sure she was having an orgasm, moaning into the kiss from it, about to scream, I broke the kiss.

“Remember this, Becks, I’m honored that you’d want me to make love to you. You, Mom, Rachel, and Heather. I love you all so much. I’ve been cumming inside Heather unprotected. I did the same with Mom last night. I would be honored to be the father of your children too. You all turn me on so much.” I said. “If I had to choose between making love to one of you four or someone else. I’d pick you every time.” I said.

“Oh, Josh.” She cried out as she started bouncing on my cock. “I’m Cumming!” She forced me back into the passionate kiss.

As we made out again, I felt my cock convulse but not release. The rings were stopping me. I also felt her squirting on me.

“Yes, Josh-y. I love you so much.” She said.

She continued riding my cock as the sun began setting behind her. Finally, as she calmed down from her orgasm, she stopped bouncing on my cock, broke the kiss and snuggled into my bare chest.

“So did you mean it? What you said before?” She asked.

“About picking you and the others? Yeah.” I said.

“So you don’t want to make love to my friends?” Becky asked.

“No, I didn’t say that. If they really want me, and if the other members of our little relationship are okay with it, I’d be happy to make love to them too.” I said.

“Okay, I’ll find out and let you know. In the meantime.” She said as she fixed the top of her bathing suit to cover her tits again. “We should get going before it gets really cold.” She added as she pulled herself off my cock.

“You’re probably right,” I said as she reached for a towel to clean up her pussy before fixing her bathing suit bottom.

“Think that monster will stay hard all the way home like that?” She asked.

“I hope so. I plan on making love to you all night long.” I said with a smile.

I stood up and took the other towel in my hand. She snatched it from me, dropped to her knees and began licking and sucking my cock until it was free of her juices. After she was done, she toweled it off from her saliva. She then stood up and kissed me hard.

She placed the towel on the table, she then wrapped everything up in the towel as I tried to stuff my erect cock back in my speedo, but the top poked out of it, throbbing at me for attention. She picked up the towels and we walked off towards the parking lot, where the girls were waiting for us.

“So, I heard a scream, I’m guessing you came,” Annie said.

“Oh yeah. It felt wonderful. Thanks for all your help girls.” Becky said.

“So when you going to ask him?” Kira asked.

“You girls understand the relationship we’re in?” I asked.

“Yes.” They all said together.

“Then, if all of my girlfriends are okay with it, I’d love to make love to each of you,” I said.

The girls squealed. They all rushed over to us, giving me hugs and kisses.

Annie was the last one, and pulling back from the hug, she looked down at my cock, peaking out of my speedo.

“Wow, look at that thing. I wish I could take it now.” Annie said.

“You and Michelle have the first shot at making love to him, you know. Kira, Rachel and I go back to college tomorrow.” Becky said.

“Shit, I forgot about that one. I’m gonna have to wait until I can get back here.” Kira said.

“Don’t worry, He’s started taking the medicine we got. He’ll probably last a long time by then.” Becky said.

“So ninety-nine doses left? I may want to wait too.” Michelle said.

“I’m not sure,” Annie said.

“Why not?” Kira asked.

“Well, I’m not sure if I want to wait for him to go for a long time without the rings or with them.” She said with a smirk, still staring at the top of my cock.

“Listen, Ladies. As much as I love hearing about how much you’d like me to make love to each of you, Becks and I haven’t finished. We’re heading home.” I said.

The girls agreed to let us head out. We walked over to the car, Becky unlocked it, only after realizing the keys had gotten mixed up in one of the towels. We got our shirts, and I got my shorts. We quickly got dressed, and then closed up the trunk, taking the towels with us. We got into the car and headed home. When we got home, we scooped up our stuff and headed inside. In the living room, Mom and Rachel were both on the couch with them in a 69 position eating each other out. We didn’t stay to watch, we just rushed through to my room so that we could be alone. We stepped into my room and flipped on the light. She closed the door behind her. I tossed my towel on the bed, then took hers and did the same. I forced her against the door with a passionate kiss, as I reached for her shirt. I pulled it off her in a swift motion, before removing my own. I then shucked my shorts and speedo, not bothering to step out of my sneakers. I then reached for her bathing suit straps and helped her to be released out of them.

“Wow, you’re aggressive now.” She giggled.

“I’ve always dreamed of doing this to you,” I said.

“Well, I’m glad you’re making your dream a reality.” She said with a smile as I kicked off my shoes.

She kicked off hers as well before I took her bathing suit and slowly pulled it down so that she could step out of it. I stood in awe of her beautiful naked body for a moment before kissing her passionately again. Then I moved down to her breasts and began licking and sucking on her nipples again, taking my time to get them hard again. As I did, she moaned softly. Once her nipples were nice and hard, I began kissing down her body, past her belly button to her pussy. When I started on her pussy, I began by licking and sucking her outer lips first, then I moved into her inner pussy lips. By the time I got to her clit she was close.

“Please, Josh, stop teasing. I need you inside me.” She begged as I started licking and sucking on her clit.

She ran her fingers through my hair as I enjoyed her clit for a little bit. Then I suddenly stopped, stood up and kissed her passionately. Her tongue shot into my mouth when I kissed her. She then broke the kiss.

“Please?” She begged.

I took my cock in my hand and rubbed it against her pussy lips a few times, getting it lubed up with her juices. It was still throbbing and I had ignored it until now. I kissed down to her neck and began sucking on it as I slowly slipped the tip inside her. She let out a moan. My cock convulsed as soon as I put it inside her but it didn’t cum.

“Yes.” She moaned.

I pushed my cock into her as far as I could as I continued sucking on her neck.

“Make love to me, Joshua.” She cooed.

I took her leg and lifted it up as I thrust, breaking off my sucking on her neck. I pushed my cock in a bit deeper, making her moan.

“Yes, yes, like that.” She moaned.

I slowly thrust in and out of her making her moan. Her pussy was starting to get tight again.

“I’m getting close.” She said, before trying to pull me into a kiss.

I pulled back, pulling out of her. Before she could ask why, I swept her off her feet, picking her up and carrying her to my bed. I laid her on the bed. I stared at her for a moment, just taking in how beautiful she looked.

“Why are you teasing me?” She asked in that tone that she got when she was younger.

If you have siblings you’re probably knowledgeable about the tone. That whiny tone that they usually get when you pick on them.

“Because I want you to have your best orgasm yet,” I said with a smirk.

I climbed onto the bed and knee walked to her head. She took my cock in her hand and began cleaning it by sucking and licking. After she was done cleaning it, she shoved it as far as she could in her mouth, deep throating me. The feeling was wonderful and I felt my cock convulse again. Again, no cum was released.

“I bet you’re getting tired of that.” She cooed, after taking my cock out of her mouth.

She unclasped the two rings and set them down on the bed.

“So, you’re trying to get me to last longer with those?” I asked.

“Partially, I’m also trying to make it so you have an explosive orgasm too.” She explained.

“Should I grab a condom then?” I asked.

“Do you want to?” She asked.

I thought about this for a moment. Did I want to fuck my sister with protection on? Not really. I loved the feel of her raw pussy. And thinking about her knocked up with my child aroused me to no end. So I shook my head.

“Fine. I’ll just have to make sure I get a pregnancy test when I’m back at college.” She said with a smirk.

I bent down and kissed her passionately as I got into position first, then guided her onto her stomach with her hips in the air.

“Oh, I have a feeling I’m going to like this.” She said as I prepared to enter her pussy from behind.

I rubbed my cock against her swollen pussy lips a few times before easing it inside her. When I finally bottomed out, she let out a long moan. I could feel a pressure against the tip of my cock, and I guessed it was her cervix.

“Oh yes.” She moaned. “So deep.”

I began with slow, deep thrusts as I leaned in, massaging her tits from behind. She let out a soft moan with each thrust.

“Yes, just like that.” She moaned. “This is better than I could’ve imagined.” She cooed.

After a few minutes, I eased myself back. I slowly pulled out of her and guided her into a new position with her on her side. I lifted her left leg onto my shoulder and slowly slipped my cock inside her again. It didn’t go into the hilt and only got about half way in this position. I began thrusting in and out and this time, she whimpered with each thrust.

“Oh, God! It’s like you’re teasing me all over again.” Becky whimpered.

“Really?” I asked.

“You’re hitting my G-spot. If you keep this up, I’ll squirt for sure. I can feel it getting close.” She warned me.

She wasn’t kidding either, her pussy was starting to clench down making it harder to move with each thrust. I thrust one more time before pulling completely out.

“What? Why did you stop?” She asked before I guided her onto her back.

I was close as well, and I inched in a bit more, lifted her hips with my hands, and slammed my cock into her. She immediately let out a scream as she began cumming and squirting her juices all over my lower body. I began slamming my cock in and out of her as hard as I could, trying to hit my peak and fast. Her pussy was hotter than I had felt from any of the others and I could feel it convulsing around my cock, trying to milk my semen out. I was at my peak within a few seconds.

“Becky, here it comes!” I cried out.

I finally came, groaning as I did, spewing my seed inside her fertile womb. I was cumming harder than I had with anyone else, and within a few seconds, our combined juices were leaking out of her tight pussy.

“Yes, Oh god yes! That feels so good.” She moaned throwing back her head. “I love you, Josh.” She then cooed at me as I struggled to keep myself from collapsing on her.

I just held myself up, hovering over her as my cock continued convulsing and spewing my cum inside her. It felt like my urethra was straining to release the load that my balls were giving it. If you know the feeling of what it feels like to take a piss that you’ve been holding for a long time, it felt similar to that. She moved her head back to look at me and smiled.

“That’s it.” She cooed. “That’s how I always see you over me in my fantasies.” She added before wrapping her arms around me and pulling me down on top of her naked body.

She kissed my lips, then my cheek and finally my neck.

“Thank you for this, little brother, it was perfect.” She cooed.

My cock was slowly starting to taper off, still convulsing, but not as much, and this time sending short spurts into her womb.

“As soon as my cock is done, we’ll clean up and…” I started to say.

Becky kissed me, interrupting my thought.

“Nope. Whatever you were going to say, just no.” Becky said.

She reached down, and slowly started pulling my cock from her snatch. She pinched it off, just below the head, and guided me to get on my side next to her. Then she got on her side herself, with her back to me, and slipped my throbbing cock back inside her, letting go so it could go back to filling her up with my seed. She pulled the top sheet over us and clapped off the lights.

“Now, let’s get some sleep.” She added as she pulled my arm around her, and snuggling it in between her tits. Who was I to argue?

Still joined, we slipped into slumber. I didn’t have the dream that night and played it off in my head as being too exhausted. The next morning I awoke to be on my back, and who I first thought was Becky sucking on my morning wood. Her mouth was hot, wet, and the room smelled of sex already. So the added smell of an aroused pussy didn’t surprise me as much as it probably should have. I hadn’t opened my eyes, but the feel of my cock in a nice tight pussy like that felt good as I started to wake up.

“Mmm…” I said still not opening my eyes. “That feels good.” I moaned.

Whoever was sucking on my cock stopped sucking and began licking the shaft. But then I felt a second tongue. My eyes shot open to find both Becky and Rachel licking at my cock.

“Told Ya that would probably wake him up.” Rachel said after she stopped licking.

“Well, you were right,” Becky said. “Come on and get up, Josh. We all need to have a talk.”

I looked down my body at the two of them. Becky was still completely nude, and Rachel was in a cute light blue baby-doll nighty. They were sitting on either side of me, or rather they had been leaning over me licking my cock from either side, but now they were sitting on their knees. Rachel was the first to get off the bed, then Becky climbed over me and got off the bed. I sat up.

“What’s going on?” I asked, still kind of dazed and still needing to pee.

“Just come out to the dining room when you’re done in the bathroom. Mom wants us all to talk.” Rachel said before she and Becky left the room.

I rubbed my head before getting out of bed and stumbling to the bathroom. My cock did not want to calm down. It ached like no tomorrow and didn’t want to bend to let me pee in the toilet. I ended up having to sit down to pee. Not that I had an issue with sitting, but when your cock is still aching from your prior night’s activities, you tend to want it to behave. After my morning piss was done, I cleaned myself up a little, then still naked, I walked out to the dining room to join my family. Mom was wearing a fluffy pink bathrobe, and Heather was in an apron and panties. Heather had cooked us all a big breakfast. I sat down to eat, but before I could begin, we had to talk.

“So there’s a reason I wanted us all to eat together.” Mom said. “First, I love you all. Rachel, that date for the two of us last night was heavenly, and Josh, your cock is bigger than I’ve ever had.” She started.

“I sense a but coming.” Becky who was sitting to my left said.

“Yes, there is a but. But, the relationship that you proposed isn’t feasible right now. Think about it. You and Rachel are leaving for college again later today. It’s across the country. It takes you over a day of driving to get there. You aren’t going to be able to come home and bang your brother whenever you need it. The only one who has that chance is really Heather. I’m going to be too busy with work, especially now that something huge has happened, to get any cock until things settle down again.” Mom explained.

“What happened at work?” Rachel asked.

“A client of ours has gone missing. I can’t say who, or what’s going on, but just know that I have to spearhead the situation.” Mom said. “That means a lot of long hours.”

“So what you’re saying is that it wouldn’t be right to tie Heather or Josh into a relationship with any of us because we can’t give them the attention they deserve,” Becky said with a sad look on her face.

“Essentially, for the time being, that is what I’m saying. When Josh and Heather are old enough, and if they go to your college, then yes, have your fun. I know I will be happy to date my wonderful son after work has calmed down.” Mom said.

“Well if I’m the only one in the relationship with Josh.” Heather started. “Let’s lay down some basic ground rules here.”

“Okay,” I said nervously.

“It’s going to be an open relationship when we’re in public. So I don’t want you attacking any guys that show an interest in me, but you can put someone off limits if you really don’t like them and have a valid reason behind it.” Heather said. “The same will go for me.”

“Okay, so if I wanted another shot with Sarah? If she has changed?” I asked.

“I wouldn’t be opposed if she’s really changed,” Heather said.

“Okay. Next rule?” I asked.

“No pawning each other off on our friends. I’m not going to talk you into dating someone you have no interest in. There’s no point in talking you into dating Jill if Jack is hot. If you want to date Jill and I don’t want to see Jack, it should be fine.” Heather said.

“Okay, fine by me,” I said.

“No exclusive dating of any other person. Meaning I can’t decide that I want to only fuck Jack and not you. And you can’t decide you only want to fuck Jill and not me.” Heather said.

“Well, that’s a given,” I said.

“Anything you want to add?” Heather asked.

“If we’re not having someone sleep over, which would be a rare thing, we sleep in the same bed, regardless if we’ve had sex or not,” I said with a smile.

Heather blushed from her face and down her chest.

“Okay.” She said.

“And if we find someone we think can handle the truth of our relationship, we let them know,” I added.

“Fine by me.” She said.

“Okay, that’s it,” I said.

“Alright, those are some good starting rules, and I’ll keep them in mind for when anyone joins back into the group, but for now…” Mom said. “Let’s eat.”

The five of us all dug into our food. Bacon, eggs, toast, and coffee. Becky had made sure to add a dose of the medication to my coffee so it tasted a bit weird, but the side effects were a bit weakened by the caffeine in it. I still ended up with a partial erection, which Becky was the first to notice.

“Well, at least it didn’t go full mast.” She giggled.

“What did you do to your brother?” Mom asked.

“Got him some medication that’ll make him be able to have more orgasms in a row without tiring,” Becky said. “And I got him some cock rings to help him work up his durability too.”

“The medication gets me hard though,” I said, blushing a bit.

“So it has the side effect of being an aphrodisiac?” Mom asked.

“Yeah,” Becky said.

“Will you be alright, sweetie? Or did you need to get some release?” Mom asked smiling.

“I think I’ll be alright for now. Besides, we have to finish eating, get dressed and get Becky’s car repacked.” I said.

“Not to mention you and Becky need showers.” Rachel laughed.

“Yeah, we did get pretty dirty working up to that sweat last night,” Becky added. “It was amazing.” She added dreamily.

“Okay, so you two go get showered. The rest of us will get dressed. When you’re done, we’ll call Kira to get over here so the three of you can go back to college.” Mom said.

“Sounds like a plan,” Heather said.

“Mom, before we start, I’m going to have a couple friends over tomorrow,” I said.

“Fine with me. I’ll be stuck at work. How about you Heather?” Mom asked.

“I guess I could invite Jesse,” Heather said.

Heather looked a bit worried when she said that. If she was worried about Jessi, then what would she think about the whole Nathan situation? I decided to put it out of my mind as Becky and I stood up and I was made aware of my full mast erection as it hit the table and throbbed at me. Mom, Rachel, and Heather kept their eyes on it, as Becky took me by the hand and slowly led me out of the room. Becky led me into the bathroom, shutting the door behind us, and then spinning around and kissing me passionately.

“I don’t want to leave for college.” She whined as she held me tightly.

My erection was throbbing and pressing into our stomachs. I knew she felt it there, as she kept hugging me a little tighter as it throbbed. Finally, she pulled away. She went to the sink and pulled out a small bottle with a weird top. She adjusted a few things with it and walked over to the shower. She stepped into the tub and spread her legs. With one hand she spread her pussy lips, and with the other, she inserted the douche inside her. She squeezed the bottle, making water rush inside her, overflowing, and leaking out into the tub. She was cleaning her pussy out. When it was done, she tossed the bottle into the trash with ease then stepped out of the tub.

“I know, I know. But you have to. Dropping out right now would ruin things. Besides, Christmas break isn’t that far. Just September, October, November, and December to go. Besides, you don’t want to wait around all day while I’m stuck in school.” I said.

She leaned over the tub and set the water.

“Yeah. But I’m going to miss you, Heather and Mom. I didn’t even get a chance to make love to Mom.” Becky said.

“Well, that’s something you can look forward to. In the meantime, you can keep making love to Rachel while you’re at college.” I said.

She turned on the shower portion and water began blasting out of the nozzle. She checked it with her hand.

“Okay, I guess you’re right.” She said. “Now, let’s get clean. And no, you can’t fuck me in the shower.” She added.

She stepped in. I watched her grab the soap and luffa and began suds-ing up her body as she turned towards me. I stared at her body only for another moment, before she turned her back to me again. Sure I couldn’t put my cock in her, but I was going to sure enjoy her now. I stepped in behind her and began running my hands all over her beautiful tits.

“Joshua!” She yelped in surprise.

Her nipples were already fully erect, so I ran my hands down her stomach to her legs, pulled her up close to me, so she could feel how hard I was, and then began teasing her outer pussy lips.

“Joshua! No! You can’t!” She cried out as I began furiously rubbing her clit.

“No, I can, remember. I just can’t fuck you.” I said.

“That’s… right… you… can’t…” She panted.

She seemed hornier than me at this point. I didn’t understand why just yet but I wasn’t questioning it. She spun around, grabbed my cock lifted her leg, and then I felt the head of my cock slip between her pussy lips. I could feel her pussy was hotter and wetter than I had ever felt her been. She was super turned on by me taking charge. I came a little right there. She let out a moan as she felt me squirt a little inside her.

“But I can.” She whispered. “I’ve changed my mind. I need it, Josh. Please?” She said, begging me for release.

I kissed her passionately.

“Tell me,” I said. “Tell me what you want.”

“I want you to fuck me. I want you to fuck me so hard with that big cock of yours that I feel it in me until I come back.” Becky whispered as the water hit us.

I slipped my cock out of her and she gave a whine of protest.

“Turn around,” I said.

She turned around.

“Now bend over, and put your hands on the wall,” I said.

She did as I asked, pushing her ass out towards me. I stood behind her and rubbed the head of my cock against her swollen pussy lips.

“Please, Josh, fuck me, don’t make me wait.” She begged.

I slowly slipped in, until I was buried inside her to the hilt, and pressed against her cervix. She let out a loud moan.

“Oh, you want this big hard cock?” I asked her.

“Yes. Fuck me. Pound my pussy hard and fast!” She cried out.

I started slowly but began picking up speed as my cock began throbbing. I leaned over and took her tits in my hands. I began kneading and massaging them before I began teasing her nipples. I didn’t take long from there to move one of my hands down to her clit and returning to rub it furiously.

“OH GOD! I’M ABOUT TO!” She screamed.

She began squirting hard all over my lower body as the hot water continued to soak us. She let out a loud scream as she did, and I thrust harder and faster, trying to make her orgasm last. Unfortunately, it was a bit much for me. I felt my balls beginning to contract.

“Oh God! Me too!” I groaned.

My cock convulsed as I began cumming inside her. This orgasm was tamer than the one from the previous night. This time, the orgasm was more equivalent to what I had let go inside Heather or Rachel. It was more than the orgasm I had experienced with Mom and Caitlin, but definitely, close if not the same level as Rachel and Heather.

“Oh god yes, fill me up with your seed baby brother.” Becky cooed as she stood up and leaned against me, allowing me to move my hands so that I had my arms around her stomach.

“That’s twice I’ve cum inside you,” I said.

“I know.” She cooed.

“Without protection,” I added.

“I know.” She cooed.

“So what if you find out you’re pregnant while you’re at college?” I asked.

“I’ll still take classes until My last trimester, then I’ll take time off to have the baby,” Becky said. “Though I may transfer to a closer college after having it. I wouldn’t want you two to be without me.” She said. “Is that alright?”

“Of course it is!” I said as I hugged her tighter.

We shared a passionate kiss as my cock began to taper off. I probably don’t need to mention it, but getting dirty, however short, is still a lot more fun than getting clean. I pulled my cock slowly from her full snatch and we cleaned each other as best as we could as the water started going cold. We finished up, got out of the shower, toweled off, and got out of the bathroom to get dressed. She went to her room and I went to mine. I was going to miss Becky and Rachel. Making love to each of them was very different. Becky seemed to love it when I took control and coerced her into having sex, but she also enjoyed making me her little toy. The suffering was mutual. Rachel preferred the passionate touch, and me treating her like I would a girlfriend if we were the cutesy type of couple.

Rachel had changed up my sheets and pillow cases while I had been in the shower. And after getting dressed in shorts and a t-shirt, I left my room and the five of us, fully dressed, began getting the girls ready to go. Kira had shown up while I was dressing, and after we were ready, we packed up the car for the three of them. Packing took nearly an hour and when we were finished, Kira got in the car as the rest of us said our goodbyes. I gave both Rachel and Becky a passionate kiss after hugging them. I was going to really miss them, but I knew the time would fly.

After we all said our goodbyes, the girls got in the car, and we watched it drive away. Mom was the first to head inside so that she could get changed. It was just before noon, and she was heading to the office to get a jump on the work she had to do. By the time we got to the front door, she was rushing out. She gave both Heather and I a kiss on the lips before rushing to her car and heading off.

And that was how I lost 3 girlfriends in a single day. I’ll admit, I didn’t like it. I hated it. But I had to let them go. Mom had work. I couldn’t demand that she be there to be my sex toy. Same thing with Becky and Rachel. They had college. And I had high school coming up.

Heather and I headed inside and snuggled up to watch movies for the rest of the day. We didn’t fool around, we just made out a bit at times. At about nine p.m. we turned off the television and headed into my room.

“So, Josh, are you going to be alright? I mean… I’m not sure how I’m going to feel. I didn’t get a chance to fool around with Mom or Rachel.” Heather asked as she sat on my bed while I closed the door.

“I guess so,” I said. “I have to accept they have lives. Besides, if Rachel or Becky get pregnant, they’ll probably change colleges to be closer to home.” I said.

“That’s a good point,” Heather said as she took off her t-shirt, revealing her beautiful b-cup breasts. “Now, if you don’t want to have sex, that’s fine with me but…” She started as I walked over to the bed.

“But?” I asked.

“I need to relax and if I need to get off to do that, then I’ll either need you to fuck my brains out, or I’ll need to masturbate.” She said.

“Actually, I have a bit of a different idea,” I said.

“Oh really?” She said.

I gave her a quick peck on the lips before heading to my dresser and grabbing a bottle of lotion. I returned to the bed.

“Go ahead and get undressed,” I said.

“Okay?” She said.

She pulled off her shoes, and then pulled off her shorts and socks so that she was completely naked.

“Now lay face down on the bed,” I said.

“Wait, Josh, if you’re going to try my ass, we’re going to want lube not lotion, and you’re going to have to loosen my ass up a little first.” She protested.

I laughed.

“No, no, I’m not going to fuck you in the ass tonight. I’m going to give you a full body massage.” I said.

Her eyes lit up like a Christmas tree.

“Really?” She asked in disbelief.

“Yes, really,” I said.

She laid down on the bed on her stomach and I got to work rubbing her body entirely. Starting from her shoulders and massaging every muscle down to her toes. I’m not going into epic detail on how I did it here because I was just sort of on autopilot for it. She moaned quite a bit as I rubbed her down. When I was finished she let out a loud yawn.

“That was perfect. Thank you.” She cooed.

“No problem,” I said as I got undressed and climbed into bed next to her.

I clapped off the lights. I covered us with the top sheet, and we snuggled into each other.

“How did I get so lucky to get you to fall in love with me too?” She asked.

She muttered something else, which I couldn’t make out. Needless to say, with my arms around her, we fell asleep in my bed.

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