Sugar and Vinegar Chapter 13


By: Nova

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Sure, I had made that Joshua’s life a bit better, and got him out of his shell, but ultimately, that’s what I wanted for myself. I considered going back to my own timeline, finding my way home. Could I be happy just having lustful sex without any sort of real attachment? Maybe my soulmate was in my own timeline? No, I had to keep looking.

I stepped out of the gateway and into my own front yard. The sky was bright, the birds were singing and my counterpart was right in front of me, doing some gardening with Tabitha by his side. Besides the outfit, he looked just like me.

“Holy shit, did I just jump into the future or something?” I asked rubbing my head.

Tabitha and my counterpart looked up at me.

“Well, I’d say that proves Dr. Nitty’s theory on traveling the multiverse. Maybe I should fund it.” Joshua said.

“As long as the company keeps making dildos of that awesome cock of yours.” Tabitha laughed.

He looked back at her.

“Oh you enjoy having my dildos shoved in that tight little pussy of yours?” He teased.

“No, I love shoving them in Heather’s pussy, and Kimmy’s, and your mom’s, and Becky’s and Rachel’s and…” Tabitha started and broke into laughter.

“Oh, and what do you like in yours?” he teased.

“Just you.” She cooed.

“Well, this is familiar.” I laughed.

“I love you.” She cooed at him before pulling him into a hug.

“I love you too, hun.” He said back.

I cleared my throat.

“Sorry.” Joshua said as they turned their attention back to me and stood up. “We get that way, since we’re engaged now to be married.”

“Happily ever after?” I asked.

“Yeah.” Tabitha said.

“Wish I could say the same.” I said, with a depressed look.

“Oh?” Joshua asked.

“Mind if we go inside?” I asked.

“Not at all.” Tabitha said.

The three of us went inside and sat down in the dining room. Tabitha made me a cup of coffee. I explained to them everything until this point and after the few hours it took to get things out, my counterpart just scratched his head.

“So you’re now traveling the multiverse, trying to find your love?” He asked.

“That’s so romantic!” Tabitha said. “You didn’t click with the me you found, so you’re trying to either revive me, or find your true soul mate!” Tabitha cooed as I sipped the last of my coffee.

“Yeah.” I said.

“Well, I’m not sure what we can do for you.” Joshua said as Dr. Nitty and Mom walked in.

“I’m not asking you to do anything. The jumps are random, and I’m just doing what I can where I go.” I said turning my attention to Dr. Nitty and Mom who were stunned.

Standing next to them was what looked like a razorback. Like I said before, this was one of the shadow beasts. And this was where I made the fatal mistake. I got up as I seemed mesmerized by it. I’d like to say that, but that’s a lie. Truth is, I was curious and as usual oblivious. I walked up to it. I got too close, and then it swiped at me, with what was the claw of a demon, throwing me back and all I could do in reaction was open a gateway and go through it. When I was on the other side, safe and sound, I noticed the damage. My arm was bleeding, my shirt torn, and it damaged the manacle. I had no quick way back to any point and I would now have to turn off the manacle to charge it.