Sugar and Vinegar Chapter 12


By: Nova

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My name is Joshua Timothy Swartz. 6 years ago, I lost the person I loved in a car accident, which in many different timelines, happened in different ways. Now in the modern day, I’ve become the owner of my company, and my private nudist island. Thru the company, I have gained a device that allows me to jump randomly from timeline to timeline. I’m out here trying to find my soulmate, but it will not be easy.


I exited the gateway and it closed behind me. I had arrived in a park area, similar to my first jump where Heather and I met Tabitha.


“Well, this is normal… I guess.” I said looking around at my surroundings.


Kids were playing. Birds were chirping. Dogs were barking. It was nice. Normal. Wonderful. Peaceful.


I snapped out of the enjoyment. I walked out of the park and down into the town area. I spotted my counterpart and Heather coming out of a movie theatre.


“Wasn’t that GREAT!?!” Heather exclaimed as she jumped onto Joshua’s back, trying to get a piggyback ride.


He complied, and started carrying her.


“Sure it was. I’m just glad we could spend some time together.” Joshua told her as the two of them walked towards me. I sat down at a table outside of a coffee shop at the corner.


“I loved the part where the kid got the metal dude to stop.” Heather said.


“Yeah, but the whole thing was illogical. I mean, that kind of thing would’ve destroyed any bit of the army, so why provoke it?” Joshua asked.


“Because people are idio…” Heather started to say but stopped short as she spotted me.


She jumped off of Joshua’s back and held him by the shoulder to stop him.


“What’s the matter?” He asked stopping and turning to face her.


She pointed over his shoulder at me.


“There’s a guy over there. He looks like you.” Heather said aghast.


Joshua turned to look at me.


“You’re me?” He asked.


“Not exactly.” I said as I motioned for them to sit down with me.


The two of them walked over and sat down in front of me.


“Don’t worry, I’m not here to hurt you.” I laughed as they sat quietly.


“So what are you? A demon? A doppelganger? A clone?” Heather asked.


“Good imagination. I don’t think my Heather would’ve come up with those.” I laughed.


“Your Heather?” Heather repeated, dumbfounded.


I gave her my best smile, knowing that I had confused her with just a phrase. I would’ve loved this back home.


“Yeah, I came here from another universe. It’s like this one, but different.” I said showing the manacle. “This device allows me to travel between worlds. I’m traveling to find something.” I explained.


“What are you looking for?” My counterpart asked.


“Answers. In my universe, I knew a girl named Tabitha.” I said.


“Knew? You mean?” Heather asked.


“Yeah, she died when I was young. Before I could tell her how I felt. Using this manacle I traveled to another world, where she had lost me instead and brought her back to my world, but things weren’t right. She’s happy, but we didn’t click like we should’ve. It’s like we’re to pieces to a puzzle that just don’t fit.” I explained.


I sighed, putting my head back and looking up at the sky.


“Don’t get me wrong. The sex is incredible, but the feelings aren’t there. Yes we care for each other, but it’s more like friendship than love.” I explained.


“See?” Heather teased her brother as I lowered my head to look at them.


“What?” Joshua asked.


“He could get with Tabitha, and she wasn’t even from his world! You can do it too!” Heather said.


“You didn’t hook up with Tabi?” I asked.


“No.” Joshua said. “I love her. More than I can explain. I love her with all of my heart. All of my soul. I’m sure I can’t quite explain it, but I want to be with her, but I just can’t tell her.”


“He’s too chicken shit to ask her out.” Heather explained with a smirk.


“Heather, sometimes acknowledging your feelings, and expressing them to another can be… unnerving.” I explained. “Trust me, if anyone knows that, it’s me.”


“Really?” She asked.


“Yes. But it turns out, in all of those attempts, it turns out that each person, I was just a really good friend.” I sighed.


I stood up. This wasn’t a problem. I could help my counterpart here.

“Come on. Let’s get moving.” I said with a weak smile.


“Where?” Heather asked.


“Tabitha’s. I’m gonna play cupid.” I said. “If I can’t help my counterpart here, no one can.” I said with a smirk.


The two of them led me to Tabitha’s house. I looked up at it. It was the same as the one in my home world. Her parent’s car was missing from the driveway. We walked up to the front door and knocked. She opened the door, shocked but invited us in.


“Sit down you two. I’m gonna talk to Tabi alone.” I said with a smile, pointing them to the Livingroom.


Tabitha and I headed to the kitchen where she hopped into a seated position on the counter. I began preparing some drinks.


“So… you’re Josh?” She asked.


“From another world. Yes.” I explained.


“So multiverse theory?” She asked.


“Pretty much a thing from what Dr. Insan Nitty said to me.” I said.


“Neat. And in your universe, are we close?” She asked blushing.


“We’ve had sex, more than once, but we didn’t click… because that you is from another world as well… the original you is dead.” I explained.


“That sucks.” She said.


“Yeah, either way, long stories, but I’m not here about me, Tabi.” I said.


“I’m listening.” She explained.


“We both know that my counterpart out there is head over heels in love with you.” I said.


“Yeah, he just hasn’t made the move.” She said.


“Took you teasing me to hell and back to get me to admit anything.” I chuckled. “I wanna do the same for him.”


“How?” She asked.


“You must play along with my idea, but I figure if he sees us getting touchy feely…” I stated.


“Oh, I’m liking this idea already.” She said with a smirk.


“Well, like I said, in my universe, we’ve had sex, more than once.” I said with a smile.


“I’m sure you were enjoyable.” Tabitha said with a huge shit eating grin.


“Well, you seemed to enjoy yourself.” I said with a smile.


“Good.” Tabitha said. “If this gets him to ask me out, I’m in.” Tabitha said.


“How about this then? You’re gonna get off.” I said with a smirk.


She slapped my arm. I got the drinks together and we headed out to the Livingroom. I passed out the drinks and then sat in her father’s favorite arm chair. She then sat on my lap.


“So, tell me about your world. Anything interesting going on?” I asked as I began reaching my arm around Tabitha’s stomach.


“Well, there were some apartment bombings in Moscow…” Heather started as I reached my hand up Tabitha’s t-shirt to her breast and began massaging it through her bra.


Her tits felt bigger than in my dimension. She was at least a b-cup. She reached her hand down my shorts a little. I moved under her bra and took her entire breast into my hand and began teasing it as Heather and Joshua looked at us in shock. Tabitha let out a soft moan. She wasn’t acting. I could feel her body language. She was enjoying this.


“Do… do you two need some… some privacy?” Joshua asked as he got red faced and uncomfortable.


“Nah, He warned me about this. Apparently we have some dimensional connection where we can’t keep our hands off of each other.” Tabitha explained, lying of course. “Though I’m not sure why you haven’t tried anything.” She added as she reached further down my shorts and took my half hard cock into her hand. “Holy shit. You’re HUGE.” She mumbled.


“Makes you wonder how HE compares.” I said motioning to my counterpart. “Go and see, then rock his world once he does it. Make sure he doesn’t regret doing what he has to.” I whispered.


Tabitha got up, pulling herself away from me and walked over to my counterpart. She forced him to stand up and pulled down his pants and knelt in front of him. Heather’s eyes went wide as Tabitha reached into his boxers and fished out Joshua’s cock.


“Hmm… Not sure.” Tabitha said before plunging my counterpart’s cock into her mouth.


“I can’t believe I’m watching this.” Heather said, before getting up and trying to head to the kitchen.


I grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her backwards onto my lap. In a swift motion, my right hand was down into her panties, massaging her pussy, with her sitting with her back to me. She let out a moan and looked back at me with pleading eyes.


“Please don’t stop.” She begged.


“You can enjoy them both.” I whispered to her. “They want you to be a part of it.”


“No, he’s my brother.” She whispered. “It wouldn’t be right.”


“In my universe, you’re pregnant with my child. Trust me, no one will give a damn, and everyone close to you will be happy for you. Find yourself and stop denying yourself.” I told her. “In my world, you’re one of Tabi’s submissives, you love it when she makes you squirm, and you love it when I give it to you repeatedly.” I said with a smirk.


I felt her get wetter, and sunk my pointer fingertip into her pussy, then I pulled it out and stuck it in her mouth, making her moan from the sight.


“You want them, don’t you?” I asked.


“Please…” She begged me.


“Tell me.” I hissed.


“I want them. I want to feel loved. Like your Heather.” She whimpered.


Tabitha pulled her mouth off my counterpart’s cock, stopping her blowjob now that he was erect, and started to jerk him off as I had Heather stand up. I stood up and had Heather sit back down, with her hips off the chair. I removed her shorts and took in the smell of her arousal.


“I know you want more, Joshy.” Tabitha cooed. “I know you love this.”


“Oh yeah.” He moaned.


“You wanna take me? Be my first?” She asked.


“Of course.” He moaned.


“Then you know what you have to do.” She scolded, letting go of his cock.


She stood up as I moved Heather’s panties aside and slowly began enjoying her pussy. Tabitha stood up and began to turn and walk away, but he grabbed her. He spun her back around and kissed her hard before confessing his love, pouring his heart out to her. Heather grabbed the back of my head.


“Oh god, you know my body so well.” She cooed.


I continued eating her out, just enjoying her arousal. Soon she was orgasming and I was drinking down what I could from her pussy and she let go of my head. She then grabbed my hair and pushed me backwards, making me land on my back and with my head back I could see Tabitha lowering herself on my counterpart’s cock. She had gotten undressed in the time it had taken for me to get Heather off, and would now enjoy him for the first time. I smiled seeing it, and then felt something I hadn’t expected. I looked back to my partner, seeing Heather lowering herself on me. When she was seated she let out a gasp. She was insanely tight, but didn’t seem to care now that she had me inside her. Her pussy was an inferno as it had been the first time in my universe. She pulled off her top as she had her shorts before. Her bra was pink, like her panties, and was a padded underwire bra.


“Mmm… this feels so wonderful.” Heather said.


Tabitha giggled.


“You know, it’s kind of ironic. We both lost our virginities at the same time, and technically to the same guy.” Tabitha said.


“Figures, considering we’ve always shared things as best friends.” Heather said.


I grabbed her by the back of the head, by the hair and pulled her to me.


“You’re gonna share more than that.” I whispered.


“Wha… what?” She said back.


“You like my cock?” I asked.


“Yes.” She whined.


“You want to feel it pounding you over and over?” I asked.


“Yes.” She whined again.


“Good.” I sneered. “Now get up, and move over to Tabi. I want you to lick Joshua’s balls while she rides him.” I instructed.


“Yes…” She started.


“Yes what?” I asked.


“Yes master.” She breathed.


She pulled herself off my cock, and quickly pulled off the rest of her clothing. She then walked over to Tabitha and Joshua, got behind Tabitha and began doing as I told her. I got up, walked behind her, and took her in the doggy style I could. As I plunged my cock back in her pussy she moaned. I began rocking my hips against hers as she licked away.


“Master,” She protested. “I can’t lick his balls without licking her ass.”


“So lick her ass instead. I want you to lick that asshole and slog your fingers in. Get her ass ready for your brother’s cock.” I said before spitting on my hand and working it in to Heather’s asshole.


She let out a squeal as I worked my first finger into her asshole, and began work on Tabi’s ass.


“Oh god, what’re you two doing back there?” Tabitha asked.


“You want to let him know how you feel, right?” I asked.


“Yes.” Tabitha panted.


“Then you will give him all of your virginities.” I pointed out. “I’m just helping that with your little pet here.”


“Pet?” Tabitha asked.


“Yes, Heather is submissive, and in my world, you’re her mistress.” I said with a smile as Tabitha looked over her shoulder at me.


Tabitha smiled and then looked down at Heather.


“Make sure you prepare me well, pet. I want to take your Brother on my first try.” Tabitha said.


“All right.” Heather said.


I smacked her ass hard.


“Yes Mistress!” She squeaked.


I began rocking my hips harder as I fingered her asshole. She let out a moan. I leaned in next to her ear.


“Do a good job, and you’ll get to feel my cock in your ass.” I whispered.


“Master, I want to feel it in there, but I want to feel you emptying yourself inside my womb more.” She moaned before going back to work.


Oh, she was wanting a reward. And with that, Tabitha raised herself up, and repositioned the cock that had been inside her into her ass. As soon as she was seated on it again, Joshua let out a loud moan, and I saw his balls retract.


“Please master.” Heather begged.


I leaned back up and slid my cock out of her pussy and crept it to her asshole.


“Master, no, Please!” She exclaimed.


“Tell me what you want, so they can hear.” I said.


“I want to lick my brother’s cock clean while I feel you emptying your load inside my unprotected womb!” She moaned.


“Oh I think you can do better than that.” I said with a smirk.


“I want to have him watch you fill me up. Knowing that from that point forward, I belong to him and Tabitha.” Heather moaned.


I stood up and pulled her up by her hair. I brought her over to Joshua’s field of view, spread her legs, bent her over and slid into her pussy from behind and began pounding her harder than I ever had in any universe.


“Holy fuck.” She moaned. “Thank you master!” She howled.


My counterpart’s eyes were glued to her body as I gave her my all, with her juices starting to trickle down her legs.


“Holy shit.” Tabitha said.


Tabitha dragged herself off of Joshua’s cock and reseated herself with his cock in her pussy. I slammed into Heather harder and harder, taking her right tit into my hand as I kept my left hand on her waist, focusing on cuming as soon as I could. She let out a loud moan, as her hot juices surrounded my cock, and her pussy started to clamp down. With one final hard thrust, I was there, and I began releasing a load deep into her unprotected womb. She let out a loud and long moan.


“Is this what you wanted my dear?” I whispered in her ear, my cock still spasming inside her.


“Yes.” She sneered. “Thank you.”


“No matter the world, you’re still my sister, and I would do anything for you.” I told her.

“That was so hot.” Tabitha said as I pinched myself off and slowly pulled myself from Heather’s pussy.


I guided Heather onto her knees in front of me, and let her take me into her mouth before releasing. She drank down every drop of my cum, not spilling a drop, much to my surprise. I looked over to Tabi and Joshua.


“Take care of her, she needs a good Dom, and you two will have to work together to be it.” I said.


“I’m sure we’ll enjoy the experience.” Tabitha said.


Heather pulled my cock from her mouth and licked her lips.


“Will we ever see you again?” She asked.


“If I’m able.” I said.


“Good, cause I’d like to take you both at once, but I have the feeling you’re about to head out.” She said.


“Sorry.” I said pulling back up my shorts.


“Don’t be.” Heather said before giving me a passionate kiss. “Good luck on your journey.” She said.


With that, I activated my manacle, and stepped into the waiting gateway. What I had wanted to find, wasn’t there. I could feel it. But my counterpart needed a real push and I gave it to them, all of them. They’d be enjoying their lives from then on and I knew it.

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